Extraordinary spiritual sales strategies and practices

for energetically aligned selling and a beautiful flow of income and abundance in your spiritual business.  

⭐ You’re a gifted healer, creative spiritual or a conscious, awakened entrepreneur and you love serving and helping your clients.

⭐ Deep down, you know you have what it takes to grow an incredibly successful business but you have a problem and it’s a big one…

⭐ You can’t stand sales or the process of selling and no matter how you try you just can’t see the link between spiritual service and sales!

Service feels expansive and inspiring.

Sales feels painful and uncomfortable.
The two seem to be worlds apart.

But what if I told you they’re not.

What if I told you checking your PayPal balance, pricing your programs and services, and having sales conversations are all deeply spiritual, meditative experiences?

You may have heard differently but here’s the truth…


Selling is service. Selling is love. Selling is sacred.


Your capacity to serve at your highest level and to create amazing transformations and results for your clients – no matter what sort of work you do – begins with the spiritual act of selling.

Unfortunately, too many spiritual entrepreneurs do not understand this. They resist selling and sales and this creates a lot of frustration, fear, self-doubt.

Not to mention scary, low income months.

I used to experience all of this myself until I discovered a new approach to sales.

It’s a spiritual methodology that allowed me to take my business from zero to my first $75,000 month in just one year.

Hi! I'm Amy Robeson

I’m a Spiritual Coach and Healer and I’ve seen too many gifted, spiritual entrepreneurs struggle to keep their business alive because they don’t like to sell and don’t know how to do it in an energetically aligned way.

They feel selling is sleazy and they resist doing it because it feels unnatural.
But here’s the thing…
Selling is actually a sacred practice. I know this is a radical concept but it’s the truth!

And when you understand the strategies, and practices that support this concept, you will change everything in your spiritual business.
I’ve seen it happen again and again for me and for my clients.

When I noticed the amazing results that come from embracing selling as a Sacred Practice, and when I put all of it together in an easy-to-follow framework of repeatable rituals and practices that create graceful sales, I knew I had to teach these sacred, spiritual sales strategies, to more than just my 1:1 clients.

Part of my life’s mission is to help create abundance and income flow for as many spirituals, healers and creatives as I can…

And so, I created Sacred Sales!

Sacred Sales is a unique learning experience that includes proven sales strategies and magical rituals to grow and sustain a highly successful business as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Sacred Sales integrates deep spiritual work with proven sales techniques that call in soul clients who are happy to pay you for the work you do! This 11-module program includes 11 in-depth lessons that cover everything you need to know to master spiritual selling and grow a beautifully aligned business.


Here’s what you’ll discover in Sacred Sales:

part 1: Own Your Gifts

Module 1: Prepare Your Vessel

Your success in sales is a direct reflection of the quality and depth of your own personal spiritual rituals. Preparing your vessel is about making sure you give yourself the self-love and care that you need and deserve so you can achieve your highest potential, rise up and offer your client incredible, unforgettable service that will keep them coming back again and again.

Module 2: Activate Your Passion

Building your business around what truly lights up your soul is vital to your success in sales. When you are inspired by your passion, and you truly believe in your worth and in your offerings, you will easily connect with potential clients and sell from a space of love and integrity.

Module 3: Integration

During this lesson, you will embark on a journey to meet your Empowered Prosperous Future Self. This is a deeply spiritual and extraordinarily powerful practice that has created unbelievable shifts and hundreds of thousands in sales for me and my clients and I cannot wait for you to experience it for yourself!

part 2: discover your voice

Module 4: Articulate Your Sacred Calling

You’ll finally discover what you are truly meant to do and how you can best serve your clients. This lesson includes a powerful Energetic Attunement that will release any blocks you may have around communication. When you experience this healing, you will communicate your gifts, talents and services with ease, confidence and clarity.

Module 5: Craft Your Inspiring Message

You’ll unearth the essence of your unique message and learn a proven process of sharing your work so you can fully demonstrate your value and attract soul clients without even trying.

Module 6: Awakening Your Throat Chakra

You’ll experience a deeply spiritual process in this class to align the power of your voice with the energy of your heart. This is a life-changing shift that will have you stepping out and speaking up with grace.

part 3: the art of spiritual selling

Module 7: Gracefully Offer Your Services

Learn 3 essential tools that you can rely on to sell your offers without any doubt, anxiety or stress. These tools are the foundational elements of successful spiritual selling. You’ll never be afraid of a sales conversation again!

Module 8: Move From Desperation To Attraction

Being grounded in the energy of abundance is THE key to lasting prosperity. You cannot attract clients and income from a place of desperation and fear. This class will teach you how to shift your mindset and energy so you can successfully sell with integrity and attract clients who will benefit the most from your offers and services.

Module 9: Manifesting Your Money Miracle

So many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with the money piece. The money manifesting process you will learn in this lesson will empower you to achieve your monthly money goals so you can release your fears around creating a consistent income and truly begin to enjoy your work and your spiritual business.

part 4: bringing it all together

Module 10: Powerful Discovery Sessions That Sell

Discovery sessions don’t have to be scary! When you learn how to conduct a beautifully, aligned Discovery Session, you’ll start to look forward to connecting with potential clients. The sales segment of the conversation will flow easily and your clients will be inspired to work with you – no pushy tactics or techniques! Just easy, natural, authentic conversations.

Module 11: Tap Into Source

This is one of the most powerful practices you can ever do to create business success. In this lesson you will learn exactly how to open up to receive messages from Source. These are sacred insights, ideas and inspiration that are aligned with your soul purpose. This divine knowledge will help you uplevel your business AND your life in ways that feel aligned and expansive. You’ll love this!

“I was homeless and hopeless. Now, I make 6 figures and just bought my own house…”

“When I first met Amy, I was a single mom of a little boy and very confused about my life and future. I couldn’t pay my bills and had no direction or plan. The more time I spent with her, the more my mind changed to look at life differently. She believed better for me before I believed it myself. She helped me love myself and take control of my future. If there is one thing she taught me, it’s that I have the power to control my life. I was homeless and hopeless. Now, I make 6 figures and just bought my own house. Amy is meant to touch the lives and hearts of many people and give them the same she gave me. Confidence, will, and an excitement for life.”    

- Lindsay Peckham

“Sacred Sales was an investment that was worth every penny.”

"Sacred Sales was a wonderful program, where I learned to find my authentic voice not only in my work but in the actual sales process as well. Amy's knowledge of sales is impressive, but it is her authenticity and caring that sold me on this program. She knows her stuff, but she is also so spiritually connected. Sacred Sales was an investment that was worth every penny. I know that I will be referring back to this program a lot in the future as my business grows and evolves."

- Caroline Nixon

“Sacred Sales went way beyond any expectations...”

"Amy Robeson and her program Sacred Sales went way beyond any expectations I may have had for the program. There was so much great content that was taught in manageable weekly classes along with one on one and group support and much more! Within my first few weeks I started selling my sessions and not long after, I was successfully selling larger packages and getting great results. I feel like I have some great tools now to not only help me grow my business but to help me make a difference with my work in an even more powerful way."

- Nancy Anger

Pay in full


Now Just



4 payments of $111

For the self-paced program

This is the only sales program that’s designed especially for spiritual entrepreneurs. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else!

Sacred Sales reveals priceless insights, ideas, strategies and practices to help you sell from the heart AND create consistent, aligned income in your business.

This isn’t just about signing on more clients. It’s about creating lasting success in. It’s about permanently healing your relationship with money and with sales so you will always be able to attract more income and soul clients whenever you need.

You will clear away energetic blocks and resistance to embrace a new, authentic way to sell so you can start to open up to a limitless flow of income in your spiritual business.

Sacred Sales is for you if:

💎 Selling feels difficult, depressing or uncomfortable and you are ready to learn new, energetically aligned methods that will help you create sales from a place of joy and excitement.

💎 You are ready to uncover, activate and intensify your spiritual gifts and to explore just how high you can rise as a spiritual entrepreneur

💎 You long to grow your business and create more income in ways that feel good to you

💎 You are inspired and motivated to take consistent action and implement what you learn in the program so you can experience the results you’re looking for

 Sacred Sales is not for you if:

❌ You do not want to learn how to sell from the heart and accept money as a natural and beautiful energetic exchange for the work you do in this world

❌ You are not ready for rapid business and spiritual expansion and you are resistant to creating a new reality in your life.

❌ You are not ready to take consistent action and implement the knowledge, insights and strategies you receive in this program

❌ You dismiss spiritual practices and energy work as “silly” or “airy fairy” and you don’t see any value in doing them.

Pay in full


Now Just



4 payments of $111

For the self-paced program

“ The first year of her training me I made over six figures…”

”She was very confident, gracefully and humble in what she has to offer. I was so excited after Amy taught me her step by step approach in selling. The first year of her training me I made over six figures. I followed her steps and still continue to do so today. Amy truly understands the art of selling and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have been trained by her. "    

- Ric Marvin

“ Sacred Sales was one of the smartest things I've done...”

"I am so glad I invested in Sacred Sales!  At first I was worried about investing in more training but now I am so very glad I did.  I got so much more material and growth than I paid for.  Amy has a way of putting a fire in your belly and showing you how to get into action.  Signing up for Sacred Sales was one of the smartest things I've done for myself and my potential clients.  Thank you Amy for your wonderful program."    

- Laura Offermann

“ Sacred Sales has changed the way I run my business...”

"I highly recommend working with Amy. Her program Sacred Sales has changed the way I run my business. Amy helped me clear blocks and false beliefs that I didn't realize were holding me back. I now feel more confident in myself and in my business."  

- Karina Del Pezo

If you have any questions, please email us at support@theamyrobeson.com

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