What do Light Language symbols mean

Light Language Symbols

Light Language symbols are the written form of Light Language and contain incredible amounts of information.

How Does Light Language Symbols Work

If you think about the barcode on a product or a QR code on a business card, you can start to imagine how Light Language Symbols can convey layers of information in what might seem to be a simple collection of lines drawn on paper. When you scan that code at the register, it tells an entire network all the information about that product: the pricing, the quantities, the dates of creation and expiration, and even if that product has a price change. We use the concepts of Light Language in our everyday lives more than we recognize, and as you make those connections, it’s easier to see how powerful Light Language can be!

Light Language symbols come through while we are doodling, making lists, journaling, or doing any type of activity where pen meets paper. You don’t have to be consciously working with Light Language for those symbols to come out to be seen and acknowledged. Contained within your seemingly nonsensical doodles is loads of information that human words cannot convey. You can learn these Light Language symbols and meaning to understand their information.

Sacred Symbol

Introduction to Light Language Symbols and Meanings

Light Language includes spoken word, movement, and written versions, similar to any other language. Light Language symbols are the written form of this sacred, galactic language. You’ve probably been writing Light Language symbols since you could use a writing tool, even if you didn’t understand what you were creating. Those squiggles and doodles you create while talking on the phone or taking notes have meaning!

Light Language symbols and meanings don’t just contain incredible amounts of information; they can also offer medicine for our bodies as we learn to use them for different applications. Each symbol that’s ever drawn will have its own meaning, and that meaning is unique to each individual writing them, viewing them, or interacting with them. Lines, dashes, dots, squiggles, spirals, circles...All of these doodles are, in fact, Light Language symbols.

Not only can you receive information from each symbol, but you can also communicate information with yourself, from your Higher Self, when writing Light Language symbols. For example, suppose you are journaling some heavy emotions and find yourself making random squiggles on the margins of your journal.

In that case, this is most likely a discharge of all the energetic emotions that your human language isn’t able to articulate. But, just like journaling in your native tongue’s words is a release of emotions, using Light Language symbols to get those thoughts, feelings, and emotions off your chest is a powerful exercise to let go of pent-up energies!

What Are Light Codes and How Does it Work?

Light codes are created to activate your knowing and communication channels as you learn to speak, write and decipher Light Language. With each meditation and activation, these light codes stream into you, peeling back layer after layer, allowing you to dive deeper into your Light Language.

Light codes hold Light Language and wash over you in a pure energetic form of love and light. When you receive these codes in mediation or activation, you receive enormous amounts of information about the Light Language you are channeling. These light codes are connected to Gaia, to the Christ consciousness grid, and create a surge of understanding about the Light Language you will speak, write, and feel within your entire being.

Hearing Light Language Sounds

The auditory form of Light Language can sound a lot like speaking “in tongues.” However, with Light Language, there is no need for an interpreter to give a word-for-word explanation of the spoken word because there is none. Light Language sounds can vary from primal grunts or chants to a very articulate series of sounds and syllables that resemble a foreign language. You can hear someone speaking Light Language, and your Higher Self will understand the message immediately.

When you first hear Light Language sounds, they may feel very familiar. Even if you’ve never listened to or heard of Light Language before, your soul has ancient knowledge of Light Language. You may not know what is being said in the way you are accustomed to processing verbal information, but you will have an immediate knowing of what that information is and how you can use it in your life. Light Language is a birthright for everyone and can come naturally once you give yourself permission to remember it!


Most Common Expressions of Light Language


Movement is done through hand gestures, swaying your entire body, stomping your feet, or any other action that feels good to do. You might find yourself in a time or space where Light Language wants to come through but can’t speak it or write it, so these movements allow the Light Language to move through you and not create a backlog. It’s essential to allow the energy to move through you when it’s coming up to be expressed. You can think of these hand movements as similar to sign language, which uses no sound, but still conveys the messages accurately.


Speaking Light Language is perhaps the form that creates the most hesitation for those learning Light Language. There can be an expectation that spoken Light Language should sound a certain way, and when the sounds come through, they sound nothing like what you’ve heard someone else speak Light Language. It can sound like a beautiful foreign language being spoken fluently, but Light Language can also be profound, guttural sounds that almost sound primal. Any form of sound that comes through you is supposed to be spoken. Your unique vibration is unique to your soul’s signature, to your soul’s path, and it’s your birthright. You cannot control how the sounds will come through; if you try, you can lose the magick and healing around your spoken Light Language.


The written form of Light Language comes in the form of symbols. These symbols can be very intricate or as simple as a few lines. Each symbol contains an incredible amount of information. You can channel symbols for specific purposes, such as a symbol to help facilitate healing in the body or bring forth a particular emotion, such as love, confidence, or calm. If you have ever doodled, perhaps while on the phone or while listening to a TV program or lecture, you have most likely already been interacting with Light Language symbols. You can look back over your notebooks or journals and see if you have a specific doodle you consistently create and know that this is a Light Language symbol important to you. Light Language symbols and meanings are unique to each person using and creating them.

Light Language Connection to Sacred Geometry

In the natural world, we can see incredible evidence of intelligent design and how integrated geometry is in our physical world. From the shape of a snail’s shell to the awe-inspiring perfection of a spider’s web, the balance of lines, shapes, and forms asks us to pay attention to the importance of the order of these designs.

Light Language symbols are a form of Sacred Geometry. Each line, squiggle, curve, or any other shape that comes forward holds sacred messages and codes that our soul understands to be vital information for our journey.

Many cultures recognize Sacred Geometry in their spiritual practices and use them to bring forth and manifest specific intentions. The Sri Yantra, for example, is used in Hindu practices as a mediation tool to bring in positive energy and banish negative energy around those using it. Similarly, Light Language symbols represent an intention or desire the soul wants to call forward. An energetic stamp on each symbol assists the user, or creator, in bringing in the highest vibration of light around the information being exchanged.

While most highly recognized Sacred Geometry symbols have specific associations with Light Language symbols and meanings, it is very personal to the individual working with Light Language symbols.

Light Language Symbols Questions

What is Light Language?

Light Language is an ancient form of communication that directly speaks to one's higher self. It will push past the logical mind and connects with you on a soul level. Your higher self understands everything the light language is communicating, even if your human self does not.

There are 3 different forms of Light Language one can use to communicate:

  • Written
  • Spoken
  • Movement

Written: Written light language often looks like random doodles in your journal or notebook. They can also look more extravagant which could look like sacred geometry to mandalas. The symbols can also be super simple like a line and dot.

Spoken: Spoken light language can sound like a beautiful foreign language being spoken fluently and/or a bunch of gibberish. Some practitioners channel deep primal sounds. Everyone’s spoken light language is different. No two people sound alike. Your spoken light language can sound one way and completely change as you practice. The speed and volume can change, as well! Your unique vibration is unique to your soul’s signature, your soul’s path, and it’s your birthright.

Movement: Movement light language is done through hand gestures, swaying your entire body, stomping your feet, or any other action that feels good to do. You can think of these hand movements as similar to sign language, which uses no sound, but still conveys the messages accurately. It can also take on the form of dancing, as well!

Each sound, movement, and symbol holds paragraphs of information for the soul to use and to heal. You can think about it like a barcode or QR code. At first glance, it looks like a simple collection of lines drawn on a paper/sticker. When you scan the barcode or QR code, it shares an entire network of all the information about the product or website that’s attached to the code, from pricing, quantity, expiration, and so on.

When light language is used and or received by someone, the light codes are sending paragraphs of information to the higher self, which then invites the soul to take some sort of action. The action could be to heal, relax, surrender, understand, let go, and so on.

What Are Light Language Codes and How Does it Work?

As a soul having a human experience, you are very multidimensional! You have the ability to receive multidimensional information through light language. When light language is spoken, written, and moved with, it sends out powerful light codes.

Light codes transmit and hold powerful, healing vibrational frequencies that can invite change within your human reality. This is done by tapping into the quantum field. The cool part is you don’t need to know how to tap into the quantum field in order for it to work.

When you use the different forms of light language, your higher self is already connected to the quantum and understands the light codes and how to use the vibrational frequencies to create change and heal.

Every time you receive a light language transmission, the powerful light codes get to work within you and create and activate your knowing and ability to channel and communicate this ancient form of communication.

What are Light Language Symbols?

Light language symbols are the written form of light language. The symbols can look like sacred geometry and or weird scribbles on a page. Light language symbols hold a powerful frequency that can heal and or assist the person that is using them to change their current frequency.

You can think of light language symbols as a seasoning you put on your food. If you were cooking a curry dish, you would want to use curry to make the dish the color and taste you are looking for. If you didn’t use curry in the dish, it wouldn’t taste at all like curry.

Light language symbols allow the person's frequency to vibrate a particular way and at a particular height. It allows the person receiving the symbols to let go of the low vibrational frequency in their energy field and reorganize to make the high vibrational frequency the person has the potential to vibrate at.

How Do I Activate my Light Language?

I often have students that take my other courses, and while taking those courses their light language will activate. This always makes me so excited and happy!

Their light language is activated because oftentimes, all people need to do is receive light language in one or more of its forms (written, spoken, movement)!

Light language is activated because your higher self recognizes and understands the information that is being shared. The light codes shared in each transmission allow you as a student to remember your soul’s light language. The more one is exposed to light language the more the soul remembers its ability to express its birthright!

Anyone can speak, move, and or write light language.

And NO, you don’t have to consider yourself psychic and or have special spiritual gifts in order to activate and use the different forms of light language.

We are all born with special spiritual gifts. Sometimes we have to strengthen the spiritual gift muscles in order to recognize those gifts. The only way to strengthen them is to practice using them!

How to Learn Light Language
strong>You can activate your light language by simply hearing someone speak it, but most students want to go deeper!

They want to understand how to use their light language in a very purposeful way.

They also want a safe place to practice and understand the ins and outs of exploring their light language.

I love teaching my students how to use light language to communicate, balance, and heal their bodies, minds, and souls. I have a specific method where I teach you how to intentionally use and channel high vibrational light codes through your light language to change your reality through my course called Light Language Magik.

The cool part about light language is that it integrates and couples well with other spiritual practices you might be using!

To learn more about Light Language Magik, you can click the button below.

Is Light Language Calling to You?

If you are reading this article, it is! When I was introduced to light language, it started speaking to me, and I had a curiosity that I needed to scratch.

I want to encourage you to explore your light language.

The sole purpose of light language is to free you from the traps of lower vibrational thoughts, experiences, and traumas, and to shift your energy to a higher vibration where you recognize your light and your true potential. All of your senses wake up and recognize the truth of who you are because light language speaks directly to your heart and soul!

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