Episode 128: I Almost Died - Messages from Near-Death Experiences

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I Almost Died - Messages from Near-Death Experiences: Discover Amy Robeson's journey through a near-death experience during pregnancy, emphasizing the power of intuition and self-advocacy in healthcare. Learn to prioritize your health and well-being.

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I want to share a deeply personal story with you – my near-death-life experience. But before we jump into that, I believe it's essential to lay the groundwork by sharing some of the backstories that led up to this life-changing event. So, let's dive into messages from near-death experiences!

Trusting My Gut Feeling: The Journey to Pregnancy

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for four long years. It was a challenging and emotionally draining journey. As many of you may know, getting pregnant can be an arduous task for some couples, and we were no exception. Finally, I decided to get serious about it and sought guidance from the Guardians of my Akashic Records. They provided me with a specific protocol, which included avoiding travel and clearing my calendar. I made the decision to limit my trips to only two in January and February, with an additional vacation with my husband. I said no to anything that could hinder my chances of conceiving. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, but in April 2020, I got pregnant, bringing immense joy to both my husband and me.


My pregnancy coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic, which added a whole new layer of stress and uncertainty. We were living in a small beach community where access to specialized medical care was limited. Due to COVID restrictions, my husband wasn't allowed to accompany me to any of the doctor's appointments. However, there was one hospital that allowed family members to be present during the major 20-week ultra check-up. My regular doctor's office doesn’t have the major ultrasound equipment to do this check-up. My doctor hadn’t had anyone do their 20-week ultra sound check at this hospital but said she thought it would be a good idea since my husband could join me!


As fate would have it, the day we went for the ultrasound, I started experiencing pain on my right side. Dismissing it initially, I assumed it was related to the exercises I had been doing during physical therapy. Little did I know, it was a sign of something more serious. The ultrasound technician informed us that everything looked perfect, but the pain persisted. Within days I was in so much pain I thought something was seriously wrong. On my sister's advice, I decided to get it checked out to rule out appendicitis. I never anticipated what was about to unfold.


To our shock, the doctor discovered a major mass during the ultrasound. Since I just had an ultra sound days before and no mass was reported the doctor had to assume that I had a twisted ovary. It was a critical situation that required immediate surgery to untwist my ovary and save both my life and the baby's. The gravity of the situation hit me when the hospital staff put the oxygen mask on, as they wheeled me into the operating room. Surgery is already daunting, and being pregnant added an extra layer of fear. During the surgery, they discovered my ovary wasn’t twisted but I did have a fibroid. Unfortunately, they couldn't remove the tennis ball-sized fibroid because it was too risky. Despite the challenges, I remained grateful for this experience, as it was a turning point in my life. This surgery was not my near-death life experience. This was the start of it!


Following the surgery, I experienced excruciating pain in my upper abdomen due to the midline incisions. It rendered me unable to walk, sit, or stand without being in immense pain. Although California doesn't typically recommend bedrest, I had to find a fine balance between resting and keeping my body moving. Throughout this period, I couldn't shake the fear of bleeding out or my water breaking prematurely. I desperately sought reassurance from my doctor, sharing my anxieties and pleading for additional ultrasounds. These fears were deeply rooted, as I had vivid visions of past lives where bleeding out during childbirth led to tragic outcomes. Finally, at 30 weeks, my doctor agreed to send me for another ultrasound.


Throughout my near-death-life experience, I had recurring visions of bleeding out and past life experiences. Advocating for more ultrasounds and monitoring became crucial. The significance of my body producing a fibrinoid added to the urgency of addressing the potential dangers. I kept receiving messages from near-death experiences that I had to advocate for myself and my baby otherwise I was going to die.


Persistence paid off as I pushed for another major ultrasound. The shock and relief of what the doctor discovered were overwhelming. They discovered I had placenta previa and Velamentous cord insertion (VCI). Because of the weird cord insertion if I went into labor and my water broke my baby would bleed out and die. Because of the placenta previa if I gave birth or went into labor I could bleed out and die because the placenta was covering my cervix.


Through my near-death-life experience triggered by emergency surgery, I found the gateway to release past traumas and heal. I kept receiving messages from near-death experiences to dive into past lives, to heal fragmented parts of my soul, and reclaim my inner strength. This became a transformative process. This was all done inside of my Akashic Records.


Healing cannot be done alone. I leaned into my support system, comprised of my guides, friends, and family, who guided me through the process. Sharing my journey with them reduced stress levels and provided immense love and support, creating a safe space for healing.


Near-death-life experiences don't always follow dramatic portrayals seen in movies. They can be short, fast, or even long and drawn out. What matters most is that these experiences hold the potential to unlock cellular memories yearning to be healed.


Confronting trauma head-on is the only way to heal. Each individual has their own set of tools, and for me, accessing the Akashic records played a crucial role. Crystals, meditation, journaling, and rest were also instrumental in my healing journey.


Looking back on my near-death-life experience, gratitude overwhelms me. Despite challenges and uncertainty, we made it through. The freedom and release from the trauma that once consumed me are reminders that change is possible when we become aware of our behaviors, patterns, and thoughts.


My near-death-life experience was a profound awakening. It taught me to trust my intuition, be my own advocate, and appreciate the divine reasons behind every experience. By sharing this story, I hope to inspire others to listen to their inner voice, trust their instincts, and embark on their own healing journey. Remember, healing is a journey, and we each have the power to embrace change and find our own path to wholeness.

If you have your own near-death-life experience to share or any thoughts on this topic, I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to like, comment below, subscribe, and share this blog with others who may find it helpful on their healing journey.

Until next time, take care and always be your own best advocate.

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hey, Amy Robeson here. Thank you for joining me on this podcast where we talk about spirituality, the awakening process, mental health, and so much more. Join me weekly to get your weekly dose of spirituality and medicine. I look forward to seeing you on The Inside. Hello, everyone, and welcome to today's episode. I'm so excited you are here. I want to share a super personal story with you today. I want to share my near-death-life experience with you. I need to back up this story and not even start with what happened because I think it's really important to lay the groundwork and sharing some of the backstories so you understand some of the decisions and how stressful this could have possibly have been. I'm smiling and have a little giggle in my speech as I'm saying this because there's so much to this story. It's one, insane. And then two, I want to just share anybody that is out there listening to this. If you have a gut feeling about something, trust your gut feeling and be your best advocate. Because if you are not your best advocate, you will most likely end up in a very bad situation that could possibly not go right at all.

I'm not saying that you could possibly die, but you could, depending on whatever the situation is. So it's really important if your gut is telling you something, if your intuition is telling you something, listen to that and be your biggest advocate because it could change your life, protect your life, or protect other people's lives. And it's so crucial and it's so important to listen and follow your intuition because your intuition is trying to tell you something. So before we jump into my narrative life experience, let me lay the foundation of the backstory. Let me share the backstory with you. My husband and I wanted to get pregnant. We've been trying for four years. Finally, I got really serious about it. This is just me being really open and honest because if any of you have ever experienced trying to have a baby and it's been difficult and challenging, it's a very small percentage of a chance that you can actually get pregnant. You have a very, very small chance of getting pregnant. It's actually quite a difficult task for some people. And for us, it was a very difficult task. Well, finally got serious. I asked the Massachusetts and loved ones in my Akashik records what I can do, how I can go about doing it?

And they gave me a very specific protocol. The protocol was don't travel. Is that I needed to clear my calendar. And so at the end of the year, I said I'm only going to do two trips. Those two trips were in January and February. And then actually, there were three trips. I had took a vacation with my husband too. I had two work trips and then my vacation with my husband. Then after those trips, I was not going to travel anywhere for the entire rest of the year. I made that decision, did some other things for my health to prepare my body in order to get pregnant. I said no to things that would prevent me from getting pregnant. I actually had someone invite me to this really cool retreat and I told the person that I couldn't go because I'm going to get pregnant. This person laughed at me, laughed in a humorous way. I was like, No, I'm serious. If I say yes to this, I will not get pregnant. I said no and just made some other decisions. Itried to make sure I got pregnant. I was so excited. I didn't have any more travel, got pregnant, and I was so excited and so was my husband.

This was during COVID. I just want to paint that picture because there's all sorts of different rules and sorts of different stresses that played a factor in this experience. I'm a big believer that everything happens and because everything happens, there's always divine reason and divine experiences and divine knowledge from those experiences, even if we don't understand it at that particular time. It might even be like, But why? Why would that happen? It's cruel, it's mean. Sometimes it's hard to even explain those reasons, but I understand from my experience and this near-death-life experience, if I didn't have this awful experience that happened before I gave birth to my daughter, I would have died and I know that in my heart, and so I'm very grateful for this experience. First 10 weeks of my pregnancy was normal, early morning sickness, nausea, nauseous, but I was in good spirits. I was pregnant, no big deal. After 10 weeks, awesome. I felt amazing. I was so excited. I felt like I was normal again. I didn't feel nauseous. I can move my body more. I could eat and I was just really excited. At 20 weeks, I had my major ultrasound and my husband at the time was not allowed to come to any of our ultrasound visits because of COVID.

There was one hospital. I had a choice of I think three hospitals to go and do my major ultrasound at because where we lived at the time was a small beach community, and you had to drive over the hill to get to one of the major hospitals. Overthere, or I could go to another major hospital that was only a 15-minute drive. This major hospital, wasn't my doctor's preferred choice because she hadn't really sent many people there. She normally refers them over the hill. But for this one, this particular hospital was allowing spouses or family members to be in the room with you. Of course, I want to go to the hospital where my husband can have this experience. I can have this experience with him. We can have this experience together. We went to this hospital and the day that we went, my right side started hurting. I didn't think much of it because it started hurting while I was at PT. I'm like, Oh, no big deal. It must just be some of these exercises that we're focusing on. We went to the hospital, did the ultrasound. The ultrasound tech said everything was perfect, everything was normal.

And so great, no problem. We're going to... Everything looks good. Not a big deal. Next day, my side is still hurting. Next day, my side is still hurting. Friday, we leave to go on a little baby mooncation. Even though it's halfway through our pregnancy, we decided we were getting stir crazy because of lockdowns and things like that. We just wanted to go near the water and spend some time near the water, so we decided to drive up to Lake Tahoe. While we were driving there at nighttime, Isure my husband was done working, I was starting to have some severe pain. I was like, What in the world is going on? I'm just really uncomfortable. We get there, all night I couldn't sleep. I was in excruciating pain. I called my sister in the morning and I just said, Something's just not right. I don't feel right. Since it was on my right side, which I think that's where your appendix is, my sister's like, You should just go rule out, make sure that you don't have appendicitis or something like that. Go to the hospital, just roll it out, and so you guys can just finish your vacation.

My husband was even sleeping at the time, so I was like, I'll just run down, go do a quick check, and see what they have to say. Probably nothing major. They're probably just going to say like, Who knows? I don't even know it. I was expecting them to just say, You're fine. Go home. You're good. I went and a major mess showed up on the ultrasound. The doctor was like, Well, since you just had your ultrasound this week, your major ultrasound, we're going to compare the two. You either have twisted ovary, which can be septic, so we have to operate immediately and untwisted. Otherwise, you and the baby could die or just the baby can die, or it's a fibrid. If it's a fibrillator, we do nothing, but we got to check the ultrasound. I said, Nope, no problem. They checked the ultrasound. Nothing was reported on that ultrasound. She's like, You have to have emergency surgery. We need to make sure that your ovary is not twisted. If it's twisted, we need to untwist it. While I'm waiting to have the surgery, the anesthesiologist comes in and is talking to me about my birth plan.

At the time, I had considered many different things, and some of the things that I was considering were based on COVID because I wanted us to have a normal experience. I wanted my husband to be next to me. I wanted to be able to have a doula if I wanted. I was thinking about doing a home birth. This beautiful angel that got sent to me from the universe, from creation, from God was like, Absolutely do not do that. He goes, You're about to have emergency surgery. You have no idea what the rest of your pregnancy is going to be like. Absolutely. Make sure you have your baby out of hospital. At the time, I just said, Yes, I will consider that. At the time, I was just like, I don't know. I don't know what I'm doing. I just need to get through this day. He planted a seed, and that seed was planted deeply for me to consider. We had a wheeling getting wheeled into the operating room, didn't hit me that I was actually having surgery or to even say a prayer for my life or my baby's life until they put the oxygen mask on me.

That is when it got really real. They did emergency surgery at 20 weeks. Now, this isn't even the near-death-life experience. Surgery, when you're not pregnant, is already scary. When you're pregnant, super scary. And so had the surgery found out I had a tennis ball-sized fibrate, they could do nothing about. And the doctors there were amazing. I'm very grateful for the doctors. And unfortunately, they couldn't do anything about the fibroids, so they just stitched me back up and called it a day and sent me home with a protocol and what have you. Because they did surgery and they had to do surgery to make sure my ovary wasn't twisted, it's torn and I've been tied up my entire midline. So what I mean by that is they do scopes and when they do scope, I forget how to say the word, but endoscopic or something like that surgery. So they did three scopes, one in the center near my solar plex, and then down towards the belly button, off to the sides, the right side and the left side. That center one on my solar plaques, because I was pregnant, started stretching. And from 22 weeks on, I felt like my abdomen was being ripped apart.

Because I felt this way, I couldn't walk, sit, or stand while I was pregnant. It was an excruciating pain while I was pregnant. So basically, I was put on bedrest. And in California, they won't put you on bedrest. They'll just tell you, Hey, you need to rest more. Don't move your body so much, but move your body as much as you possibly can. So it's like this fine line of what you can do and what you can't do. And so because of this surgery, I kept having visions of bleeding out. I kept feeling the urge to not have my water break. I was very, very adamant I didn't want my water to break, like irrational about it, like don't want my water to break, don't want that experience. Every single week, I would message my doctor and tell her that I had a fear that I was going to bleed out and bleed to death and that I needed another ultrasound. And I begged my doctor over and over, and I kept seeing visions in my records of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of either I bled out and I died, or I bled out while giving birth to a baby and the baby died, or both ways.

I kept seeing this over and over and over and over again. I was very, very grateful that my body was smart enough to produce a fibrinoid because if I would have had the most beautiful, perfect pregnancy, I wouldn't have been aware of what happened next. That is, I kept begging and begging and begging and begging my doctor to let me have another major ultrasound because where I lived, they didn't have the equipment and I definitely wasn't going back to the hospital that didn't catch the fibroid to begin with. She finally agreed at 30 weeks that she would send me to go get another ultrasound. I went and when I saw the ultrasound tech, he leaves the room and he comes back in and goes, hey, and you should come back after lunch. I go, I figured. And he goes, yeah, we definitely need to see you're going to need to talk to the doctor. I go, no problem. So come back after lunch. And the doctor was like, I am so happy that you came in because what your doctor wrote up here is definitely not even what we're seeing today. If you go into labor and your water breaks because of the way the cord inserted, which is VCI, the baby would bleed out and die.

And so we can't have you going into labor where your water is going to break. And then also you have placenta previa. So your placenta is covering the cervix. And so if you go into labor, you have to bleed out. And so you need to come back and decide if we're going to have a C-section at 35 weeks or at 37 weeks. And the reason why I said I was so grateful for the anesthesiologist at the hospital that I had my emergency surgery at is because if he want to plant that seed that going to the hospital having a different experience, I probably wouldn't have been researching C-sections or researching the hospital experience the way that I had. So I was already mentally prepared to have a C-section. The other thing is I knew that something was wrong and that I wasn't going to take no for an answer. And my guides, my guardians of my records kept telling me to do certain things and to make sure that I was my biggest advocate for myself and for my baby because otherwise it wasn't going to work out the way it was supposed to. So the beautiful thing is we have these different spiritual tools at our fingertips.

This near-death-love experience that I had was not from the emergency surgery. That was the gateway. That was the door that opened up the floodgates to releasing the memories and releasing the trauma that my cells, my soul was holding on to, that was ready to release it and let it go and not relive those experiences again. And what I ended up doing is I ended up leaning into the records, uncovering these lifetimes, healing these lifetimes, reclaiming these fragments of my soul because they were so fragmented. Then I also leaned into my support system as well, because this isn't't something that I felt that I had to do alone. I'm going to underline that word had to do alone because I felt that it was beyond necessary for me to lean into community, to lean into my friends and my family to support me in processing all of this so that, one, I kept my stress level extremely down, and two, that I felt loved and I was experiencing love and so as my daughter at the same time. Because if something were to happen, I know that I did everything in my power that I could possibly do to make sure that she delivered safely.

Because at the end of the day, I knew that no matter what happened, that little girl was going to make it no matter what, and that was not an option in the matter. And so for me, near-death-life experiences are invitations to heal trauma. They're invitations to change the path or change the direction the trajectory that you are on or could possibly be on. And when we have these near-death-life experiences, they can be very long and drawn out, or they can be very short and fast, like and my husband fell off a cliff and he broke his neck. And that was a near-death-life experience. Just had another family member of mine that had a near-death-life experience and their life flashed before their eyes within seconds. And within 20 minutes, they're all okay. So near-death-life experiences don't have to look like the way that Hollywood, Hollywood-tises them. The main thing is, and the main point that I want to make here is that your cells hold memories, and those memories want to be healed. That vibrational code that's within the cells want to be healed. And we have the opportunity to heal them in so many different ways.

And you chose to have a human experience. And that human experience will work through some of those old wounds, old traumas. And it doesn't matter if they're from human lifetimes or different lifetimes, different beings, whatever it is, we have memories. And those memories can also be from this lifetime that your system is trying to work through and heal. And sometimes we have to have a near-death-life experience in order to release the trauma and to heal the trauma. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you can just go in there and start working on it. And because I've been doing this work for so many years, I knew that my body was trying to get my attention. I knew that my body was trying to severely get my attention, and it was not going to let up. And I am so grateful for that tennis ball-sized fibroid because I don't think I would have been so adamant or it wouldn't have opened the floodgates up and brought it to my attention in the previous lives that I experienced to my attention without those experiences. It can be traumatizing to even think about those types of things or to even consider those types of things.

But I'm telling you that when we have trauma, the only way to work through it is to go through it, meaning we have to unpack it, we have to unload it, we have to face it, and we have to release it. And whatever tools that you're guided to use, use those. For me, it's the records. I had to use those tools and all my other tools in my toolbox from crystals like I just laid with lipidolide all over my body because it just felt so good and so calming and so reassuring. I leaned into support systems that made me feel loved. I meditated, I journaled, I rested. I've never rested so much in my entire life to make sure my stress level was down and my pain level was down. And at the time, I was teaching some courses and I had some one on one clients, and I readjusted what that looked like. And I was grateful for my classes because they were really beautiful outside distraction from what I was experiencing at that time. And it was just so beautiful. It really was. And now that we're past that, this happened in 2020, now that we're past that, the further I move away from it, the more I'm just… I was grateful then, I'm still grateful now, but I can feel the whole experience not vibrating in my energy signature anymore the way it used to.

It's so freeing to even just think about that we're here, we made it, we survived. It's awesome. If you've had someone that's had a near-death-life experience or you've had a near-death-life experience, know that life changes when these experiences happen, but we don't have to have these experiences in order to make change. Change can happen just by becoming acutely aware and curious around behaviors, actions, reactions, patterns, habits, and thoughts. And the more you get curious about those things, the more that you'll start asking specific questions around what's happening so that you can change or heal whatever it is that's coming up for you to heal. All right, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today's episode. Have you had a near-death-life experience? Let me know. I would love to know if you have and what it was. I'm sending you a big, gigantic hug. Please make sure you like and subscribe and share this with a friend. Bye.

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