Episode 92: The Spiritual Law of Mirroring

Episode 92: The Spiritual Law of Mirroring

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Communication between individuals can be difficult, but taking responsibility for our inner world through reflection will improve communication and increase self-awareness. Learn more about the spiritual laws that can help you navigate your relationships with others!

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THE LAW OF MIRRORING: Reflecting Our Inner Reality Through Others


Are we really annoyed with others or just ourselves?

When we encounter people in our lives that are annoying, disappointing or make us angry, it can be hard to remember that the reflection we perceive in them is actually a reflection of ourselves. It's easy to blame others when we get uncomfortable or upset, but understanding the spiritual law of mirroring can help us recognize how our emotions and responses to certain people are linked back to what’s going on within ourselves.


The law of mirroring suggests that seeing another person's behavior as irritating, wrong, or confusing is really just a reflection of something similar within us. In other words, if we view somebody else in a negative light, it simply means that there's some element of ourselves with which we're uncomfortable or uncertain.


It may be challenging, but developing awareness of this spiritual law involves cultivating curiosity and questioning our beliefs and feelings when someone triggers an emotion within us.

If a coworker annoys you, for example, rather than getting angry, ask yourself why this person’s behavior bothers you. Am I judging their behavior while overlooking similar aspects of myself? Allowing yourself to reflect upon the things you don't like within yourself will pave the way for deep personal growth and enrichment.


We often forget that everyone plays a part in making up this world. Understanding this deeply can provide perspective to help discern where your own tendencies end and those which begin elsewhere – it helps remove some shame from feeling different and creates more connection with everyone around you.

So instead of getting mad at another person for something they did, how about consciously recognizing how your reactions reflect your inner reality too? Sunlight shines on all – we can attract what we want by realizing what we're sending out is coming back heightened.

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, and welcome to today's episode. We have all encountered people in our lives that have annoyed us, or disappointed us, or made us sad, or made us angry. It's just a part of life. To put it simply, you're going to interact with people that annoy you. You're going to interact with people that make you angry. You're going to interact with people that disappoint you. You're also going to interact with people that make you feel loved and make you feel welcomed, and seen, and heard. It's a really beautiful experience.

Within these experiences, we have the opportunity to practice different spiritual laws. Spiritual laws are always at hand if we like to see them or not. One of the spiritual laws that many people have heard of is the law of attraction. What we put out there is what we attract. But there's also another law, and that is the law of mirroring. And the law of mirroring is the reflection we see in others is the reflection of ourselves. So let me say that slightly different. The way you view others, be it good, bad, or indifferent, is a direct reflection of yourself, of your inner reality.

And sometimes that's a really hard pill to swallow when you're in a relationship with someone that's driving you nuts, that constantly disappoints you, that gets on your nerves. And trust me, I've been there. I used to have a coworker in the corporate world that would absolutely annoy me. Annoy me, annoy me, because he was so hyper, and he was so ungrounded, and he would just be all over the place, and he was disorganized. It wasn't until I stopped, and paused, and asked myself this very simple question. What is he reflecting back in me that I dislike about myself? Because we have people in our lives that are coworkers, friends, colleagues, family members, romantic partners, and children.

We have so many people in our lives that we're in relationships with that reflect back to us our distorted reality. Let me say that slightly differently.

Our inner world is constantly making a distortion. That distortion is created by previous experiences. Those previous experiences play into our psyche, play into our subconscious mind, and will replay experiences, will recreate experiences that create the destruction of reality. When you meet someone that starts to get on your nerves, or you notice something that you're judging about that person, you have to stop and ask yourself, how is that connected back to you?

How have you in the past judged yourself in that way? How have you in the past behaved in that way? Or how are you currently behaving in that way in other situations outside of the situation you're in with this particular person? It's a very beautiful spiritual practice of self-awareness. When I did this with my coworker, I realized that he was annoying me because I had the tendency to get really ungrounded at home. I had the tendency to be unorganized at home. I was super organized at work, but at home, when I would get stressed out, my organization, my ADHD would get out of control, and my organization would just explode. It would just implode on itself.

That is something I didn't care about myself at that moment in time, that I didn't like about myself at that moment in time. His behavior at work really annoyed me because I was annoyed about it within myself. He was mirroring a behavior that I didn't like about myself. We have to pause and reflect anytime we're in relationship with someone and ask yourself, what are they mirroring? What are they mirroring? What are they teaching you about yourself?

When you stop playing victim when someone is hurting you, and you ask yourself, How have I hurt others in the past in this way? Now, it might not be exactly that way. How that person is hurting you is very valid. But we are reacting to that hurt from a place of victimhood. And when we can step back and start asking ourselves these deeply, deeply, deeply, deeply profound, curious questions, your self-awareness will allow you to grow beyond your wildest imagination. You can also attract people in your life that you really admire, and you really love them, and you love their behaviors, and you love their patterns.

It's because you possess that quality as well. Maybe you haven't even recognized that you have that ability. You have that ability to create patterns and beliefs within yourself that you see that other person reflecting back to you. Let's say you admire how well put together someone is, but you always feel disheveled. Well, you admire them because there's a deep desire within you to have that ability to take deep care of yourself and deep care of your appearance. You have it. They're reflecting back to you something that you admire.

That self-awareness then you can apply in your self-care practices and how you show up in the world. I think so often we get caught up in the negative around what that person may be doing or saying to you or how you're judging that person. And when we catch those judgments, we have the opportunity to become aware, but we also have the opportunity to become very aware of the positive impact relationships have in mirroring back to us qualities that we don't yet recognize within ourselves that we possess.

There's this weighing of the scales that I like to encourage. Now, it is easier to recognize and start to pinpoint, Hey, that person did me wrong. You can get all angry and upset, and we can get into this tornado of emotions, but then you have to stop, and pause, and have that awareness. Then we can also stop, pause, and have the awareness on the positive. And so, with this balancing act of awareness, you start to evolve. You start to clean the Distortion off the lenses you wear that create your reality. When you clean the lenses off, you start to see through the lens of love, of compassion, of wholeness.

You start to judge less. A good act of self-awareness is when you're in judgment as well. I want to encourage you, no matter what relationship you're in, be it a challenging one, a positive one, a loving one, take time to be present with the person that you're in relationship with and ask yourself, what are they mirroring back to you that you can either grow and evolve from, or that you can accept as truth, that you're able to also possess those amazing qualities as well, which will also assist you in growing and evolving. The spiritual law of mirroring is constantly at play if you choose to participate or not with it.

There are many other spiritual laws, and we'll get more into those as we continue on this journey together of awakening.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Be mindful of your reactions to other people and see how they are mirroring something within your subconscious about yourself, be it positive, negative, or neutral. I love you guys. I hope you have an amazing day. Take care, and I will talk to you soon. Make sure you like and subscribe. Bye.


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