Episode 70: Soul Chats with Debbi Dachinger

Episode 70: Soul Chats with Debbi Dachinger

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Join me in this episode of Soul Chats as I chat with Debbi Dachinger, who is a Media Visibility Certified Coach. She takes us on a delightful journey of twists, turns, and tenacity as we talk about where her life is today and how it is assisting others with reaching for their dreams. We will learn more about Debbi and how she has built an incredible life, doing what she loves, and helping others do the same!

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Debbi Dachinger is both a Media Visibility Coach with a widely successful podcast and a very good friend of mine. She runs a program for budding authors to take their ideas from concept to a best-selling finish. She also coaches people on how to be seen and heard on media outlets, and how to harness the power of media to share your message with the world!

For over 15 years, Debbi has been the voice behind the award-winning podcast Dare to Dream. Her spirituality is woven into every stitch of the tapestry of her life, and she is the embodiment of following your inner guidance to achieve your most amazing existence.

In this installment of Soul Chats, we will be discussing Debbi’s journey, what she does for her clients and students, and where the journey can lead when you are willing to evolve, follow the path in front of you, and dare to believe that dreams really can come true!


We all have a story within us. Many of those stories want to be birthed into an accessible medium for others to learn from our experiences. As an expert at helping others get their stories onto shelves, Debbi is passionate about walking her students through the process.

"Writing a book is not a puzzle, and it's not a linear process. It's so important to get guidance through every step, so you aren't trying to piecemeal the process." - Debbi Dachinger

If you're supposed to be an author, if you've got that dream or that desire, that message inside of you, it is so important for you to give birth to that book. Most people never write the book they want to or abandon one they've begun because it becomes too much. Receiving the support and guidance to see it through to the end is essential to birthing that creation into the world.


There are volumes written about every topic under the sun, but those stories with spiritual truths hit a little differently when they come alive for both the author and the reader. The messages within those stories are a pathway to healing from creation to completion.

"I feel there's a celebration in heaven happening when that desire to put that message out there reaches completion." - Debbi Dachinger

Writing a book is no easy task. But, when you have a beautiful message, it will sit with you until you share it with the world. We are here to be spiritual messengers and need that visibility to find our tribes. Everything you've been through and overcome is your gift to the world as you answer the call to share your story.

Often our wound becomes our message. It's part of why you're here and why you do what you do.


Debbi's journey to today is nothing short of divine. Her steps took her into the corporate world, into acting and singing, pursuing where her talents led her. But even with amazing success in all the roles she stepped into, she knew there was more to explore.

"I finally surrendered. And in that surrender, I just followed the energy." - Debbi Dachinger

She gave herself permission to explore every opportunity that presented itself with wild abandon. Jazz band? Jewelry making? Toastmasters? "Let's do it" was her mantra. As the universe opened paths, she eagerly walked down each way to learn more about who she was and what she was here to do.

Ultimately, she landed the soul mission Dare to Dream, an award-winning podcast for the last 15 years!

“I create dreams. I want to show the world what's possible so they can be free—doing this radio show, having amazing people come on every week who change my life by virtue of having these conversations.” - Debbi Dachinger


Considering how many hats Debbi has worn over her fascinating career, you might be surprised that she is still working on the process of surrender in her own life.

"I sometimes think when you're successful and know how to work things or get things to work for you, that's the antithesis of surrender. So for me, this is a work in progress." - Debbi Dachinger

We can all get caught up in an identity attached to a path we've traveled on, and that can be hard to let go when we surrender. Even when the universe is opening doors wide open, pushing us through it, we can find ourselves clinging to the edge of the door, saying, "Nope. I don't want to!"

That's evolution, and that's what we want! It's okay to be scared when change comes around, but there are incredible blessings in changing your path and following where the energy leads. For Debbi, she recognized it was time to listen to the universe calling her down a new path and, in doing so, had the opportunity to realize where she was exceptional and had more gifts to share with the world!

"It's not changing radically. You're adding a new path. It's important to remember that whatever you decide, you can make a new choice. It's not prison." - Debbi Dachinger


When it comes to surrendering, we often meet fear. The what-ifs try to dissuade us from following through with the surrender process. While it's tempting to put fear on mute, Debbi allows it a voice in her "round table discussions" when facing a significant shift in her life.

"In surrender, we sometimes limit ourselves. We tell ourselves we can only do so much and that the new phase carries too much. Too much to learn, too much to take on." - Debbi Dachinger

All of this internal chit-chat limits us, but we can go back to that knowing this change is part of our spiritual path. We can ask ourselves:

  • What is it I want to create?
  • What's the long term?
  • Am I aligned with that? Is this aligned with that?
  • How do I feel inside?

"I always see it as a roundtable where everybody gets a seat, even fear. It's there trying to protect me and presenting what could go wrong. But ultimately, the excitement and the intuition have the final say, and I surrender to the new opportunity!" - Debbi Dachinger


It's always exciting to commune with another spiritual business leader, and Debbi is no exception. When I asked her what she was most excited about bringing into next year, there was no hesitation: Music and her healing gifts! Debbi is undoubtedly a gifted healer!

"Owning that I'm a healer has been an exciting journey. I've always worked with healers and spiritually-minded people. These are my friends, my tribe. But it was in 2019 that I got the download that I was a healer, a shaman, a priestess!" - Debbi Dachinger

Debbi recalls negotiating with the divine over four days before fully stepping into this realization without fear or trepidation. She recognized everything the universe was showing her would bless her life and everyone she touched within all the realms she moved in. Now, she has even more to offer her clients, students, friends, and loved ones!

In her words, “Use me, take me, guide me. I am on this journey, and one step at a time; we shall see where this leads."


Debbi is also musically gifted and ecstatically shared how that part of her life is expanding. Her band, Lions of Lira, works with sound healing and meditation. She grew up surrounded by music and was an accomplished violin player, but she gave it up around 16 when social opportunities called louder than the melody of the strings.

The universe stepped in during COVID with a simple but hard-hitting question for Debbi, "What happened to the music?" She could have left the question on the table because her life was already busy, and there was only so much of her to go around. However, as the universe often does, it arranged for this question to come up when an answer was already waiting.

"My life could have just gone on, and it would have just been this question on the table, unanswered. Usually, nobody speaks up in an integration circle, but in this case, this shaman spoke to me and told me his story of giving up music and how he came back to it. Then he told me, 'Don't let this go. It never left you.' And then he said, don't let this go. It never left you.' I received that message loud and clear. A month later, my boyfriend and I had our first gig and have been at it ever since!" - Debbi Dachinger

Now she graces rooms full of people with performances permeated with love and healing. While she had to face her own limiting beliefs of being in mid-life and doubting she'd still have the voice of her youth, she has found what was good before is even better now.

"I'm singing with a whole new abandon and spontaneity, and there are times when I get out of the way and just let the universe come through me to create." - Debbi Dachinger


Why is it essential for spiritual entrepreneurs to have visibility in their businesses?

For those who resonate with the calling to share their spiritual messages as part of their soul mission, there are some roadblocks you may have yet to consider. Most likely, this isn't the first time you've lived as a spiritual messenger. However, you may have lived a previous lifetime where speaking your truth was dangerous or even fatal.

If you lived through a time where you were burned, killed, tortured, or mocked, it can show up in this life as a fear of visibility and shrinking back in sharing your message. But if you feel the call, it's time to answer.

"You came here with a pretty darn good mission. I teach visibility to spiritual messengers because they are who I am, who I attract, and who I am in love with, frankly. I have found that when somebody is the most doubtful, they usually have the most prevalent message." - Debbi Dachinger

Visabiliity is Debbi's passion and mission. She wants to help spiritual leaders to gain the visibility they need to get their message to those who desperately need it. Debbi offers myriad ways to work with her and gain incredible traction in your business. From an all-inclusive writing program to private and group coaching, she is dedicated to connecting your message to its listeners in the most effective, most powerful way.

“You're here to help people. You have a unique point of view because of everything you've been through, this life or any other. You took it upon yourself to be seen and heard. How will people find you if you don't have a voice? I'm here to ensure you are seen and you are heard!" - Debbi Dachinger

To work with Debbi, visit debbidachinger.com.

Sign up for Debbi’s 5-Day Podcast Challenge: https://www.debbid.net/CHALLENGE

Get a free gift from Debbi Dachinger on how to convey your message (& what it is) out to your tribe: https://DebbiDachinger.com/Gift

Get your writing, your voice, your art, and your being out in the world: https://debbidachinger.com/visiblevisionaries

And most importantly, have fun!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, my friends, and welcome to today's very special soul chat interview with Debbi Dachinger. Debbi is a good friend of mine. I absolutely love her. We go into a conversation in this soul chat around surrendering. We talk about chanting and allowing yourself to follow the energy as it presents itself to you. We also talk about writing books and visibility and so much more.

I hope you enjoy today's interview, and I'm going to just tell you a little bit more about Debbi before we get started. Debbi is a Media Visibility certified coach who offers group and private sessions to write a highly engaging book. She also runs a fully done-for-the-author-guaranteed international best-selling book launch program.

She puts the entire project together from start to successful finish. And last, Debbi teaches how to be interviewed on radio and podcast shows for massive results. For 15-plus years, Debbi hosts the amazing podcast called Dare to Dream, which is also an award-winning podcast. And although she does love doing Media Visibility work, the core of her being is deeply spiritual.

Debbi is musical. She sings and performs with a medicine music group. She also is into E.T. and UFOs and is a galactic shamanic explorer who recently enrolled in a six-month Shamanic Energy Practitioner program. You can find her at debbidachinger.com.

We will also have some goodies for you to check out in the show notes. I hope you enjoy today's soul chat. I know that I really enjoyed having a soulful conversation with her, so let's dive in.

Amy: Hi, Debbi. How are you today?

Debbi: Amy, I'm so happy to be hanging out with you. Thanks for inviting me.

Amy: I'm so excited you are here. You are a spiritual butterfly that I absolutely love, and I know that there are many people that have desires and wishes to bring their writing to fruition. And you are an expert at helping people write books. Can you talk about some of the struggles that people have when they have this desire to write but then they don't know what to do with it?

Debbi: Yeah, happily! First of all, people throw money at things regarding books, and they think, "Oh, I need to hire that person or this piece." They piecemeal the entire process, and that's scary because, in the end, when they go to hit publish, they often will find out they shouldn't have spent that money. They didn't need to, and they didn't need to do things all over the map. It's not a puzzle, and it's also not a linear process.

Amy: Right.

Debbi: So that's one thing I would say to get guidance right from the get-go, so somebody can help you just be really smooth and clear on the path. The other thing is most people either never write the book they want to write, or they get some percent through, and they abandon the book. It just becomes too much. So to be really clear about the project you're taking on and how to take it for the greatest ease is pretty strong. Because what I know is that if you're supposed to be an author, if you've got that dream or that desire, that message inside of you, it is so, so important for you to give birth to that book. That's the only time you're going to feel good.

Amy: Absolutely! What do you think? Because I know you've helped a lot of people write books from a spiritual standpoint, what do you think is happening for the person when they bring that desire to completion? Like, from a spiritual perspective?

Debbi: Such a good question. Thank you. I feel like there's this celebration of heaven that goes on because anybody who knows what it's like to get a download and the download becomes a desire to put something out in the world knows that until you complete that, you're not going to feel right with yourself or with the Goddess, right? She gave you this gorgeous dream, and if not you, then it'll be given to somebody else. They're okay with it. They'll keep moving on. I have seen people not only celebrate spiritually the completion of something because it's not always easy to write a book. It's not simple. It's really a big task, but it's a beautiful task to undertake. And I've also seen that people who do that start to realize, "Oh, what else am I capable of? I was able to do that, and that kind of felt impossible at times. But now here we are, and it was successful, and I am complete, and I've got my message out, and people are buying the books, and I'm getting interviewed because of the book." It's this ongoing viral celebration, and it's also a great up-leveling.

Spiritually, we're here to be messengers right now, and part of our message for not everybody but for some people is to write that book. And if that's how you're getting your message or your story out into the world, then your visibility is going to exponentially increase, and that's very exciting, right? You want to be in the media. You want your tribe to find you. You want the message you came here to learn, and all the crap you went through, that it's for some great reason. And often, our wound becomes our message. So if that's the story of why you want to write the book or any reason, I think it's really important. It's part of why you're here, part of why you do what you do. So it's definitely a spiritual celebration. It's definitely an up-leveling, and it's definitely your conduit to become visible.

Amy: I love that you said the wound writes the message because so many people out there think, "I don't know what to say. Is what I have to say important enough for someone to pick it up?" But I think part of writing has nothing to do with the end result of what's being birthed. It's the birthing process itself and what wants to channel through you. When you think about just someone writing and channeling and sharing a message, what do you think some of their hang-ups are in terms of where they get caught up in the wound or the story, and it causes the channel to break?

Debbi: I have a client right now. He's a beautiful example of this. And when he came to me before I let people join my ongoing Zoom class, I like to have a private Zoom with them. First of all, I want to prepare them for what they're getting into. I want to know all about them and their book. And when I was with him, I was getting all sorts of messages for him about his book, and so I was just downloading, downloading, and sharing with him. And he was going to write a book about the woman who had been his partner for decades and had since passed. And she apparently was this extraordinary human who traveled the world. Very spontaneous, free spirit, huge healer, worked with amazing healers all around the world. She sounded fascinating, so he was going to tell her story and give her homage.

And one of his issues, I'll just use "him." I'll call him R. And R had so many issues. He actually wasn't even a great writer. It's a little hard to say because you don't want to denigrate anybody. He was not a great writer. He didn't know how to describe things. He didn't know how to tell the story. He didn't know how to bring you in. And so lots of feedback, lots of recommendations. You know, one of the things we learn when we write is we don't have to describe everything, because for us, as readers, we want to be able to see things like it's a movie, so you have to leave some things off of the page.

However, you also have to do things that create a visceral experience for us, so we're involved in your story, and we're seeing it the way we see it. So a lot of coaching for him to get there. The beautiful arc of this story is with R, in the writing exercises, and in his writing. And, boy, he was determined. He kept going through. He made this realization that he was going to tell a story about himself and his life and what that opened up to him. Then he got the download and said, "Oh, my God. I actually think this is less of a story. My ex-partner will play a huge part, but this is my story." And all of a sudden, the flow began. Right? You don't have to know everything in the beginning. You do your best, you get down the path. More sometimes is revealed. For some people, it's straight through, exactly as they thought. For R, he had to do what he did until that piece came through.

Amy: I love that!

Debbi: And Amy, this guy has the most amazing life. Like, he's writing these stories, and we're the rest of the class with our mouths open. It's a brilliant story.

Amy: That’s amazing!

Debbi: The wound, right? And his wound as he's writing. He even said he'd had this huge healing around his mother writing about her death. So my hat is off to the writing process because it has its own energy. A book is an entity, in the best way, that comes through us and speaks to us and guides us, and can heal us.

Amy: Absolutely. And the process of writing is very much a character-building process, I think because you're building character. You have good days, you have bad days, and as long as you just keep with the flow, it's going to reveal itself and what wants to be revealed, to be shared, which is awesome. Now, did his writing get better?

Debbi: So much better. So much better. And that happens with everybody in my book writing class. I have to say, there is something about the discipline of doing something, no matter how many days your brain screams, "I don't want to. Not today. Oh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea to write a book." I mean, look, it will all pop. That's great. Thank you so much for sharing. But we keep moving forward. And yes, his writing has improved so much. And I think that's part of the beauty of taking somebody's coaching and adapting it, bringing it and saying, "Okay, I'll try to do this, I'll try to do that." Doing writing exercises and letting things unexpectedly be born out of you. Everybody in the class, I sit back, I'm like, proud mommy. I really am. I'm so excited for them and what's ultimately going to be published.

Amy: Yeah, the class is great. I've personally taken your class for writing, which was awesome. So if you're out there and you're thinking about writing a book or thinking about getting a writing coach, Debbi is definitely a great person to know for that. And I love the process in which you assist people in uncovering their story and just being really real with the process of writing. What got you into writing?

Debbi: Wow. I had so many twists and turns. So I was in a corporate job, and it was a highfalutin job, but I was not happy. I made the best of it that I could to be in a position like that and still remain very spiritual and creative. It was interesting. And then I just realized, like, "This isn't working for me." But I was leaving a lot. So I had been a professional actress and singer. Then I had this corporate job, and then I just got this information," this is complete," which was really devastating to me because it was my identity, and I didn't know what to do, but it wouldn't leave me this message. And so I finally surrendered. And in that surrender, I just would follow the energy. It's the only thing I did correctly. If singing with a jazz band sounded fun, that's what I did. If making jewelry sounded fun, that's what I did, and I sold it in stores. If going to Toastmasters was fun, that's what I did for three years. But there were levels of doing all these things. And, of course, the universe is genius. It seems like they're completely disconnected, but they were so beautifully orchestrated on my behalf. And then I was doing voiceovers and cartoon work, and I loved it.

Amy: Oh, my God, I would love to hear some of your cartoon work voiceovers! It sounds like so much fun!

Debbi: So much fun. I was doing a big mouth bass, and then the cartoon people found out that I sang, and they wrote a song for me, and they didn't have to hire an additional singer. The best time of my life, making voices like envisioning. Yeah. And I loved it so much I wanted to do it more. I had an agent. She was sending me out a lot, but it was dry; it was commercials. Narration wasn't really what got me going. I saw an ad for radio, and I got the job, and I was doing this music show for two months, thinking, "Oh." I made it fun for me, but I really had to say to myself every day, "You know, sweetie, if you want to go, we can give notice and go." And I was just getting to the edge, and the owners of the station called me in and said, "We love what you're doing, but we want to give your own show. We want you to go home and think about it. If you want to do a talk show, tell us what that would be." And that was like, again, the universe intervened, and I got all this information.

I create dreams. I want to do a podcast called Dare to Dream. I want to show the world what's possible so they can be free. That's where I started. Doing this radio show, having amazing people come on every week who were changing my life by virtue of having these conversations. And then I felt this was way before everybody wrote books. It was rare for people wrote books, but I thought, how can I reach people? I know there are people all over the world listening to my show. I want to give them a system to create dreams. So I sat down without a coach, and I wrote Dare to Dream: This Life Counts, and it became a best seller. And then radio shows started coming and saying, "We'd like to interview you." And this whole wild, unexpected career was born. I had to learn how to be interviewed. And in doing that, I started a coaching system around it because others wanted to learn. I started writing more books. Others came to me wanting to be coached. Now, this is 13 years ago, so I've definitely honed my craft, but it was a bit like skiing down the mountain of life, trying this, trying that, incorporating this and that. And then when it landed, it was like, "Oh, I'm meant to be doing this."

Amy: I love that. And you know, like, there's this feeling of like, "Oh yeah, this is the thing I'm supposed to be in," which is awesome. And you said that you had intuitive guidance that you weren't meant to be where you were at that moment in time, and so you surrendered. And then you followed the energy, which I'm a big believer in. Following the energy and spirit will take you where you're supposed to go. What is your practice? And it doesn't have to necessarily be the practice you did back then, but what's your practice for surrender? Because surrender is a big, hard thing for some people. What do you do when you are in a situation where you're like, "I don't know what to do or where to go?" Or like, "I know this is the right thing, but I don't want to disappoint someone." How do you surrender?

Debbi: I'm actually reading a book; I've got a book on Audible right now. Because I want to get better at it. The book is called Letting Go, and I can get way better at it. I think sometimes when you're successful, you know how to work things or get things to work for you, and that's actually the antithesis of surrender. So for me, this is a work in progress. And usually, I get to a point where either I don't know, I literally don't know, and then I have to just trust my center. I'm a two-four generator in human design, which means I have to ride the emotional wave, and I don't always know. The same is true sometimes if I have to have a really serious conversation with somebody and they say things, I often will have to go away and process what happened before I can come back. And so I think for me, it's allowing that space to say, "This is incredible. I really heard what you said, and I know this is important, and it is to me too. I'm going to think about this, and I'm going to sleep on it, and I promise I will get back to you in a timely manner. “Right?

Or I can say that virtually to life, like, because things are coming to me. And case in point, I recently had a big change in my career in that something that I don't typically do in my career kept coming to me, and clients kept coming to me. And I know there are actually a lot more clients who want me to take them on around this. And I have been a "heck no" for so long around doing this work. But part of what I do as a two-four generator is I fulfill needs rather than me putting stuff out in the world. And so I had to listen, "If this is coming up, Deb, maybe you're actually exceptional, and maybe it's okay that something is taking. It's not changing radically. You're adding this new path. Let's just see how it goes. You can make new choices." I think it's so important to remember, whatever you decide, you can make a new choice. It's not prison.

Amy: Well, that's evolution. And I think that sometimes people get so caught up in, "This is what I'm doing, this is my identity, that I can't go on a different path." Even though literally, Spirit/God/universe is opening the door wide open, sometimes pushing you through it, and you're still gripping onto the edge of the door, going, "I don't want to do it," because it's scary. But I think that it's okay to evolve. It's okay to change your mind about things too. And I think that if people watch how their opportunities are being presented to them and follow the energy of those opportunities and experiences, it makes things easier. You're in flow with it, which is really big and important.

Debbi: You are amazing at this, by the way.

Amy: Say that again.

Debbi: You are amazing at this. You're the one who I know you use this, and you use this beautifully because when we've had conversations when I've recommended people to you, maybe you needed a new team member, whatever, you always listen. You're completely present. And I'm saying this out loud to your audience because they can learn from you for sure. And then you'll say, 'Thank you, I'm going to get back to you. I need to think about whether this is right for me." I think that's beautiful that you don't just jump in and throw money at stuff. You just really say, "yeah, that sounds amazing. We'll see." And you show up when it's right for you.

Amy: I have a rule, and that is because I have no wiggle room for not listening to my intuition. So if I get a no, it is a no. And if I do something out of desperation after I was guided to say no, I'm going to pay the price for it. And so for me, if you listen to your inner guidance, internal system of wholeness, it will go like, "Yes, that's where you know it's no," and you can figure out why it's "no" later, and you can figure out why it's a "yes" later. But if you listen to that and just kind of sit with it, more will be revealed for it. I'll get a clear 'Yes, okay, let's do it." Or I'll get a clear "No." And I'm like, okay, let me sit with why because sometimes I want to do that thing.

Debbi: Yes, absolutely, yes. And part of surrender, I think, also is sometimes we limit ourselves, right? I can only do this, I can't do that. That's way bigger. That will be too much to learn, too much to take on. There's all of that just chitchat that limits us. And I think it's so important to go back to what is it I want to create. What's the long term? And am I aligned with that? Is this aligned with that? And how do I feel inside? I get so excited about stuff. As you know, I just joined a program that's going to start in two months, and it's going to be a six-month serious certification program.

Amy: I am so excited for you!

Debbi: I'm so excited too.

Amy: And that's part of, like, growing too. It's like if you're excited about something, you know if you put the work in because you can get excited and then all of a sudden realize there's a bunch of work that has to get done, and then your little gremlins talk you out of it. But if you stay excited and do the work, oh, something big is going to happen because you're guided to that place for a particular reason, which I'm excited for you for the certification you're going to get.

Debbi: Me too! And then I could go down that road, and I could say, "Well, what exactly am I using that certification for?" Or I could say, 'Oh, my God. They said if I don't put in, besides showing up live to all the classes, if I don't put in at least 10 hours, I could be off to the races." On top of what I'm doing right now and on top of my life. And when will I have time, and can I take a trip in those six months? There's all that stuff, and it's like, "Thank you, bless you." I always see it as a roundtable where everybody gets a seat. And then there's fear that's freaking out and trying to protect me. And then there's the vigilant one, like, trying to see everything in advance, 'let's do this. Let's do this." And I just honor all the voices. And then there's the excitement, and that it's always going to win. That's the path.

Amy: What do you do when fear is so loud it's crippling? Like, how do you get out of fear if that's happening for you?

Debbi: Yeah, I talk to myself. I talk out loud to myself. I let it have a voice. I do EFT, emotional freedom technique tapping. It is huge for me. I do it almost every single morning, and it completely clears me. It also creates miracles. So I process stuff because I've definitely known fear in my life, and it is so bad for the body, you know? It's so toxic for the mind. And yet it was created by me at some point in my life because I felt I needed it. And so I honor that voice, but I'm also very much here to heal that voice. And I think that when I do things in spite of fear, which is what courage means when I am courageous, that I'm continually teaching that sweet, sweet fear that it's okay, and we got this.

Amy: Yeah, you're safe; you can do it. I love that. Absolutely love that. Now you are being guided to do a few things different in your business next year, which I'm excited for you to do. I think that as we evolve, things evolve, and we follow the energy so that we can see where they want to go. What is something that you're really excited to do next year on a spiritual level in terms of, like, either like, mindset or practices?

Debbi: Two things. The first is my music. I've got a band called Lions of Lira, and we do this. We do medicine, music, we do beautiful, uplifting music, sound, healing, and meditation. And we are seriously evolving in that space and creating our own sounds. We have some amazing new equipment we've gifted ourselves with, so I'm very excited about the expansion of that. And that is one of my healing gifts to the world. And then the other thing is for me to step into being, owning, owning that I'm a healer. That's been a really interesting journey for me. I've always worked with healers. I've worked with spiritual people, all my friends, and my whole tribe.

Amy: Oh, you're in the community. You're in the thick of it. We all recognize each other. So you definitely are a healer.

Debbi: And I've known I'm clairsentient. I'm claircognizant. Yes, those are my gifts. But, you know, I got a download back in 2019, and the divine came through, and she said, "You're a healer, you are a shaman, you are a priestess." And I negotiated, but for four days, yes, I sat at a round table with the divine, and I said, listen, "I'm not going to see dead people, and I'm not. There are things you can't make me." She was so gorgeous, and she was like, "No problem, no problem." And the next night, she came back. Oh, it was genius. And the next night, she came back to say the same thing, only she showed me what it was like to interact with dead people. And I was like, "Oh, this is not scary at all."

Amy: It's not at all what your ego or the perception that you had of what dead spirits would be like to work with.

Debbi: I thought it was like the movies, and it was going to be like a slasher experience.

Amy: No, not exactly.

Debbi: No. It was so different. So she was a genius, and she kept coming. And then the fourth time she came, she said, "Now I want you to seek somebody very particular for a blessing. And I'm like, I'm not asking for a blessing about this. These are the people I know. This isn't me." I mean, I was so arguing.

Amy: You were denying a true aspect of you, like a true essence of who you are.

Debbi: It's a divine timeline that is ready for more to be revealed. Guess what? So I got that blessing. I got several that I was guided to do. And the universe was so kind to me. I was humbled. And then, I did some past life regressions with some people, and I was able to understand what I was being told. I saw some very clear lifetimes as priestesses, as shamans, as men, as really ancient and beautiful, and I was able to embrace that. And so this journey has led me to now signing up for this certification. And I am now saying it is a form of surrender to say, 'Okay, okay, I'm a healer. I surrender. Come through me." I'm going to be coached and guided because I don't know what I don't know. Plus, my past lives, which already know, and my oversoul, which already knows. And I'm just saying, "Use me, take me, guide me. I am on this journey, and one step at a time; we shall see where this leads." And I'm even excited to use whatever I learn in book writing coaching, in the interview coaching, in everything I do with people; I will be able to work with them at completely different levels.

Amy: Yeah, and the cool part is, as a healer, it doesn't look the way that most people think it looks. Every person that's a healer shows up differently with their healing abilities and how they're helping because you can work at, let's say, McDonald's, and be a healer. And just having a conversation with someone that makes them feel better that's healing. And so it can look different for everybody. So I'm excited to see how this evolves for you. There is one thing you mentioned that I'm super excited about. So when Covid was starting or happening, you were guided to dive into music. Can you talk a little bit about that and how it actually helps from a healing perspective? I'm excited for you to chat about this.

Debbi: Amy, it's so interesting when you're asking me this question; I suddenly felt so emotional because thank you. I really appreciate it because your questions are helping me to realize this thing that I think I'm so bad at, which is surrender and listening, that the most momentous parts of my life are because of it.

Amy: Yeah!

Debbi: And this is yet another example. This is another example. At the beginning of COVID, I was involved in a ceremony, and it was kind of interesting, weird, interesting because the divine showed up, and she/he said they were, like, giving me all these things to clear up in my life. And I took note. I took absolute note. It's not typically something that would happen in a ceremony, but it was just like, "Clean up this, clean up that, you know, get back in touch. This is COVID. Start doing zooms with your family back east and like, yeah, okay." And then I heard this question. 'Whatever happened to music?" I grew up on one side of my family, an extremely musical family, very accomplished. My brother's an extremely accomplished composer and so forth, a musician. And I had done music my whole life. I was an actress. I was a singer, but I let it go when I started radio 15 and a half years ago. Just so much of me to go around. I was very much at peace. And the Divine came through at the beginning of COVID and said, “What happened to music?"

I said, "Well, that's an interesting question. I don't know, but what are you asking?" And that was the question on the table. And I was able to ask, we had an integration circle at the end, and I spoke about what had happened and I shared. You know, when I was younger, I was an amazing violin player, and I gave it up when I was 16 because I was very social and had much better people to hang out with than a violin. And there's a little bit of regret in there because I was seriously good. And, of course, the singing continued. So I shared and just said, "Well, that was very interesting, all of that." Now, listen, my life could have just gone on, and it would have just been this question on the table, unanswered. And usually, nobody speaks up in an integration circle. You just speak. But in this case, God bless this shaman spoke to me and told me stories because he's an amazing musician. And he told me his story of giving up music and how he came back to it. And then he said, don't let this go. It never left you."

And again, it might have sat on the table, but I really heard him. My boyfriend had also given up guitar. He was a professional guitar player for many decades of his life, and then he got into real estate and completely changed directions. He picked up his guitar, I started singing with him, and all of a sudden, a month later, we were booked at our first gig. And we have been gigging ever since. And something you said earlier really resonated with me about how we heal and how it manifests. One of the feedback we get often is that the room when we do our sound healings or our performances is permeated with love. And I think it's one thing I'm very good at is loving, and that is a frequency of healing. That alone, if people can be immersed for 60 minutes to 90 minutes in pure love, and then it's generated throughout the room, whatever else they let in, it is such a healing device. So my journey was one where I was guided, and thankfully, because the shaman and then my partner stepped in, it brought me all these years later to here

Debbi: And honestly, I'm midlife, and I think in my mind, my very limiting thoughts when I gave it up, it's like, "Yeah, when you get older, you can't really sing," and your voice changes and whatever you've done to yourself over the years. And one of the greatest surprises is that not only do I have a voice right now, but it is also better. And I had a pretty good voice before, but it is better than ever. I'm singing with a whole new abandon and spontaneity, and there are times when I get out of the way and just let the universe or whatever it is come through me to create whatever it is. And it's an amazing experience for me. I've always been so disciplined, and now it's about the opposite.

Amy: Yeah. I love that you followed the energy of that. And you listened even if you didn't take action immediately on it as it landed, and then you did something with it later on. But I think for me, music is one of the most healing tools that we have access to in our toolbox. And I'm very like myself, I'm very particular about the music I listen to. So, for example, if it's a breakup song, and I have no context for that breakup song, I'm not going to listen to that song because it's just programming my brain to feel or think a certain way. And so I'm a big believer, if you can listen to spiritual music, it will change your perspective, it will change the way that you think. And the more spiritual music that you bring in, even if you're not guided to sing, it's programming the brain to think differently, and it raises your frequency. But one of the things that have always stuck with me, with one of my spiritual teachers, is that the quickest way to God is to sing, is to chant. And when we do that and when we're guided to do it, it's just amazing.

And I just love what you're doing because when I saw you on social media, starting to post your stuff during COVID, I'm like, "Look at her, I love it, I love it. She doesn't care what people think, she's just doing it." And I just think it's amazing. And there was nothing more than you're just doing it because that's what you're being guided to do. And I'm assuming this, you weren't worried about the how or what was going to happen next with it; you were just what was presented; you were taking advantage of it and just doing it, which is awesome.

Debbi: And it's a beautiful time to do it. I mean, everybody wants, you know, we're booked in a couple of weeks at a local place here to do a sound healing. A lot of places are interested in us for that, et cetera. And PS, my partner also, when all of this happened, went out, and bought me a violin, a gorgeous electric violin. And so it's no joke because it's been many decades since I played. He thinks it's like a bicycle.

Amy: No, the violin is really hard. Are you practicing it?

Debbi: No, I tried to follow some YouTube videos. It was awful. I was squeaking. So I think once my certification is done, that'll be next. Take some lessons. That's exactly, yeah, I got to get coached and guided to do this well.

Amy: Instruments are tricky. Like, I've only learned how to play one musical instrument in my life, and that was the guitar. And I learned an eight-chord song for the first time because I wanted to sing to my soon-to-be husband. The night before we got married, I wanted to sing him a song. And so I needed to learn how to play this guitar. So I only know how to play one song. And it was great, and I'll fiddle with it and play with it, but that was like I learned, and now eventually I'll learn another song. But I think it's just so much fun. It takes a lot of different brainwork to figure it all out, but I couldn't imagine learning how to play the violin because that's hard.

Debbi: It really is. I do play guitar, and I used to play guitar for many decades, but for some reason, when I picked that up, I remembered all the chords. It didn't take much. With the violin? I don't know. Yeah, that's going to be a minute.

Amy: It's a different finesse, but I'm excited for you to play and practice again. I think it'll be helpful, and see where it takes you. Some of my most deeply spiritual experiences have been listening to the violin and things like that because when you can really get into music, it can take you into the depths of your soul in different places. So I love it. I love that you used to play it, and I'm not surprised.

Debbi: It's a great facilitator, isn't it, getting immersed? I mean, since doing this, I've looked up so much about sound frequency to better understand what's happening, and it's for real.

Amy: You can really geek out on it. Yeah.

Debbi: And I love that you immerse yourself in it. And I feel like I want to say we should exchange playlists because I love your spiritual playlist. I'm sure it's sumptuous, and I love it.

Amy: My two-year-old, she loves, like, we will chant on the way to school, and she loves singing, chanting music, and it just warms my heart because she just loves music in general. And she will fiddle on the ukulele, and she'll fiddle on the guitar because my husband's self-taught. He's self-taught. He knows how to play by ear and things like that. So that's why it was important to me to play a song for him before we got married. But she's just obsessed with music. Like, music comes on, and she starts wiggling her body because that's the thing. Music is a frequency our soul recognizes no matter what, and it will start grooving and shaking and moving, and it just moves energy in such a beautiful, profound way. But yes, it's fun to watch her do it, too.

Debbi: Since I can't be in your car with you in Tennessee when she does this with you, can you say one of the chants that you do with her?

Amy: We do the Ramadasa chants, so we just, like, hum it out. And it's a really pretty song that she just starts singing, too, and she likes anything that has, like, a high, high note to it. She loves some Whitney Houston and some Adele. She's really cute.

Debbi: And what does that mean? It's Sanskrit, right?

Amy: Yeah. It's Sanskrit. I have the tendency to be more drawn toward Sanskrit. I like music that I don't understand. I don't know the English words to it. And those seed sounds are very powerful in terms of our soul's memory and recognizing them. The essence is "I am the sun, I am the moon, I am infinite. I am that, and that is me" is the essence of what that chant means.

Debbi: That's lovely. Yeah. And you got a nice voice, by the way.

Amy: Oh, thanks. I was on the spot.

Debbi: You rose to the occasion.

Amy: Yeah, but that particular chant for me, anytime, all of a sudden, it starts singing certain chants, like out of the blue, and that tells me it's time to bring that back into my chanting practice. And there are certain songs or certain seed sounds that I'm very drawn to. I'm sure you're very drawn to certain songs and music that you and your partner play, which is kind of neat to probably see what you're leaning into at the moment. And then it shifts. And then you lean into something else, and it shifts.

Debbi: Yeah. I like Mula mantra. I'm sure you know that. And I also like Sam Garrett a lot, and he does a beautiful song, part English, part Sanskrit, which is "I Choose To Live In Love.”

Amy: Oh, I love that.

Debbi: And what I love about the songs you're talking about, the chants, is that you repeat them over and over melodically, and they just literally live inside of you. That vibration of what you're singing.

Amy: Yeah. For me, if I'm having a bad day or a bad moment that to me, I'll play a chanting song, I will sing it out loud, and instantly my nervous system goes, "Let me relax." And the chant can be three minutes long. Like, it doesn't have to be super long at all. That particular chant that we do is 13 minutes long. So I love it. I'm not worried about what time it is or anything like that. We just do it, and we incorporate it into our routine, which I think is really important, too. Now you're doing music, you're doing book writing, and you're doing visibility as well. And we have a lot of spiritual listeners. We also have a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs that listen too. Why is it important for spiritual entrepreneurs to have visibility in their businesses?

Debbi: I think most spiritual messengers, we have done this before. We have been the heralds of different times when often to do that meant trouble. Now, there are times in history or parallel lifetimes, et cetera, other planets, when it was just fine and accepted as part of life. But if you lived through a time, even subconsciously, you don't even remember it, where you got burned or killed or tortured, whatever, mocked, then I think it often will show up in this life, and people will think, "I can't do that, I can't do that, I can't be visible. I'm too afraid. What would I say in an interview? What kind of message do I have?" And that's just how it manifests. But in truth, you really came here with a pretty darn good mission. And so I teach visibility to spiritual messengers because, well, they are who I am, that's who I attract, and that's who I am in love with, frankly. And those are the people who it's funny, you know, oftentimes when somebody is the most doubtful, they usually have the most prevalent message.

Amy: I agree with you on that!

Debbi: And that's what I really want to support, is like, I will show you how to write a book easily. And once you finish the book, I will take your book to a guaranteed international bestseller so you can be you. I will show you how to be interviewed on media and podcasts so you can get massive results. Like, let me show you how. Take all the noise out of your head. I think it's our time, and we are living. You know, a lot of people, not everybody, but there are enough people who are afraid right now, are looking at the world and going, "What am I doing alive? And this is terrible, and it's overwhelming, and what else could go wrong?" And I think, besides my interesting point of view about it, that yay, that all this crap is coming up to be healed and seen and exposed to the light. But now it is our time to step up. It is our time. That's why we're here, why we agreed to be here. And how are people going to find you? If it's yours to write a book, then write the book. How are people going to find you if you don't have a voice, you're not speaking from a stage, or you're not being interviewed on media and podcasts so your tribe, your community can find you so you can help them? You're here to help people, and you've got an interesting point of view because of everything you've been through, this life or any other. And so, you know, bless you. You took it upon yourself to be seen and heard. Find out how to do that so you can be seen and heard.

Amy: Yeah, absolutely. And you help people do that, though. I know you have a five-day visibility challenge coming up. If you're listening to this and it's already started, you can still join. Do you want to tell people about that?

Debbi: Yeah, this is a five-day challenge for podcast interviewing, and it is really fun. I show up live with the folks who are ready, they started registering way in advance, so that's exciting. And I show up live each day, and it's about 45 minutes, and that's it. And you get another piece until, by the fifth day, we put the whole system of podcast radio interviews together so you can be a guest and go out there and do this. That's the whole reason I want to help. And I can tell you that I did it five months ago. I don't do it often, so it's good to get on board when I do it. And five months ago, the folks who were involved are already being interviewed. I had a gal who came.

Debbi: So people all around the world joined. This particular woman lives in Germany, so she followed everything she learned, and she got interviewed. And so we started to learn where's a good show, where's not a good show, how to get a yes, what to do when you're on the show, what to give to somebody, so they have all the right materials, there's a lot to it, how to repurpose your show afterward. So she learned all that and so she found a show. She was interviewed on YouTube. Now it was only 750 people, which is not a lot, as most people know on YouTube. So it was like a very small show. She said one of the hosts was great, the other one was not great. This is wonderful. I love to teach people what to do in that situation. And she did the show, and she came out that week, and she got two new clients and five consult calls.

Amy: That's amazing.

Debbi: Think about what that percentage was. Just 10% of people who watched her.

Amy: Great percentage!

Debbi: Exactly. And that's a poopy show. Just imagine if you got on even a super medium show with like 5000 people and you did an interview that's 5000 people you would never meet otherwise a well-nurtured audience. You probably would not speak on any stage unless you're Tony Robbins and have 5000 people in the audience. So you're doing it from your home or office. It's 30 minutes of your time and great ROI. And if you were doing a launch or a book or you just wanted new clients, you did that five times a month. Just one month. You would meet 25,000 new people. You could fill a workshop, right? Fill your database. There's so much that can rock your world. So this is why I teach it. And plus post-COVID, everybody learned immediately who was out networking, speaking on stages, and going to workshops, "I need to be online in a big way." yeah, it's your lifeblood. So you can do it with interviews too. So, yes, a five-day challenge. It runs for five days. You can actually buy it after.

Amy: You do self-study on it. So we'll put the link in the show notes, so you can definitely find that in the show notes. Yeah. And if you guys are interested in working with Debbi in her book coaching program, we'll also put the link in that to check that out. Debbi is an amazing coach for book writing. She has helped me with my book, and she's great. So she'll have you thinking about things in a different way. Before we wrap up, what is one thing that you're looking forward to from a spiritual standpoint about you becoming more visible?

Debbi: Amy, I'm changing right now so much. I am not going to recognize myself for sure.

Amy: Amen.

Debbi: Amen. I'm excited to meet the new me that's emerging. Cause I'm working with a lot of people right now on me. And I've taken it on as a loving mantle. Like deep healing work right now. Deep exploration work right now. I have a feeling everything's going to change for me. And I can't think of a better spiritual message. Certainly how I show up for my clients. They will be benefactors and my dog, and everyone in my life, but mostly me. I'm really looking forward to what's going to be created exponentially moving forward for who I am, for what I create, and for who I'm becoming. All of that. So it's a deep time for me as the world goes through its banana rama healing time, I'm doing the same. I'm fully aligned with the world and humanity right now, but as I heal myself also, I send that out to the world. So I think that's important. Great question. Thank you for that.

Amy: You're welcome. I think this new year coming up is a big one. Like, I think it's a really, really big year coming up for most people, depending on where they're at in their cycle and what lessons and experiences they're working on for the year. But it's going to be a big one, and I think that it's really important for us to shake off the cobwebs and be willing to meet the new aspect of ourselves that really wants to emerge. And I'm excited to see what emerges for you and what evolves for you because you're going to be doing some big things. So I'm so excited for you.

Debbi: Thank you, love. Thank you for your support. I appreciate it so much. And for all you do in the world, you're a great light shower on the past for a lot of us. I appreciate that.

Amy: Well, thank you so much for being with us today. I hope you guys enjoyed our chat and our soul chat, and check out the show notes for the links to check out Debbi's visibility challenge and book writing as well. So. Thanks, Debbi.

Debbi: Thanks!

Amy: All right, guys. Bye!

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