Episode 48: Soul Chats with Lori Williams

Episode 48: Soul Chats with Lori Williams

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In this episode of Soul Chats, we go on a fascinating journey with Lori Williams, a renowned professional remote viewing practitioner and teacher. We will explore the history of CRV, or controlled remote viewing, and learn about its incredibly varied applications. Let’s dive in!

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Lori Williams is one of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met. She is a professional controlled remote viewer and a renowned instructor of CRV. She has researched, practiced, and studied the science of controlled remote viewing since 1996. Lori has utilized her skills to assist both individuals in discovering their life path and purpose and larger-scale projects like helping law enforcement find missing persons and archeological mysteries.

Even from a young age, Lori knew she was different and recalled her mother being “freaked out” with delightful laughter:

“I was little, like three, and I said, ‘Mommy, last night these angels came and got me. And we were flying and talking, but we didn't have to use our mouths because we talked with our minds.’ She didn't know what to do with that, and even I didn't know what that meant.” - Lori Williams

From her time with the Jesus-loving hippies to her travels around the world as a missionary, Lori has lived a colorful and adventurous life! Hold on for a wild ride as we talk about controlled remote viewing and Lori’s spell-binding stories about how she became one of the top experts in her field today!


Controlled remote viewing, also called practical remote viewing, is a written structure you use to access your intuition. You use an “interview and report” methodology on your subconscious mind to access information. The goal of using CRV techniques is to open the door of communication between the conscious and the subconscious.

We can learn so much by using controlled remote viewing as a tool for self-discovery. When you think about it, the subconscious rules the roost. It controls our physical bodily functions like our hearts beating and lungs breathing, but conversely, it affects our attitudes and beliefs that dictate how we interact with the world.

“But the fascinating thing about CRV is that it was developed to access the intuition that lies within the subconscious mind.” - Lori Williams


In the not-so-distant past, America’s military intelligence had to face some hard truths: Russian spies weren’t getting information from physically being in their country, but through a psychic spying unit the Russian military was using to infiltrate our secrets. While this understandably blew some minds, it wasn’t long before the American military decided they needed to counter this “crazy” with some of their own!

Like something from a movie, the story brings in the minds of geniuses to explore and tap into telepathy, physic abilities, and remote viewing. These experiments were secret and conducted in remote, seemingly abandoned locations. While testing theories, those involved discovered many truths, which was the beginning of our verifiable evidence of the existence of psychic ability.

“They've even said that the evidence they collected through very stringent experiments proves the existence of clairvoyance and telepathy, among other things. They have more evidence to prove that than the FDA has to prove that aspirin is effective as pain relief.” - Lori Williams


After spending years abroad as a missionary, when Lori returned to the United States in the early nineties, she searched for answers.

“I was searching for something that could reconcile my Christian belief system with my experiences of seeing ghosts and hearing things.” - Lori Williams

Having precognitive dreams, seeing spirits, and displaying psychic abilities isn’t always viewed favorably in the container of organized religion, so Lori began questioning why it was okay to “receive a word from the Lord” and not to “have a premonition.” Her questioning led to a straightforward understanding: if God gave us the abilities we recognize as gifts to use, why not the others?

“Do we think our eyesight is evil? No. Someone can use that gift to look at something they shouldn’t, but that doesn’t make the ability evil. Nor does smelling an obnoxious odor make our sense of smell evil or our ears evil because they can hear gossip. God also gave us a psychic sense. It's no more evil than our eyesight or our hearing.” - Lori Williams

Lori now enjoys a beautiful balance between faith in something bigger and the gifts the universe wants us to enjoy and use to help ourselves and others.


Remote viewers truly are silent heroes. One of the most compassionate uses of this ability is helping find missing persons. Each viewer has a known set of strengths that are cataloged, so when a specific piece of information is needed, the remote viewer who can find that information can be called upon to help.

Lori explained that when a law enforcement agency contacts them with specific details, they can quickly match the needed information with the best person to provide that information.

“If a police department were to call us and say, ‘Hey, we've got a situation. A little girl got kidnapped yesterday, and we need XYZ information." We can choose viewers based on their strengths that would be most appropriate for whatever the need is. For example, they need a description of the kidnapper's car, and Joe over here is the best viewer we have when describing manmade objects. And then we need a description of the kidnapper himself. Oh, here's Susan. She's the best at describing people.” - Lori Williams

Lori has also been on a fascinating project, assisting with a years-long search! An archaeologist had been looking for 40 years for artifacts in the ocean in a 200-square mile area of the ocean.

“We were able to give him the GPS coordinates where he would find what he was looking for and tell him what he would find there, all through using CRV.” -Lori Williams


When Lori was invited to appear on Coast-to-Coast radio to showcase CRV, she did not expect her target to be Bigfoot. Her mentor, Lynn Buchanan, asked, “Do you want to do this?” But she preserved with the attitude, “Well, it will make me, or I’ll retire! And what an experience!

“I ended up having such a phenomenal connection with this interdimensional being that is Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The beauty and intelligence of this being were so incredible, and it was such an experience of love, too. Here I was, having this experience with a being I didn’t even believe in!” - Lori Williams

Lori’s curiosity peaked when she realized how often the Bigfoot sightings would end up in an elusive search for something that had been there moments before. What she saw through her viewing was that these beings are also time-travelers. Upon further research and questioning her peers, she found out that among native tribes, this is common knowledge in their legends.

This is just one of the many experiences Lori has allowed to open her mind and experience the world entirely differently!


Lori has had experience as a medium, but with remote viewing and perfect site immersion, she has gone outside her body to help bring closure to those with lingering questions. On one occasion, a young woman was not convinced her mother’s passing was by natural means. She feared her mother’s demise was at her boyfriend's hand and came to Lori for answers.

“I asked her to tell me nothing. I was transported to a cigarette-smoke-filled bar, where I was seated next to a woman with very distinct features. She gave me the message her daughter came to me for, and suddenly I was back in my body. The daughter confirmed everything I experienced to be accurate, and she got the closure she desperately needed.” - Lori Williams

This kind of experience can be incredibly validating and show how valuable learning how to use remote viewing can be in matters of the heart.


Over the years, Lori has not only been able to reconcile her faith with her abilities, but she has also delighted in the expansiveness of what love truly is. For her, remote viewing has eased many of the fears she carried around from her years involved in a strict, rigid faith system that taught that if you weren’t perfect, you weren’t worthy of experiencing joy and bliss.

“This journey has taken that totally away, which I love. I love not having that in my life anymore. And it's made me so much more relaxed, and really helped my relationships, especially with my children.” - Lori Williams

She has leaned into understanding how connected we all are, with each other, with God, with ourselves and that we are blessed with gifts for the greater good. She has found that the one constant through all the incredible experiences she has had, is love.

“I've come to believe that love itself is a power. It's a force, and it's not just an emotion. When you think about the statement, ‘God is love,’ then love is what really controls the whole universe.
Love is the one constant that exists through all universes and dimensions. It's the one constant that you can count on. It's always there.” - Lori Williams


Lori has a FREE four-part Masterclass Series on remote viewing that will teach you how to do it!

“My goal in creating this class was, number one, not to waste your time, but number two, to let you have an experience of what doing a CRV session is like, so that you could know if this resonates with you and if it's something that might be for you.”

To take part in this fascinating experience, you can sign up here*.

Lori is a gifted teacher who loves what she does! With this Masterclass, you get four parts delivered daily. At the end of the class, there’s an additional Q&A session, so it’s 8 hours of free instruction with no strings attached. This class is designed to give you a taste of remote viewing to see if it’s a journey you want to take further! Enjoy!

*Please note this is an affiliate link. If you sign up through this link, I may receive an affiliate commission. You do not pay extra for using this link, and you are not required to purchase anything. I don’t endorse programs or services lightly, but Intuition and Remote Viewing as the Ultimate Survival Skill in Life and Business is a truly transformational experience, and I’m more than happy to recommend it!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, everyone. I am so excited for our special guest today, Laurie Williams. This soul chat is very different. We talk about remote viewing.

Lori Williams is a professional controlled remote viewer also known as CRV. She's also an experienced instructor of CRV and certified hypnosis. Ms. Williams has been in researching and practicing and studying the science of controlled remote viewing since 1996.

Highly respected among both students and peers, as an expert in the field of remote viewing, Lori is considered by many to be one of the top remote viewing instructors available today. She has taught CEOs of major corporations, number one New York best-ing authors, celebrities, and hundreds of everyday people as well. She is currently the only certified instructor teaching beyond the advanced levels of CRV.

As a professional remote viewer herself, Lori's experience includes assisting law enforcement in missing person cases, conducting professional sessions for corporations, working on archaeological mysteries, providing personal life path sessions for individuals, and a broad range of other topics. She has worked with many individuals, and companies in several countries. An accomplished public speaker, and presenter, Lori has presented many workshops on remote viewing. Lori William's remote viewing company, known as Intuitive Specialist, opened in 1999.

She is an incredible human being. I really enjoyed our conversation. We talk about the history of remote viewing and how it's connected to the government and how they wanted to experience and learn more about psychic abilities, which I thought was really cool. She's just a really interesting individual. I hope you guys enjoy this interview and I look forward to you listening to it. We even talk about bigfoot, so enjoy.

Amy: Hello, everyone. I'm so excited for our special guest, Lori Williams. How are you, my dear?

Lori: I am doing great, Amy. Thanks so much for having me. I'm really excited to talk with you today.

Amy: Super excited to talk with you today because you are into something very interesting. Maybe people have heard about it, maybe they haven't, and that's remote viewing. And I find this topic really fascinating. Can you tell our listeners what remote viewing is?

Lori: Okay, so remote viewing is a term like martial arts. It's kind of a big generic term that could include so many different types of remote viewing. Martial arts can include taekwondo, jujitsu, all the different types. So I teach several types of remote viewing, one of which, and the primary one is controlled remote viewing, which we also call practical remote viewing. And that is a written structure that you use to access your intuition. We call it an interview and report methodology where your subconscious mind is interviewing, your conscious mind is interviewing your subconscious mind. And so we can't talk openly with the subconscious. We're kind of blocked from being able to just have an open communication. And the fact that it's called the subconscious means it's below our awareness, right? So the goals of the techniques of controlled remote viewing are designed to help you access your subconscious mind and open that door so they can communicate. Conscious and subconscious communicate together.

Amy: I think that's so cool because I think we all need some sort of access to our subconscious mind because our subconscious mind is constantly one, it's creating our reality. It's also creating our belief systems and our values and influences us whether we know it or not know it influences us all throughout the day. So what are some of the things that the subconscious mind reveals through this technique?

Lori: Well, the potential is absolutely amazing as far as using controlled remote viewing as a self-discovery tool. We've learned so much about ourselves once we really are able to befriend and form a partnership with our own subconscious minds. It's almost like a different personality. And, you know, we all have micro personalities. Like, you're not the person you are with your toddler as you are with your husband or your boss at work or whatever. We have these different micro personalities. And in that way, the subconscious mind reveals itself to have its own personality, its own desires, prejudices and things like you mentioned, belief systems. So it's really great when we can form that partnership and get to really know the subconscious mind. And when you think about it, the subconscious is ruling the roost. I mean, it controls 99.99% of our physical functions: the heart beating, the lungs breathing, and all the functions that are taking place in your body, as well as so many of our attitudes and belief systems and things that we have going on that we don't realize, as you just mentioned, we don't realize how much they control us. But the thing that's most fascinating and that CRV was developed to do is to access the intuition that lies within the subconscious mind.

Lori: Because we look at it as though the subconscious is connected to all that ever is, all it ever was, all that is, all that ever will be, in all of time and space. And so you think, wow, what a repository of information. You could even look at it like the subconscious mind is plugged into that great big cosmic database in the sky and get all the information that we need. And so when the US Military discovered that the Russians were getting a lot of our military secrets, and they had no idea how they were getting them, they found that this man, hold on a second, this man defected from Russia and he was carrying documents that showed that Russia had a psychic spying unit in their military. And that's how they were getting our secrets. And that blew everybody's mind.

Amy: Absolutely!

Lori: Back then, I don't think they even ever thought about anything slightly woohoo. What you see is what you get, and if you can't touch it, it doesn't exist kind of a thing. So I think this blew a lot of minds that the Russians were getting our secrets through psychic means. But they thought, well, if they're doing that, we have to have something to counter it and we have to compete. So they went to these genius businesses. Hal Puthoff off or Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ. Okay, so we'll start that one again. So they went to these businesses that were at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto, California. Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, and these guys had helped to invent the laser. These were not stupid men. And they asked them to actually research clairvoyance and psychic ability and all that sort of thing. So they started doing all these experiments and they were able to get the help of this amazing psychic man named Ingo Swann. And Ingo had done some work, as I believe take this with a grain of salt on this. I understand that Ingo had done some work with Princeton Labs and he had been able to affect an electromagnetometer that was buried 50ft underground. And the way he did it, he had a button, I believe, on the top of his sleeves and he was, excuse my many watches, and he was turning that button and connecting with the machine to affect the machine.

Amy: Kind of like James Bond.

Lori: He affected the machine just using a button on his shirt, kind of as a surrogate, right, like for a knob. And then he also was able to view Jupiter. And this was back, I think, early seventies, and he told them that Jupiter had rings. And at that point they had no idea that Jupiter had rings. That wasn't discovered until later. So it was found to be true. And so they enlisted his help and then they also found this guy named Pat Price, who was a retired Berkeley detective, and this guy turned out to be ultra psychic as well. So they started with these two guys, but eventually, over time, they got a lot of different people in that they would do experiments, and they would put them in faraday cages to protect them from any EMFs that could influence them in any way.

Lori: And they would have chosen some location that they would have a photograph of, and they would send someone to that location. They would say, "Okay, where is Helen today? Zero in on Helen and describe her location." And then they would sketch what they were seeing in their mind's eye, and it was often exactly the location. And they've even said that the evidence that they collected through very stringent experiments actually proves the existence of clairvoyance and telepathy and all those things. They actually have more evidence to prove that than the FDA has to prove that aspirin is effective as a pain relief.

Amy: Pretty incredible, if you ask me. I think that's incredible. And I mean, as someone that's really into intuition, and we use our intuition, like, it's just nice to have that validation that they've proven it. It's there.

Lori: They definitely have. But you understand that since this was the military who hired these men, the military has a great need for uniformity if they want to take anybody off the front lines and teach a grunt soldier how to be psychic, so to speak. And so they hired Ingo to come up with a written set of protocols that would allow uniformity that could be taught to all the soldiers type of thing. And so they had two units. They had one in Palo Alto at SRI, that was their research arm. And then they had another one at a set of abandoned buildings because it was top secret, so it technically didn't exist. So they put them in these abandoned buildings with weeds up to their waist that they had to wade through every day when they would come to work. And if they needed a new doorknob or anything, they had to go to, like, a surplus place. They couldn't go and get it through a normal means because they didn't exist. It's kind of funny. But anyway, so these guys were the actual applications arm. They were the ones who were actually doing remote viewing. And so nowadays we're using this methodology for so many practical applications in addition to self-discovery because you can literally remote view yourself and your motives and your belief systems and things like that.

But also we're using it in, for example, archaeology to find missing banks. We did a project that we're still involved in, actually, that we started in 2015, and we had 14 viewers involved, four project managers, and we had this whole team of people to try to help this archaeologist who had spent 40 years of his life looking for these artifacts in an area of ocean, a 200 square mile area of ocean. And he had been looking for 40 years. So we manned this whole project. We were able to give him the GPS coordinates where he would find what he was looking for and tell him what he would find there, all through using CRV.

Amy: That's incredible, Lori. Incredible. So you can use it for, obviously, intuition, for self-discovery, for personal use, and then you can use it to help others, like you're saying, with the artifacts. That's really neat to think about because many people lose things.

Lori: That's probably one of the most common uses I know of among my students is, "I found my TV remote," or, "I found the lost keys," or whatever. It's a really common use of CRV. Also, though, of course, law enforcement, missing persons. I worked for two years, just nonstop on missing persons. That became a diet that was pretty intense, though, because not all missing persons are victims. Some are also criminals.
Amy: Right.

Lori: So you're viewing some very dark things when you work almost nonstop with missing persons. Then there's just so many applications. I have a lot of physicians and psychologists and psychiatrists, and some of my students who use it to help their patients and to help them understand their patients better.

Amy; And I think that's really neat because if you think about Western medicine, this is a different approach to coupling with Western because I think Western medicine is necessary. I think Eastern medicine is necessary as well. So it's nice when there's this molding effect that there's a happy medium of allowing intuition to look at the person. Because not everybody is in the textbook. Not every symptom is in the textbook that we can go to and go, "Yeah, that's the problem." So that's really awesome. So when they're helping patients with this remote viewing, what are some of the results that they can see, or what happens with that?

Lori: Well, once you reach a certain level of proficiency with the structure because we teach the structure as the foundation of the whole thing, the written structure. And once you really have that down, then the structure can hold you up through emotional ups and downs and all kinds of other things. So once you have the structure down, you can take our healing course. And the healing course is really phenomenal. It's the most phenomenal course I've ever studied. And it's just so deep. It's one of the students' favorite courses. I have people who sign up to study with me just so they can get to the point where they can take that course.

Amy: That’s really neat.

Lori: Yeah, it's an amazing, amazing healing course. But one of the things you learn about this course and about healing in general, is that the person has to want to be healed on a subconscious level. And we all know there's a term called secondary gain where let's say that you have someone who is married and let's say the only time she ever gets any attention from her husband is when she's sick, for example. Then there's a reason for holding onto the sickness. So there's a benefit to holding on to the sickness for her. And so this technique uses a subconscious way of connecting subconscious to subconscious to help persuade the person to heal themselves.

Amy: Yes.

Lori: So we call it kind of remote persuasion and on a healing level to help people heal themselves. And it's amazingly effective. It's really, really effective.

Amy: I think it's also eye-opening if someone recognizes that in order to feel love, I have to be sick. In order to feel intimacy, I have to be sick. And that's a bad pattern to have, like, a very unhealthy pattern, just in general to have. So that's neat that the remote viewing can help with that. How did you get into all this?

Lori: Well, it's kind of an interesting, path/journey that got me to this point. Because when I was 14, I met this Jesus people group. I just turned 14. I was like 14 and three weeks old. And I met this Jesus people group on August 8 of 1971. That was 51 years ago. I met this group, and they were a bunch of hippies that loved Jesus, and I was enthralled with them. We ended up, they ended up praying with me, and I had this very deep spiritual experience. Even today, it was pretty profound, and it really did change my life. And so I ended up going all over the world as a missionary and traveling everywhere, and it was a pretty exciting existence, to be honest. But the thing is that my whole life I had had pre-cognitive dreams. I'd seen ghosts, I've had really strange experiences my whole life. I've had a near-death experience at, like, two years old, and so I was just the odd man out in our family. I was the weirdo.

Amy: A bunch of our listeners can relate to that.

Lori: So I know for children, if you were ever a child who exhibited certain abilities, it kind of freaked my mother out. She didn't know what to do with it. I feel sorry for her now, thinking back and having my own kids. She just didn't know what to do with that. I was little, like three, and I said, "Mommy, last night these angels came and got me. And we were flying and we were talking, but we didn't have to use our mouths because we talked with our minds." I didn't even know what that meant.

Amy: And back then I'm sure that freaked her out.

Lori: It freaked her out a lot. And she had this fear that I would die really young because I was, like, special. And she confessed that to me when I was an adult. She didn't tell me that as a child, but she just lived with this fear that I would end up dying. She would say, "Don't be too good, because the good die young." I had a dream once that I wrote a book that became a best-seller, and it was called How to Visit Your Mother. And it was all these stories of things my mother did and said that were pretty hilarious. She was Sicilian, and she had a lot of unusual beliefs, and she also had a lot of interesting little sayings that she would throw out periodically that were pretty hilarious. But anyway, so I was really intrigued with all this. But as a missionary, you're walking a fine line if you're having precognitive dreams. And so I learned that it was kind of a thing of the terminology you use. If you say, "I got a word from the Lord," or, "The Lord gave me a dream," that's okay. But if you just said, "Hey, I had a premonition," that's not okay.

Amy: Yeah, words are important. Especially in organized religion, words are important.

Lori: I have a blog that I wrote called How to Talk to Devout Christians About CRV, because I had students who were like, everybody's worried that I'm getting into a cult or that I'm going into worship demons or something. And when you really think about it, Amy, I mean, do we think our eyesight is evil?

Amy: No.

Lori: No. It's a God-given gift to be able to see the beauty around us. But what about the guy who uses his eyes to look at pornography? Does that make your eyesight evil? No, it doesn't. I mean, that person chooses to use their eyesight in that way, but that doesn't make the eyesight evil, nor does it make your hearing evil or your ability to talk or any of our other senses, our ability to smell. Sometimes we smell obnoxious odors, but it doesn't make our sense of smell evil. Well, God also gave us a psychic sense. It's no more evil than our eyesight, and our hearing. And if you read the Bible, the Bible is full of paranormal experiences and precognitive dreams, and visitations by angels and spirit guides. And so I really don't see a conflict between Christianity and all the things that you're involved in and that I'm involved in. It's not at all.

Amy: No. And I don't either. One of my big tools is the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is mentioned in the Bible. It's called the Book of Life. And so I think that as we learn more and more and I like that you said it's all about wording because it really is. The way we word things and the way we say things allows us to have a different perception around the tool itself. And the tool is here to support us, and the tool is here to help us be good, because God, at the end of the day, God, universe, the divine, wants us to have an amazing life. They want us to experience things that are amazing and heartfelt and allow us to grow and allows us to raise our vibration and see things differently. And I think that the more tools that we have in our toolbox and not every tool is meant for everyone. Because some things I might get that really clicked for me and then other things that I know, like one of my very first teachers, she would teach the I Ching, and I just didn't get it. It didn't click for me. It didn't resonate with me. That does not mean that tool is not good. It just didn't work for me. But some tools are great. Some tools just don't resonate and it's perfect. And I love that you found this tool because it sounds like it really helped you on a personal level. So you were doing some missionary trips and then what happened after that?

Lori: And so I ended up coming back to the United States after being out of the country for many years. I came back to the States in the early nineties. And right around that time in 1995, the program of controlled remote viewing was declassified. And meanwhile, I was searching for something that could reconcile my Christian belief system with my experiences of seeing ghosts and hearing things and I knew I was not evil. I just wanted to help people and serve people. And so I was like, "Okay, if I'm not evil, and I constantly have these things happening, there must be an explanation that makes sense, that doesn't conflict, that doesn't go into demon possession or whatever." Because I had a lot of fears at that time. I think that organized religion, that's the goal. There's a lot of fear involved so that there's more control. But at the time, of course, I didn't look at it like that and I was trying to understand what was happening. So I was on this search to try to understand. When I had the great good fortune of attending, I got a job first of all, I got hired as the head of a refugee resettlement program.

Lori: And the first thing they did was send me to a conference in Denver, Colorado at the Spring Institute. And this amazing psychologist was giving these talks about post-traumatic stress disorder and I was completely enthralled. And so after the first day of the conference that night, I dreamt that I met this guy. And he was a retired colonel, and he had just retired from the military. And I had just met my very first colonel ever, two days earlier, before leaving Amarillo, Texas. So in the dream, I was asking him if he knew this colonel. And the next day I get to the ballroom to go into the conference and I'm there early, and he's standing out there waiting. And he looks at me and I look at him. We're total strangers. And I just said, I just blurted out, "I had a dream about you last night." And he's like, "You did?' My mother used to say, "If you ever want a man to remember, tell him you had a dream about him." So he's just like, "You did? What did you dream?" So I told him it was a pretty bland dream. And he said, "Oh, that's interesting."

And he said, "What branch of the military is this colonel that you just met in?" And I said, "I think he was in military intelligence." And he said, "Oh, interesting. I was also in military intelligence." And right as he said that the cover of a book that I had seen at the bookstore. I didn't buy the book, I just looked at it, kind of thumbed through it, and read the inner cover that was turquoise and black. I couldn't remember the name of the book, but it was turquoise and black. And I just again blurted out and I was like, "Have you seen that new book?" And he's like, "What new book?" And I said, "It's turquoise and black, and it has something to do with psychics in the military." He goes, "Are you talking about Psychic Warrior by David Moorehouse?" I said, "Yes, that's the book!" He said, "It's interesting that you're asking me about that book because I'm like, one of the main characters of that book. I was a psychologist in charge of that military program for 20 years." So then he was very interested in me. And he starts kind of leaning into my space and asking me questions.

I'm like backing away and just really fearful, I'm kind of trying to get away from him at that point. And so he says, "Wait, wait, before you go, when you get home, get on the Internet," which was very new at that point. And there were many warnings about all the terrible things that could happen to you on the internet. You could meet a terrible person and all this. So he said, "Get on the Internet and look up controlled remote viewing." So that was the only thing I remembered.

So when I got home, I looked up controlled remote viewing and I pulled up the website of a man named Lynn Buchanan and it said, "What is CRV?," and it had this explanation. And when I read it, it was like, here's the thing I've been searching for to reconcile because he made it so normal. It's a normal thing for all of us to have intuition. That's the way we were born. It was the way we were made. And so I knew I had to get in touch with him. So with great trepidation, I sent him an email. Because you don't send emails to people you don't know on the internet.

Amy: I mean, that's the truth of what was happening back then. Now it's just funny to think about.

Lori: So I sent him an email and he wrote right back this beautiful response, so kind and compassionate. And I found myself getting sent to another conference like a week later in Maryland and he happened to live in Maryland, 40 miles from where I was going to be staying. So he invited me to come out to his house and meet his wife. And he sounded so grandfatherly and sweet. So I thought, "Okay, well, if I can get a rental car for $29.95," I picked a very specific amount, I think it was $29.95 or $24.95, "for tomorrow morning I will go." And so I called Avis and they said, "Well, we have a car for tomorrow for..." the exact amount that I had put out there. So I rented the car and I stayed at this house for like 5 hours talking. They probably couldn't figure out how to get rid of me.

The hilarious thing is that I was 39 at the time and I was already a grandmother. I gave birth to seven kids and I have two wonderful stepdaughters. But I also had at that point a grandbaby. And so in getting to know me and asking questions, it came out that I had seven kids and a grandbaby, and he and his wife thought I was like 25. So they thought I must have a screw loose because I have this imaginary family that I invented. So when I left, his wife turned to him and said, "Lynn, you have got to stop inviting these crazy people to our house. That poor girl and her imaginary family." He said it was odd because you seem so together in other ways. But we just thought, "Oh, you know, this thing about the kids and the grandkids," and what's funny, too, is that I thought they were ancient. I thought they must be in their seventies and they thought I was 25. I thought they were in their seventies. I was like, "Oh no, what's going to happen to this if he dies? He might have 1ft in the grave and another on a banana peel." He was only in his mid-fifties at the time.

Amy: Isn't it so funny that your guys' perception of age was so skewed between the two of you?

Lori: It was. And we joke about it now like some psychics we are. We couldn't even tell each other's ages. We're a really bad judge of ages. And he didn't look that old either. But when you're young, if you go into a restaurant and look at how young you look, you look very young. But you could go into a restaurant where there's like a 16-year-old at the cash register and she might offer you the senior discount because to her you look old. My husband and I have, speaking of my husband, he just walked in the door. But we benefited from that when we were young because we always got offered the senior discount. So where are we about that? Where are we now?

Amy: You were talking about how you met him and how this got you into remote viewing.

Lori: Right. Okay. So after that visit, we became best friends, really. And they ended up becoming like second parents to me. They came to my wedding when I married my husband Jim, and Lynn was like a dad to me, and his wife was like a mom to me. So they got to meet all the children. Of course, throughout the years.

Amy: So they got to know your pretend family.

Lori: Members of my imaginary family, which has grown and grown. But anyway, so now we're just in fact, I have a great-grandbaby now. She's not a baby anymore either. She's a toddler. So I have a great-grand toddler.

Amy: That's awesome. The person you worked with that you went to his house forgive me, I forget the name that you said.

Lori: Lynn Buchanan.

Amy: Okay, what did he do for remote viewing?

Lori: Lynn Buchanan was part of the original Stargate unit, which was the psychic spying unit, and he was a trainer in the unit. He was also the database manager. And so what was interesting is when the guys were in the unit, they all had ideas of what they would do when they retired. Because in the military you can retire pretty young. So they all had different ideas. One guy was going to start a deck business and one guy was going to really throw himself into helping the Mormon youth of his church do their journeys that they take. And so everybody had these different ideas of what they were going to do. Lynn was just so intrigued by the whole thing of controlled remote reviewing. And as the database manager, he would do all kinds of databasing so that he could see, well, this worked better than that. After 500 sessions, he had all this data to learn what really worked, which I loved. And as a former, he grew up as a Baptist, and then he was a Methodist minister for many years. And so I found that he was the perfect person to help me segue from a very black and white binary belief system that was extremely small and limiting into something much bigger.

And it wasn't because he preached to me in any way or talked to me about religion at all, but it was through my own remote viewing experiences. Remote viewing the dark side of the moon, remote viewing Mars, remote viewing of various things that happened on the planet. When there were, for example, they had to scramble a jet to identify an unidentified thing on a radar screen and the thing merged and disappeared and they never found any wreckage or anything. I was given a lot of this type of target after I had become a professional remote viewer. Not in the beginning. In the beginning, all my targets are very concrete targets, like a red car on a bridge that I could score my sessions based on the accuracy of perceptions, like colors, textures, temperatures, smells, sounds, taste, shapes, sizes, patterns, positions, all those kinds of things.
Lori: You can score your abilities into a database, and then you can find out your strengths and weaknesses. And through doing that, we discovered that I had a terrible fear of heights. So Lynn would give me packets of targets to take home and practice with, which were essentially things cut out from a magazine and glued onto a piece of paper. Because back in the olden days, we didn't have digital photographs and we had to use things, we had to glue it on paper. And so he would give me a packet of targets to work on. And he would always slip heights of targets in there, like airplanes flying in the sky or hot air balloons or really high roller coasters and things like that. And over time, I overcame my fear of heights because it desensitized me to them by remote viewing.

Amy: That’s incredible.

Lori: Yes. And when I really discovered how strongly it had worked was right after 9/11, we went to go visit my son, who was stationed at Cape Canaveral in Florida off of Cocoa Beach. And after 9/11, there's Busch Gardens, a big amusement park, that opened its doors to the military and their family for free. And nobody was flying planes right then either. So we flew to Florida on an empty plane, and then we got ushered into Busch Gardens and we rode roller coasters all day. There were no lines. There were no people there. So we just rode roller coasters one after another after another the entire day. And at the end of the day, I was the only one who wasn't feeling nauseous or sick. I just was totally fine. Whereas before, I couldn't even get on a roller coaster because it was too terrifying for me. And since then, I've done bungee jumping, I've done parasailing.

Amy: Good for you! That's awesome. So, remote viewing, you can use it to overcome fears similar to heights because I know a lot of people have fear of heights and many other fears out there. So that's incredible.

Lori: Claustrophobia would be another one, and fear of water, things like that. So that was huge to me that I overcame my fear of heights. And knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, your teacher can help you strengthen your weaknesses because it's obvious the data speaks for itself, right? And so we find that if you go see Madam Manerva in the gypsy tent, there's no data. Maybe word of mouth, "She's really good. She told me I was going to meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger, and I did," that kind of thing. But you don't have any actual data to see. Whereas if a police department were to call us and say, "Hey, we've got a situation. A little girl got kidnapped yesterday, we need XYZ information." We can actually choose viewers based on their strengths that would be most appropriate for whatever the need is. For example, they need a description of the kidnapper's car and Joe over here is the best viewer we have when it comes to describing manmade objects. And then we need a description of the kidnapper himself. Oh, here's Susan. She's the best at describing people. And we can tell that.

Amy: You work in a team together as well, which is really neat. I think that there's some people out there that are naturally gifted at getting information like this, so it gives them a tool to lean on, as well, that's backed by data, backed by the military, which is I think that's amazing.

Lori: There's a lot of science behind it, really. And the thing, too, is that when it comes to all this stuff, we are learning through quantum theory that reality is not at all what we think it is; that consciousness is this huge mystery, really. It truly is a big mystery, and that consciousness is the next frontier. So to me, what you're doing, what I'm doing, we're exploring this new frontier of consciousness, and it's leading to so many things. And I've gotten things in a session. Do you remember reading about Edgar Cayce or maybe studying him?

Amy: Yes, yes, absolutely!

Lori: Most of us have. And the funny thing about Edgar Cayce was he was a very devout Christian, and often when he would read back through the notes of something he had said while in trance, he would disagree with it wholeheartedly because it completely conflicted with his belief system. And so it's funny because over time when I would do certain remote viewing sessions, I would be so blown away by the information that I got in a remote viewing session that it didn't really conflict with what I believed. But it just expanded it so much to areas that never occurred to me before that I would just be just flabbergasted. In one session, I was asked to view a plane crash. We always start out blind to the target. We don't know what the target is. So I had no idea what I was doing. But I ended up in the cockpit of this plane, and it was a 1950 Pan Am plane. And I drew the sections of you know how back in those days, the windshields have sections in them? Oh, this is odd. It has all these sections, this transparent piece of whatever I'm looking through.

And then I saw these two men, and I was kind of standing behind them in the remote viewing, and I could see them from the back of their heads. And I was describing the interior of the plane, and then suddenly there was kind of a loud noise, and the plane tipped, and there were things falling, and people were screaming, and I was perceiving all this. I could also see outside the top of it. I could see water, and I could see land off to the left. And so I'm describing all this, and I said, "Something is failing." Now, one thing we always try to be very careful with in remote viewing, if you happen to not be doing a session by yourself and you have a trained remote viewing monitor with you. The monitor then has to be very careful not to lead the remote viewer.

Amy: Yes, absolutely!

Lori: Very careful. So my husband is like a world-class remote viewing training monitor. And so when I said something is failing, he said, "Move to the failing and describe." So that way he's not leading me, he's using what I just said and then asking for more information about it. So he said, "Move to the failing and describe." So then I'm seeing this something mechanical and I am not a mechanical person at all. I have no interest in anything mechanical. And so I said, "Well, it's this kind of mechanical thing," and I'm Italian, so I'm with my hands and he's like, "Could you sketch that for me?" And I was like, "Well, I don't know," because I'm also not an artist. But I ended up sketching this whole schematic of the interior part of this engine from the wreckage from this plane. And we now have a photo of the actual engine.

Lori: And so it's really great to get feedback and see that something I know nothing about I was actually able to sketch in detail the interior parts of it. And then later it was discovered that that particular engine was problematic on this plane, that particular model of engine.The reason they had asked us to take a look at what caused the plane crash was because there were some suspicious characters and some disgruntled employees and that kind of thing. So they wanted to be sure that it wasn't sabotage. But in all the remote viewings that have been done on that and there's even been a book written about that particular flight. And we use viewer numbers so no one knows who we are. And this guy wrote a book about it and referred to my viewer number and always referred to me as a he in the book, which is funny. He just assumed I must be a man.

Lori: But anyway, so that kind of thing for CRV, it just shows how amazing it is because you don't even have to have knowledge of what you're remote viewing to get accurate information about it, which is amazing. And if you had asked me 40 years ago if I believed in parallel universes or if I believed in other dimensions, I would be like, "No way!" I might have even thought it was of the devil. And I didn't believe in reincarnation or anything like that. And all of those things, no one could convince me to believe in those things. But those things have all become part of my experience as a remote viewer. And when you experience something through remote viewing, it's as though it really has occurred to you.

Amy: And it starts shifting your perspective on things.

Lori: It really will.

Amy: So how has remote viewing shifted your relationship with your spirituality?

Lori: I feel like it's been kind of an up and down journey, to be honest. There have been times where I feel I could strengthen my faith in many ways. And the thing is, prior to my ever leaving the missionary group and discovering CRV, I was the beneficiary of some amazing healing. I had been given a death sentence and I was miraculously healed. I experienced so many amazing miracles that I know that there's something to having strong faith in something.

Amy: Of course, yeah.

Lori: So I think that over time I'd be like, "Wow, that other belief system was a lot simpler."

Amy: I know. Sometimes I tell my students this, I'll tell my friends this once you know, you know too much to go backward. And so once you know the information, yes, it is a little bit of a harder path, but you know better. Like the things that are occurring, you can't make up. This stuff is just too real to be making up. And you get confirmation after confirmation after confirmation. But it can be challenging sometimes because you're not living under fog anymore.

Lori: Exactly. That was a very rigid belief system and the path was very straight and narrow. Right. And this is a lot broader because consciousness is a massive ocean of knowledge. Jesus said God is love. And that is probably the most expansive, most startling statement in the entire Bible if you think about it. Because I've come to believe that love itself is a power. It's a force, it's not just an emotion. You used to think, "Oh, I love you." It's a lot more than that. Love is just so powerful and it is a force of nature in itself, stronger than gravity. And so when you think about the statement God is love, then love is what really controls the whole universe. And I found through my remote viewing experiences that love is the one constant that exists through all universes, through all dimensions. It's the one constant that you can count on. It's always there.

Lori: I was asked by coast-to-coast radio if I would do kind of a huge dog and pony show for 4 hours where prior to the show they would blind task me with three targets that I had no idea what they were. And I would remote view these three things and then I would come on their show and we would talk about each target. I would share what I got, target number one I got blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and I would tell my information and then they would reveal the target to me on the air. And so Lynne Buchanan was like, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Amy: It sounds nerve-wracking!

Lori: Make you or break you kind of thing. I said, "It'll either really make me or I'll just retire." I started on the first target and it was really funny because as I started it I went, "Oh no, it's bigfoot. I just know it's bigfoot." And I just suddenly knew before I even as soon as I put my pen on the paper I was like, "Oh no, it's going to be bigfoot". And so I was like, "Okay, well, I need to set that aside," because it could very well not be bigfoot. I just need to set that aside. So I started doing this session, and the hilarious thing is I didn't believe in bigfoot at all. My only experience with Bigfoot was Harry and the Henderson when I was a kid, and it was a movie comedy called Harry and the Henderson. And I was just like, "Oh, my gosh." So I start the session, and I ended up having such a phenomenal connection with this interdimensional being that is Sasquatch or Bigfoot. And the beauty of this being, the intelligence of the being, was so incredible, and it was such an experience of love, too. And it's so funny because here I am having this experience when I don't even believe in bigfoot. How can you experience something like that when consciously I had never had any...Bigfoot, just wasn't on my radar, it just wasn't.

Amy: How fascinating! For them to pick that thing for your first thing to view.

Lori: I should have known; it was coast-to-coast radio. Coast to coast has actually become a lot more mainstream in their interviewees that they have on. But back then, almost every interviewee had something pretty out there to talk about. Generals talking about UFOs, and they just had everything. People talking about ghosts in their homes and things. So it was really a profound experience, a beautiful session that I'll never forget. And I got so much information that I thought was way out there, really. I was like, I can't go on the coast-to-coast radio with 2 million listeners and say what I got because they'll think I'm insane. They're going to want to lock me up. But I did. And the hilarious thing that I thought was so far out and so extraordinary, it was like, "Oh, that everybody knows that."

The stuff that I thought was that I was getting for the first time, one of them was that one of his mechanisms for self-preservation. Because you know how people are always having Bigfoot sightings, but then they're so elusive and you could go back to the exact place where it was sighted and there's no evidence of Bigfoot, so what's the deal? And the information that I got through my session was that Bigfoot uses time travel. Then he's interdimensional. And so if you happen to see him, he can suddenly just be in a different time period, be in the same location, but just switch time periods. And I was just like, "Wow, that's really bizarre."

Lori: And I thought, I mean, I was like, "How am I going to say this on the radio?" But what's so funny is we had another number of friends who were native Americans, and they were like, "Everyone knows that Sasquatch is a time traveler." And in fact, my dear friend Mel Riley, who passed away last year. Mel was... Mel passed away in 2020. He'd been kind of raised by the Ho-Chunk Indians in Wisconsin and was considered a very revered elder, even though he didn't have any Indian blood in him because he had been raised by them. So when I talked to him about Sasquatch, he said, "Yeah, it's well known in our culture that Sasquatch is a time traveler." And there's a famous legend of a young brave who was on his vision quest, and he became ill, and he woke up in a Sasquatch camp, and they were bringing him back to health, and then they took him back to his camp, but when he walked into his camp, no one recognized him because it was 75 years later.

Amy: I just got goosebumps everywhere on that one. That's fascinating.

Lori: It is so fascinating. And then what's even more interesting about this story was that when I was 15 years old, I fell madly in love with a 15-year-old boy. It was first love for both of us. And that can be a really powerful thing.

Amy: Yes. Your first puppy love. Yes, very much.

Lori: Anyway, we lost touch over the years, and I used to always wonder what ever happened to him. And someone told me he had died and all this stuff. Well, meanwhile, there was a remote viewing Facebook group that I was an administrator on, along with 36 other people. And every now and then on my feed, something would pop up and say, "So and so wants to join your remote viewing group." And you just click accept, and they're in right? So my husband and I are driving to Albuquerque, and my phone goes, "ding," and I look at it, and it's this guy's name, and it says he wants to join the remote viewing group. And I said, "Oh." So I said to my husband, who knew the whole story of our whole relationship, I said, "Oh my gosh, it can't be the same guy. It must be a guy with the same name." But just to check, I checked on his Facebook profile, and it was that guy that I had fallen madly in love with when I was 15. And I was just so shocked. And my husband had always felt that the experience that I had when I was 15 had really affected me in many ways. And that 15-year-old still really needed closure.

Amy: Yes!

Lori: Not the current me, but the 15-year-old me. And so I started crying. I was, like, very emotional. But when I looked at the picture, the person I could tell it was him but this was a 60-year-old man.

Amy: Yeah. The way that you perceived him in your mind's eye was still a 15 year old.

Lori: Exactly. And so I didn't have any feelings for the 60-year-old man that I was looking at.

Amy: Of course not!

Lori: But my 15-year-old me still was, like, broken-hearted over that 15-year-old boy. And so I responded, which I never did, but I responded and said, '"Are you the so and so that lived in such and such a place during this?" And he responded, "Yes." And I said, "Oh, my name is..." And then I gave him my maiden name and he was flipped out. He couldn't believe it. So then we're talking back and forth while we're still driving to Albuquerque. It's a 90 minutes drive. So he and I are driving back and forth and my husband's like, what's going on now? Tell me what's happening now. And so we're having this correspondence. And he said, "Well, the reason I decided to ask to be part of this remote viewing group is because I belong to a Sasquatch group on Facebook, and I have 13 acres in Tennessee, in East Tennessee, and there is a family of Sasquatch that live on my land and it's a mom and a dad and two teenagers." And so he said, "The lady that runs the Facebook Sasquatch group goes you guys a professional remote viewer, remote viewed Sasquatch and on Coast-to-Coast, and I have all her I have a recording of what she said."

And he said, "So I thought, wow. And I listened to it and I thought, wow, remote viewing. Maybe I should check into remote viewing because maybe I could communicate with the Sasquatch on my property." And so out of 36 possible administrators that his name could have popped up on, he gets me the professional remote viewer who did the thing on Coast-to-Coast.

Amy: I love stuff like that.

Lori: Reality is just not what we think it is. That's the thing.

Amy: I think that when you're in alignment with things that are meant to bring closure and bring healing and bring new insights, it will find its way to you. As long as you're paying attention, it will find its way to you. And if you are not paying attention, it will come and hit you on top of the head or in other ways, shapes or forms get your attention.

Lori: What's really amazing, too, is after that, we started having phenomena, physical phenomena in the house. Like doors locking and like a fork kind of flew across the room. My husband's glasses...were watching a movie, and my husband's glasses just started bouncing across the table by themselves and just a chair tipped over to the side and then back onto its four legs again.

Amy: Do you feel that because you were doing remote viewing that brought things forward, or why do you feel that that started to happen for you?

Lori: Well, I kind of am divided in my opinion on it, because my whole life I've had physical phenomena occur around me, that was normal. Like, we'd be like, "How come every house we move into a haunted?" Well, if every house we move into is haunted sweetie, it's not the house.

Amy: It's not the house. Like, my grandma always has ghosts in her house. So my grandma will always have a ghost in her house. That is just her thing.

Lori: I think some people are just like magnets for spirits.

Amy: Yes, absolutely.

Lori: If they think they can communicate with you. And I did work as a medium for a number of years when I finally gave in. I was so resistant, like, "I don't talk to dead people. I'm not going to do this," but I finally gave in to it because the phenomenon is so outstanding. And I got some training with some very top mediums in England. And they were like, "Well, you are a physical medium, you go into a trans-like state without realizing it, and you cause this physical phenomenon to happen around you." However, I have found that there have been times when it's been really outstanding when there really was something going on and things have been very calm. And we live in an Earthship. That's what these purple walls are behind me. We live in an Earthship. So we live in a house made of earth with flagstone, natural local flagstone floors. And no one ever lived in that house before.

Now, there were Native Americans living on the land hundreds and hundreds of years ago, but we never had any phenomena occur in the house until I did that session. And suddenly it was like all the time happening like crazy. And now things are calm again and it's not happening anymore. So I just feel like it just started right after I did that session with Sasquatch. And we live on the edge. Our west gate opens into the Cibola National Forest. And now that I have done that session, a lot of people who are really into Sasquatch have contacted me and said, "Oh, yeah, if you live on the edge of a national forest, that's where all the interdimensional beings hang out, is in the national forest." I was like, "Okay, well, now I know."

Amy: Good to know! Now I know that! I'm located right next to them.

Lori: As I mentioned, we have 120 acres. So that in itself is like a national forest. I mean, it's like a small national forest.

Amy Yeah, you have a lot of land, a ton of land. So for remote viewing, it's kind of helped you kind of look at your faith and kind of, I want to say, kind of take apart some of the things that just didn't resonate with you and opened your eyes to different things that you're in alignment with too.

Lori: It took away the fear and the ability of that to control me.

Amy: Yeah! That's huge.

Lori: So what it's really done for me is it's helped to relieve a lot of fears that I had. And I think that organized religion controls people through fear in a lot of ways. If you don't do everything perfectly, then you're a goner and you're on your way to hell or whatever. So it's taken that away totally, which I love. I love not having that in my life anymore. And it's made me so much more relaxed, and I think it's really helped my relationships because I know for my kids especially, it's really improved my relationship with my children. Because as they were growing up, of course, they were raised in a religious environment and they had to be good samples of Jesus, right? Poor kids. When people go, "You have wonderful kids," I'm like that's thanks to them, in spite of me, because they were raised in a very tight religious environment, whereas now we can relate on every level. And they know that I accept them unconditionally, regardless of anything, whatever they believe, whatever their lifestyle is. I love them and I accept them. And so that's really helped in those relationships. Additionally, I feel that it has opened me up to believe so many more things that I could not believe before.

So I feel that it's really been amazing in that way that when it comes to faith and spirituality, I now know that there are so many things. I mean, even the Bible says that man can't even comprehend what awaits us and what we really are and who we really are. And I no longer have this vision of heaven and hell like I had before. I feel that really, God is consciousness and we're all connected as part of this consciousness and that I can't point a finger at you or condemn you or judge you because I am you and you are me, and we are really at one. So it's helped me so much to be so much more inclusive and less judgmental about things. So I feel that it has definitely expanded me as a person and who I am in general. And it's all through CRV, through doing these remote viewing sessions that have just blown my mind.

Amy: They sound so fascinating, and they sound like they've taken you on different journeys in different places and have opened your mind to things that allow you to just go, "Hmm. That's interesting," or "what is that about?" So that's cool.

Lori: It truly is. I was doing a session for a young lady whose mother had died and she was worried that her mother's boyfriend had killed her. So she came to me, and I wouldn't let her tell me anything. She called me and I was like, "Don't say anything to me. I don't want to know anything." And I had what we call a bi-location experience or a perfect site immersion experience where I suddenly found myself sitting in a bar. And I'm not a barfly. I met the missionaries when I was 14, so I never became a barfly. But I'm sitting in a bar, it was dark, and I could feel the cool, smooth surface of the bar under my hands. I could see the bartender in front of me kind of off to my right a little bit, and he was cleaning a glass, and I could hear clinking and talking.

Lori: There was a strong, overwhelming smell of cigarettes. And off to my right were beer signs, neon beer signs. And it was so real. And then I turned to my right, and there was a woman sitting on a stool next to me. And she was a tiny diminutive woman, really wrinkly, face, dyed, kind of maroon, short hair, spiky hair. She was smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish. And she said, "Tell my daughter my boyfriend didn't kill me." She said, "Tell her it was my lifestyle that killed me." And then all of a sudden, I was back in the room again, and I was like, "Wow, what was that?" And then I wondered, "How could I communicate this to the daughter?" Because most of us like to think that everyone's mother is like, Aunt Bea.

Amy: Perfect, right?

Lori: Perfect. Rotund and sweet with an apron and baking cookies. And this woman definitely didn't fit that. I said, "Your mom, did she smoke?" She said, "Oh, three packs a day." I said, "Did she like to drink?" And she said, "Oh, yeah, she drank all the time." Then I said, "Did she hang out in bars a lot?" And she said, "Yes, every day. She would spend every day in the bar." And so then I asked her if she had kind of maroon hair, and I kind of physically described her. She said, "Yes, that's my mom." And then I told her about what she had said, and she was just, "Okay, that's what the doctors told me too. But I just wanted to be sure."

Amy: It's nice because she got to have closure and not have a what if anymore.

Lori: Exactly. That kind of experience we call that perfect site immersion, or bilocation experience, where your body is still sitting in a chair, but now you feel you're completely in a different place. And it happens rarely. It doesn't happen every session, that's for sure. But it's so amazing when it does. And then when you can get validation like that where she hadn't told me a thing. I had no reason to know any reason why she was there at all.

Amy: Yeah

Lori: And then to get that kind of validation. So CRV can be for the new student it can feel kind of like, "Oh, this is amazing," and they're getting very basic information, like colors, textures, and smells and things like that. But just getting that is really exciting when you're new.

Amy: It's huge, yeah, absolutely. I know that you have a free four-part Introduction master class for remote viewing. Can you tell people where they can sign up for that? We'll also have this link in the show notes. So if you guys are interested in signing up for this free four-part master class with Lori, just click on the show notes and you'll see it there too.

Lori: Yes. And so if you go to intuitivespecialists.com with an S at the end of specialists, intuitivespecialists.com is my website, and you can actually put intuitivespecialists.com/masterclass-series/ and that is it. Or you can just go to the website and it'll be there. We have actually a special link that we'll put at the bottom that lets us know that you joined that class through this show. Because at the end of the class, just at the end of the four days, there is a special offer at the end. And so we like to know that you came to that through this class. But here's the thing. I get really tired of people who put out free stuff, and it turns out to be a sales pitch. My goal in creating this class was, number one, not to waste your time, but number two, to let you have an experience of what doing a CRV session really is like, so that you could know if this really resonates with you and if it's something that might be for you. Because if it's not, I don't want you to waste your time or your money. So that's why I created a free class.

And it's a genuine class. It's four parts. You get a part every day, and then there's also an additional Q and A at the end of the class every day. So you can actually get 8 hours of free instruction from this class. So I'd love to have you take it. If that's something that if it feels like just from hearing what I've been talking about, if it feels like this is something that might resonate with you and help you, then I'm all for it, because I'm not a salesperson. I'm a teacher. So I love teaching. You love teaching, too, don't you Amy?

Amy: I do. I love teaching. Thank you, Lori, so much for joining us today. I think remote viewing is so fascinating, and thank you for sharing the history behind it and what's possible and what ways you can do it, and more about your life. I think you've lived a very fascinating life, and I'm just so happy to know you, and I'm so happy for our listeners to experience your four-part series if you're interested. And thank you so much for being a part of the show.

Lori: Thanks so much for having me, Amy. It was great. I hope I get to see you again soon.

Amy: Absolutely. All right, guys, make sure you check out the show notes. Make sure you like and subscribe. It means the world to me, and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Bye.

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