Activate Your DNA and Awaken Your Gifts!

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I have a lot of students that want to accelerate their awakening process so they can get on their path quicker and awaken their gifts and abilities ASAP!

I have found the easiest and fastest way to do that is to ACTIVATE AND RESTRUCTURE YOUR DNA!

What makes this program different then other DNA activations is the RESTRUCTURING PROCESS!

Most DNA activations fade over time if they are not RESTRUCTURED AND ANCHORED into the physical world.

In the restructuring process, your ethereal DNA is unlocked and anchored into the physical world and this allows your spiritual and psychic gifts to awaken and activate to new levels. This brings your manifesting abilities to new heights.

The DNA Restructuring process also includes a removal of different SEALS that were placed on you to prevent you from evolving into your true essence, connecting with your Higher Self.

These seals also cause you to repeat the same patterns over and over again and cause your physical body to have complications.

Love From Happy Clients and Students

Amy is gifted...

"Amy is gifted. Everything she offers is high quality, potent, meets you where you're at, and opens a gateway for profound transformation to the extent that you are open to receive it. Amy has been one of the strongest allies in my ascension and her DNA Awakening series is a part of that."

Jessica Bird

This program was absolutely amazing!

"The healing and growth that occurred was unexpected and I am so glad I chose to participate in this. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to fast track some serious inner growth and to be able to move forward in the world with a new way of being! Thank you Amy! "

Allison Dellatore

You won't regret taking this course.

"What can I say, Amy is just awesome. Her way of teaching and explaining things in a way we can all understand is superb. This program has taken me to another level of understanding, healing, and openness. "

Yolanda Agosto


When you activate your DNA and restructure your DNA, you receive healing on a deep soul level, and you will benefit in the following ways:

💫Enhance your psychic abilities and energy work
✨Aligns you with your soul’s purpose, which illuminates what you should be offering the world
💫Instills confidence, passion, and creativity in your work that flows effortlessly
✨Allows you to heal and prevent dis-ease in your life
💫Places you in the flow of manifesting your desires
✨Connects with your higher self
💫Assists you in manifesting true magik in your life & business
✨Completes old patterns & blocks
💫Transforms any emotional trauma & wounds

After you activate your DNA, you will gain a deeper connection to your life purpose and start to open up your spiritual gifts.

When I had my DNA activated for the first time, everything shifted in my business. My understanding of who I was and what I was doing became so clear. It’s kickstarted a different level of manifesting for me.




In this life-changing activation, you will receive a 24-strand DNA activation and restructure so that you can awaken your spiritual gifts and heal. When you activate your DNA, we will also open your upper chakras up (chakras 8 through 12) so you can stream higher levels of consciousness. This assists you in shifting from 3D to 5D and being able to live in this dimension/level of consciousness more constantly. You will also be gifted a powerful mantra to use, which will assist you in integrating the DNA activation and restructuring on a deeper level!

Includes: 2 video lessons, 1 live call, and 1 powerful activation and restructure


Any time doing major energy healing, we want to invite your inner child along for the ride so he/she is excited for the transnational journey. In this powerful class, you will learn how to connect with your inner child so that he/she can participate in the DNA activation and restructure. You and your inner child will also experience an uplifting healing where your inner child will be gifted a sacred spiritual tool that he/she will get to use during the activations in this course. This healing will also support you in deepening your connection with your inner child, so you both can navigate your life with childlike wonder and curiosity!

Includes: 1 video lesson and 1 playful healing




($777 VALUE)

In this powerful module, you will experience major womb healing. It’s important to clean out this sacred creative center so you can create from a place of empowerment and love. It doesn’t matter if you are female or male; this sacred center can hold a lot of trauma from this lifetime or previous lifetimes. In this empowering activation and attunement, you will not only experience a powerful womb healing we will also activate your CRYSTALLINE SOUL BLUEPRINT will be activated, anchored, and attuned to the crystalline core of Gaia (Mother Earth) so that you are in tune and anchored into the SACRED FEMININE CODE OF MAGIK. This will allow you to create a deeper relationship with the crystalline kingdom and your femininity. When you fully honor and own your femininity, your creativity, intuition, magik, and the ability to receive opens you up to a whole new world of flow, abundance, and prosperity. These virtues are accessed in your CRYSTALLINE SOUL BLUEPRINT.

Includes: 3 video lessons and 1 powerful activation



In this grounding lesson, you will learn about your Earth Chakra and how to ground and root into Gaia to feel good and safe and release any low vibrational that doesn’t belong to you. You also receive a powerful grounding earth star chakra meditation in this lesson!

Includes: 1 video lesson and 1 powerful meditation/healing



In this powerful LIGHT SPECTRUM ATTUNEMENT, you will be attuned to the full spectrum of light, and its magical energy will be anchored into your core / central love column. You will then anchor and ground your energy so that your energy field can expand and your frequency increases allowing you to access your true soul power in a humble way. This activation will also increase your abundance and manifesting abilities while being centered in your being. This attunement includes anchoring the Soul Crystalline Blueprint into your bodies and energy field.

Includes: 2 video lessons and 1 magikal attunement


Give yourself a gift that will transform you on a cellular level and allow you to soar to higher levels of consciousness!


T  1  MAGIKAL LIVE CALL  ($997 value) This call is designed to create on-the-spot soul-shifting transformations as you learn about your soul’s DNA and experience a powerful 24 DNA activation and restructure.

Video Lessons 9 DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO LESSONS ($1110 value) so you can watch/ listen anywhere and at your own pace. (total includes video lessons from bonuses)

Affections 5 DOWNLOADABLE ACTIVATIONS, ATTUNEMENTS, AND HEALINGS ($2362 value), so you can listen to them anywhere! (total includes bonuses)

Facebook  PRIVATE SANCTUARY, where you will connect with me and with other kindred spirits on this life-changing journey. You’ll have a safe sanctuary to ask questions, receive coaching, and discover more about your soul’s light language.

Time  LIFETIME ACCESS: You will receive lifetime access to the course and bonuses.


Love From Happy Clients and Students

Highly highly recommend to anyone even considering this.

"I have done other DNA activations before but this was beyond anything I have ever experienced. The powerful frequencies and support shifted me every single time I listened to the activations or even just repeated my mantra. The mantra is still something I repeat everyday and immediately shifts my state. I am so very grateful to Amy and all the beings of light who supported me. "

Chantai Woolcock

It was amazing!

"I finally had some time to do the blueprint activation and when I went to bed last night, I closed my eyes and was seeing a huge burst of red light and a few other colors, then so many different sizes and colors of sacred geometric shapes looking like mandalas spinning and moving around in my vision. It was amazing! 💖"

Jennifer Drake

I have been more consistent in my business, have gotten a few new clients, but most importantly have started OWNING my gifts because I had all the doubts and worry stripped away and it felt like I got a fresh start on life!

"A few weeks ago, Amy took me through an Activation and restructuring of my DNA and for the 5 or 6 following days, I was super cloudy. I couldn’t think straight because of the changes that were integrated. I did, however, feel an immediate change in some of the dis-ease I was feeling and that was wonderful! Once the work integrated, my clairvoyance has been on fire!

I have also, for the first time in my life, HEARD a manly voice wake me up in the dead of sleep! I have been more consistent in my business, have gotten a few new clients, but most importantly have started OWNING my gifts because I had all the doubts and worry stripped away and it felt like I got a fresh start on life! I can’t say enough good things about the DNA Activation and healing work Amy did for me. Take full advantage of the discount while you can!"

Amy Johnson

I am feeling much more open to receive the Universe's messages and assistance so that I can achieve all that I desire in life.

"After Receiving her DNA activation and restructuring: "My Emotions are raw and real. My dreams and goals are crystal clear!" I had an outpouring of emotions the days following my DNA activation! My clairvoyant abilities amplified significantly. AND the clarity on how to stay on my path and fulfill my life's purpose has become clear. Even though I still struggle with relinquishing control sometimes, I am feeling much more open to receive the Universe's messages and assistance so that I can achieve all that I desire in life. Thank you Amy Robeson! "

Stacy Jessen

I felt so much love, peace, and magical wonder...

"This program is amazing on so many levels. I felt so much love, peace, and magical wonder as I did each attunement. The amount of healing and spiritual support I received is incredible. It was a great reminder of how we deserve to be cared for, loved, and cherished. "

Kristie Smith

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Amy Robeson is a gifted healer and spiritual mentor. She is a Master Akashic Records Teacher, Light Language Master, and Mentor who helps people tap into their most powerful inner potential to experience profound transformation and magik. She is passionate about exploring spiritual concepts and truths and encourages her students to get curious and stay curious. As the founder of Sacred Awakening, she has created a powerful Akashic Records program, allowing her students to receive answers in any area of their life so they can live an empowered, aligned life. Amy is the perfect guide, breaking down complex spiritual concepts to meet her students where they are and helping them overcome roadblocks, outdated beliefs, and even trauma to achieve their highest good.

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Even More Love From Happy Clients and Students

Stephanie Mason"I think the program was great and I learned a lot about myself and my DNA. "
-Stephanie Mason

Rachel Tutein"It was an overall cool experience! "
-Rachel Tutein

MichaelI loved all aspects of this program. I found it to be very beneficial in a number of ways from opening my clairs to healing from deep-seated childhood trauma. I could really feel the changes occurring as a result of the program and felt noticeably different after the program than I did before it.
-Michael Lombard

CrysalynThis program gave me to boost that was necessary to take me to the next level. I have taken many of Amy's programs and will continue to do so.
-Crysalyn​ LeClair

DawnI highly recommend the DNA awakening accelerator program. This program helped me to both own my own healing abilities as well as helping me to not be afraid to put myself out there on social media.
-Dawn Latwis

I enjoyed taking the DNA Accelerator with Amy. The course was informative and came with great attunements and activations. I felt shifts after all 3 activations/attunements. I did experience headache, backache and spacey feelings as was expected. I am still waiting to receive the benefits from these practices. Amy is always informative and willing to share her spiritual knowledge and insight.
-Danielle Kerins

JentryAmy’s program is phenomenal. She is such a brilliant teacher. I felt shift inside of me and continue to that will assist me in a better quality of life. Seeing the bigger picture with clarity and releasing what no longer serves my highest good.
-Jentry Hood

This was some powerful work. The three sections fit together beautifully and the program felt like a bridge to a new level of growth, understanding, and experience.

Sini Jacob"I absolutely loved the program. I am glad I joined this at the last moment."
-Sini Jacob Chacko

ArielThis whole course is life-changing! I’m so in love with everything Amy has available and the way the courses are done and set up. Such a wonderful experience and I’m so glad I found this…or rather I think the program found me!
-Ariel Meiggs

AliThis program will take you on a great journey; mind, body, and soul. A physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual upliftment. It’s as though everything that needs resetting gets reset - a total reboot!
-Ali Griffiths

DawnThis is an amazing course, and it is life-changing!
-Dawn Joliffe

KerenI am so pleased I enrolled in Amy's DNA Awakening Accelerator program. I feel I did so much healing and releasing during this time and gained a profound amount of self-awareness on a soul level. I highly recommend this course regardless of what your purpose for taking it may be. There is so much to benefit from it on so many levels.
-Keren Provost

KimAmy Robeson is an absolutely inspiring, incredible spiritual mentor. She is all about safe, healthy movement forward, spiritual exploration, and healing. She is super responsive to questions. She’s constantly coming up with fun ideas and powerful meditations. Amy truly is gifted, and her programs are, simply put, empowering.
-Kim Righter

I really enjoyed this program. I see things differently now. I see things as they are and not get too attached as to what is going on. It's so freeing to be able to just witness and observe and not feel like a victim of the ever-changing circumstances in life.
-Nicole Inkamala

BarbaraThis program has opened my mind, body, and soul to a level I never believed possible. You can actually feel yourself coming back into alignment with Spirit.
-Barbara Clinton

Elina KurapeyI am so grateful I found Amy. I saw her ad on Instagram, and my gut feeling told me to join a class. Amy gives a lot of information. I couldn't attend class in person, so I was listening to the recordings. Having FB group just for this class was very helpful. I had all my questions answered. I received way more information than I expected from this class. I already have the major positive changes in my life. I never thought it could happen so fast.
-Elina Kurapey

Danie munizHighly recommend taking the DNA Awakening Accelerator. I learned so much more about my blocks and have a new sense of who I am and what I am doing. Looking forward to taking it again.
-Dani Muniz

Amy is an excellent and patient teacher. Her course is better than ones that I have tried online before. In-depth course.

KauilaniThis has been an interesting experience & well put together class. It is packed with lots of information that opened me up more!
-Kauilani Billue

LoisI love all of Amy Roberson's programs! This was especially powerful in opening my clairs and gifts more fully. Highly recommend this course. The prices are reasonable, and the content does not disappoint. If anything, the programs exceed expectations.
-Lois Hissa

EdithI so loved the program; it brought feelings of pure joy, hope, and awakening of the parts of my body that were dormant and grey. I realized that there is hope in the meaning of our existence thru this healing modality that is pure and yet so powerful. So many thanks for this opportunity to learn and grow and expand with endless upgrades.
-Edith Kucinska

JenAmy Robeson’s techniques and processes are so in-tune with who I am and where I’m headed. I appreciate all the energy and wisdom that she shares. This is a great program to assist with your ascension process. Amy’s teachings and meditations have helped open me up to new levels of healing and have helped me to focus on continuing to learn and grow. 
-Jen Kramp


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Can I do this if I already had my DNA activated?

Yes! You have over a trillion cells in your body, each with a DNA strand. You can activate as many as you like throughout your lifetime.

Can I do this again if I already took this course?

Yes! I have many students that repeat the course year after year so that can continue on their spiritual path of awakening. Each time the activation is different, and each round, I will offer a new DNA mantra to support your journey. As a returning student, you also receive a discount on the course. Please email support or visit the DNA AA Facebook group for the discount information and how to register.

I am a complete newbie to spiritual practices and DNA activations. Will this work for me?

You don’t need any previous spiritual practices. The activations, healings, and attunements will meet you where you are on your spiritual journey.

What makes this course different from other DNA activation?

What makes DNA AA different from other DNA activation is the restructuring method. Restructuring the DNA and energies allows the DNA activation to hold and not fade over time. I also perform all the DNA activation and restructure and all healings and attunements in the course inside the Akashic Records and with your higher self so you can receive the maximum benefits. I also gift students bonuses to enrich and deepen their experience with DNA activation and restructure. The activations and attunements build upon each other throughout the course.

What if I can’t make the live call?

No worries if you can’t make the live call. You can catch the replay and receive 100% of the benefits. We have many students that can’t make it. The recording is as powerful, and you can listen to the activation as often as you like.

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