Light Language is a sacred ancient form of communicating. The sound vibrations and symbols of this powerful language resonate with your higher self and pushes past the logical mind and speaks directly to your soul.

When you activate your unique soul’s light language, it carries a powerful vibration that your higher self recognizes and will assist you in living your heaven on earth all while claiming your divinity and ascending to new levels.

Light language vibrates through your whole being and releases the outdated stories, imprints, and beliefs that are no longer serving you. It also releases negative language and low vibrational thoughts that leave an imprint in the subconscious mind and create loops that keep you stuck. You can use Light Language to heal the loops and patterns and create new healthy ones that are in alignment with your soul’s path and higher self.

Activating your soul’s light language will also allow you to understand higher levels of consciousness. This understanding assists you in recognizing and standing in your pure light and power.

It is your birthright to be able to activate your soul’s light language within so that you can use it for miraculous healings and divine communication with the universe, your higher self, spirit guides, ascended masters and galactic guides.


The sole purpose of light language is to liberate you and to shift your energy to a higher vibration. Light language speaks directly to your heart and soul and it wakes up your senses to recognize the truth of who you are and what you are going through.

The sacred vibration of this powerful cosmic language will awaken your heart and heal you on a spiritual, emotional, and mental level.


Your Sacred Initiation (activating your soul’s light language)

You will experience a powerful attunement that will initiate and attune you and your energy field to be a conduit to stream the light codes from higher levels of consciousness so that you can start channelling your soul’s light language. You will also be introduced to all the different forms of light language.



Diving Deep Into Written Light Language

In this playful lesson, you learn how to channel your written form of light language. The written form of light language is similar to hieroglyphics. The symbols hold powerful meanings and vibrate at a high frequency that will allow you to heal.  You will discover how to use them to heal yourself and your clients. You will also receive a powerful activation to deepen your connection with the symbols that want to stream through you.


Diving Deep Into Movement and Hands

In this fun lesson, you will learn how to stream your soul’s light language through movements and hand gestures.  You will discover how these movements change the vibrational field around you. You will discover how to sense the magical light language energy flowing through your movements.


Diving Deep Into Speaking

In this soul shifting module, you will learn how to speak your soul’s light language. You will learn how to play with the different tones, sounds, inflections, and speed of your light language  that are unique to you and your soul path, you will have a safe container to practice. You will also receive an activation for confidently channelling your soul’s light language and share it.


Embodying your Channel and Intentionally Using Light Language

In this powerful module, you will experience a powerful activation that will assist you in embodying the channeler within and you will learn how to intentionally use your light language for self-healing, manifesting, and creativity so that you can raise your vibration and experience more joy and abundance in your life and work. This will deepen your connection with your higher self and your soul’s path.


  5  MAGIKAL LIVE CALLS  ($2222 value) These calls are designed to create on-the-spot soul-shifting transformations as you learn about your soul’s light language to watch and listen at your own pace. 

  DOWNLOADABLE WORKBOOKS, files, and course notes

  5 DOWNLOADABLE HEALINGS & ACTIVATIONS ($888 value) so you can listen to them anywhere!

  PRIVATE SANCTUARY where you will connect with me and with other kindred spirits on this life-changing journey. You’ll have a safe sanctuary to ask questions, receive coaching, and discover more about your soul’s light language.

  LIFETIME ACCESS: You will receive lifetime access to the course and bonuses.


BONUS # 1:

($888 Value)

In this powerful meditation series, you will experience a 7 uniquely designed light language healing for each one of your 7 major chakras. These healings will bring your sacred energy points into balance and awaken them to a whole new vibration.


($222 Value)

You will receive a powerful Light Language Magik Symbols Downloadable Booklet where Amy has channeled 27 different light language symbols that will assist you in embodying and activating your soul’s light language. She has activated all the symbols so that you can use them in your meditation and spiritual practices. The symbols hold a powerful vibration and will also assist you in your manifesting efforts, as well.


($370 Value)

In this powerful pre-recorded masterclass, you will learn the different ways to intentionally use your soul’s light language in your work, with clients, and with your business. This work is deep and powerful, and it will activate the inner healer within you and take your work to a deeper level with your clients. You will also learn how to trust your intuition while channeling this magikal energy. You will also receive a powerful activation.



"Amy is a powerful, gentle, and unique soul! Through the light language course, she helped me to heal some of my deepest and painful health problems. Many years ago an emotional shock and a car accident left me with deep scars on my soul and on my brain. The chakra meditations helped me to relieve my chest pain and helped me with my brain fog! I am more calm and happy! I learned to work with light language symbols and I am more connected with nature. I can use Reiki and light language symbols at the same time! Thank you, Amy!"

Irina Istrate

"I am so glad that I signed up for Light Language Magik Level I with Amy Robeson! She opened me up to a beautiful new world of consciousness! I never realized the various forms of LL and Amy encouraged me to be curious and play with the codes, symbols, and patterns. With her support, I was able to better understand what I was receiving. Her guided activations & healings always brought forth new Light Language that I would connect to and feel in my body. I am definitely more attuned to notice/feel LL in nature. Speaking some LL just naturally happens now! And I'm dancing more! I look forward to her next-level offering!"

Dina Wadding

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Amy Robeson is a gifted healer and spiritual mentor. She is a Master Akashic Records Teacher, Light Language Master, and Mentor who helps people tap into their most powerful inner potential to experience profound transformation and magik. She is passionate about exploring spiritual concepts and truths and encourages her students to get curious and stay curious. As the founder of Sacred Awakening, she has created a powerful Akashic Records program, allowing her students to receive answers in any area of their life so they can live an empowered, aligned life. Amy is the perfect guide, breaking down complex spiritual concepts to meet her students where they are and helping them overcome roadblocks, outdated beliefs, and even trauma to achieve their highest good.


"Light Language often is seen as something out of range of most people. I often thought you had to have a connection or be willing to channel. During Amy's class, I learned that we have access and as long as we are willing to approach the process with curiosity and play - it can be fun and rewarding. Amy's activations and healings are amazing. I highly recommend Amy Robeson as a guide, teacher, and mentor."

Cindy Harley

"Thank you so much Amy for a wonderful course. I learned loads and am feeling much more confident now to use light language. The way you teach the course is so good, and I felt blessed to have you as my teacher. "

Shila Jassal


What is light language?

Light language is an ancient soul language. It is a way for our souls to communicate through sound, movement, hand gestures, and even through written form, which can look like doodles or symbols.

It's something that's so important for our soul's ascension, and it's when you hear light language, it's like it pierces right through all the shields and layers and it goes directly to your higher self.

One sound can hold an entire paragraph of meaning for your soul.

How will using light language advance my spiritual evolution and ascension?

Sometimes there are no human words that can describe what Spirit wants to channel through you for you and others in order to heal, take action, and evolve. Light Language allows the communication to come through that your higher self will recognize and understand because, when light language is used, each sound, symbol, and or movement holds paragraphs of information that your higher self will recognize and be able to use to move forward on your spiritual evolution.

How long is the program?

The program is only 5 weeks long! There will be 5 live classes that are weekly. PLUS, you will continue to have access to the recordings once the program is complete.

When does the program start?

The program starts July 9th, 2024!

Do I have to be psychic or special?

No, you do not have to be psychic or have any special spiritual gifts to be successful in Light Language Magik. You do not need to have any previous spiritual training or practices.

Can I take this course if I am a beginner?

Absolutely! You can take this course as a beginner. This course meets you where you are at no matter if you are a beginner or already speak light language. This tool will help you to develop, deepen, and tap into your light language gifts. And, it couples well with any other modalities in your spiritual toolbox. As a beginner (or as an existing speaker), you’ll discover new things about yourself.

I doubt I’ll be able to learn light language. How do I know for sure I will be able to learn light language in your course?

Many of my students and clients doubt their intuition and their spiritual abilities. We all do at some point in time. Light Language Magik has processes, procedures, and exercises for you to learn to trust what you are receiving. Amy is a Master/Teacher and will also double-check for you that you are receiving light language. If you are not, she will help you, give you information, and set up a new way for you to receive it.

I am Christian and my family is super religious. Is light language speaking in tongues?

There are two kinds of speaking in tongues mentioned in the Bible. One is when you are able to speak another earthly language that you have no knowledge or training of. This helps you to be able to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ in the language that the other person speaks. This is not the type of light language I teach.

The other type of speaking in tongues mentioned in the Bible is when you speak a non-earthly language that speaks directly to God. This is the type of light language I teach.

If you are concerned about this and would like to explore this more, please email Amy to explore what this may look like for you.

Do I need any special attunements to learn light language?

In Light Language Magik, you’ll receive special attunements to be able to learn your light language faster and easier.

I don’t have anyone to practice with.

You don’t have to practice light language with other people, but if you would like to practice with others, you may post in the Facebook group looking for a partner.

How long will I have access to the material? I am not sure if I can start it right away.

You will have lifetime access to the course material. Everything is on my membership site and all course materials are downloadable. We recommend that you download all of the materials, so you can access them from anywhere in the world, even offline!

How much time do I have to devote to this class each week?

Including the course material, you will need to devote anywhere from 2-3 hours each week, practicing, reviewing, and learning light language.

How do I use light language in my business/career?

I will be sharing a special bonus masterclass that will detail how you can use light language in your career and/or business.


"Amy made learning light language magickal! 🙂 "

Amanda Oddie-Manthorpe

"Light Language Magick was a nice introduction to light language and provided a safe, grounded space to encourage opening your channel in various ways for light language to come through."

Jessica Bird


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