Episode 143: Choosing a Word for the Year

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Embark on a transformative journey in 2024 by Choosing a Word for the Year. Dive into insightful steps to find a word that resonates with your goals and feelings, empowering your path toward success, joy, and fulfillment.

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Happy New Year. Whether you're already immersed in the bliss of the new year or still contemplating what to cultivate in 2024, it's all perfect. Today, let's delve into something crucial to make this your best year yet—choosing a word for the year.

Choosing the word of the year is something I've been fond of for a long time. It's a practice I first heard about many years ago, and while it hasn't been around for an extremely long time, I believe it's worth sharing what I love about this tradition and how to go about selecting your word of the year or reassessing if your current word truly aligns with your aspirations for 2024.


First and foremost, it's crucial to reflect on how you want to feel throughout the year. Instead of beginning with your goals, consider how you want to feel, as the chosen word will play a significant role in nurturing and embodying that feeling. Emotions have the power to alter our frequency and attract the things we desire. They also serve as a reset button during challenging moments.


For instance, if you aspire to start a business this year but find yourself overwhelmed with nervousness, a word like "trust" could serve as a source of empowerment and help you reset your mindset, ultimately aiding in overcoming your apprehensions.


It's essential to start by identifying the feeling you want to embody throughout the year. This could be bliss, excitement, joy, empowerment, or any other emotion that resonates with what you aim to cultivate. By beginning with the desired feeling, you can ensure that the word you choose aligns with the emotional essence you wish to embody.


I worked extensively with the emotion of joy last year, and I intend to continue doing so. My chosen word for this year is "epic." This word evokes a sense of excitement, butterflies in my stomach, and a feeling of grandeur and playfulness. To begin the process of selecting your word of the year, start by identifying the feelings you want to embody in the coming year. Following this, brainstorm a variety of words that resonate with you, such as bold, trust, empowered, joy, abundant, magical, or any other word that captures the essence of what you wish to cultivate.


When you are choosing the word of the year, don’t restrict yourself. There is no also restriction on the number of words you can consider; it could even be a mantra. After compiling your list of words, assess each one by speaking it aloud to determine if it aligns with the feeling you aim to embody for 2024. Once you've circled the words that resonate with you, narrow down the list to identify the word or words that truly stand out for you to use throughout the year.


If you're still uncertain about your chosen word, consider how it aligns with your goals and intentions for 2024. You can also explore both your list of words and your intentions simultaneously, examining how they complement each other. The primary objective is to ensure that the chosen word supports the feelings you wish to cultivate and the actions you intend to take in 2024.


Once you've selected your word, incorporate it into your daily life. Use it as a source of inspiration when feeling stuck, as a motivator when seeking to take inspired actions, and as a mantra to remind yourself of its significance. Be attentive to instances where the word repeatedly appears in your awareness, whether it's in signs, billboards, or social media, and allow it to permeate your energy, becoming an integral part of your being. Furthermore, journal about your word and engage in meditation to reinforce its significance, signaling your intentions to the universe.


Finally, share your chosen word and the emotions it evokes with others. Research indicates that sharing your goals with at least one person increases the likelihood of achieving them. Additionally, I encourage you to attach feelings to your list of goals for 2024, as aligning your actions with the desired emotions can empower and uplift you in your pursuit of these goals.


It's important to acknowledge that feeling a range of emotions, both challenging and uplifting, is an essential part of the human experience. By giving yourself permission to experience positive emotions, you can develop emotional intelligence that will support you in facing and processing challenging feelings when they arise. Embracing this emotional intelligence can lead to personal growth and empowerment beyond imagination.


Choosing the word of the word should be empowering and assist you throughout the year. Once you choose your word of the year, use it often throughout your day and week. Happy New Year, and I wish you many blessings!

I hope you found today's episode enjoyable. Please remember to like, subscribe, and share this content with others.

Love and light,

Amy Robeson

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's episode. I am so excited you are here. Happy New Year. If you are swimming in bliss because it is the new year, or maybe you haven't even started thinking about what you want to cultivate in 2024. Whatever it is, it's perfect. I want to talk to you about something really important that you can do to support you in creating your best year yet, and that is choosing a word for the year. And I love choosing the word for the year. I think I heard about this many years ago. It hasn't been around a super long time, at least I don't think it has been. But I wanted to share what I love about choosing the word of the year and things that you can do to decide on what word you to choose or to ask yourself if you've already chosen a word, if that word is truly in alignment with what it is that you're wanting to cultivate for 2024. So first, it's really important to sit with how you want to feel this year. You notice how I didn't start with what are your goals? It's how do you want to feel?

Because the word is going to assist in cultivating and embodying that feeling. Because feelings allow us to change our frequency, allow us to attract the things that we're wanting to attract. It hits the reset button when you're having a character building day or character building moment. And I'll give you an example. Let's say you are wanting to start a business this year and you are overthinking everything. Every time you think about starting the business, you get super nervous. If your word is trust, and when you hear that word, it empowers you, that is going to assist you in hitting the reset button. If you don't sit with the feeling first on what you're wanting to cultivate this year, you might pick a word that doesn't have the feeling attached to it that you're to have. So start with the feeling that you're wanting to embody. That could be bliss, that can be excitement, that could be joy, that can be empowered, that can be so many different things. Whatever the feeling is that you're wanting to cultivate. And you can want to cultivate more than one feeling. I know last year I worked a lot with joy.

I'm going to continue to work with joy. And my word of the year is epic. Like, One, it gets me super excited. Two, it gives me little butterflies in my belly, which is like Nervix exciting energy. And three, it feels huge. And when it feels huge, for me, in the sense it feels playful. And it feels just out of reach, but not, if that makes any sense. So you want to start with your feelings. Next, you want to write down a bunch of words that you're attracted to. It can be bold, it could be trust, it could be empowered, it can be joy, it could be abundant, it could be magical. It could be more than one word. It doesn't have to just be one word. It could be a mantra that you want to use for the year. Whatever it is, just brain dump a bunch of words. You could also Google inspiring words to see what words you're attracted to. And then once you write down all those words, see if those words, when you say them out loud to yourself, Do they cultivate that feeling that you're wanting to embody for 2024?

And if they do, then circle it, make a little note. And then once you go through all of the list, see what words are left and which one or ones really stand out to you to use for the year. Then what you can do, if you're still on the fence with your word, you can look at your goals and see how those words attach to your goals for 2024 or your intentions. I love saying the word intentions, but what we're talking about is goals as well. And So do they attach to your intentions? And you can also do them both simultaneously. Write down a bunch of words, write down your intentions, and then look at them both ways. There's no set rules on what makes this right or wrong on when you're choosing your word. The main thing is, does the word assist you in the feelings you're wanting to cultivate and the actions you want to take in 2024? And if they do, then you'll know that that's your word. Now, what do you do with that word? Use that word anytime you're feeling stuck. You're going to use that word anytime you are wanting some extra gogo juice for your actions, to take inspired actions.

Anytime you're nervous or scared, you're going to use those words. Anytime you are noticing you're getting off track, you're going to lean into that word. And you're going to use that word or words like a mantra and repeat to yourself. You're also going to pay attention to when those words are coming up into your awareness. Maybe you see a sign, maybe a billboard, or maybe something on social media where the word just keeps popping up, where it ever it is, acknowledge it and breathe into it. Breathe it into your body. Allow it to infuse into your energy signature so it can become a part of your energy, and that you can be creating from that place and from that frequency. Another way that you can use your word is to journal about that word. Once you journal on that word, you are going to meditate on it, meaning You're going to just keep breathing that word in and repeating it over and over and over and over to yourself so that you can start to send signals out into the universe that are very potent, very strong that are saying, This is what I truly want.

This is what I want to truly embody. Because remember, words cast spells. It's spelling. And when you use empowering words that assist you in manifesting your goals, your dreams, your desires, you're casting spells no matter what. So might as well cast the spells that you really want to cast with the words that you really want to feel in in your life. And so whatever it is, say it boldly, say it proudly, and integrate it into every facet of your body and being. And that's going to be through your words, deans, thoughts, and actions. So before we end today, I want to ask you to share with me what your word is and how it makes you feel once you get it. So you can either Share in our free Facebook group, which is Awakening with Amy Robison. You can comment and leave a testimonial on any of our podcast channels. Or if you watch our videos on YouTube, which you might be watching this video right now, comment below. Let me know what your word is and how it makes you feel. Research has shown that when you share your goals, which could be your word and how you're wanting to feel for 2024, with at least one person, you are more likely to achieve that goal than if you don't.

And so share it. Share it loudly. Share it probably with a bunch of different people. Share it in our community. I would love to hear from you. And before we say goodbye for the day, I want to also encourage you to write out your list of goals for 2024 and attach feelings to all of them so that any you're tapping into that goal and you have an opposite feeling of what that is that you are wanting to cultivate for that goal, it will tell you like, Hey, that's not really how I want to feel. And not every action is going to feel good when you're trying to achieve a goal. However, when you're trying to achieve a goal, you can remind yourself the feeling that you have when you're in the minutiae of stuff. And so attach Attach feelings to your goals, attach feelings to your word of the year, attach feelings to your intentions, attach feelings to your mantras, because all of those feelings are going to empower you in such a positive, uplifting, life-changing way. And we want to feel our feelings because that's part of the human experience. And if we give ourselves permission to feel good feelings, the majority of the time when those harder feelings or challenging feelings come up us to face and look at, we're going to be empowered to do so.

We're not going to run away from them because we're used to leaning into a feeling that we're wanting to cultivate. Now, I know you might be thinking, Amy, I don't want to feel sad. I know you don't want to feel sad, but just like I tell my three-year-old, it's okay to feel sad. Feel the feeling. It's okay because it's emotional intelligence. And that emotional intelligence will take you so, so, so very, very far. And it will allow you to feel the feelings that are challenging, and it will allow you to feel the feelings that are amazing, and it will assist you in evolving beyond your wildest imagination. So I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please make sure you like, and subscribe, and share this with a friend. I will talk to you soon. Bye.

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