Awaken the Enchanted Goddess Within So You Can Soar to New Heights

Imagine if you could create anything you want - happiness, freedom, abundance, true love, authentic creative expression and more - just by being YOU.

The truth is everything you need to create the life you love is already inside you at this moment. Whether you realize it or not, you are the embodiment of the sacred feminine goddess and you have the power to create without limits.

The only problem?

The secrets of the goddess have been suppressed for a long, long time. It’s why so many women remain in the dark; immersed in self-doubt, uncertainty and pain. They are unable to connect with their natural, all-powerful feminine nature and they have no idea how to focus that magnificent energy to manifest their desires.

It’s time to end this cycle of self-rejection, struggle and discord. After thousands of years of oppression, we are now entering a new golden age of the sacred feminine goddess.

If you are ready to embody all aspects of your femininity and discover the ancient secrets of goddess energies to create anything and everything you desire…

Then welcome, beautiful Goddess. It’s your time to rise and I’m here to show you how.

In cultures that hold on to strong beliefs around duality and scarcity, the running theme is “someone needs to lose for someone else to win.” This system values outcomes no matter what the cost and to cope, women (and men) have adopted an assertive, aggressive approach to achieve success.

But this is unsustainable. Success and expansion – spiritual and material – can only be achieved with the divine union of both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.

I know this is true because I’ve seen it happen to so many women and I’ve experienced it on a personal level…

While I did enjoy some success at my previous place of work, relying on the assertive masculine left me feeling exhausted and depleted on a soul level. When I made the decision to start my own business as a healer, spiritual coach and Master Akashic Records Teacher & Consultant, I returned with a grateful heart to my love for all things spiritual and to the sacred feminine.

I immediately began working with goddess energies.

I performed initiations and rituals and as I cultivated a deep relationship with a glorious pantheon of goddesses from around the world, I began to see some significant changes in my life. My success in business – both in income and in the level of joy and freedom that I experienced – skyrocketed. My relationship with myself and with people I love and cherish, blossomed and grew. My whole life lit up with the radiance of higher meaning and purpose.

But here’s the thing…

I’m not “chosen” or “special” or “lucky.” We are ALL born to rise up and live our highest truth and it is my sacred mission to help as many people as I can to live this way.

If all of this resonates with you, if it feels right and true in your soul then…

Ascend is a very special spiritual experience that will show you how to connect with and embody 9 special goddess energies to create anything you desire in your life and business.

You will learn to channel and work with 9 amazing goddesses who have inspired devotion, love, loyalty and magical manifestations for thousands of years, in spiritual cultures, beliefs and traditions from across the world. These 9 goddesses are:


Kali is the hindu goddess of transformation. She embodies fierce, fiery mother energies and she is the ultimate destroyer of dark forces. Goddess Kali protects and purifies so you can experience powerful inner transformations to create outer manifestations.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is a Divine Mother. She is unconditional love and she is the essence of nurturing, health, and fertility. Mother Mary allows you to experience deep self-love as well the rich fullness of fertility in all areas including the creation of new life, new ideas and inspiration. She embraces you with safety, love and peace at all times


Lakshmi is the hindu goddess of abundance. She brings the rich, lavish energy of all things beautiful, luxurious, and generous. Lakshmi opens up the channel for abundance in all things including money, time, love and spiritual truth.


Diana is the roman goddess of the hunt. She embodies the powerful energy of the feminine warrior. Diana creates the path to self-empowerment so you can attain the courage and strength you need to believe in who you are and create that which you desire.


Saraswati is the hindu goddess of knowledge. She brings divine spiritual insights and wisdom so you can remain centered, calm and certain of the path that is for your highest and best good, even if you are surrounded by fear and chaos.


Isis is the egyptian goddess of ancient magick. She embodies magickal evolution and  limitless power. Her magnificent, regal energy will assist you in bringing your dreams to life and revitalizing forgotten or hidden gifts and powers.


Tara is the buddhist goddess of spiritual enlightenment and compassion. She brings through spiritual knowledge and insights that create the causes for soul ascension and enlightenment through the path of compassion. Tara allows you to experience spiritual transcendence through kindness, love and divine understanding.

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin is the buddhist goddess of compassion. She embodies true forgiveness for all sentient beings. Kuan Yin brings the infinite power of love and compassion into your life so you can experience comfort and healing from pain, hurt, sorrow and struggle.


Gaia is the greek goddess who represents the boundless beauty and wisdom of mother earth. She embodies massive, all-encompassing energies of love, guidance, evolution and creation. Gaia will give you the support and strength you need to create your desires on the earthly plane.

Through the ages, these 9 goddesses have been called upon to bestow powerful high vibrational energies such as abundance, compassion, fertility and transformation.

Doing this allowed those on the earthly plane to access higher dimensions and manifest their desires without worry, struggle or discord and this is exactly what you will learn to do in Ascend!

During this powerful, divinely feminine experience you will:

Receive 9 powerful goddess activations. These will attune you to each of these goddesses so you can begin living from goddess consciousness and start manifesting without limits

Discover how to build a powerful bond with each goddess so you can embody all of their magnificent spiritual gifts as your own and shift your consciousness to receive more, and experience unequivocal abundance  

Experience soul ascension so you can expand into immense spiritual power and energy to serve, love and bring through life-altering transformations for yourself and others

Unlock the gentle yet powerful energy of the sacred feminine so you can remain in a space of conscious creation and aligned purpose

Gain a clear, focused understanding of your divine path in this lifetime so you can rise up, and experience the unparalleled satisfaction that comes from living your truth

Open up to your secret spiritual gifts such as hidden psychic and healing abilities, so you can finally embrace and live from the power and wisdom of your inner enchanted goddess.

Create deep spiritual awareness so you can connect with higher-level dimensions for  magical - even miraculous - manifestations

"I'd been interested in working with the Goddesses for a few months prior to the course, so was so happy when she launched it. Each goddess was unique, and I've started working with them in my daily life. I call on the goddesses to help me in certain situations, heal patterns, join my meditations, and more. Amy's course provided a direct access to the goddesses, which gave me confidence in working with them. Loved this course!!"

- Mindy West,

"I feel very much connected to the goddess energy now - it seems easier for me to remember to be at ease and embrace that feminine flow since connecting with each goddess and my communication is so much clearer as well. I think that this program really touches on levels of your life that you really didn't even see coming - It was an incredible transformation and I almost want to just dive right back in from the beginning!"

- Shelly Petersen, Akashic Records Reader,

"Amy’s activations are always awesome, but when she brought the Goddess energy in they added another layer still – Blissful energy! I find it hard to put into words but it’s as if you can lean into them. It made it easier to really surrender the need to strive and achieve it all alone. Knowing we can tap into their support brings lightness and so much joy. It has deepened my work and yet made it all seem easier! Less like work more like play."

- Emma Burton

11 x Sacred Sessions

(Value $4,997)

You’ll experience 11 sacred sessions with me through video lessons. This is where I will be transferring and channeling goddess energies through special healings, guided meditations, and activations. You can expect to experience significant soul-level transformations and energy shifts during these powerful sessions. The lessons have been previously recorded so you can move through the course materials at your own pace.

DNA Activations

(Value $3,333)

Held in your DNA is ancient knowledge and wisdom that can be unlocked and channeled into your current life to be of service and to manifest your desires. During Ascend, you will receive multiple activations and initiation energies. When you count all of the activations in the Sacred Sessions plus bonus activations, you have the remarkable opportunity to awaken anywhere between 360 to 5400 DNA strands during this program.*  Activating your DNA will increase your intuitive gifts and give you a deeper level of understanding of your soul’s purpose and mission and boost your confidence.

*The exact number of strands that will be awakened is based on each individual’s unique soul path and ability to process activation energies.


Powerful Healing Bonuses & Gifts over $3,500

Crystal Light Body Activations (Value $2,331)

5 x audio activations to awaken your crystalline light body. Each audio activation will bring a new level of knowing and higher consciousness that raises your personal vibrational frequencies, so you can create a new reality and manifest your desires. This activation also anchors rays of light into your physical body and experience to assist in spiritual ascension.

Moon Ceremony Audio Healings (Value $1,494)

8 x Moon Ceremony Healings – 4 x New Moon + 4 x Full Moon. These healings will unite you with the magnificent sacred feminine energy of the moon. They will also allow you to receive the 9 goddess energies in this program with ease. You will be invited to ground your experience with special journal prompts to receive maximum benefit from each of these healings.

Total value of this powerful one-of-a-kind experience
$12,155 Value


One-Time Payment (Best Value)
Retail $1997


1 Easy Payment of $497


10 x Easy Payments $199

3 Easy Payments of $177


"I loved every moment of this. Connecting with the Goddesses in this way through these activations have been profound. I see, sense and feel everything differently and connect to them so naturally at any point in my day now. It's a beautiful transformation I can take with me daily."

- Van Nguyen, Spiritual Mentor and Akashic Record Practitioner

"Amy Robeson guided the group with a flexible yet tangible process to access the Goddess energy so we could develop a relationship with each goddess.  The way she taught the material made it easy to integrate the goddesses into my life and to embody those aspects of their energy that best serves me."

- Pamela Strum, Energy Healer, Star Shaman, Licensed Acupuncturist, DNA Restructurista,

Welcome Beautiful Soul. I am so excited you are here. I’ve been working in communion with goddess energies and the benefits have been BEYOND amazing.

For one thing, my ability to step into my power and own my worth as a deeply spiritual woman has been nothing short of life-changing. I run a highly successful spiritual business and I’m surrounded, and supported by a tribe of beautiful, kindred spirits who are clients, friends, business partners and of course the love of my life…my husband, Kyle.

My desire is to share my knowledge, experiences, and insider secrets on the transformational power and magnificence of sacred feminine goddess energies. I am devoted to reconnecting people, just like you, to their innate divine nature and sacred feminine powers so they can experience more joy, abundance, and love in their lives.

If you have any questions please email us at

Total value of this powerful one-of-a-kind experience
$12,155 Value


One-Time Payment (Best Value)
Retail $1997


1 Easy Payment of $497


10 x Easy Payments $199

3 Easy Payments of $177

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