Episode 151 - Soulful Ascension: Understanding Your Spiritual Journey Stages

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In this episode, I underscore the importance of embracing the ongoing nature of our spiritual journey, urging listeners to avoid comparisons and instead focus on personal growth. Through personal anecdotes, I emphasize the significance of overcoming fear, seeking support, and remaining curious in our spiritual exploration. Ultimately, I encourage listeners to approach their journey with an open heart and mind, ready to evolve and transform.

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Embracing Your Spiritual Journey

Take a moment to reflect on the inception of your spiritual journey. Whether you embarked on it recently, a decade ago, or even longer, the timing is inconsequential. What truly matters is that you acknowledge your journey's ongoing nature. Avoid the temptation to compare your starting point or progress with others. Instead, recognize the significance of simply being on this journey. Many of my students, both beginners and seasoned practitioners, grapple with doubts. Beginners often express concerns about catching up, to which I reassure them: there's no need to rush. Your journey is unique, and it's about allowing yourself to be guided by spirit embracing the energy it offers.

No Comparison, Just Journey

The timing of your journey's commencement holds no significance. What truly matters is your presence on this path and avoiding comparing your progress to others. Recognizing this journey's ongoing nature is crucial. I often encounter students at different stages, including beginners, expressing concerns about catching up. To them, I emphasize there's no race to be won. Embrace being on your unique journey, allowing yourself to be guided by spirit and the energy it provides

Following the Energy of Spirit

When we follow the energy of spirit, the universe, or whatever sacred title you give, that being time folds. Spiritual tools in your toolbox also fold time. For me, these include the Akashic records, light language, crystals, journaling, and meditation—all capable of folding time. It doesn't matter if you've just started your journey or been on it for a long time. However, there's a phenomenon opposite to this. Some long-time practitioners may dismiss certain practices, saying, "Oh, I've already done that. I know that. I've studied that." But did those practices work for you? Because if they did, your relationship with them would be different. If not, why explore them again? There's a reason behind this exploration. Regardless of the duration of your journey, staying curious is essential. Every spiritual tool in your toolbox has practical applications suitable for any stage of your journey. Let me rephrase that slightly. I took a meditation course from my first teacher, who's no longer here. I attended this course in 2012. I was guided to revisit that course a couple of years ago, but It was not because I already knew the answers. I wanted to perceive the information from a different place on my journey.

Revisiting Old Teachings

We were meant to restudy materials because our perception, shaped by our life experiences, evolves over time, allowing us to see through a different lens. I refer to this as the lens of love. When we view things through the lens of love, we gain the opportunity to apply the knowledge and experiences we've accumulated along our journey to understand better the information presented to us. Let me provide another example. I humorously recount this story because it began as a meditation course yet evolved into much more. I delved into subjects like exorcism, chakra balancing, hands-on healing, and mediumship during this course. It surpassed the typical curriculum of a meditation teacher course. This narrative underscores a significant experience I had with hands-on healing, which initially terrified me. I felt an overwhelming fear at the prospect of placing my hands on someone despite there being more to the practice than simple physical contact.

Overcoming Fear and Seeking Help

Part of our journey in our awakening, our spirituality, and our soul's evolution involves finding workarounds. For me, confronting my fears was particularly daunting. So, I surrendered to spirit, expressing my apprehension and seeking an alternative, more comfortable approach. Unknowingly, shortly after setting this intention during meditation, I found myself in conversation with a friend. This friend, whom I typically spent Sundays with, declined my invitation due to a peculiar activity she was engaged in. Intrigued by her response, I probed further, unfazed by her description of the activity's weirdness, given my familiarity with unconventional experiences through meditation. She revealed her plan to pursue Reiki level one certification—an entirely unfamiliar concept to me. Despite my lack of knowledge or experience, every fiber of my being urged me to embark on this journey. Driven by an inner calling, I disregarded potential disruptions to my plans and committed to exploring Reiki. For those unfamiliar, Reiki entails hands-on healing and offers a pathway to certification in this practice. Trusting in the universe to guide me and facilitate a transformative experience, I embraced Reiki as my workaround for confronting my fears. This narrative underscores the common experience of being drawn to practices that evoke fear or uncertainty.

Embracing the Uncomfortable

Many people are attracted to things that contain elements that scare them, whether it's the modality, the practice, or whatever they find appealing. The reason that I'm sharing this today is because many individuals are drawn to practices that evoke fear or discomfort. This is a positive aspect because these challenging elements serve as catalysts for personal growth. Whether you've been on your spiritual journey for a long time or are just beginning, what truly matters is your willingness to embrace the energy that presents itself to you. It's essential to listen to your heart's guidance, saying yes when it resonates and no when it doesn't. By doing so, you open yourself up to magical opportunities. It's natural to feel uncomfortable or upset along your journey.

Dark Night of the Soul

Just because it's spirituality doesn't mean it's all butterflies and rainbows. Sometimes, social media portrays spiritual practices as solely beautiful and serene, but the reality is multifaceted. There are indeed beautiful and calm aspects, but there are also scary and gut-wrenching parts. The dark night of the soul, in particular, is not for the faint of heart. It involves tearing down false identities and illusions shaped by one's past experiences. The past profoundly influences our present reality, and encountering multiple dark nights of the soul is not uncommon.
I'm sharing this today to remind you that regardless of where you are on your journey, you will encounter challenges that meet you where you're at. Therefore, if you're guided to pursue something, approach it with an open mind and heart. Even if you've encountered similar information before, consider how you can approach it from a beginner's perspective to gain fresh insights. Personally, I frequently revisit old materials and teachings, perceiving them anew with the enriched knowledge and experiences I've accumulated over time.
For beginners, I encourage you to seek communities that support your spiritual growth. And if you feel drawn to pursue a certain modality or practice, trust your heart's guidance. Reflecting on my journey, seeking my first teacher was a daunting yet transformative experience. At the time, I grappled with intense nightmares and sought help to break free from that reality. Admitting the need for help can be daunting, regardless of where you are in your journey. Yet, acknowledging this need initiates a profound shift, enabling magical breakthroughs to occur.

Accepting Support and Continual Learning

When you speak that into existence, in whatever manner you choose, the universe hears you, and a teacher or support system manifests. However, you must be open to accepting the support offered. Whether you're a seasoned traveler on this journey or a beginner, monitoring your language is essential. We all tend to say things like, "I've done that before," or "I know exactly how that works." But do we truly understand?

Remaining a Curious Student

Are you granting yourself permission to be a curious student so you can delve deeper into knowledge? This is crucial to understand. Deepening your understanding allows you to integrate the knowledge into your life and have more profound experiences with it, perhaps even experiencing profundity for the first time. The Akashic Records hold immense significance for me; I thoroughly enjoy teaching about them.
If you're interested in learning about the Akashic Records, check out my Sacred Awakening program.
For me, claiming to fully comprehend the Akashic Records because I've been teaching them for so long would be a disservice to both myself and my students. While I have extensive knowledge of the subject, I recognize that the records are continuously evolving, just like us. Every time I teach Sacred Awakening, I discover something new about the Akashic Records. This ongoing evolution highlights the necessity of remaining open-minded and humble in our pursuit of knowledge.

Evolving with Spiritual Practices

The key is you have to want to continue to evolve; otherwise, you won't. Find the spiritual practices that resonate with you and keep practicing them with a beginner's mind and curiosity!
Love and light,

Amy Robeson

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