Episode 142: Spiritual Goals and New Year Reflections

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Happy New Year! In this episode, Amy reflects on her spiritual goals for 2023, highlighting a revolutionary focus on health through consistent pilates, a renewed approach to spirituality, and a paradigm shift in finances/business by working smarter, not harder. With "epic" as her guiding word for 2024, Amy encourages listeners to embrace reflection, navigate the coming year with courage, and unlock the incredible potential within themselves. Here's to a transformative journey in 2024!

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Happy New Year!!! Now that we have entered the new year 2024, there's this palpable buzz of energy. I firmly believe it's crucial to reflect on the past year, 2023. Reflection, in my view, holds general significance, and we can engage in it at any point in time – be it weekly, daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Reflecting is essential because it provides us with the opportunity to move beyond any experience that may have us feeling stuck. It also allows us to heal from experiences that might have caused trauma, resentment, guilt, shame, or a range of emotions that could keep us tethered to the past. Life brings about various experiences, and it's important to note that both good and bad things can happen to anyone.

Regardless of whether we perceive ourselves as good or bad, we all face challenges. The key lies in making a conscious effort and decision to facilitate our healing from these experiences. It involves understanding the lessons embedded in these encounters, ultimately contributing to our personal evolution.

For today, I want to focus on three significant areas of my life that stood out as major takeaways. While there may be more areas to delve into, I'll reserve those for potential future episodes. Let's dive into these three key aspects.


In the journey through 2023, a central focus for me was directed towards my health. I began the year with a resolute declaration, a personal vow, affirming that my well-being would take precedence in every facet of my life. This commitment, beyond mere words, reflected a genuine determination. Recognizing the pervasive impact of health on relationships, work, and overall functionality, I made this decision as a response to the considerable health challenges faced in 2022.

A Transformative Epiphany: Shaping a New Approach

As 2023 unfolded, I sought substantial assistance and established a robust support system, signaling a significant shift in my approach to health. An epiphany about my well-being led me to incorporate consistent pilates into my routine. A subsequent diagnosis revealed hypermobility, a connective tissue disorder, providing clarity on long-standing nerve issues. This newfound understanding not only fostered acceptance but empowered me to reevaluate and enhance my overall approach to well-being.

Navigating Fear: Confronting Exercise Apprehensions

Despite my genuine affection for yoga, I realized that being hyper-mobile rendered exclusive yoga practice less beneficial for my physical body. A need for a different approach, particularly one focusing on strengthening, prompted a courageous confrontation of fears related to certain exercises. Past experiences at the gym, where lifting weights triggered significant flare-ups, had instilled a sense of fear. Though I had initiated Pilates in 2022, consistency had been a challenge. However, in 2023, I committed to making it an integral and consistent part of my routine.

Results Unveiled: The Impact of Consistent Pilates

This commitment bore transformative results, with consistent pilates emerging as a game-changer. It reshaped how I approached strengthening and stabilizing my muscles, teaching me to hold my body differently. The tangible physical benefits were remarkable, as I began to feel a newfound sense of well-being. To complement this physical transformation, I established additional support systems, contributing to an overall enhancement of my health and well-being. This commitment and the subsequent shift in my approach marked a significant breakthrough in the realm of health, signaling a transformative journey toward holistic well-being.


I can honestly say healthwise, I feel really good about how I prioritized my health in 2023, and my physical, mental, and emotional body are so happy I did. In 2024 this will be one of my top priorities again, and I can’t wait to see how my health evolves for the better this year!

What are your spiritual goals for your health in 2024?


In the realm of spirituality, 2023 brought a breakthrough, urging me to grant myself permission to reconnect with old practices discovered long ago. The desire to revisit ancient teachings, immerse myself in yoga philosophy, and delve into spiritual scriptures became undeniable – a realm unintentionally distanced from due to life's distractions. This realization wasn't about dismissing or losing interest; rather, it was a recognition that sometimes, returning to these foundational elements can reinvigorate and provide inspiration in a different manner.

Teaching What I Practice: The Art of Going Back

This breakthrough wasn't just a personal journey but also a lesson I actively teach. While I was already engaged in these spiritual practices, the real shift in 2023 was my ability to go back – to relearn what I had already assimilated and approach it from my present perspective.

A Literary Reunion: Revisiting "The Autobiography of a Yogi"

One particularly cherished experience in this spiritual reconnection was revisiting "The Autobiography of a Yogi" – a book that holds a special place in my heart. The rediscovery of this profound work led me to recommend it, especially to those grappling with fears of death. This book provides invaluable insights into the workings of consciousness, transition, and death. It not only served as a source of inspiration but also encouraged me to revisit other favorites, both fictional and non-fictional, through the medium of audiobooks.

Inspiration Amidst Old Narratives: Writing and Thinking Differently

The process of revisiting these literary and spiritual favorites was enjoyable, sparking new thoughts and perspectives. It inspired me not only to write differently but also to tap into old, yet invaluable, practices. The journey into these familiar yet rejuvenating realms of literature and spirituality in 2023 was indeed a delightful experience, marking a significant chapter in my ongoing quest for personal and spiritual growth.


I had so much fun revisiting old spiritual foundational teachings that assisted in being on my spiritual path to begin with. I will definitely continue this practice in 2024!

What are your spiritual goals for your spirituality in 2024?


Embarking on a significant category for many individuals, my financial breakthrough unfolded as a noteworthy revelation. Yes, today, we dive into the nuanced and challenging topic of money. This breakthrough, akin to a slow burn, began evolving at the start of the year, gaining momentum and culminating in a massive aha moment during the last quarter of 2023.

Implementing Change: A Fearful yet Exciting Path

The realization prompted immediate action, and this year is slated for the implementation of a change that is poised to be both intimidating and life-changing, a shift that promises to shake the very foundations of my financial landscape. While excitement abounds, there is an underlying nervousness, a testament to the magnitude of the impending transformation. The crux of this realization lies in the understanding that repeating the same actions expecting different results defines chaos.

Working Smarter, Not Harder: A Financial Paradigm Shift

In 2023, I initiated a slight divergence from my established business practices, a move that, at the time, marked a substantial breakthrough. However, the true epiphany occurred towards the end of the year. I recognized the necessity of letting go of certain aspects if I desired a change in my financial status, income, and the ability to contribute in novel ways. The realization extended to my relationship with my business and money, highlighting the imperative need for detachment.

The Myth of Hard Work: A Smarter Approach

Dispelling the myth that working harder equates to better results, I shared my understanding that while diligence is essential, the key lies in working smarter. This realization, which dawned upon me four years ago, emphasized the need to cut back on certain endeavors. Consequently, 2024 is earmarked for archiving programs that no longer align with my vision. This includes saying goodbye to well-established programs, despite their past benefits, to make room for more massive projects that demand my focused energy.

Navigating Change: A Year of Monumental Shifts

Anticipating a year of monumental change, I acknowledged the inseparable link between money, career, and my overarching mission. For me, it's not merely about financial gain; it's an energy exchange. The mission I'm guided to pursue necessitates a massive energy exchange, urging me to create a safe space for people to embrace their humanity, tap into their highest potential, and live their best lives in the present moment.


Overall in 2023, I allowed myself to get uncomfortable with changing things up. It wasn’t until the last quarter I realized more drastic changes would need to happen in 2024! I think that the scary changes I made were brave and uncomfortable, and I can’t wait to see how much courage I am going to embody when I make massive changes in 2024. 

What are your spiritual goals for your finance/business/career in 2024?

A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Patience Amidst Transformation

Embracing the metaphor of a marathon, I highlighted that the changes initiated in 2023 serve as stepping stones for the monumental shifts in 2024, with the realization that true gratification awaits in 2025. This perspective emphasizes patience, diligence, adaptability, and alignment with one's true self throughout the transformative journey.


Before concluding, I encouraged everyone to select a "word of the year" – a guiding beacon in times of fear, uncertainty, or when support is needed. My word for 2024 is "epic," embodying the essence of monumental change, thoughts, breakthroughs, and practices. This personal definition transcends conventional interpretations, reflecting how I view, relate to, and interact with the concept of epic.


As I look ahead to 2024, this episode serves as a midpoint reflection, capturing some of the breakthroughs from 2023. More reflections are in store, with a massive birthday celebration in April paving the way for a decade of reflection, filled with insights, humor, and a retrospective glance at the journey thus far.

In closing, I urged listeners to embark on their reflective journeys, examining wins, losses, and gained experiences to navigate 2024. It's a testament to the amazing potential within each individual. I hope you enjoyed today's episode/blog. Happy New Year!

Love and light,


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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's episode. I am so excited you are here. Today, I thought we would do something fun and a little different. Since we are entering into the new year, it has arrived, there's this buzz of energy. I do believe that it's still important to reflect on 2023. I think reflection is important in general. And so we can reflect at any point in time. I think reflecting weekly, reflecting daily, reflecting monthly, reflecting quarterly, reflecting yearly is crucial. Because when we reflect, we have the opportunity to move out of any experience that we may be stuck in. We also have the opportunity to heal from any experience that may have occurred that caused trauma, resentment, guilt, shame, all of the array of emotions and feelings that we may have that will keep us stuck in the past. When we have experiences, all experiences, no matter what, and I know that there are horrific experiences that happen to good people and bad people.

It doesn't matter if they're good or bad. There are horrific things that happen to all of us. We have to make a conscious effort and a conscious decision to allow ourselves to heal from that experience, and allow ourselves to see what the lesson in the experience was to evolve. For me, I want to reflect on three major areas of my life that I want to share that were my big takeaways. I might do another episode to do some more of the other areas, but today, I just wanted to do three. And my first one is the area of health. In 2023, I made a declaration, a vow that my health was going to take top priority over everything in my life. And I really did mean that. Because without health, it impacts everything. It impacts all of your relationships. It impacts your work. It impacts your ability to function. In 2022, it was a really hard year health-wise for me for an array of different reasons. In 2023, I was like, We're done. I am going to get a massive amount of help, and have a massive amount of support system. I'm going to approach my health in a completely different way.

I also had an epiphany about my health. And also I had a really amazing support system that I put into place. And one of the things that I put into place was doing pilates consistently. I discovered that and was diagnosed with hypermobility, which is a connective tissue disorder. And for a long time, I've had nerve issues, and I didn't understand how to fix it. It wasn't until my neurologists just actually explained to me what I had going on that it made me, one, move into acceptance, but two, have the ability to approach my health in a different way. I love yoga. However, if I'm hyper-mobile, only practicing yoga is actually not the best thing for my physical body. And I need strengthening in a different way. And I had to come to terms with the fact that I was honestly afraid to do certain types of exercises because I used to go to the gym, lift weights. And for many, many, many, many years, I couldn't do that without having a massive flare-up. So I would just do yoga, and I would walk. Well, I needed something different. And in 2022, I did start going to pilates, but I wasn't consistent with it.

I didn't realize how much it was supporting me. And in 2023, I made a vow that that was what I was going to do. And let me tell you, it completely changed my life because I was strengthening and stabilizing my muscles in a completely different way and learning how to hold my body in a completely different way, and I physically feel good. I also have other support systems in place to support me in my health and feeling better. And so that's my big breakthrough for health. For spirituality, my breakthrough was to give myself permission to lean into old practices that I discovered a long time ago, to revisit old teachings, to lean into yoga philosophy, to lean into spiritual scripture because I missed it. And it wasn't that I wasn't... What is it called? It wasn't like I discounted it or didn't want to involve it, I just got distracted. And sometimes, going back to the foundational pieces can reinvigorate and allow you to have inspiration in a different way. And so in 2023, my big takeaway from the area of my life and spirituality was, and I teach this. So it wasn't something that I wasn't doing, but it was the ability to go back.

And that is that to relearn what I've already learned and to revisit it from the perspective of where I'm at now. And one of my favorite books that I revisited in 2023 was The Autobiography of a Yogi. I absolutely love, love, love that book. If you are afraid of dying, I highly recommend listening to that book or reading the book because it will support you in understanding how consciousness works and how transition and death work. And it's just an amazing book. And I relistened to that book, and I relistened to a lot of books. I love audiobooks. I relistened to a lot of old favorites of mine that were fictional and non-fictional. And it was so much fun because it inspired me and encouraged me to write differently, to think differently, to tap into old practices. And it was so much fun. The breakthrough I had for this next category is a big category for most people, and that is money. Yes, we're going to talk about money today. So I had this breakthrough, it was like a slow burn. Because I started to work on this in the beginning of the year, but I didn't actually have the massive aha, the massive breakthrough until the last quarter of 2023.

And this is something I'm going to implement this year, and it's going to be scary, and it's going to be life-changing, and it's going to really shake my foundation. And I'm excited about it, super nervous about it, but I'm super excited about it. And that is, if you continue to do the same thing over and over and over again, it's the definition of chaos. You're just doing the same thing, expecting a different result, but you're doing the same thing. And I started to do something slightly different in my business in 2023, which was a massive breakthrough for me at the time. However, I realized, and this is the breakthrough that came towards the end of this 2023, the end of the quarter, and that was, I have to be willing to let go of things if I want my money to change if I want my income to change if I want to be able to give back in a different way if I want to have a different experience with my relationship with my business and my relationship with my money, and I have to be willing to let go of things. And there's this idea that if you work harder, you're going to get better results.

And that is not true. And I will tell you that I work hard, don't get me wrong, but I work a lot less hours. And this is something that I had a breakthrough about four years ago that I don't have to work as hard as I used to work in order to make more money. I just have to work smarter. And my breakthrough with working smarter in 2023 was I really need to cut a lot of things. And so, in 2024, I'm going to be archiving a bunch of programs because I don't want to offer them for sale anymore. I don't want my energy to be placed in those things because I have some really massive projects that I want my energy to really be placed in. And it's not that those programs are not beneficial, they were really awesome programs. I poured my heart and soul into those programs, but it's time to say goodbye to them. And so in 2024, we're going to do some archive sales, we're going to let go of some things. I have a new book that's going to come out in 2024. And I'm also going to be in a documentary.

This is going to be a massive year of change for me. And so I have to be willing to let go of things. And that was the breakthrough I had in terms of money and also career. If I want to go to the next level, if I want to reach the capacity, for me, it's not about money, it's an energy exchange. And I know I have a massive amount of energy to exchange with people because there is this mission that I am on that I'm being guided to do, I'm being guided to be a part of. And I want to create a safe place for people to understand that it's safe to be human, that it's safe to tap into their highest potential to evolve, to live their best life in this lifetime, not wait for the next lifetime, not wait for the next chapter, that we can start making massive change now and have massive growth now with tiny small changes along the way. And that results in a massive change in energy exchange. That results in a massive change in your relationship with yourself. That results in a massive change with your spirituality.

That results in a massive change with your family, your friends, your ability to navigate this world. And so that was my... That was my massive breakthrough in terms of money and career because I mentioned it just in the beginning that it was money, but it's actually money and career and my overall mission. And I'm super excited because there's going to be some changes, and there are going to be some massive changes this year. And it is not a sprint. It is a marathon. And the changes that I know that I made in 2023 have set me up for 2024. And that those changes that I make in 2024, I'm going to see massive results in 2025. So you notice how I'm not saying I'm going to get instant gratification in 2024. I'm going to have gratification along the way. But my eye is on the prize that's going to happen in 2025. And so I have to be patient. I have to stick to the course, be diligent, and be adaptable along the way, and change along the way to what I think the course is versus what I'm in true alignment with as well.

The other thing I want to share before we hop off today is I want to encourage everybody to come up with the word of the ear. And I had to pick this right away. And I'll continue this conversation in another episode just because I think that this is going to be a big one. That a word of the year you can lean into anytime you're scared, you can lean into anytime you feel like you're off course, or any time you need some support. And my word for 2024 is epic. I want to have an epic year. And this also means epic change, epic thoughts, epic breakthroughs, epic practices. And when I say epic, it's more of a feeling to embody versus anybody else's definition of what epic means. It's how I view it, and it's how I relate to it, and it's how I interact with it. And I am so excited about it. I am not done reflecting for 2023. These are just some of the things that I have reflected on. I'm actually going to be having a massive birthday in April, so I'm going to be doing a massive decade reflection. And I'm excited to share what some of those things are because I've already started thinking about them, and some of them are really funny.

I can't wait to share those with you all. But the big thing is it's time for you to reflect. Look at all the different areas of your life, and look at what your big breakthroughs were. What were your big wins? What were your losses that you ended up learning from? And how are you going to use what you're reflecting on, what your wins were, what your losses were, what you gain from those experiences to assist you in 2024? Because you're amazing, my friend. All right, I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please make sure you like and subscribe and share this with a friend, and I will see you in the next one. Bye.

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