Episode 127: Super Harvest Full Moon

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The Super Moon during the September Harvest Moon offers a powerful opportunity for healing, closure, and transformation. Embrace the intense energy, release negative patterns, and open your heart to receive blessings. Utilize meditation, journaling, and dream analysis to deepen your connection with the Super Moon and uncover profound insights from your subconscious.

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EEK, we have a very magical celestial event happening during september harvest moon! This harvest full moon is special because its a SUPER MOON.

The fall equinox has just passed, marking the beginning of a new season. It's a perfect time to hit the reset button and embrace the changes that lie ahead. Recently, I hosted a fall equinox healing celebration, and if you missed it, don't worry!
You can watch/ listen to the healing below. It's never too late to align yourself with the energy of a new chapter.



Now, let's talk about the upcoming Super Harvest Moon on the 29th of September. When we have a Super Moon, it means that the moon is closer to the Earth, creating an amplified energy that can deeply affect us. It's like the universe just gave the moon an energy drink!

So, how can we navigate this powerful energy and use it to our advantage?


Even though it might feel a bit scary to face the things we've been avoiding, remember that what comes to the surface is what is ready to be processed and healed. Don't run away from it; welcome it like an old friend dropping by for a chat. Embracing it will soften your energy and open your heart, reassuring your nervous system that it's safe to explore and let go.


To harness the energy of the Super Harvest Moon, connect with Grandmother Moon through meditation and journaling. She holds ancient wisdom and can guide you through this transformative process.


Your dreams hold valuable messages from your subconscious. If you struggle to remember your dreams, set an intention to experience synchronicities throughout the day that will help you understand your dreams on a deeper level.


During this period, it's essential to incorporate regular meditation into your routine. Meditation serves as a powerful tool to quiet the mind, connect with your inner self, and navigate the emotional rollercoaster that the moon cycles can bring. It allows you to be present with what wants to come forward, revealing what needs to be healed and released.


As you embark on this journey of self-discovery under the Super Harvest Moon, remember to trust the process. Surrender and let go of the need to control every outcome. Surrendering is accepting what blessings the universe has in store for you, while letting go is consciously releasing emotions, outcomes, and experiences that no longer serve you. By surrendering and letting go, you create space for balance, harmony, and completion to enter your life.

So my friends, as the september harvest moon approaches and being that is a super moon…

Celebrate this auspicious time and bask in the energy it brings. Trust the process, surrender, and open your heart to the miraculous blessings waiting to unfold. Remember, this is a time of purification, where you can release negative thoughts, habits, and patterns. Be mindful of what serves you and what doesn't, and let go of anything that no longer aligns with your highest self.

I hope you find this guidance helpful as you navigate the celestial dance of the Super Harvest Moon. Remember, you are safe, supported, and deserving of all the love and blessings that the universe has to offer. Embrace the energy, let go of what no longer serves you, and step into your power during this transformative time.

May the Super Harvest Moon illuminate your path and bring you closer to your true self. Happy navigating!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Happy fall equinox or happy new season if you're on the other end of the world. I love celebrating the season change. It is an opportunity to hit the reset button. And I just recently did a fall equinox healing celebration. If you missed it, it's not too late to listen to it. And even if you're in the other part of the world, definitely listen to it just because it shifts us into the new chapter. And I'm really excited for this new chapter. So if you want to listen to that healing, the link is below the video or in the or show notes, depending on where you're consuming this, are on our website, in the blog section as well. What we're going to talk about today is a very auspcious time. So not only did we just enter this portal of the fall, we are also going to have a super moon on the 29th of September.

And the super moon, anytime we have a super moon, that just means the moon is closer to the Earth, which just… It's just a celestial event. It's an ausitious time. Energy is super amped whenever we have a full moon. And then when you add it being a super moon, it's like the moon, the Earth just drank a Red Bull. It got an energy drink. It got super amplified. And so I want to talk about how to navigate this super full moon that's the harvest moon. Because if we work in conjunction with where the planets are and how the moon is affecting us, we can use that to better ourselves, to better our relationship with ourselves, to better our relationship with others, to better our relationship with the universe. Andand it's such an amazing way to just navigate life. I really got into the moon cycles when I started on my spiritual path, which we have a Friday the 13th coming up. I'm going to do a special for Friday the 13th, which I'm super excited about. That's going to be in October. But I love the moons. The moon cycles really affect our emotional wellbeing.

So if we are processing things that we have not processed yet, it can feel a little scary because when we have a full moon, the full moon is inviting us to bring things into completion. And so with this full moon, I want to encourage you to embrace the energy, welcome it with open arms. And I know that sounds a little scary, especially if you're like, I'm not ready to process some of the things that I don't want to process right this moment. But I want to encourage you that what's going to come to the surface is what is in alignment for you to process. You don't have to force process anything. If it's coming to the surface, it is time to process it and don't run away from it. Embrace it. Say hello. Welcome it like a friend that just dropped by for a visit and just say, Let's have a chat. Even if it feels uncomfortable, let's have a chat. And when you embrace it, what ends up happening is your energy softens, your heart softens. That barrier, that shield that you put up around your heart softens. And what your nervous system hears or senses or knows or gets in tune to, is that it's safe.

It's safe for you to explore this. It's safe for you to finally let it go. It's safe. You're safe. I know that can be so challenging when it feels so intense. So with that being said, what you're going to want to do is say hello to grandmother moon. And when you say hello to grandmother moon, you have the opportunity to lessen the intensity. What I mean by lessen the intensity, it's not going to come and smack you over the top of your head unexpectedly because you're like, oh, I already know this is happening. It's like being on a roller coaster and you hear the click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click as you're going to the top of the roller coaster before you just go flying downit, but there's that anticipation. And so when you say hello to Grandmother Moon, when you say hello to this energy that is about to present itself to you, you lessen the effects because you're a willing participant versus an unwilling participant. The other thing I wanted to share about the super full moon that is the harvest full moon is that it's here to bring balance.

And so if you are feeling those intense feelings, it's here to bring balance and harmony and to bring things into completion. And so know that the only way to get through this is to go through it. And that on the other end, there is balance, there is harmony, there is love, and there is completion. There's completion. And when you remind yourself that there's completion, that there is balance, it can also allow you to feel safe going into this magnificent, miraculous portal of love that Grandmother Moon wants to bless you with. You can sit and meditate and journal with Grandmother Moon and see what she wants to help you with, what she wants to support you with. You can also pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams are going to be key indications of what the subconscious is working through. If you don't remember your dreams, that's okay. You can set an intention that says, Please allow me to experience synchronicities throughout the day that will assist me in understanding my dreams that I don't remember. This could be a nice little message, an invitation to the universe to figure out a way to support you in remembering what the subconscious is working through.

You can also get up in the morning and try to meditate on what you dreamt about as well. Meditation is going to be a key practice all throughout life, period, end of discussion, but especially during this harvest moon. Throughout this week, I want to encourage you to journal, encourage you to meditate and meditate on what wants to come forward, what wants to be revealed because what wants to be revealed wants to be healed. We have to remember that when something is revealed, it's being revealed to be healed. And if we run away from it, what's happening is we're taking the long way around and there's nothing wrong with taking the wrong way around. But if you remind yourself you're safe, you'll actually work through it quickly versus dragging your feet around and around and around and around. And that can feel dizzy. It can feel distracting. It can feel confusing. It can feel frustrating. There's so many things that can happen when we take the long way around because it distracts you from the very thing you're meant to be doing in that particular moment. And you're consuming, it's consuming your energy, it's consuming your thoughts.

Might not even be on a conscious level, but on a subconscious level, it's consuming your space that you can be working on something else or focusing on something else or increasing your vibration like gratitude on something else. We always want to just be mindful that when you make a conscious decision to do something, it does take some time. And it's okay if you don't get it easily and effortlessly. I want to encourage you that this is to bring in balance and to remind yourself you're safe and that you're going to come into balance no matter what. This is a purification process. So this Super Harvest, full moon is inviting you to purify your thoughts, to purify the mind, body, and soul, and to let go of what's no longer serving you. So it could be negative thoughts, it could be negative habits. It could be even positive habits that just aren't in alignment with you anymore. I know that we always hear letting go of negative habits, but you know what? There are some habits that you might be doing that if someone looked at them and they might go, Those are actually really healthy habits.

The question comes down to, are they in alignment with you, though? It has nothing to do with positive or negative. It's, are they in alignment? Do those habits, do those patterns serve you? And if they are serving you, how do they serve you? And do they serve you in a way that allows you get to where you want to be in the reality that you want to be and in the frequency that you want to vibrate at? Because if the answer is no, those are the habits to let go of. Those are definitely the habits to let go of. And then the next step, or these aren't even really steps, these are just things to be aware of. It is a conscious effort to surrender. I talked about letting go, but surrender and letting go are two totally different things, but they can still feel similar. Let's compare the difference between surrender and letting go. Surrender is a conscious act of moving into acceptance, letting go of control. And this is a big thing. We always are trying to control what and how we want things to happen. But when we move into surrender, we're saying, universe, divine, God, whatever sacred title you give that being.

I'm okay and I accept what blessings you're sending my way. And it's this beautiful acceptance that you move into. And this can be really, really hard because there's lots of people that are control. They want control and they have to have control. And when we try to control everything, we miss out on the miraculous miracles and blessings that the universe wants to gift us on a constant basis. Now, when we look at letting go, it's a conscious effort of releasing emotions, outcomes, and experiences that are no longer serving you. And so when we look at letting go and when we look at surrendering, they are different, but they can feel very similar. They feel similar, but they go hand in hand. When you're looking at what wants to come forward during the super moon, if you can't move into acceptance, it's going to be really hard to let go. So if you move into, let me consciously look at what's no longer serving me, and then you can move in to acceptance and surrender and vice versa. And so what I want to encourage you to do during this full moon is not only meditate, not only celebrate the season change, meditate with Mother Mood.

But I want you to trust the process. I want you to trust what's coming forward. I want you to surrender and let go. And most importantly, I want you to open your heart to big, miraculous miracles because you deserve them and your heart is open to receiving them. And the universe wants to bless you with them, my friend. Bless you with many, many, many, many blessings. And when you do this, things will start to change. They might change slowly. They might change quickly. It just depends on you. Depends on your path. Depends on how you let go. Depends on how you surrender. Depends on how you make that connection. Depends on if you're in alignment, if you're out of alignment. There's so many factors at hand. The main thing is, what are you going to do with this amplified, super harvest, full moon? Because it is an auspicious time to take advantage of some miraculous, celestial events that are occurring on the Earth plane that want to bless us with many blessings. So take full, full advantage of it. So with that being said, my friend, celebrate this magnificent, full, super harvest moon. Listen to the fall equinox healing celebration.

I will be doing something very special for Friday the 13th that's coming up in October. So make sure if you are not on my email list, make sure you sign up because I'm going to be doing a live Friday the 13th goddess celebration that I can't wait for. You can sign up underneath the links below or you can go to theaimayrobison. Com/free and sign up. We have 20 plus free healings that you could take advantage of and you'll get information on when we do our Friday the 13th celebration as well. All right, my friends, I hope to see you soon and please make sure you like and describe and share this with a friend and celebrate the moon. Bye.

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