Discover how to work with your crystals, connect with their powerful energy, amplify your powers of manifestation, and create your dreams come true!

Sacred Crystal Awakening

Sacred Crystal Awakening is a deep exploration of playing, communicating, and learning how to work with crystals and the crystalline energy!

More and more people are awakening and being drawn to work with crystals.
This excites me in so many ways because crystals have the ability to assist you with many areas in your life.

Heal past trauma

Awaken to a new reality

Heal physically

Heal emotionally

Heal mentally

Release old habits

Use them to dive deeper into your spiritual practices

Increase your intuition and spiritual gifts

Balance your chakras

Understand esoteric teachings

Heal the past

Leap into the future


and so much more!

If you have a problem, I promise you there is a crystal and/or crystal combination that can help you transform the habit, issue, and/or problem!

Working with crystals and their powerful crystalline energy can be fun and easy!

Not only can you manifest and heal with these babies, but you can tap into a whole new level of knowing.

One of my missions is to simplify how to work with crystals so you can get the most out of them!

Crystals will help make your meditation practice more enjoyable and easier to practice regularly!

We all know the many benefits of having a regular meditation practice, from accelerating our spiritual growth, to lowering stress, longer life spans, and simply living a happier life.

But going from one-off meditation sessions to making it an enjoyable regular part of your life can be difficult. I understand as I used to force myself to meditate with alarms, calendars, paid courses in a yoga studio, and even YouTube! But none of them gave me a consistent practice I actually enjoyed... until I practiced with crystals.

Adding crystals to your meditation and spiritual practice will assist you in awakening your spiritual gifts, let go of the past, relieve stress, find more balance, make your manifesting efforts much easier, add more play and fun into your life, and so much more!

By joining Sacred Crystal Awakening you'll create more time and space for YOU in your life and benefit from a regular meditation practice without having to force it.

The other thing I have noticed is that people are super attracted to crystals and intuitively buy them but then place them on a shelf and never work with them again.

This happens because most people aren’t really sure why they bought them or how to really work with them.

Each crystal has a mission and a purpose. When you discover what their purpose is it’s super easy for you and that crystal to work together to manifest and create the life you really want. Think of each one of your crystals as a Light Being ready to work for you and assist you in all areas of your life.

By joining Sacred Crystal Awakening, you will learn how to tap into the natural core programming of your crystals and receive messages from them so that they can assist you in manifesting your heart’s desires from wealth, love, relationships, health, business, etc.

From beginner to advance, there is so much here for anyone looking to know the basics to really deepening your relationship with your crystals.

"I have recommended this class to everyone wanting to know more about crystals. From beginner to advance, there is so much here for anyone looking to know the basics to really deepening your relationship with your crystals. This course also greatly improved my meditation experience and my confidence in my Clair gifts.

The class structure/site is awesome and easy and of course, Amy is on top of all questions or help you may need. Highly recommend! "

Tiffany Winkler

Red Door Coaching

There's no end to what we can do with crystals and the knowledge I gained from this course, I will utilize everyday in my practice as a Spiritual Healer.

"Amy's course is packed with powerful lessons and healings. So much came through for me when going through this course with her. I didn't realize how magical crystals were until taking this course. It made me connect to Mother Earth on a deeper level.

I loved learning everything from the basics of cleansing crystals to creating grids for manifestations! There's no end to what we can do with crystals and the knowledge I gained from this course, I will utilize everyday in my practice as a Spiritual Healer. Thank you Amy!! "

Van Nguyen

Spiritual Guide and Akashic Record Practitioner

She's taught me how to use them to meditate more powerfully, create money grids to smash my income goals, and to take better care of myself... which is crucial as you uplevel

"I've never met anyone who knows crystals like Amy Robeson. She's also an incredible coach because she combines powerful spiritual (and magical) practices with proven sales and marketing techniques.

She truly has the best of both worlds and she is a master at grounding her psychic powers and getting major results quickly."

Emily Cisewski

Sales and Marketing Associate

Sacred Crystal Awakening is a deep exploration of playing, communicating, and learning how to work with crystals and the crystalline energy!

There are 3 ways you can explore Sacred Crystal Awakening.


In this option, you will be introduced to the 3 core lessons that will assist you in connecting and understanding how to work with crystals, so that you feel confident and excited discovering how to meditate, clean, clear, select and protect your crystals, and you will also learn how to make powerful crystal combinations that act as medicine to assist you in healing mind, body, soul.

Lesson 1: Cleaning, Clearing, and Selecting Crystals

Learn how to properly clean, clear, and select high vibrational crystals that are ready to work with you.

Lesson 2: Meditating with your Crystals

Discover fun, new ways to meditate with your crystals and connect with their energy so that you balance your body, mind, and soul.

Lesson 3: Crystal Elixirs

Learn how to create different crystal elixir remedies (hint: it’s not gem water!) to heal all of your bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical).


includes all 3 lessons listed up above


You will receive the first 3 lessons of the Foundation Course and New Beginnings Crystal Meditation Bonus…
And dive deeper into learning how to work with your crystals so that you can discover how to program them to manifest your focused intentions and heart’s desires, bring more joy and peace into your life, awakening your intuition, receive secret messages from your crystals, and learn how to make powerful crystal grids!

Lesson 4: Diving Deeper into Crystal Elixirs

Dive deeper into creating powerful crystal elixir and strengthen your connection with communicating and understanding how each crystal wants to be used.

Lesson 5: Programming your Quartz Crystals

Learn how to tap into the natural core programming of your crystals that will help your focused intentions become a reality.

Lesson 6: Communicating with your Crystals

Learn how to easily communicate with your crystals and receive special messages from them to help you achieve your goals and desires.

Lesson 7: The Elements

Discover the elements that make up each crystal (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Stellar) and how to use them to balance your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical body!

Lesson 8: Gem Water

Learn how to make gem water infused with love and manifesting energy that you can safely digest.

Lesson 9: How to Make Crystals Grids and Activate Them

Learn how to make crystal grids, select each stone, and activate them with your powerful intentions to start attracting and fulfilling your heart’s desires.


includes all of the Foundations Lessons from option One and All the Lessons in Option Two


In this all inclusive option, you will receive all the lessons from option one and two, plus an extra bonus!!!
This option we will dive deeper into grids and more of the spiritual side of working with crystals. You will discover how to tap into the crystal dimension and start to develop your intuitive gifts so that you can live your most abundant life while feeling supported and having fun along the way.

Lesson 10: Crystal Dimension

Learn how to access the crystalline dimension and start tapping into it’s magical field of infinite possibilities.

Lesson 11: Color frequency

Learn how to work with color frequencies alongside crystals and by doing so, you will help raise your vibration, balance your chakras, and so much more!

Lesson 12: Playing and healing with crystalline energy

Learn how to connect with the crystalline energy and heal with it without having to physically have the crystal(s). Includes a very powerful activation.

Lesson 13 : Different Shapes and Formations of Crystals

Learn the importance of the different shapes and formations of your crystals and how they will help you harness the extra super powers that they possess.

Lesson 14: Grid Shapes and their Special Powers

Learn various different shapes and their super powers so you know what type of shape to select when you make your beautiful crystal grids.

Lesson 15: Crystal grid intentions setting and inspiration

Learn how to get super clear on what you want the grid to assist you with and the powerful words to set the intention in order to activate the grid.

Lesson 16: Gridding your Home and Other Objects

Learn how to grid your home and other objects to create the exact energy and manifesting portal your heart desires.


includes all of the 16 Lessons and bonuses from option one, two and three.

Every lesson includes a healing and/or activation!

Get ready to experience life-changing healings/activations that will unlock the crystal magik within you and your crystals.

Each healing/activation is uniquely designed and will assist you in working with the crystalline energy, communicating with your crystals, creating your crystal grids and so much more. They will also help you release energetic blocks, including limiting beliefs, thoughts, and emotions so you can integrate high vibrational energies on a soul level, and so much more!


COMPREHENSIVE VIDEOS RELEASED WEEKLY that are life changing Each video lesson is downloadable so you can watch it anywhere in the world! You can watch on the go or in the comfort of your home.

DOWNLOADABLE PDF files and Course Notes to save you time

CRYSTAL HEALINGS & ACTIVATIONS that you can listen to anywhere! All the healings and activations are downloadable so you can listen to them anywhere!

PRIVATE SANCTUARY where you will connect with me and with other kindred spirits on this life-changing journey. You’ll have a safe sanctuary to ask questions, receive psychic coaching, and discover more about crystals.

LIFETIME ACCESS you will be granted lifetime access to this powerful self-study course so you can listen to, watch, and learn at your own pace and at whatever time of day works for you!

Learning to properly work with crystals is one of the most powerful and profound steps you can take to create a life that you adore…

I know because I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped countless clients, friends, and loved ones do the same thing.

Hi, my name is Amy Robeson and I am so excited you are here!

My love affair with crystals began when I was a little girl. My mother and grandmother collected these gorgeous elemental stones and it was only natural for me to do the same.

My very first crystal that had special meaning to me was a beautiful rose quartz that my mama gave me and it wasn’t long before I discovered that I could communicate with these magikal, sacred stones on a deep, and profound level. They “speak” to me and I can easily understand their language and messages, and connect with them for guidance and timeless wisdom.

Over the years, my innate gifts and abilities with crystals continued to grow in strength and depth (I’m known in some circles as the Crystal Queen!).

The reason why I am so flipping excited you are here is because I know you are ready to create a high vibrational relationship with your crystals and learn more on how to use them! This excites me because the more people that use crystals the quicker we can raise the vibration of the planet and create our own version of heaven on earth.

I would love to personally invite you to join us in Sacred Crystal Awakening!

You want to harness the true power and wisdom of crystals. Learn the secrets of the universe that makes manifesting and personal transformation quick and effortless.

You want to discover new ways to heal your physical, emotional, and mental bodies for greater ease and joy in your life.

You want to learn how to create crystal grids and activate them so they’ll work for you and call in the energies you most desire in this life.

You want to deepen your relationship with crystals so you can feel fully supported during all the seasons of your life.

You want to explore and learn how your crystals want to work with you so that you can discover new things about your gifts and purpose.

You want to develop your intuition by tuning into the energies of the crystals and listening to their divine messages customized just for you.

You want to balance your body, mind, and soul so you can experience more harmony in your life and/or business.

You want to balance your body, mind, and soul so you can experience more harmony in your life and/or business.

You want to deepen your spiritual practices so you can live a more joyful life and discover your authentic self.

You want to become part of an exclusive online community of kindred spirits as you shift into your beautiful new life and manifest incredible prosperity and income in your business.

You want to learn how to maximize the power of each of your crystals to manifest and create the reality that you desire.

You want to develop a deep understanding of how crystal energy works and how you can use it to experience magic and miracles in your life and career/business

You want to tap into the energies of specific crystals at anytime, anywhere to call in specific manifestations — anything from love and romance, to creating amazing income in your business/career, and so much more.

You want to become skilled at creating crystal healing grids so you can harness the deeper, denser, and altogether more powerful energy of strategically-placed crystals

Imagine how much would change for you to be experiencing all the support, love, abundance, and excellent health you’ve been dreaming of…

Attract & call in new opportunities such as:


Your Soulmate

New Clients

Improved Health

Harmonious Relationships

Money and Income

And a deeper connection with the divine

Release energies that no longer serve you such as:







Foundation: Sacred Crystal Awakening

3 powerful crystal lessons

3 Meditations

Save 25% now for a limited time!


$ 197

One-time payment

(Regular $297)



2 payments billed monthly

(Regular $297)

ESSENTIALS: Sacred Crystal Awakening

 9 powerful crystal lessons

 9 meditations

Save 25% now for a limited time!


$ 497

One-time payment

(Regular $697)


$ 127

4 payments billed monthly

(Regular $788)


COMPREHENSIVE: Sacred Crystal Awakening

16 powerful crystal lessons

16 meditations

Save 25% now for a limited time!


$ 997

One-time payment

(Regular $1497)

(Value $8656)


$ 137

9 payments billed monthly

(Regular $1791)

(Value $8656)

This course completely expanded my offerings to my clients.

"Learning and experience how grids support myself and clients on our spiritual journey is so sacred and expansive. I’m so blessed I said YES to this course!"

Cheyanne Curtis

Spiritual coach and master stylists

Now, I create powerful crystal grids that help me and my clients reach our goals faster

"Now, I create powerful crystal grids that help me and my clients reach our goals faster and easier and they work amazingly doing this."

Anastasia Salichou

Transformation Coach and Healer

If you want to know crystals, make it a point to work with Amy.

"Amy is seriously the crystal queen! Any question I have about crystals at all go straight to her. The grids she makes are not only beautiful but powerful and a huge help to bring clarity to the topic you're facing. I've felt at peace, connected, and experienced realizations while meditating in the grids."

Becky LeBrun

Empath, Psychic, Oracle card reader, Healer

How long is the program?

The Foundations Sacred Crystal Awakening is 3 classes long and is released over 2 weeks.

The Essentials Sacred Crystal Awakening is 9 classes long and is released over 9 weeks.  

The Comprehensive Sacred Crystal Awakening course is 16 lessons that are released over 16 weeks.

However, since this is a self-study course, you can complete the course at your own rate and take as long as you need to learn all of the course materials.

When does the program start?

You will receive access to the first video immediately upon signing up!

Do I have to be psychic?

No, you do not have to be psychic or label yourself as psychic in order to be successful in learning about and communicating with crystals.

I sometimes doubt my intuition. How do I know for sure I will be able to connect with my crystals?

Many of my students and clients doubt their intuition. We all do at some time. Sacred Crystal Awakening has processes, procedures, and exercises for you to learn to trust what you are receiving from your crystals. Amy is a Master/Teacher and will also be able to assist you in connecting with your crystals if you post in the exclusive Facebook group.

I am Christian and my family is super religious. Is this against my religion?

Some of my students come from very religious backgrounds. We understand your concern. I always tell my students to follow their hearts. I never try to convince anyone to not be religious or to do anything you believe is against your religion.

Can I take this course if I am a beginner?

Absolutely! You can take this course as a beginner. This course meets you where you are at no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced student of the crystalline dimension. The crystalline dimension will help you to develop, deepen, and tap into your spiritual gifts. And, it couples well with any other modalities in your spiritual toolbox. As a beginner (or as an advanced crystal practitioner), you’ll discover new things about yourself and the crystals you work with.

What can I do with my crystals?

There are so many things you can do with your crystals! You can explore and receive support around health, finances, business, career, your life purpose, relationships, and so much more. You can use it as a tool for healing, to start a new career or enhance your current career, and to help your clients as well. There’s so many things you can do with your crystals. The possibilities are endless.

How will working with crystals transform my life?

Working with crystals will allow you to have a deeper understanding of who you are. You’ll receive support, receive answers and guidance to your questions, and assistance in manifesting your desires.

Do I need any special attunements to communicate with crystals?

In Sacred Crystal Awakening, you’ll receive special activations to be able to deepen your connection with crystals so you can receive their guidance, love, and support much easier.

How long will I have access to the material? I am not sure if I can start it right away.

Everything is downloadable so you will have lifetime access to the course material. You can start whenever you are ready and take your time with it from anywhere in the world!

What if I can’t communicate with my crystals?

Amy has several methods of helping clients and students communicate with their crystals. She hasn’t had anyone not be able to receive answers from them. If you are having any trouble at all communicating with your crystals, all you have to do is reach out for help and she will help you connect with them. We are all unique. Sometimes we have blockages we need to clear in order to communicate with them.

Can I use crystals to help me grow my business? How do I use crystals in my business/career?

YES!!! It’s one of Amy’s favorite ways to use crystals. Crystals can help you to uncover what is in alignment for you. You can also use them to develop programs, products, and services. You can build a grid to attract clients, hit your goals, and so much more. The possibilites are endless on how you can use crystals.

I’ve taken many courses on crystals in the past. What makes this different?

In Sacred Crystal Awakening, Amy takes a very easy to understand approach to how to work with crystals. She will lay the foundation so you understand how to work with the crystals and how to deepen your relationship with them. She takes a very intuitive approach and teaches you how to do the same. Every crystal is different and when you use your intuition, the results in working with them are magical. Amy will teach you how to trust your intuition when working with them so you can use their magic for self-development, self-discovery, manifesting, healing, and so much more. 

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