One Missing Step In Your Manifesting Abilities

Episode 97: One Missing Step In Your Manifesting Abilities

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The universe might bring people or experiences in your life that helps you take the leap of faith or take action on your intention. Belief will open doors to magical possibilities. Without the belief, there isn’t a shift in your energy signature.

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Setting intentions is so important because you can tell the universe this is what I truly desire and INTEND to create; please support me with this! The universe then responds to support you on your path. The universe might bring people or experiences in your life that helps you take the leap of faith or take action on your intention.

The common mistake most people make when they set intentions is that they don’t 100% believe it is possible. Belief will open doors to magikal possibilities. Without the belief, there isn’t a shift in your energy signature. Your energy signature is your beacon that says please create this reality for me. Whatever you believe constantly creates your reality, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Three Easy Steps To Own Your Intention

There are three powerful ways you can do to start believing in yourself and your heart's desires so that when you set your intentions, you have 100% belief that your intention is possible to achieve!

  • Visualize what you want to achieve and imagine all the details of what it looks like. Give yourself permission to feel all the amazing emotions attached to actualizing this intention. Allowing yourself to feel different emotions will allow you to feel them throughout the day and anytime you think about this intention. These positive emotions will also assist you when you get nervous to act on your intentions and work through fears!
  • Say it as if it’s already happened when you set the intention and talk about it with others! For example, instead of saying I would like to start a new career, you can say I love my new career. I feel so fulfilled, and I am happy that I get to help people doing what I love!
  • Share your intentions with others; when you do, share it with enthusiasm and feel it in your body. This will assist you in holding yourself accountable, and research has shown you are more likely to achieve the goal when you share it with others! Feeling it in your body goes back to step one. Adding positive emotions to your intention and allowing yourself to feel it will change your vibrations and perception of what is possible. You can feel excited, uplifted, grateful, happy, in flow, at ease, and so many more awesome emotions. Notice your feelings and call them out and own them!!!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's show. I'm so excited you are here. I love manifesting. Manifesting is so much fun. One of the very things that we have to do in order to manifest our heart's desires is we have to set intentions. This is nothing new. I'm sure you guys all set goals, and setting intentions is really important because when you set an intention, you're telling the universe, I intend to do this. And then, the universe responds with some beautiful synchronicities and experiences and people that can support you in your intention.

But there's often a missing ingredient, a step that most people forget or are unaware of that is impacting their ability to actually fully create that intention, to actualize that intention. That is belief. You have to believe in this intention. If there is a small part of you, a fraction of you that is uncertain, unclear. And you don't even have to be unclear. It has to be like you just don't believe that it's possible. If there's just a tiny percentage of you that doesn't believe that it's possible. What you're doing is you're vibrating that signal out into the universe, and the universe will continue to create that reality to ensure that belief is true.

So how do you believe in your intentions? There are three very powerful steps that you can take to very much not only allow yourself to believe it but to feel the belief in your body. And that very first step is visualization. Anytime I am wanting to create something in my life, I will visualize it as if it's already happened. And I will create the tiniest little details in the visualization to give myself and my brain, and my mind, that experience of it being actualized. Because your brain does not know the difference between reality and fiction.

And when you work with the brain, and you work with visualization, it gives the signals to the bodies, to your being, that this is possible. This is happening. Oh, my goodness. I'm so excited. And then what happens is you start to create these emotions in the visualization as well. And having these emotions and embodying these emotions are very, very important because when you feel the emotion in your body, it will assist you in working through fears later on as you're taking action steps. So, for example, if I'm going to visualize that I want a new career, I'm going to imagine that I'm in the career that I want.

I'm going to imagine that I have the particular clothes that I want, that my hair is done a particular way, maybe my makeup or I'm wearing a particular piece of jewelry. I'm going to visualize myself as if it's already happened. Let's say I want to win tickets to a basketball game. I could visualize myself at that basketball game. I can visualize my favorite team winning, and then I'm cheering them on. I can visualize the clothing that I have. And then, you attach the emotion of what it would be like to have that intention actualized so that you can feel those emotions in your body.

And that's really important. We want to feel those emotions because we want to call forward those emotions on a consistent basis. The next step is you want to set an intention as if it's already happened. And this is really important because if you say, I would like to have a new career versus I am so thrilled I am working with X, Y, Z doing my X, Y, Z career, and I am so freaking excited about it. I get to talk to people. I'm working with people that I absolutely love, and it's so easy, and I'm being compensated for my worth and my value, and I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

I just love my new career. So you'll see that there's a different energy behind I want versus I already have it, and that emotion can come into it. And then you speak about it in a way that brings even more confidence to the intention as well. And it's really powerful when you say that you already have it because it's rewiring the nervous system. It's rewiring the bodies inside of you to know that it is possible and that you intend to have it, even if it hasn't already happened yet. And then the next step, which is an easy step but often overlooked, is to share it with others.

You are more likely to not only achieve that intention and that goal, but you are also more likely to hold yourself accountable and take action on achieving the intention. When you share it, you also want to share it with enthusiasm. You want to bring those emotions back in. Remember, we're wanting to believe that it's possible. And the more that you bring those emotions in, the more that you emphasize why you're excited about having this intention and what you intend to do, and the more your action steps will reveal themselves to you.

Also, you might share it with someone that might be able to assist you in creating it as well. I find that the more I talk about an intention that I have, the clearer the path gets, the clearer the action steps get, the more the universe knows that I am serious and will send me synchronicities, will send me people, will send me experiences. And I'm like, Yeah, thank you, thank you, thank you. And this can be for anything. It could be for something that's tangible that you want to manifest. It can also be for something that is intangible. Maybe you're wanting to feel more at home in your body. You can talk about that.

You can then feel a sense of security, a sense of safety, a sense of home feeling whenever you breathe into your body. Maybe a practice, a spiritual practice, or a breathing technique might come into your awareness that helps you feel better about it, or something completely that doesn't even seem related might come into your life that will make you feel more in your body. Whatever the intention is, without the belief, it's going to be very, very hard for you to attract it and manifest it into your life.

Belief is key. When you have belief, it is going to open your heart up to all the infinite possibilities of how it can be co-created with the universe. You have been gifted with desires for a reason. When you set the intention, you let the universe creation know that you're serious and that you're ready. But you got to believe in it. So take these three action steps and believe that it is possible. Feel the emotions as if it's already happened. Visualize it, share it with others, and most importantly, have fun while you're doing it. I hope you enjoyed today's episode. I look forward to seeing you in the next one. Take care. Bye.

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