Your ANIMAL Spirit Guides
Want To Work With You!

Since the beginning of time, animal spirits have been an integral part of our soul’s journey!

As the veil grows thinner, people are becoming more aware of their presence and getting curious about what powerful medicine and gifts these spirits have to offer.

Maybe they keep appearing in your dreams or even in your waking hours, and you see the same animal over and over again.

Or maybe you feel a strong connection to one specific animal and you’re not sure why.

How these animals have been showing up for you, landing on this page is a sign that you are ready to work with one or more of the animal spirit guides that have been asking to come in and support you on your soul’s journey!

Whatever the case is, you have arrived on this page which tells me you are ready to be introduced to one or more of your animal spirit guides that want to assist you on your journey!

Some benefits to meeting your animal Spirit Guides

  • Increasing your intuition so that you can use it to manifest your heart’s desires
  • Deepening your spiritual connection with yourself, the Divine, and your animal guides so you feel supported
  • Guidance you can use throughout life so that you are grounded and ready to take action
  • Gain clarity and understanding in many different areas of your life
  • Increasing your vibration so that you can experience more joy, happiness, and love
  • Burst of creative inspiration to help you achieve more success in your life
  • and so much more!


Your animal spirit guide(s) has been a part of your journey all along. From birth, from previous lifetimes, or those that have just shown up at different points along the way. They are amazing teachers, guides, omens, messengers, and powerful allies that are here to connect with your soul’s highest path and purpose!


JOURNEY TO Meet your ANIMAL Spirit Guide

In this fun and playful masterclass, you will experience the following:


  • Taken on a journey to meet one or more of your animal spirit guide(s).
  • Discover how your animal spirit guide(s) are here to support you on your path so that you can connect with your soul and your path in a totally different way.
  • How to connect with your animal spirit guides and deepen your connection with them.
  • How to build a powerful, lasting relationship with your animal spirit guides.
  • Tips on how to interpret the powerful and deep meanings of the messages your animal spirit guides joyfully bring to you

So you can integrate this amazing guidance into your life with ease and grace.




($444 Value)

You will learn how to connect with your animal guides, the do’s & don’ts when connecting, spiritual practices, & more.

($333 Value)

Receive a powerful transmission and go on a journey to meet your animal spirit guide(s).

DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO LESSON & ACTIVATION so you can listen to them anywhere!

Lifetime access to the program!




When you sign up today you will receive an additional bonus for FREE! 

Animal Spirit Guides Chakra Masterclass ($777 Value) 

In this powerful masterclass, you will take a journey to meet the different spirit animals that reside in your chakras. You will discover how the chakras and animals work together to bring you into balance. You will learn more about the chakras as well!

“I have worked with my Spirit Guides off and on for years. When Amy mentioned she was teaching a mini series on getting to know your Spirit Guides in a deeper way, my heart sang out. I knew I needed to sign up. I am so glad I did. I became aware of my new Guide during this class, who has been amazing to work with. I feel so much more confident in my connection with all of my Guides (I have at least 5 right now that I know of). Thank you Amy Robeson so holding the space for me to go deeper and connect even more with my awesome team.”

Caroline Nixon

“I absolutely LOVED Amy’s Spirit Guide class! Through her activities I was able to connect with my guides – both those that I knew about, and new ones that I wasn’t aware were supporting me. She makes it SO EASY to get the answers that I’ve been waiting for!! Thank you Amy – this class is life-changing!”

Mindy West


Hello Beautiful Soul! I am so excited you are here. I love sharing spiritual knowledge and teachings so that your life can become more magical!  I am a healer and spiritual coach with a rare ability to clearly communicate high concept spiritual knowledge so my clients can become their own powerful healers in their own right. I am devoted to reconnecting people to their innate divine nature so they can experience more joy, abundance and love in their lives.

My desire is to share my knowledge, experiences, and insider secrets on the transformational power and magnificence of Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies. I am devoted to reconnecting people, just like you, to their spirit guides so that they can fold  time and have extra support, abundance and love in their lives.


If you have any questions, click here to email us and Amy or someone from her team will get back to you soon!

“Amy’s Spirit Guide series was super informative and fun. She uses in-depth information and the delivery of her message is so joyful and heartfelt. I received mind blowing messages from my spirit guides through meditations and attunements. A much deeper connection and trusting of the messages I was receiving. What an enjoyable fun experience. Most of all the trust I gained in my connections with my guides.”

Michelle Rak

“I am truly excited about Amy’s mini-series, “Meet Your Spirit Guides”!
I wish this had been available to me years ago when I began my spiritual development, as I had to learn by trial & error. But, no matter where you are in your development, Amy provides you with the tools to create your sacred space and deepen your connection with your spirit guides in a high vibration. I enjoyed Amy’s powerful activations, and can listen to them over and over again! Thank you, Amy, for sharing this content with the world. It is an essential resource for anyone on their spiritual path.”

Dawn Wade


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