Episode 138: Soul Chats with Eric Taylor | Age of Aquarius Awakening

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In a transformative Soul Chat interview, I spoke with Eric Taylor, an insightful Intuitive Astrologer, Teacher, and Relationship Coach. Our exploration delved into the dynamics of rising signs, moon signs, and sun signs, shaping individual experiences. Eric's profound insights extended to business astrology, ethical success, astrological projections for 2024, and the Human Design prophecy, enriching our understanding of celestial wisdom and the Age of Aquarius.

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Soul Chats with Eric Taylor | Age of Aquarius Awakening

In a recent and deeply enlightening podcast interview, I had the pleasure of engaging in a soulful conversation with Eric Taylor, a distinguished professional intuitive, astrology expert, and relationship coach. Our dialogue traversed the cosmic terrains of the Age of Aquarius, unraveling the intricate threads of spiritual awakening and astrological revelations.

Decoding Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the profound impact of Sun, Moon, and Rising signs on our cosmic journey. Eric eloquently guided me through the intricacies of these celestial markers, each contributing its unique hue to the canvas of our personalities.

The Sun sign, akin to the core of our being, radiates our fundamental essence. The Moon sign delves into the oceans of emotion, shaping the way we perceive and respond to the world. The Rising sign, our cosmic calling card, determines the lens through which others perceive us.

As Eric navigated the celestial dance of these signs, the cosmic symphony echoed the richness of our individual experiences. Whether dancing under the vibrant flames of Aries, embracing the nurturing tides of Cancer, or riding the intellectual winds of Gemini, each astrological imprint unveiled a chapter of the soul's cosmic saga.

Business Astrology: Navigating Celestial Pathways

Unveiling Business Birth Charts
Venturing into the often uncharted territory of business astrology, Eric shed light on the cosmic imprints that businesses carry. Much like individuals, businesses have their own celestial DNA encapsulated in a business birth chart. Understanding this chart can offer profound insights into the strengths, challenges, and optimal pathways for growth.

"Businesses, like individuals, have a unique cosmic signature. Exploring their birth chart can unveil hidden potentials and guide them toward a trajectory aligned with the cosmic currents," Eric explained.

The Ethical Tapestry of Success

In this cosmic tapestry, our discussion seamlessly transitioned to the ethical dimensions of success. Eric and I delved into the significance of aligning material prosperity with conscious living. The anecdote of a luxury car owner littering served as a potent metaphor for the potential discord between success and ethical responsibility.

"Success, when harmonized with ethical practices, becomes a force for positive change. It's about fostering connections, contributing to the greater good, and embracing success as a dance with the cosmic rhythms," Eric emphasized.

Astrological Projections for 2024

Numerology and the Promise of 2024

Eager to peer into the future, especially the promising year of 2024, Eric and I delved into the magic of numerology. We centered our discussion around the significance of the number eight, anticipating a Universal Eight Year filled with abundance, wealth, and manifesting opportunities. However, in the grand cosmic play, there's always a twist – the concept of instant karma. Laughter filled the air as we discussed the importance of maintaining our best behavior, navigating the intensity of the upcoming year with positivity and intentionality.

As our conversation unfolded into the celestial landscapes of 2024, Eric's astrological projections painted a captivating portrait. The focal point was Pluto's journey into Aquarius, marking a significant planetary shift from November 19, 2024, to 2044. This period heralds profound transformations in humanity's understanding of power dynamics, technology, and esoteric knowledge.

"Pluto's influence in Aquarius signifies a period of deep collective transformation. We're entering an era that will redefine power structures, technological advancements, and our understanding of esoteric knowledge," Eric shared.

An astrologically charged intersection coincided with the U.S. Election Day on November 5, 2024. Eric alluded to the intensity of this period, sparking contemplation on potential shifts in power dynamics and their cosmic implications.

Akashic Records Channeled Message Amy received

I was also guided to share a message about the importance of being aware of one's behavior and its impact on oneself and the collective. I emphasize the need to be conscious of's actions, whether they are physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, and their ripple effect on the environment, nature, and society. Additionally, I highlight the significance of showing kindness, compassion, and empathy towards oneself and others, the power of positive self-talk and intentionality.

The Human Design Prophecy: A Collective Awakening

Our cosmic exploration extended to the Human Design prophecy, offering glimpses into the collective awakening predicted for 2026 and 2027. The vibrational focus, shifting from the solar plexus to the heart chakra, symbolized a profound shift in consciousness. The cosmic tides, as Eric articulated, are propelling humanity towards higher dimensions of awareness.

"The Human Design prophecy speaks to a collective awakening, a shift towards heart-centered consciousness. It's a transformative journey that invites us to embrace higher dimensions of awareness," Eric expressed.

Conscious Living in the Age of Aquarius

One of the most resonant parts of our conversation revolved around the topic of unconscious behaviors. Eric eloquently expanded on the importance of self-awareness and the profound impact our actions have on the collective. The discussion naturally flowed into the realm of conscious living, urging us to extend our kindness to the environment, animals, and all living things. Every action, regardless of its size, creates ripples in the cosmic pond, a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all life.

Navigating Aquarius Spiritual Awakening

In our cosmic exploration, Eric, though not explicitly uttering the phrase "Age of Aquarius," passionately guided us through the intricate astrological shifts molding our world. His profound insights, while steering clear of the iconic term, resonated with the very essence of the Age of Aquarius, playing a pivotal role in our collective spiritual awakening.

The Great Conjunction: A Portal to Personal and Collective Transformation

Eric's insights illuminated the transformative energies woven into astrological events, notably the Great Conjunction. With profound articulation, he unraveled the cosmic symphony that plays out when mighty planets align, exerting a profound influence on the course of humanity.

"During events like the Great Conjunction, it's akin to receiving a potent message from the universe. It becomes an opportunity for both collective and personal transformation, a cosmic prod nudging us to align with higher vibrations," Eric conveyed, opening a doorway to the transformative potential embedded in these celestial alignments.

10 Awesome Direct Quotes from Eric

Throughout our conversation, Eric generously shared profound insights that resonated with the audience. Here are some direct quotes that encapsulate the essence of our discussion:

1. Astrological Self-Discovery:
"Your rising sign, moon sign, and sun sign all play unique roles in shaping your personality and life path. It's like a cosmic orchestra where each instrument contributes to the symphony of your existence."

2. Great Conjunction and Transformation:
"When we experience events like the Great Conjunction, it's like the universe sending us a powerful message. It's an opportunity for collective and personal transformation, a cosmic nudge to align with higher vibrations."

3. Ethical Success and Business Astrology:
"Success should harmonize with sustainable practices, fostering positive relationships and contributing to the greater good. It's about embodying success as a harmonious dance with the cosmic rhythms."

4. Celestial Insights into Business Birth Charts:
"Much like individuals, businesses have their own celestial DNA encapsulated in a business birth chart. Understanding this chart can offer profound insights into the strengths, challenges, and optimal pathways for growth."

5. Impact of Astrology in the Information Age:
"They're like information generators. It's insane how much information they have access to now compared to what we had when we were kids."

6. Human Design Prophecy and Collective Awakening:
"The vibrational focus shifting from the solar plexus to the heart chakra symbolizes a profound shift in consciousness. The cosmic tides are propelling humanity towards higher dimensions of awareness."

7. Conscious Behavior and Its Ripple Effect:
"Being aware of one's behavior is crucial. It has a ripple effect on oneself and the collective, extending beyond immediate surroundings to influence the environment, nature, and society at large."

8. Significance of Celestial Events in 2024:
"Pluto's journey into Aquarius marks a significant planetary shift from November 19, 2024, to 2044. This period heralds profound transformations in humanity's understanding of power dynamics, technology, and esoteric knowledge."

9. Intersection of Celestial Events with U.S. Election Day:
"An astrologically charged intersection coincided with the U.S. Election Day on November 5, 2024. The intensity of this period sparks contemplation on potential shifts in power dynamics and their cosmic implications."

10. Invitation to Dance into the Age of Aquarius:
"The Age of Aquarius beckons, and in our collective awakening, we find the compass guiding us towards the dawning of a new cosmic era. Let us embrace the cosmic revelations, weaving our stories into the evolving narrative of the cosmos."

Eric's Generous Offer to Awakening with Amy Robeson Listeners

Before concluding our soulful exchange, Eric extended a heartfelt offer to the Awakening with Amy Robeson listeners.

"As a token of gratitude to the Awakening with Amy Robeson community, I'm offering an exclusive discount on personalized astrology readings. It's an opportunity to dive deeper into the cosmic forces shaping your life and receive guidance tailored to your unique journey," Eric announced.

Unlocking the Celestial Wisdom: Special Offer for Soul Seekers

For those eager to unravel the mysteries of their astrological blueprint, Eric extends a special offer. Reach out to him at BigEastrology@gmail.com, and type in Amy the subject line to receive $25 off any birth chart reading

Amy's Reflection on Eric's Offer

"Eric's offer is a wonderful chance for our listeners to explore the depths of their cosmic selves. Personalized astrology readings can provide profound insights and serve as a guiding light on the path of self-discovery," I shared, reflecting on the significance of this exclusive offer.


In concluding this cosmic odyssey, Eric and I found ourselves enveloped in the tapestry of astrological wisdom. The Age of Aquarius unfolds its wings, inviting us to navigate the cosmic currents with conscious intent.

As we traverse the celestial dance, let us embrace the cosmic revelations, weaving our stories into the evolving narrative of the cosmos. The Age of Aquarius beckons, and in our collective awakening, we find the compass guiding us towards the dawning of a new cosmic era.

This cosmic journey, illuminated by astrological insights and channeled wisdom, extends an invitation to every seeker. As we journey forth, may we dance to the rhythm of our awakening, co-creating a tapestry woven with threads of love, awareness, and cosmic consciousness.

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, friends, and welcome to today's episode. I am so excited for our special guest. Eric is an amazing astrology. He's an intuitive. I have personally had a chart reading with him. I've also been a guest on his podcast, and he's just super, super fun. I'm super excited for you all to go on this journey with us in this podcast interview today. I do want to share that we also talk about what's coming up for 2024 in astrology and also what's coming up in the collective in 2-3 years because there's some major things that are going to happen. So without further ado, let's jump in. Hello, everyone, and welcome to our very special Soul chat interview with Eric, Tyler. I'm so excited you are here, my dear. He is an Astrologer. He's very intuitive. We're going to talk a lot about astrology and so much more. Welcome.

Hello, Amy. It's so good to be here. And yes, I am Eric Taylor, a professional intuitive, astrology and relationship coach. And it's just so great to be on your podcast because I enjoyed having you on mine.

Yeah, it was so much fun. And I love astrology. My grandma taught me when I was little, like very, very little. And she gave astrology readings back in the day, and I absolutely love it. I know it's not my lane to be in, but I'm a big believer and everything is written in the stars. I geek out about different things when it comes to astrology because there's so much information for us to not only understand about ourselves, but to also understand about the cycles we're in. I think that's really important. I know that you recently just did a business astrology reading for me, which I was super interested in because there's so much that you can understand about your business based on the astrology that your business has as well. Before we get into that, let's first talk about just, in general, what astrology is and how people can benefit from it.

That's a big, vast pool. And astrology is truly an ancient wisdom that is older than all of the religions. And it is the measurement of the frequency and vibration of the planets and how they affect human beings on the planet Earth. Astrology is the map of your life. And I always say to my clients and to all my listeners on my show, there's no victimhood in astrology. You chose the time you were born. And the time you were born sets up your rising sign ascendant. So in the Eastern horizon in the sky, that is what the constellation, as the sun is rising, the time of your birth, that sets up your first house, and that connects the whole 12 houses of Zodiac wheel. So, for example, I'm a Scorpio rising sign. So at the time I was born, Scorpio, the constellation of Anguila, was in the Eastern horizon at the time of my birth in September, because I'm a Virgo. And so think of it like this. I got this download almost a month ago now, and it's so amazing, but it's really true. Just imagine you're in heaven with God's Source creator, and you are choosing to come to be born on planet Earth.

But you're selecting on the big Motherboard or the big screen, what lessons you need to learn. So you're like, well, maybe I need a strong mom, and maybe I need to understand more gratitude and humility. And you're basically pushing these different things. Well, in actuality, what you're doing is setting up the map your life, which is the birth chart. So everything that you push, and then it's like, then God just goes and then you come in through the portal of your amazing mother, because women are the portals. And you come in, and then the process of if you get drawn or pulled to astrology, it's really a remembering. And astrology in ancient times, before you were a doctor, a priest, an astronomer, you were an astrology first. Astrology is also the first calendar, the days of the week. So it's really powerful. And you can set up a birth chart for a business. It's called Electionary Astrology. If you were going on a vacation for the holidays, Christmas coming up and Hanukkah, you can cast a time. Okay, I'm leaving my house at 10:00 AM. And then on that date, you can see the energy of your trip and your vacation.

So you can use it for many things and the powers that be, they use it for business. Movies are released on Fridays, and they know when to do it, books, entertainment, businesses for new product launches, everything.

I love that. And I know you were talking about the rising sign. For people that don't know this, you are more than just your sun sign, because a lot of people just here, Okay, I was born. I'm Aries, I'm Libra. I'm Gemini, I'm this, that's my sun sign. Can you share the difference between your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign? Because I think those three are really important for people to know. I know that there are many other important aspects of astrology, but I think if you start with just those three, I think it's a good core foundational piece to start with.

Exactly. And what we call that in astrology is your big three. Those three are the three core representatives that explain the character traits and attributes of your personality. So your sun sign is your vitality, your inner authority, your creativity, your expression and personality, also represents your identity and your father. The moon sign is your emotional mind, your body, your intuition, the family you create, your mother, your health. Okay? And a lot of ancient astrology felt that your moon sign was an indicator of what your sun sign was in a past life. And then the rising sign, ascended, they're both the same. And what that is, is your physical appearance and your outer mask. It's usually like how you're almost really seen from your upper jaw to the crown shock or to the top of your head. And so certain rising signs, they resemble one another. And when you get really good at it, you could start to look at a person, and you can see like, oh, yeah, you're a Capricorn rising, or you're a Libra rising. And sometimes it's in the eyes and the eyebrows, like the Leo rising, they have like a feline look.

And even if it's a gentleman who has a bald head, there's still a very distinctive look around the eyes. But a lot of times Leorisings will have a lot of hair and big hair. So people will say to me sometimes, you're Leo rising? I'm like, no, this is just like my sacred locks are just another representation. I'm a Scorpio rising, but you'll see darker eyes and different things like that. And the Libra rising, which I believe, if I remember correctly, you are- I'm a Libra rising, for sure. And there's an energy where Libra rising, their body and their face is very symmetrical, and they come off very harmonious, and attractive, and charming, and pleasant. So what your rising sign is, is this energy that really walks into a room before you do. So people will notice Amy's Libra rising before your airy sun. So it's really fascinating. And just a little, I want to give everybody a little FYI, if you do read those horoscopes in the newspapers and magazines, understand, it may not resonate with you because you're thinking about your Sun sign. What it's based on is the rising sign. So that's why you need to reach out to a professional astrology like myself and really get a birth chart reading, because it can really help you not only heal your inner child.
I do work with reprogramming the subconscious mind, but you can really increase yourself love and improve every relationship in your life, private, personal, and professional.

I think getting a birth chart reading is really important because you got to get a better understanding of who you are on a four level. And then what you choose to do with that information moving forward is totally up to you. And every month or every year, we're working on these different cycles that we're going through. And I love that you shared, hey, your sun sign or scope might not resonate with you. And my husband and I are both Aries. We are totally very different people. Just because we're both the same sun sign, we are not the same person. I think there's different levels.

Of Aries. Yes, because you know why, Amy? There's 12 houses in your birth chart, and each house explains themes of life. So if your Aries Sun is in the seventh house and your husband's Aries son is in the second or the 10th or the 11th, it's a total different vibration. And then in astrology, what's really fascinating getting deep here, we have deacons. So the first deacon of Aries is from zero to nine degrees, and that's the Aries Aries deacon. And then from 10-19 degrees, you have the Aries Leo deacon. And then from 20-29 degrees, you have the Aries Sagittarius deacon. So that even also flavors the individuality of your sun sign.

Is that for every sun sign with all those degrees?


Yes. That's amazing.

Yeah. So what happens is all that it does, for example, for me, is a Virgo, right? I am the Virgo Capricorn deacon. And so what that means is that I am not that true, true Virgo energy. It's like a Virgo with an underlying energy of the Capricorn. So for the Leo, I mean, for the Aries, what you're doing is the three deacons are still within your element. So Aries is fire, Cardinale, fire sign. Leo is the fixed fire sign, and then Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign. That really adds the layer. And then we could get into like, Lunar mansions and all this other stuff by degree points. And that's... But think about it, how God made each human being. We are so unique and so complex. And it's all described in the birth chart because it's 360 degrees, 12 houses, all these planets, and then the communication of the planets, which we call aspects. So it is really detailed.

Yeah. For me, I love that you were saying, check out the- Rising sign. -if it doesn't resonate, the horoscope. Because for me, what I always end up doing is I always read my rising sign horoscope first.


Good. And then I'll read my sun sign, and then I'll... And it's very clear which one actually is vibrating more with me that particular week or that particular month or that particular chapter, depending on what's going on. But 95 % of the time, it's usually the rising sign that's more in alignment than the sun sign, the horoscope.

Right. So you noticed it with the Libras.

Oh, yeah, for sure. That's awesome. It's interesting because it was like, I'll read the horoscope out loud sometimes with my husband, and I'm like, That is totally not for him. Or, That is totally for him, not for me. It just depends on what it is. I want to circle back to something that you recently just said was that you can even look at the charts for going on vacation. Talk a little bit more about that and what that looks like and why someone might want to do that. Because to me, when you're saying that, it's like sometimes people have—and I'm not a big believer in bad luck and good luck—just sometimes there's unfortunate events because of the alignment of everything that's going on in that person's life. And sometimes they can just have unfortunate luck when it comes to vacations or projects or something like that. So when I hear that, I'm like, That would be great for a person that wants to make sure that they avoid any high stress on their vacation.

Definitely. It's. So, for example, if you know for the Christmas holiday, you're going out of town on let's say, December 22nd, right? What you would do is you would go to astro. Com, and you would type in the location you're leaving from, let's say, your hometown or whatever, let's say, Boston, Massachusetts, Massachus, and you would put the time. So if you're leaving at 10:00 AM, whether you're driving or flying, you're not going to put in the destination of where you're going because it's always from the starting point. And you would put in that time, and then it would show you a birth chart. You're putting the date, December 22nd, 2023, 10:00 AM, Boston, Massachusetts. And then a chart appears. And let's say you're looking and it shows you it's a Virgo rising, and you're like, okay. And then it's got in the ninth house, it has Taurus. Right now, we have Jupiter and Uranus currently in Taurus, right? And let's say you're going to a foreign land, which the ninth house represents, okay? And it's usually 50 miles or further away from the destination, from the place of where you're casting the chart, which is Boston, right?

And you could be going to LA, or you could be going to the Bahamas.

Whatever you're doing. Or in the same country, or maybe- Right.

As long as it's 50 miles or further away, you'll look in the ninth house. If you're staying locally, if you're just going from, let's say, like Boston, I'm going from Boston to Jersey. Well, then you would look in the third house because that's more of a local trip. But either way, let's say we're looking further away, we're going to Boston, we're spending Disneyland or Disney World, whatever. We're going far away. And you see in the ninth house, Uranus, and Jupiter, and Taurus, well, that would tell you that it could be a mixed bag for the trip because Jupiter is bringing expansion, and fortune, and abundance, and blessings, feeling optimistic. But then Uranus could just bring some weird sun events, some terrible weather, some anxiety. Uranus is weird and unpredictable and extreme weather. And when it's in Taurus, it doesn't do so well. It's a seven-year cycle, Uranus. And it's why we've been having some wild weather. It's not just global warming or whatever but it's also Uranus and Taurus because Uranus is at home in Aquarius, exaltedated in Scorpio, where it's like a higher vibration, and then it's in its fall in Taurus. So in astrology terms, we call that #newearth.

So all these earthquakes and extreme weather and the fires burning this summer, a lot of that has been showing up Uranus and Taurus. But Taurus also rules the land, but your values, like your throat chakra, your five senses, beauty. So it also affects your finances and money. So that's an example of when you're casting that, and you would just look at all the different planets, you'll see the son would be in December 22nd, it's going to be in Capricorn. So that son would be in the fifth house. So then that tells you your children would have a good time, and there'd be an emphasis on your kids, and there's a lot of self-expression and creativity on this trip. So it's one of those things that it's really important, but it can be extremely beneficial for practical daily living.

Okay, that's awesome. And if they didn't know how to read what that is.

You can do a reading with that. Or then they.

Would definitely be.

Like, okay. I've got to find this Eric Taylor guy and hit them up at biggieastrology@gmail. Com. And I have what I call mini transit readings. So my audio transit service, you could reach out to me. You know you're going on a trip December 22nd. You just hit me up a week or two before and say, I'm doing a trip at this time, this, that. What would be going on in transit? It's really great. It's an audio reading. It's a quick turnaround. And it's an audio you get MP3, and you'll get videos of the different planetary placements to watch. You also get a copy of the chart, and it's only $44. And it's a great way to prepare for an excursion.

Yeah. So things to be aware of, things to lean into as well, I'm assuming.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, definitely.

I'm a big believer and you shouldn't enter something with fear just because a planet is positioned in a particular place.

It's not to.

Be a fan of it. It's just to have an understanding that there's, for example, mercury retrograde. I am not someone that fears mercury retrograde. I know some people do. It causes all sorts of havoc for some people. And yes, technology does go haywire sometimes.

Oh, yes.

It can. However, for me, mercury retrograde is like, oh, that just means there's some truth that's going to be shined. This means we have to slow down. This means that there's time to use more critical thinking skills. So it's not something to ever fear. So there's nothing a plan and no one should ever fear, correct?

No, there's no fear. Everything is about information, right? That's why my podcast is called Knowledge is Love, because when you're in their know, then you understand how to deal with things, right? Where, for example, if you see a situation, and I do cynistry compatibility charts for relationships. Now, this could be between you and your husband, you and your child, you and the best friend. I've had two best girlfriends do it. It can be anybody. What it does teach you is how my chart is communicating with your chart. So my Mars could be hitting your moon. And so that's my action planet. So I could be doing something totally unconsciously, not even knowing that is emotionally irritating or upsetting you. And so in the chart reading, I can point that out. And then as a human being, you can be like, Oh, my gosh, I didn't even know I was doing that to her, or him, or my best friend, or my daughter, or my son. And then you can just make adjustments. So it's really about information.

Yeah, I like that, Eric. So my belief is that we travel in soul families, and we choose our families. We choose how we come back in this lifetime. And so sometimes, I'm assuming from what you're saying in terms of our charts and how certain plans can create friction between people and a relationship, do they choose that on purpose then, in terms of how to heal certain things in their relationship from past karma?

I really have come to the place and understanding there are no accidents and there is no victimhood. We choose our parents. We choose our soulmates, your soul tribe family you were speaking of. Everything is karmic lessons. So, for example, that's all like in the Saturn realm, but just like you were talking about mercury retrograde. I never fear it, and I don't preach that to my clients. But I do tell people it is a time for introspection to slow down. Double check your text messages, your emails before you send them out. Maybe you need that.

Extra- Don't be quick.

To respond. Just take a pause and just double check. And there's nothing wrong with that. In life, sometimes we all need a little reflection or introspection. Well, it's the same thing with Saturn. Saturn teaches us these karmic lessons, and it's about discipline, and having healthy boundaries, and putting in hard work, and also planning, structuring, and organizing things. These are the keys for success. And so all that that is an opportunity for growth. If my Mars is hitting your moon and I'm doing something and not even aware of it, well, then if it comes to light, I can make the adjustment and just be like, oh, okay, this was not my intention. I'm never trying to hurt you or make you feel sad or whatever. And so then I can learn to adjust my Mars. And then it's just like an opportunity for growth. And that's what I think you can ascertain through the birth chart, even through what we call the aspects. So there's harmonious aspects and there's challenging aspects. And so that's like the opposition and the square are more challenging. And there's opportunities for agreeing to disagree or just leave that subject alone or opportunities for growth.

And then there's harmonious aspects, like a sex tile, which is a 60 degree angle, or a trine, which is 120 degree angle. And then you have conjunction, which are between zero and 10 degrees apart. And I always explain it as two people having a conversation in the same house, but if it's between zero to 10 degrees, we're in the same room, in the same house. If it's like, my moon is at three degrees, and then let's say the Jupiter is at 28 degrees, we're in the same house, but we're in totally two different rooms. So it's like, I could be yelling, hey, honey, what's for dinner? And then my wife could come back and be like, who would you say is a sinner? What about winter time? So it's the same house, but the message gets confused. Use or misinterpreted. Discorded and misunderstood.

Exactly. Or perception. It's just you're viewing things through a different lens. It sounds like.


Or hearing it through a different lens.

It could be really funny. But I mean, think about it. We all have these experiences in our own home where we misinterpret one another.

Yeah, that's fascinating. And so for me, I love the Acostic records because you can identify patterns and heal patterns. It sounds like in astrology, too, in relationships, if you're noticing friction or you're noticing a pattern come up repeatedly, it sounds like you can take a look at what's happening between two people in a relationship to see where that friction is being caused. Is that correct?

Exactly. That's just thenatal chart. Then you could look at the transits, like what's happening now in the cosmos like today. And, for example, the moon is now in Virgo, Monday, Tuesday, and a little bit of Wednesday morning. So what you can do is just see emotionally how the Virgo energy will play out for you in your own individual chart. And so that might create a feeling of being a little more nit-picky or a little bit more critical or analytical. And then you could say like, okay, I'm not going to criticize my wife for X, Y, Z, or I'm not going to get on the kids about cleaning up the room heavy handed today. I'll just be like, okay, hey, does that room look clean to you?

Do not let that go.

Yeah. So this is what the transits help you with in terms of what's happening today. Now obviously, we have planets that move at different rates. The moon switches signs and houses every two and a half days. The sun will be in a sign or house for 29, 30 days. So the moon is the one that's quick moving, and we can see it affecting us through a month cycle very quickly. The other planets, not as much, but you'll feel a shift. So for example, December fourth, 2023, Venus is going to enter Scorpio until December 29th. Okay. Venus is at home in Taurus, so it's in its fall. I mean, it's called debilitated in Scorpio. And Venus is like your esthetics, your entertainment, your food, speed, teach, money, pleasure, beauty, and relationships. So in Scorpio, it could be a little controlling, a little intense, a.

Little- I think you have the holidays on top of that.

Obsessive. So it's going to be interesting during this holiday season, how we're relating to one another. Okay? But it also brings up, because I tell people all the time, no placement is a death sentence. Just like you spoke about the mercury retrograde, well, when a planet is in a place that it's deemed to be not as positive or negative, like being debilitated, it's just an energy to work with differently. So Venus and Scorpio, okay, I'm feeling a little bit more emotionally intense in my relationship. But you can use that for romance or intimacy, and it also can create deeper soul merging and truth telling andspeaking, because Scorpio is very much about the truth, and health, and money. So there's positives as well. What do.

You say to people that are nervous or have the tendency to not have a good relationship with certain signs?


Because I know certain signs for a long time would scare me because of previous relationships that I had with other people in the past, not even romantic, just in general.


Or business. Yeah. It's just like… I've worked on this myself knowing I had someone in my life that was a particular sign, and I won't say what sign it is, and anytime someone had to tell that there were that sign, I'd be like… Then I finally had to go, That person is not that person. I do know that this is a very real thing for people where they have this preconditioned or pre-perception of how that particular sign behaves. And so they might not give that other person that opportunity because I can have that experience in the past.



Particular signs. You're so right. And as human beings, we are creatures of our own experience and creatures of habit. And I'm a Virgo. And so if I've had terrible experiences with, I don't know, Libra or Sagittarius, it can make you feel a little hesitant. But what you have to understand is that it's so much more detailed than just a sun sign, right? Because we have in our birth chart, sun, moon, mercury, venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Pluto. We also have a true black moon, Lilith, a Cairon, a North and South node. So when you go down the scale, the sun sign is not the determining factor of a relationship between two human beings. So you've got to really look at the Venus, the Mars, the Jupiter, and the moon. And there's other placements in the birth chart as well, based on the houses that talk about the themes of friendships, intimate relationships, marriages, siblings. So, for example, in thenatal birth chart, your younger siblings, you will see them in the third house. Your older siblings, you'll actually see them in 11th house. So it's very detailed and very specific. So I always tell people, hey, hey, no, don't label someone just based on their sun sign, because that energy is really minute in the story of the uniqueness and complexity of a human being and how they energetically emote and exist and vibrate on this planet.

Yeah. I love that, Eric. I'm also a big believer in just because it says it that this particular sign behaves in this particular way. It does not give you the right to behave in that way. It also doesn't mean you're going to behave in that way. Exactly. And so some people, that's not even in their awareness to behave in that particular way. But I do see people that allow ego to take over or preconditions from the past take over where it's like, well, no, I'm this sign. So this is the way that I get to behave. Well, no.

They use it as a crutch to be nasty.

Yeah. No, not at all. Okay.

You nailed it right there. You're so right. And astrology doesn't give you an excuse to misbehave, right? So I'll give you an example. We had a family event yesterday with another family, just a barbecue, grilling with the kids and their friends. And I met a mother who was a Taurus, and she doesn't know much about astrology or whatever. But what was fascinating is intuitively, I knew she was a Taurus, but her personality was just so whatever. And in my head, I'm like, Gosh, I wish I could see her whole chart just in my head as an astrology, I think this way. But I could feel some of her Gemini energy and some of this and some of that and all this stuff. But there were things that, for example, like you were hinting to, even if a person doesn't know astrology and doesn't even play in that lane of knowing these stereotypes or identity markers or character traits, the you don't escape the astrology. So she was definitely a Taurus. And so I hit her with the one question, and I asked this to all Tauruses, but you can see it in the birth chart, depending on what ascendant you are and where Taurus is in the chart.

But Taurus is, in general, they love to drive fast. So as soon as I asked her because my mother was a Taurus, so I know it- I love Taurus. Yes, I love them, too. And so I said to her, I said, do you like to drive fast? She was like, oh, my gosh, I love to. And I was like, I know you do. She was like, yeah, I drive fast. But I'm responsible. And not with the kids in the car. But she's like, oh, when I'm just zipping around. She's like, yeah, I'm a speed demon. So we were just and stuff like that. So there are identifiers and different things. And I'm sure if I saw her chart, I would be able to really just, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. But trust me, I have shown birth charts to, quote unquote, nonbelievers and just blown their mind away because there's different timing techniques. So I am a Western tropical astrology who uses the whole sign-to-signature science system. And I use principles of evolutionary astrology and Vedic astrology in my practice. And so I can look at timing techniques, and there's one called annual perfections, where I can see basically based on the age that you are or looking in the future or in the past, themes and life events that may have occurred for you.

So when it's the birth of a child, when it's when you got married, when it's you've moved and left your hometown and moved to another city, college, maybe the loss of a friend or sibling or parent, you can see and clock these things by periods of time in the birth chart. It is amazing. And the annual perfections, it's like the Book of Genesis, where it speaks about one day equaling one year. And so you can count and you go counterclockwise where the first house is birth, so zero years old, and then 12, and 24, and 36, multiples of 12. So your third house could be 26 years old or 38 years old. And so it's fascinating because in the third house, it's dealing with the siblings, and cousins, and neighborhood, and the short distance trips, but it's your skills and self-efforts. But it also, at that time of age 26 and 38, it becomes the adult relationship with your mother. So you can see different things and experiences- At what age? Say it again.

At what age with the mom?

Oh, so in your chart, it's the third house, and it's age 26, or 38, or 50. And that can show how you are communicating, relating, maybe if mom comes to move in with you, like all these things you could see through that third house based on this timing technique and the age.


Oh, yeah, it's so fascinating.

I know you do the business charts. And if anybody's interested in getting a reading with Eric, he's going to give our listeners a discount, and we'll share what that looks like. And I'll put the links in the show notes and in the description on YouTube, depending on where you're listening or watching this, you'll get a discount on it. I know that you do birth charts, but then you also do business. I decided to do a business reading with you. Well, I'm… One, we did some birth chart stuff just on your podcast, so that was a lot of fun. I like that you pull in different types of astrology because some people only stick with one type of astrology. I think that that's what makes some of the things that you're doing very unique. And then it's also the reader itself because everybody, the way that they read, study, and things like that can really change. But what I found fascinating was the business stuff. Why would someone want to do a business chart, astrology reading? And then let's start there. And then I have a couple of other questions I want to ask you about that.

Well, one thing that's great, we're in this time, especially since the pandemic, or just in general, if you have the entrepreneurial spirit or that mindset, but you have a lot of people who are transitioning. They want to get out of the nine to five grind. They have gifts, skills, and talents. And sometimes their side hustle or hobbies can turn into an actual thriving, lucrative business. And it just depends on each individual human being. Well, in the birth chart, I can see that in yournatal chart. But let's say if you've actually already started a business or you are desiring to begin a business. So I can help you in terms of even when the best time is for you to file your LLC or get your S-corp and start your business.

And that I love.


Oh, that's so great. I have a lot of clients that are like, I want to start my business. I want to start my business. And so if you know you want to start your business, you can actually start it when those stars are aligned.

Which is really cool. To make it most optimal and even most optimal for the particular type of business you're starting, because we can select. And with technology, it's a click of a button for filing for your LLC or your S-corp, or if you're going down to file papers. But you can set that time up, because I did it with my wife's business and my own business for the LLC, and it's very specific of the time. And you can align it looking at the chart with the ascendant and where the planets are on that day. Let's say if you want to start it January fifth, 2024, well, you can look at it and you say, oh, 11:00 AM looks good. Oh, but this planet's here, and that's there. And this will be better for my financial growth and for my connection to my audience and this over the Internet, for my podcast and the 11th house or the third house for social media, I want to be an influencer, yada, yada. You might say, oh, and I would tell you, well, you know what? 2:00 PM is a better time for you. So it's very specific and very detailed.

But for your case, if you've already started your business and you remember the time of when you filed or your first sale, or when in your heart you felt that you were giving birth to this business, you would email me and tell me that time and that date in the city and state. So let's say you started a business in 2016, and it was April second and the time. What I would do is bring up the chart, and then I would see this chart, and then I would explain to you, this is the best way you need to show up on social media. This is the best way to deal with employees if you have them. If you're considering of merging and having a business partner, this is how you should do this in the Seventh House. And I base it on the sign, the house, and the planets. And in the chart reading, I take you through all 12 houses. And it can help with employees. It can help with marketing, sales, with mission statements. It can help you with social media, the Internet, also groups and organizations, nonprofit, philanthropic work that you may want to do, all of that in the business.

And then also the energy of how your business is vibrating to the public or how your business shows up energetically. And you see that through all 12 houses in the birth chart. And that's what I do for you in the reading. And it's so informative and so helpful. I found it.

Super informative. Wan, I didn't-.

Thank you. I'm so glad.

I didn't pick the date. I know that- Oh.

You did a great job. -it was just- But it was your intuition.

But it was. I have impeccable timing when it comes to things like that. Often, I will plan things and then I'll find out that there's a super cool thing that's happening at that time. My thing is I always pick things that make the most sense to me at that particular time, either based on my schedule, based on my intuition, or whatever the decision is. It's like that's where it always ends up working out. But I do know that there are certain people that you do want to make sure certain things are in place, especially if you're wanting to have a business partner or or you're wanting to do certain things. For the information that you shared, I know that I'm not meant to have a business partner. That is very clear. It's nice because you said that. I know that- It was.

In the.

Chart, too. It was in the chart. I know that I'm supposed to be doing intuitive things, and it was in there, too. And it was that... What else did you say? I love esthetically pleasing things, and that is extremely important to me. It's been extremely important from the very beginning of my business where In some people it's not that important, and it doesn't have to be a big deal. But for me, it was very clear that it was so funny that you said it, and I just laughed.

Because that's just- You knocked it out the park. And in my head, I was like, Is she low key, like using astrology? She's just not telling me. But no, it was your intuition. And honestly, Amy, I think for a lot of people, and I want people to understand that out there in the collective, a lot of times through our intuition and through that instinct or our divine alignment or how we're vibrating, a lot of times we are literally walking in our destined path along with the birth chart. And so I'll meet people who something sparked them, and they're just like, you know what? I just thought it was time, and I want to get a birth chart reading. And then we go through things with their work, or career, or life, or relationships. And they're literally just doing the darn thing in their chart, and they're walking in perfect alignment. And so I think number one, a lot of times in Western culture in our society, we're not taught to trust our intuition and instinct. And I would always implore and tell people and guide people, that is something that you really want to develop and work on, like that spiritual muscle, because our intuition connects us to God-source energy.

And when we listen to it, more often than not, we're going to really be in divine alignment. And for you, my friend, it was beautiful. I was like, this is great. But like you said, for people who are not sure or if you want to be really intentional and you want to start a business, then please reach out to me because you can really have the planets work with you. And just so people know, for example, Ronald Reagan, as when he was the President, he and Nancy worked with an astrology, and they would set up their meetings with Miguel Gorbachev. They would set up their meetings. They did it for Nancy Reagan's breast cancer surgery. They used neurologists. There was one time he was famously supposed to do some address, but they wanted him to come out. But he waited on purpose for an extra 20 to 40 minutes because it was a planetary alignment that was going to shift. And he held everybody up. And then he came out when the time was right. But that was what his neurologer advised him. And so you can definitely use things for a business chart, a relationship chart, finding love, compatibility for improving the existing relationship you have.

And I don't know if you know the famous quote, but the CEO of Chase, JP Morgan Chase. I was just going to say that. Yeah. He's like, astrology is the language of billionaires. Only millionaires don't use it. That sounds pumpest and arrogant, but he's.

Giving you- It's true, they're using it.

-is giving you insight to a truth that power people-.

They create generational wealth.

-use it every day. And it's the same thing with numerology. A good time to start your business, you guys, is on the 28th of the month, because 28 is the number of extreme wealth. Eight is money. And so we're going into 2024 as a universal eight year. So a lot of people- I don't want to talk to you about that. As the young kids say, a lot of people are going to be getting that bag this year. This is the year of that opportunity.

That's beautiful. I want to talk about that in just a moment. I want to finish up the business piece with you. I know for me, when you messaged me before we had the reading and you're like, Hey, what were you challenged with the year before? Because you were seeing something in the chart. I appreciated that because just because you have a business doesn't mean your birth chart doesn't impact your business chart. I found that really fascinating in terms of that you could pick that up because you asked me and I rattled off like 20 things.

You really had a lot of stuff going on.

I did. I had a really challenging health year last year, and I'm so happy because this year has been so much better. I feel so much better. It's the best I've felt in a very, very long time. But it was fascinating to me when you're like, What was this? So tell me a little bit about that. How can you pick that up and in terms of the business? But it's definitely personal, too, not just business.

Well, so what happens is there's a thing called Kairon, the wounded healer.


So whether you were getting anatal chart with me or a business chart, what I'm going to look at is Kairon, the wounded healer. And what it explains is emotional, physical, or spiritual wound based on the sign in the house and the degree point. And so usually the degree point can tell you the age of when this wound occurred. Now, this wound doesn't have to be super traumatic, like somebody died or whatever, whatever. But what it can show is it's our energy antenna. Kairon was in Greek mythology, this centaur, half man, half horse who was immortal and Zuse's son and was rejected at birth by his mother and then studied with Apollo and became this amazing healer. And so it's where we have sensitivities, and it's known as the energy antenna. But these wounds, based on the degree point, so let's say if it's at nine degrees, it could happen at nine years old. But let's say if it's a business, and let's say you started your business in 2020 and the Kyron wound is at four degrees, I might say, well, listen, in 2024, you may have a hiccup in your business, and it could be an emotional, physical, or spiritual wound that's based on this.

And I can describe it on the house and the sign that it's in and prepare you for the themes. And it's not about fear, but it's about, like I said, knowledge and information. But in your case, the wound had already happened. And so I was able to see it and then ask you those questions. And it turned out that it was of you, because you, when you are a CEO, and business owner, and a founder of your own business, it's like you and the business are one. So it directly affected you having some illnesses, and sicknesses, and different things for that year. And so that's what Kairon does. And I'm telling you, it is so accurate. And honestly, it just blows people away because they're like, hey, day? How did you know? Because they almost think like I'm some CIA spy or something. How did you know that?

I think it's incredible because you see patterns. Just like for me and the Acostia records, there are always patterns that always show in the same cycles or in the same way. I think astrology and other spiritual tools do that too. It's just what tool are we using to understand what's going on with that particular person or with that particular chapter we're in or what have you. I found it really fascinating. For me, going through that last year put a fire under my butt in a different way. This year, that was like, Oh, no, we are never going through that again. We are going to take good care of ourselves in a completely different way because it means I needed to upgrade myself with different support systems and different supplements and different- Yeah.

Just the immune system, everything.

Yeah. Yeah, because it's fascinating. And it's hard when you have a toddler because they just bring all sorts of different germ some that you've never experienced in decades of your life because they accidentally.

Spread in your mouth. Oh, yeah, children do. Oh, my gosh.

Probably stick their dirty fingers in your mouth. It just happens. They're just petri dishes of germ.

Oh, no, it's so true. And that's what I love, because for me, my heart and my intention is really about helping the collective and really being of service to humanity. I know that I have been working with astrology for a millennium and in past lives and in the and everything. So I know that guiding people through the map of their lives and through this ancient wisdom is so helpful. But like, like you do, I love the Akkashik. I love human design, numerology. I think all of the metaphysics and the esoteric knowledge, it's really here for our benefit. And I think it's unfortunate that the dominant culture or society has made us think that it's something to fear, or that it's evil, or bad, or demonic. And really what it is, it's a tool to give you deeper insight to really help you with every aspect of your life. And I know you do such great work with that, with the Akashik records and all the work that you do. And people benefit. And that's all I think light workers like both of us are really trying to do is to almost give people a cheat code.

But really, it's a-.

It's not a cheating at all.

It's- Yeah, it's not cheating. It's a remembering of love and positivity and knowledge.

To me, it's remembering we have access to this information. And I do know I have some friends that have children that are in their early teens. And from my understanding, I don't have an early teen, so this can be not completely factual, but-.

I do. So hit me with the question.

I got you. A lot of the younger teens are into astrology right now. And they're getting into a lot of the things that most people don't discover until their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s. It's never too late to discover a new tool. And it doesn't matter what age you are, but that gives me hope in a completely different way because they're super into it. I'm like, Yeah, awesome. Go on with your bad self.

No, you're so right.

I was talking to one of my friends, her daughter, and we're talking about astrology, we're talking about rising signs and, she's like, Oh, tell me more about that. I want to know. I'm like, Yes, because then she's going to go tell her friends. It's amazing the ripple effect that we can have. They're super, they're like information generation. It's insane how much information they have access to now compared to what we have when we were kids.

They know the whole world through TikTok.

Exactly. I want to go in a different direction with our conversation. One is I want to have you share… There's two things I want you to share, but we'll start with the first one. In numerology, we're entering into the number eight next year, which I'm super excited for because this is a manifesting year. I don't know about you, but I have already been feeling the intensity. The portal has opened in October for this energy to start oozing into our and inviting us to step into it. Tell our listeners what to expect, how to prepare, and how to navigate this year coming up in terms of astrology and the importance of it, and how we can take advantage of it.

Okay. Well, we'll start first with the eight and the Universal Eight Year for 2024, and then we'll get into some neurological placements and energies that can be extremely beneficial as well. One thing you have to remember with eight, when you look at the number eight, and it's like constant flow of energy and recycling. And the one thing we have to remember, it is a great year for abundance, wealth, and manifesting. But the eight is also instant karma. So it also is going to let you understand and know you want to be on your P's and Q's and your best behavior this year. Because for those who choose to be nefarious or do bad or wrong or negative things, that karma can come back on you quick, fast, and a hurry. So it is a year of power and money and manifesting, and wealth. But there is that call for action of intentionality of being positive. It's also a good year for improving health, too.

I like that.

You want to really be very intentional in 2024, and you really don't want to... There's no robbing, cheating, or stealing. You don't want to get into those type of lower vibrations or frequencies. And it's funny, as I just said that I got a ringing in my ear. That was the confirmation. So it's really important. Wow, that's funny. You really want to make sure that the eight is this reciprocal energy. So as you put in, you'll receive. So it's a very intentional year, but it's a year to go for it and really make your dreams come true. So this is definitely a year to go to that. -a business book chart reader.

Yeah, I want to add something to that because I think that sometimes people don't understand if they're robbing, cheating, and stealing. It's a very unconscious behavior. If there is a pattern coming up in your life where all of a sudden you become aware that your behavior is not appropriate, then that means for you to take a different course of action and to also be the observer of how is this behavior impacting myself and others and the collective. Because at the moment of, they're calling injustice, that sometimes we're very unaware and we don't… We're very unaware. We have these blind spots that we have that we might be being mean or we might be not doing the right thing and we're having a very human moment. And so when you become aware of it, that's the opportunity for long, lasting change. And so I know that some people are going to be like, I don't Rob's Cheater, Still. It's not about that.

It's about- Sometimes it's energetically. Yes, we don't want to be energy, vampire. Right? So it's- So emotional, it's emotional, spiritual.

Yeah, it's not just physical. It's all of those things: emotional, spiritual, physical, mental as well, where we might be taking advantage of the system or the person or the experience, and you might not know better or you might know better. And so that's the thing where I was just hearing that from the guardians to to share about that.

Oh, you're so right. And that's so needed because also think of it environmentally, right? Maybe this year, you start growing some plants or herbs or or you do something positive to give back to the environment and nature. Because it is that reciprocal instant karma flow of energy. And we have to understand that everything is energy and frequency and vibration, but everything is living. So be nice to the trees, be nice to the animals. So this is that year where hopefully people understand it's not like just, oh, I'm just going to fat in my pockets with all this cash and crypto and digital currency. It's also give back spiritually and energetically to the environment around you and to these things that we don't think are living, but they are.
I love that, Eric, because I think that we have the opportunity to get back. And when you're sharing that another example of inappropriate behavior. My husband was driving yesterday and he was driving behind a very expensive high-end car, and these people are throwing McDonald's cups, McDonald's bags out of their car. They're littering. That is an example of mistreating the planet.


I hear it. And so there's all these little things. It's not about being righteous either. No, it's about understanding.

Truth is truth. Yeah, that's what.

I want you to do that. Yeah, it's about understanding your actions.

And guess what? They shouldn't do that if they're driving in a Volkswagen or beat up like Dodson. It's bad for anyone to do that.

Yeah. No, it's just… Well, sometimes it's a learned behavior. And if you see someone driving a nice car, you assume that they know better, that they've been educated to a point where they know better not to litter.

Yeah. We don't want to assume that in 2023 right now.

Exactly. But the thing is we see these things and it's not about complaining, it's about understanding how every single decision in your life has a ripple effect and impacts the collective, you, your family, your community, and so much more. I think that that's really important. The next thing I want to talk to you about before we end the show is in the spiritual community, and I don't know if... I'm assuming you know this too, but it's like, and I keep getting this message, next three years, something really big is going to happen within three years. I don't have the exact timing, but it could be two and a half, it could be three, like something major is going to happen. What are your thoughts? What are your perceptions? What do you think about this?

So let me take you into 2024 and just what's going on energetically and etrologically. So like I had mentioned, we are going through this great shift of ending of an age of the Pisces and age, the age of Pisces. And we're on the... The ocean, our toes are just getting wet in the Age of Aquarius. And so we also have this very karmic planet called Pluto. Pluto represents the underwear, Hades, power, control, manipulation, money, sex, the underwear, the mafia, FBI, CIA, just everything. But it's also about the soul psychology and transformation and mutation. And so right now it's in Capricorn at the 28th degree. And on January 21st, 2024, it's going to enter into Aquarius. And it'll be there to September. And then we have one last retrogradegrade, where it's to our naked eye, and we can't see Pluto, the last planet we could see with the naked eye is Saturn. But the retrograde energy is where it appears to be, it's like an optical illusion, appears to be going backwards. And so Pluto will enter into Capricorn, and this is heavy, from September to November 19th. So November fifth, 2024 in America is Election Day.

And Pluto will be at the Aneuritic, which is a very critical, hyper, powerful degree of 29 degrees. So there could be or may not be an election. Okay, that's that. But Pluto will be an Aquarius from November 19, 2024 to 2044, 20 years. And it is going to change anything and everything you know about humanity, power to the people, science, technology, AI, innovation, astrology, the aliens, UFOs, the esoteric knowledge. And so we're going to have these huge shifts. And what is also happening this year, Jupiter right now is in Taurus until May 25th. So all the Taurus people out there, Sun Moon rising, or people who have the Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, rising signs, those are called fixed rising signs. The modality is a fix, so they're more focused on things and stubborn and just... They're like in terms of our seasons, it's the meat of the season, right? And so that Jupiter and Taurus will be going on until May 25th. And then it's going to switch into Gemini for a year from May 26 to the following year. But also what we have going on are huge planetary shifts, because Uranus is going to go into Gemini and leave Taurus in 2026, the end of '25, early '26.

Neptune and Saturn are currently in Pisces until 2026, and they will enter into Aries. And so all of these planetary movements, and these are what we consider outer planets or very karmic planets, and they're generational. And they affect the whole collective, the whole Earth. And what's happening, these shifts, they make huge changes in our society, in our world. And we're going to feel that. And the human design prophecy is that as the collective and the human design is a mixture of the I-Ching and quantum physics, and it's reading your orc field. Right now, as a collective, it's vibrating in our solar plexus. And in 2027, it's going to go to the heart chakra. So a lot of people are feeling that in 26 or 27, there's going to be more than just a huge awakening.

But- Oh, we're already starting.

It's like- Well, no, the awakening is already begun. We're already vibrating into 5D.

It's going to be insane whatever happens.

Yes, there's going to be a huge shift. And everyone has different thoughts and beliefs. And is it aliens? And is it a visitation or an awakening that aliens are here and have always been here? Whatever it is. But that is the time I would say that I've been, I see it, etiologically, but just intuitively getting those downloads, 26, 27, it's going to be a whole new world.

It really is. I'm just so curious to see what that looks like, because back in 2018, started going, something big is going to happen in two years. Never would have guessed it would have been COVID and what that looked like. But the impact that that has had on society is massive. So I wouldwhatever it is, I probably would never go back in the lockdown. But whatever it is, it is going to be for the better. It is going to be for the good because we are entering into this new golden era, this new golden age. And the people that want to be awake are going to awaken. The people that want to stay asleep are going to stay asleep.

Well, and that's the thing. We have the power as co-creators of the universe to choose the timeline that we want to vibrate on and exist in. And you're so right. And choosing to leave the 3D and be in the 5D, well, that's already happening for us, our planet. But then for the individual, you're right. Some people want to stay in the cognitive dissonance and not be aware of the matrix and just be in there my- It's easier. It's comfortable. My newspaper, my nightly news, my cognitive dissonance, my nine to five, whatever, believing in the systems. But I really feel that even those who are choosing this 3D experience, even they will start to awaken in terms of Earth school that, wow, something's happening, and I need to get my head out of the clouds or whatever it is.


To say any bad terms, but wherever their head is at, and start to recognize and get that divine revelation, because spiritually, a lot is going on. And we are already in spiritual warfare. So I always say to my audience and to my clients, the way that we need to vibrate in the age of Aquarius and for the next 20 years, Pluto Aquarius, is truly this trine, which is 120 degree angle. But the triangle is to vibrate in love and gratitude. And then the highest is being your true, authentic self. And when you're doing that, you're going to be okay. Yeah, and there is no fear. Don't focus on the negative. Don't get up to gossiping. Even if it feels weird, a hokey, I always say, be maniacal intentional about positive self-talk. Be kind to yourself, people. Talk positively about your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your own self. If you forget something in the grocery store, don't call yourself an idiot or a dummy. Just know that it's an opportunity to go back. And maybe you see something else on sale, or you have a conversation with someone that was meant to be had, or people just need your vibration and your light.

So have patience, and kindness, and compassion, and empathy for self. We have to love on ourselves at this time.

I love that. Now, if anybody wants to get a reading, you're going to give our listeners a special discount.


Them know what that is and how they can get a hold of you. We'll also have this link in the chat and the description as well. Yes, definitely. Not chat, I mean, show notes, description.

Definitely. Okay. So again, my name is Eric Taylor. I'm a professional intuitive, astrology, and relationship coach. Now I will tell you, I've been going through a branding transition. So I'm coming from Taylor to you coaching. And so my website is still under construction currently. So the best way to contact me is BigE, short for Eric, BigEastrology@gmail. Com. And all you have to do is put Amy in the description or in the subject, sorry. And if you're inquiring for a business birth chart or birth chart reading, whatever it is. But for all birth chart readings, you're going to receive $25 off, okay? And that's for the whole month of December. And even if you get to me a little late, I'll honor it in January, too. But basically, my birth chart readings are 60 minutes live over Zoom. They're $125. And you can get it for $100 and learn about this ancient wisdom, which is the map your life. And I can also, for my other services that are more expensive, like a business birth chart or whatever, I can also knock off $25 if you put Amy in the subject. And again, just hit me up at biggieastrology@jima.com

Come subscribe to my Instagram, my TikTok, my YouTube. They're all Biggie Astrology. And I'm just so honored and with gratitude to join you on your podcast, Amy. And for your audience, thank you for indulging me. And just understand, the astrology is here to help you and to guide you. And there is no victimhood. You chose this time to be alive. So there's no reason to fear, because guess what? If you're still breathing and here right now, it means you're built for this. You can do it. You can handle this energy in this time. And you come and work with me with an astrology birth chart reading. And I have a multitude of services. I do love readings, career readings. I have a mini haters chart. People are like, I'm having so many issues. My neighbor this and this business partner that. And I do a mini haters chart because I can see where you have hidden enemies in the birth chart, issues with coworkers, siblings, feelings. So there's so many different services. And I also have services that if you want to focus on your past life or soul's journey, there's planetary alignments looking at the North and South node.

We're currently until January 11, 2025, the North node is in Aries. That's telling us we need to be more brave and courageous, Amy, like you, the Aries. And the South node is in Libra. And it's telling us that we need to choose relationships and partnerships that are truly vibrating with our heart and our soul with real balance and harmony and peace. And if it's not the case, then this is the time to transmute it, release it, purge it, say goodbye. So all of that and more. And you can just email me at biggieastrology@gmail.Com.

I love that. Thanks, Eric, so much for joining us today. If you want to get a reading from him, it's super affordable, definitely worth it. And he's very accurate and spot on. So if you decide to get one, reach out to him. All right, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Please make sure you like and subscribe and share this with a friend. We'll see you soon. Bye.


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