Episode 8: Soul Chats with Sarah Prout

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A fun and a lively interview with author Sarah Prout about her new book, Be The Love: Seven Ways to Unlock Your Heart and Manifest Happiness. Sarah shares the inspiration and life experiences that brought this amazing book to life!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Amy: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Awakening with Amy Robeson podcast. I'm so excited. We have a very special guest today. Sarah Prout. How are you, my dear?

Sarah: I'm good. Thank you, Amy. Thank you so much for having me on the show today. I'm excited to have a conversation.

Amy: I'm so excited to have a conversation with you because I know both of us are very into spiritual things. And I absolutely enjoyed and loved reading your book, Be the Love. And I found it extremely fascinating and powerful that you were willing to share some very vulnerable moments in your life. And these vulnerable moments, I think for some people, would be so scary to reveal to themselves and talk to themselves about

Sarah: That's such a great question, to begin with. So when I started writing, I wrote the manuscript probably about seven times before I perfected what I believed would serve the audience the most. And I came to a choice point where I had the choice to either keep things private and keep the content very generalized and generic, or I could be as vulnerable as possible to create a path of healing for the people that really needed it the most. And as you know, from reading the book, I cover so many different topics that most people would probably prefer to keep hidden, such as diving very deep into arguments within my marriage, violence within myself, an eating disorder, having an affair, miscarriages, the full spectrum of all of the shadow parts of ourselves that most of us keep hidden. I just decided to just play full out because what can I do other than serve my audience in a way that will really help them to heal and create their own healing path?

Amy: And I love that because when we start to look at the shadow parts of ourselves, more space opens up within us to heal. And that invites more of the things that we're desiring to co-create with the universe, which is really, really powerful. And I know for me, sharing something that I might feel shameful about or guilty about can be extremely difficult. And just to be honest about ourselves. What was the process for you when you were looking at some of these experiences and deciding, should I go there?

Sarah: Well, it was really interesting because I landed the book deal around the same time as the Covid pandemic was just starting to put everybody into lockdown, so I could see that the landscape was changing, and I just had my family all under the same roof. And with that came a lot more tension within my marriage. And I witnessed the way that I was fighting with my husband. And so I had to start to do the inner work in a way that I didn't anticipate. And so when I started that high level, he pretty much gave me an ultimatum. He said, "Sarah, you have to change your behavior. We're just not going to last". And so the stakes were so high that I had to literally get out, like the emotional shovel to start digging at the different areas and topics and themes that I hadn't looked at before. And so I had to look at my past in order to heal my future. And this is when it was revealed to me, as I mentioned in the book, the feel-heal-reveal process where every moment we find ourselves at a point of choice. So let's just say you have an argument with your husband, you feel triggered.

For me, I would lash out. I would take it personally. I would chase him down. I would need to manage my emotions at the moment rather than create spaciousness and self-soothe. So I realized that I suffered from a chronic lack of worthiness, and it was all of the different beliefs that had been created from birth to 40 years old. And I'm 42 now, so I feel like I've been out of the woods now for at least 18 months of this healing journey where I'm doing things differently. And I'm so glad that I did, because when I was willing to do that inner work, it changes how our children perceive us as well, and we're seeding these beliefs in our children. I've been a parent for half of my life, which is insane to say, but I've been a parent for half of my life. So my oldest child, now he's out of the house. And so that triggered also another layer of awareness I was dealing with empty nest syndrome as I'm writing this manuscript. You probably saw the themes of me talking about how that triggered some trauma as well. And I really did find myself at a point where I was saying, I can either go deep or I'm not going to serve the audience.

And so I decided to just play full out and write from my heart and also dismantle the ego because I think sometimes we stop ourselves from sharing with other people on an authentic level because we're afraid of being judged. And I don't know about you, but I'm getting a little bit older. It's important to realize that we are who we are, and self-acceptance is the key and there were so many layers of awareness that were peeled back during that time. And I'm just so grateful for the experience of writing the book, to be able to create that healing path.

Amy: I love that you said that, too, because sometimes people think that the author or the teacher has it all put together, but just the process itself can be the healing journey within, even though we're coming from a place of sharing and a place of authenticity. And I love that you had the courage to go there and share that your behavior and reaction to your husband or your ex-husband was not always butterfly and rainbows. And I'm paraphrasing that. But we can get into our trauma responses. And when I was reading your book, I could feel and see an aspect of my old self and how I would respond to my husband based on previous traumatic experiences. And those experiences shape who we are. We're not proud of that. For me, growing up, I grew up in a house of yellers, so yelling was a constant way of communicating, and that was our norm. And my husband personally does not like yelling. He cannot handle it. So I had to take a very long time when I was upset to express myself in a way that didn't involve yelling. And I loved that you and your husband had an honest conversation about where your relationship was at. How has your relationship changed since writing the book with Sean?

Sarah: It's amazing. It's so much better now that we have conflict resolution skills and it's taken a lot of therapy and a lot of mentorship to get to that space. It's really great. Now I know that we're not going to press that self-destruct button. I'm no longer threatening divorce in an argument just because that's the meanest thing that I could say. It's loving. We have a really beautiful dynamic now, and we always have had a very loving dynamic.

Amy: Oh, you guys are such a great couple. Like I've had a chance to personally meet you both. From the outside looking in, you would think these people have it all together, but behind closed doors, we all have trauma responses that happen. You can tell how much you love each other.

Sarah: We do really love each other. He's my favorite person. We work together, we raise the kids together. We do everything together. And so with that didn't come a manual of like, how to work with your husband, how to parent with your husband. These are such subtle energies, though, that over time, if you don't make sure that they're running in a streamlined way, some of those issues can be magnified and then blossom out of control. Right. So we had to learn how to communicate with each other in our business. We had to learn how to communicate with each other as husband and wife. And I'm just so grateful for the experience, though, because he was strong enough to hold my hand throughout all of the trauma, and he's an incredible human being for stepping forward and being able to do that.

Amy: I love it. I love that you guys went there and you also got some extra support outside of just working on yourself. You've been all around the world and I love hearing all the different stories of the places you've lived and the experiences that you've had while growing spiritually. What would you say your biggest takeaway when working on your body image while working on this book was?

Sarah: Self-compassion. Definitely self-compassion and ditching comparison. I say in the book...

Amy: That's huge.

Sarah: Yeah...Comparison is the thief of joy, and it has stolen a lot of time from me over the years. And I realize now that we are not our bodies, our weight is not our worth. And so when we remember that, it changes us on a cellular level to accept where we are at. Now from a manifestation perspective. I work with so many people all over the world that want to change something about their bodies, and their physical appearance, whether it's to gain weight or lose weight. And I usually tell my clients to make peace with where you're at, because if that's not in harmony, then the universe or any activity or action you're going to take isn't going to respond at that cellular core atomic level. So it's definitely a spiritual conversation. The way that we are showing up as physical beings is the representation of what's going on spiritually and also how we're nourishing our bodies with food and water and exercise and most of all, compassion.

Amy: Yeah, I love that. And I think that acceptance is key with anything, not only just our body, but just anything that where we're at in our life is acceptance.

Sarah: Yeah.

Amy: I love that you did talk about your body. Because I think so many people and it doesn't have to be centered around weight either because some people want to gain weight, some people want to lose weight, some people just want to feel stronger and we only have one vessel in this lifetime, which is our human body, to create a human experience. How has your body changed, since writing the book in terms of the way you relate back to how you perceive your body and how you go about just navigating life now?

Sarah: I still struggle. I want to keep it very good for me.

Amy: Thank you for being honest.

Sarah: Yeah, I still struggle because it is a constant case of management, of when I observe the critical thoughts of switching it to compassion and gratitude, for I have this beautiful body that is healthy and can function and does all of the right things. My feet hold me up. There are so many ways that we just hand our power over to external sources because we may not look like models or I've never expected to look like a model, but in society, there are all of these negative messages of perfection, airbrushed, Photoshop.

Amy: We grew up in that supermodel era where everyone was super, super. super thin on all the magazines. And if you weren't thin, your thighs needed to not touch. That's what we grew up with. And it's really hard to shift that off. And I think it's so nice to see plus-size models in all different shapes now in magazines, on billboards, because the narrative is changing. And I love that you're still working on this.

Sarah: And it's an internal process. I have three daughters and a son, and I never, ever want them to hear me speak negatively about my body. Like saying, oh, I can't wear shorts because I have cellulite or something. Like the internal things that happen in my mind. I don't want my children to see that. I want them to witness me as somebody who's comfortable in my body however it's showing up. because I want them to be comfortable in their bodies. I think to myself, if my daughter has ever felt self-conscious about parts of their body, I want them to redirect those thoughts to gratitude and self-compassion. So I have to literally lead by example internally. And that's easier said than done when you're battling demons of the past. But it's worth it because since writing the book, I am so much more self-accepting. I've just ditched all expectations of myself of what I think I should be like. Right?

So I recorded a podcast the other day saying I chose not to get eyelash extensions. Now, this isn't judgment for anybody that wants to get extensions. It's like, why do I need them? I have pretty long eyelashes anyway, but because I'm going on a book tour doing all of the interviews, it's like I need something extra to be more acceptable. And see it's those tiny little ways and opportunities that are presented to us in ways that we can dismantle the lies. And they really are. It's just a distraction from the truth. No one cares about my eyelashes. Nobody. I've never received an email saying, Sarah Prout, your eyelashes are too short.

Amy: It's funny because of the eyelash trend, actually. I was getting fake eyelashes before they were even popular. I was getting them done back in 2007 and 2008. And when my husband and I started dating, he's like, you got to get rid of those, Amy. They're so distracting. He's like, you've got to get rid of them. I love you, but your personal beauty, your natural beauty is more beautiful. And it wasn't something I could perceive at first, and it took me a while to actually come to terms with I didn't need something outside of myself to validate my beauty. So I love that you ditch them. And anybody that wears them, if they make you feel good, wear them. Absolutely. Wear them. But it's just amazing what those little tiny things that we do to validate our self-worth,....what can be attached to those actions as well.

Sarah: Yeah. And I also think that there's an opportunity not to go too extreme with it. Right? It's not all just black and white, cut and dry. You need to find that middle path to find what works for you. So, of course, no judgment. But then examine the reasons why you want to do something and then that gets really interesting.

Amy: You'd be surprised what comes up when you start examining because sometimes we think it's one thing and then you find out it's something totally attached to something completely polar opposite of what you thought it could be.

Sarah: Yep. And especially in the online space, as entrepreneurs, people get so attached to likes and followers. And the biggest of that, when really it might not be real.

Amy: No!

Sarah: That's another facade or way in which we attach importance to things or people because they have a perceived level of success. You don't know what they're going through.

Amy: Well, there's so much smoke and mirrors now. And then also, if you even just think about some of the filters that are out now on social media, it's creating this illusion of pure, perfect skin, which none of us have that.

Sarah: No!

Amy: Nobody looks airbrushed, naturally.

Sarah: (laughs) No.

Amy: Which is great. I want to shift focus. I have to tell you this, and anytime I have a tendency to receive messages or dream about things before they actually occur. So I actually had deja vu reading your book. And when I was reading it, I remembered I had a dream about reading a particular story in your book. And that particular story was your birth story of Lulu. And can you talk a little bit about that?

Sarah: Sure.

Amy: And just that out-of-body experience that you had and the journey of just recognizing the sign, also and the symbolism, what you're receiving before that.

Sarah: Okay, so I had Lulu after having five miscarriages in a row. And by the time I had that baby in my arms, I'd been pregnant for over 18 months during a two-year period, which was insane on my body, and it was emotional and physically draining. And so the day that I was going in there to have the C section, I was aware that I had been seeing the number 711 a whole few months leading up to her birth. And then I saw 711, not the 711 stores, the numbers 711. It would never be an easy one. But I would see it. I would see it on license plates, I would look at the clock, it was my sign of alignment. And I thought, well, maybe that means that the baby is going to be 7 pounds 11 ounces, wasn't sure. So I just kind of put that to the back of my mind. And Shaun and I drove to the hospital. We're looking for our sign of a rainbow, literally straining our necks to look for a rainbow that never showed up. We got to the hospital, and I was the last person during the day to be scheduled for a c-section.

And they tried to get the epidural into my spine about 17 times. They kept on missing the spot. It took forever. And so by the time the operating crew took the baby out, the spinal block was wearing out, and I was going into distress, absolute distress. I could feel the pain. I could feel the gory bits of birth.

Amy: I had a C section, I know! You know what it's like.

Sarah: You know what it's like. But my body started going into shock. And the last thing I remember is passing out and then being above my body in this almost like a holding space for another realm. And it was like this big corridor that was illuminated, and it had all of these doors going off it. And behind each door were beautiful things that I loved aesthetically, like orchids, ornate mirrors, or the color purple or all the things. And my family, I could feel everything from their perspective. I could see the world through Lulu's eyes since she was out of my body. But I was aware that I was separate from her physically. And then I forgot. Started forgetting who I was, which is when I started to panic. And I remember saying the sentence, Am I dead? Who am I? Where am I? I started to panic, and then I heard a voice, and I still don't know whose voice this was. And the voice said, Shaun, Thomas, Olivia, Lulu. My husband and my three children at the time, their names. This was before Ava was born. And then I came back into my body at 07:11 p.m... I looked at the clock.

I was all groggy and I remember there was this digital clock by the bed. And the nurse looked at my bracelet and she said, oh, Sarah, born on the 1st of November, 1979. My daughter was born on the 1st of November 1979. And I was like, oh, what is happening?

Amy: This is, like, really symbolism of rebirth right there.

Sarah: Holographic reality. It's amazing. And it's interesting. You mentioned that I watched a show last night. It's a Marvel show that my husband loves to watch. And it had a very similar depiction of what I experienced.

Amy: What show is it?

Sarah: It was Moon Night.

Amy: I love all the Marvel stuff. Some of the stuff that they share in there, I'm like, "yes, if I had a creative vision, that's what it would be!"

Sarah: Exactly!

Amy: I’ll have to check that out!

Sarah: Yeah. I was seeing all of these similar realities where this guy was looking through different doors at the episodes of his past or things that he appreciated. So there's something to this stuff, but the key takeaway for me was that, and it's chapter seven of the book, Everything is Energy, and that this was an opportunity for me to see that we are physical beings, spirit healings, having a physical experience, and we're here to learn and to experience.

Amy: Yeah. And I love how the universe was sending you signs that this is what's going to happen. And you didn't understand the sign at that moment in time. And that's okay if we don't understand the sign at that moment in time, because we can think what's going to be this thing, and then it ends up being something else. I think for the way that you describe it, that was like the perfect affirmation that you're safe, that you're protected. Here you go. Everything was meant to be this way. And now you get to move forward

Sarah: And we don't know the timelines of the signs either. I remember many years ago at the supermarket, they had this ad that was a billboard on the side of the building, and it had this little girl on there that had brown hair and brown eyes. And I was pregnant with my second child, my daughter, at the time. And I'm like, oh, that's probably what my daughter's going to look like. I was trying to picture it. And so when Olivia was born and she had blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm like, I had this knowing that this brown-haired, brown-eyed little girl would show up, and she didn't show up for many years later. And I never thought that would happen. But sure enough, she looks like the kid on the billboard.

Amy: That's so cute. My daughter, she started showing up many, many years before we even had her. We tried very, very hard to get pregnant, and it was such a journey to have her come in, and she wasn't coming in until I got my stuff together. And so it's always interesting when that manifestation does occur and to not get attached to the timeline of when it's going to occur. Because we work on divine time and things have to happen in the order that is going to serve our highest path and our highest good. And so I love that you didn't get discouraged by your daughter having blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sarah: Well, I was done at 26 having kids. I thought, “That's it for me.” And then the universe had other plans when I ended up divorced.

Amy: So the universe laughed at you.

Sarah: It was like, “Haha, we got other plans. You got more children!” Hey, I mean, I've been pregnant ten times, and I've lost six babies.

Amy: Bless your heart.

Sarah: And it has been a journey of not only recalibrating my soul after each loss, but to trust the process. So I had a dream of my son, as I mentioned in the book, before he was born, I was 16 years old. And he said to me, in a dream, "See you when I'm ready to be born, Mummy." And he said it in a British accent. And I remember telling my mom in the morning, and as I mentioned in the book, she said, "Sarah Prout, I'm putting you on birth control pills", which I mean, ridiculous. But that kid was born five years later, and then seven years later, he looked like the vision that appeared to me in the dream. And so it's just a reminder that we're just energetic ripples of what's already unfolded and manifested in the non-physical realm first.

Amy: I love it. And I love that your mom didn't discount it.

Sarah: Oh no.

Amy: Supported it. She was like “All right!”

Sarah: That's her mode! My mom, like "Lottery numbers. What are they?" She's ready to write them down!

Amy: That would be my mom.

Sarah: Yeah.

Amy: That's great. Now, you mentioned in the book around receiving signs, since we're talking about signs as well. And I love that you received a sign from the universe immediately after talking about two people that you were thinking about going to visit. And I love it because when I read this, I actually ended up receiving a sign for something else that was related to based on what it is that you said. Because you were talking about in the book that you and Shaun were going to go to Hawaii. And I ended up receiving....I'm very into mineralizing right now, like, minerals are life. And I've been looking into minerals. And there is this mineral company that I stopped using, and they're based out of Hawaii. And right after I was done reading this part in the book, I literally got an email from this mineral company that's based out of Hawaii, and their brand name has Hawaii in it . And I was like, wow, if that's not a sign from the universe, there it is.
Sarah: I love when that happens. I really do. And here's the thing. In our industry, we still get surprised by these things that happen.

Amy: Oh, for sure.

Sarah: Wow. Does this really surprise us? No.

Amy: If you want to share a tidbit of that story or any part of it that you feel comfortable sharing?

Sarah: Absolutely. So I remember it very clearly. This is when Sean and I still lived in Las Vegas, and I had a migraine. I think we'd had an argument, and I just felt so drained. And I said to Sean, “Why don't we go out for breakfast?” And there was this place in Las Vegas that had a great vegan breakfast sandwich. And so we went there, and we were just chitchatting. I was trying to lift him up. He was trying to lift me up. And I'm like, “Hey, we should contact our friends in Hawaii.” Even though they were new friends, we only met them once at an event. And he's like, “Yeah.I should reach out. We're long overdue for a catch-up."

And then on the way home, Sean put the directions into Waze, which is like this direction GPS app and he decided not to listen to the directions. And he drove in a direction where there were two people on the sidewalk, and that's it. And we looked up and we were like, "Is that....the two people that I referred to in the book?” And he said, "I think it is!" And so we wound the windows down...... This shows my age, doesn't it? We press the button, we pressed the button and the window rolled down. And sure enough, we thought it was them, but we didn't know until we texted them because Vegas is pretty crazy. They crossed the road and they were probably on their own business and that kind of stuff. And it was them. And they were visiting for 24 hours from Hawaii. Now we were just blown away by what are the odds that we were just talking about these two people that we haven't seen since we're in Bali and they're within that radius of where we are. So it's like, "oh, this is nuts!"

I use another example in the book of Sean and I having dead phones at Disneyland, and all of a sudden, out of the 40,000 guests during that day, we found each other.

Amy: Of course!

Sarah: Whoa, okay. It's like homing devices.

Amy: Yeah. They're like echo sounds that the whales use.

Sarah: Does it have a meaning? I don't know. Does it bring awe and joy and a sense of wonder? Absolutely.

Amy: Oh, I think there's a meaning behind it. I think that it's the universe's way of giving you instant feedback on the vibrations you're sending out.
Sarah: Yes.

Amy: And it's also vibrational. So, for example, like your friends being in Vegas at that particular time, we can also look at it from the perspective of you guys are honing in on their vibrational energy around you, even if they weren't next to you, because, like, attracts, like, and we can feel into something even if it's not instantly like, "Oh, they're here! We should be inspired to go visit them." It could just be that random thought that pops up and then somehow they end up showing up right there and then even if you don't hang out with them right then.

Sarah: Yeah, yeah. I mean, my video, the Goalcast video has been viewed by over 70 million people now, that documents my story of domestic violence. And I remember I was coming home once in my car and I was rushing into the community just a little bit too fast. And a golf buggy pulled out and we both had to slam on the brakes at the same time. And I was waving, going, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!" And my son Thomas said, hey, Mum, do you know that you're waving like an idiot at OJ Simpson? You nearly just hit OJ Simpson with the car. And I mean, that to me was like, here I am and the millions of views with domestic violence.....and there's OJ Simpson, who was very well known for his role…

Amy: The irony!!

Sarah: I don’t know!

Amy: I mean, that's definitely a sign....definitely a sign. How you interpret the sign is up to you.

Sarah: I don't know whether he was a neighbor that lived over the golf course.

Amy: Oh, yeah.

Sarah: I mean, it can work both ways. Positive and a little bit creepy. That's the nicest way I can put it. Another instance was that I wrote down in my journal that year that I wanted to manifest somebody sharing my book, Dear Universe. And this was like something that just made the list on top of my head, "Who would share Dear Universe?" Kim Kardashian would share Dear Universe. And then I woke up on my birthday one morning, and Kim Kardashian had shared one of my Dear Universe quotes, not the book. So again, it speaks to like, the importance of specificity.

Amy: Oh for sure!

Sarah: Yeah, yeah! I mean, take the Kardashians with a grain of salt, but it was me, putting it out there!

Amy: But it is true. We have to get specific about what it is that we want. And the more specific we get, the easier it is for the universe to reorganize experiences, connections, people, and resources, to grant us those wishes and desires. Without being specific. it's left up to interpretation. And the universe will always bless you with what it is that you're asking for, so being specific is important. And I think that... I love that you mentioned this because even as teachers were just, like, "Duh I should have been more specific!" My husband and I just bought a house and we both had very specific desires that were the polar opposite of one another. He wanted land. I wanted to be near things, and we found land, and we were near things. And one of the things that I said I wanted is I want it to be within walking distance of a coffee shop. Well, I'm actually within walking distance of two coffee shops. The road that I could walk on is not safe to walk on, which is okay. I could have said I want it to be near a locally owned coffee shop instead of a big franchise coffee shop. Am I upset that the universe blessed me with two coffee shops I could walk to, but I'm going to choose not to walk to them? Absolutely not. Because I found it very funny that I was like, oh, yeah, I forgot the very tiniest of details to say this is also what I want as well.

Sarah: It's so important to discuss because so many people are fixating on the sign and getting the sign rather than perhaps the manifestation itself.

Amy: Yeah, it lowers the vibration, too, because when you fixate on something, it's almost like all of your energy contracts inward, and so you're not able to fully express your light to attract more of it into you.

Sarah: It also works with vision boards I've noticed. So, I created a vision board last year. All the major things that I would love to achieve and how I would want to feel because I'm very feeling-based when it comes to that kind of thing and what I didn't see on there was that there was a yacht on my vision board. It was in the background. I'm looking at it right now. There's, like this infinity pool overlooking this beautiful ocean, and there's a yacht on there. And Sean and I just booked a trip that we're going on in June on a private yacht to cruise the French Riviera. And I never, ever put two and two together that's the same style of boat, and yet it's on my vision board.

Amy: That’s awesome!

Sarah: The opportunity just arose, and it happened in, like, the last couple of weeks where we made the decision, and it's not something I ever would have thought consciously coming into my reality, but yet the invitation appeared, and then I said yes. And then the realization of "Hang on is that little yacht over there in the distance exactly the same?" You never know how this works out. You never know.

Amy: I love it. And that's the beautiful thing sometimes we ask for things unconsciously. That visual was probably for the pool and the infinity pool and that beautiful scene and there's the yacht in the background.

Sarah: I know, but I meant the pool. I want the pool. I want the house with the pool! That's a constant state of trusting that whatever is showing up is meant to show up and just enjoying the journey.

Amy: I love it. Be the Love is a book that you obviously wrote from your heart. Is there any other message you want to share from the book with our listeners today?

Sarah: Yes. A couple of things to remember is that nobody's got it all figured out. Nobody. The people that you look up to, the people that you place on pedestals, celebrities, notable people, everyone's on their own journey. And that as human beings, we need to bring more compassion to that rather than judgment because in the last couple of years there's been so much polarization on social media and there needs to be more compassion, more love, more harmony, and more self-responsibility. This is the overall theme of the book is when I was ready to take self-responsibility, my whole life changed.

Amy: And that’s huge!

Sarah: It wasn't easy, but it was worth it.

Amy: Yes, absolutely. Tell people where they can find the book if they are wanting to read it.

Sarah: Absolutely. You can go to and I'm also offering a meditation album that's valued at $111, completely free when you order a copy.

Amy: Awesome. And we'll have that link in the show notes. If you want to click on the link in the show notes, you can definitely do that. Thank you so much for joining us today!

Sarah: Thank you, Amy!

Amy: It was absolutely so much fun chatting with you. Guys, go out there, get the book, Be The Love: Seven Ways to Unlock Your Heart and Manifest Happiness. Thank you so much, Sarah.

Sarah: Thank you for having me, Amy.

Amy: You're so welcome. Bye, guys! I hope you enjoyed it!

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