Episode 117: Soul Chats with Stephanie Mason

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In this Soul Chats interview with Steph Mason, we delve into the world of candle magic. Steph creates unique candles infused with herbs, crystals, flowers, and essential oils, tailored to each individual's human design soul blueprint. Through rituals and the candle's movements, blockages and areas of lack are revealed, providing self-reflection and guidance. We also discuss the power of candles in working with the subconscious mind, releasing blocks, and exploring spiritual modalities like Reiki, Akashic records, and human design.

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Working with candles can assist you in unlocking your true power! Whether you are a seasoned spiritual practitioner or someone new to the concept, candle magic offers a unique and powerful spiritual tool to connect with the Universe and manifest our hearts desires. Let’s explore how candles can impact your life!


Stephanie Mason takes candle magic to a whole new level. She carefully handcrafts each candle and attunes it to your unique energy. She crafts them using herbs, crystals, flowers, and essential oils. By attuning each candle to your specific energy and human design soul blueprint, it becomes a direct extension of your reality. This personalized approach allows the candle to communicate with you on a deeply profound level.


One of the most intriguing aspects of candle magic lies in its ability to reveal hidden truths and blockages in our lives. The dancing flame and intriguing wax patterns that form as the candle burns offer valuable insights into areas where we may be blocking or lacking love, joy, happiness, wealth, or abundance. Clinging herbs and flowers on the glass sides carry symbolic meanings, shedding light on subconscious or unconscious barriers that may be hindering our progress. Candle magic serves as a mirror, showing us the truth that may be hidden from our own perception.


When working with candles, setting clear intentions is essential. Stephanie Mason's candles are expertly programmed with specific intentions, allowing them to align perfectly with our desires. For instance, the way the candle wax burns/doesn’t burn represents different aspects of our lives, such as the past, present, future, subconscious mind, and unconscious mind. Understanding the symbolism and intention behind each section allows us to gain deeper insights into our journey and identify areas for growth and transformation.


While Stephanie provides suggested rituals, the beauty of candle magic lies in our ability to create personalized rituals. Expressing gratitude for the things we are thankful for opens us up to receive from the universe. Engaging in this frequency of gratitude allows the candle to further communicate with us. Paying attention to the dance of the flame or the interaction of wax and other elements reveals subtle movements and patterns that hold valuable messages and guidance for our spiritual path.


For those new to candle magic, there are simple ways to incorporate this transformative practice into our lives. Starting with a regular birthday candle!

  1. First express gratitude for five things in our life and set clear intentions for what we would like to manifest
  2. Paying attention to how the candle burns down provides valuable insights. A clear burn indicates that our desired outcome may manifest quickly, while wax residue on specific sections of the candle offers additional guidance.
  3. Seeking guidance from an Akashic Records practitioner or reaching out to Stephanie Mason can provide further assistance.


Stephanie Mason's journey with candle magic began years ago when her passion for candles led her to explore various techniques. Incorporating her knowledge of the Akashic Records and human design, Stephanie's candles have become celebrated for their unique blend of craftsmanship, intention, and spiritual wisdom. Her experiences, including a hair-burning incident during a candle magic class, have only reinforced her belief in the power of this practice.

Candle magic is a profound and transformative practice that has the potential to enrich our spiritual journey and enhance our connection with the universe. By attuning candles to our unique energy, we unlock the power within ourselves. As we delve into the captivating world of candle magic, we realize its ability to reveal hidden truths, program intentions, and create personal rituals. Whether we are beginners or seasoned practitioners, candle magic offers a powerful tool for manifesting our desires with grace and purpose. Embrace the profound magic of candle work and unlock your true potential today.

If you are interested in working with Stepahnie Mason and or purchasing one of her powerful candles check out her website here: www.LivingAlignedbySteph.com

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hey, Amy Robeson here. Thank you for joining me on this podcast where we talk about spirituality, the awakening process, mental health, and so much more. Join me weekly to get your weekly dose of spirituality and medicine. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Hello, everyone. I'm super excited for our guest today, Steph Mason. She also goes by Stephanie Mason. She is a sacred awakening and advanced student, and I'm so excited for her to share about her candle magic today. Hi, Steph, how are you?

Hi, Amy. Thanks for having me. And thank you, listeners, for tuning into this session. I think it's going to be great.

Yay. So I know you're super connected with the Akashic records, and I know that we have all sorts of different people raving about your candles. Tell me why people should work with candles and what are the benefits of working with candles?

So I make my candles totally from scratch. I buy the vessels, I pour the wax, and I make the candle from start to finish with herbs, crystals, flowers, essential oils, oils, organic, everything is organic. The reason why a person should work with one of these candles is I attuned it to them. So it's not just a regular off the shelf candle or one you go buy on an S. C. Shop.

I attuned it to you. So therefore, it's an extension of your reality. I use your human design soul blueprint, which is also something that is unique to you and every person has their own. And when a person uses the candle and they do a ritual, it doesn't even have to be the ritual that I provide, but I do provide a ritual.

If you just sit there and express gratitude for some things that you are grateful for, you're really in that frequency of I'm ready to receive from the universe. So when you're in that frequency, the candle starts to communicate with you. The flame will start to move. It will dance. It will get your attention. It can show you things. The candle wax shows you something.

It shows you layers of blockages. The herbs stuck on the side of the glass shows how you something. You're blocking love, you're blocking joy, you're blocking happiness, you're blocking wealth, you're blocking abundance. The flowers, they also, if they're stuck to the side of glass, are showing you that you're blocking or lacking in some area of your life. And you may not even be aware of these things.

You may not even be aware or have awareness until somebody brings it to your attention that you're in this state of mind, you're in the state of being. It. So what I love about the candles is they don't lie. They don't lie. They show you the truth that you cannot see yourself. And that is what I love about them. When you're using them and you're watching them and you're seeing even the glitter, if you're seeing glitter stuck to the side of your glass, you're not happy, you're not joyful, you're not sparkly, there's something about you that needs some attention.

And then where it's located tells you something. So I programmed the candle by a certain intention. I program the candle that... And here's the candle example, and this one's for somebody.

I attuned them. We can talk about that in a minute. But this half of your candle, it would be on this side, is your past. This is you in the present moment. This is your future. This is your subconscious mind, the things that are unaware of that are blocking you. And then there's the unconscious layer, which is your unconscious mind that is in the middle here.

And just for our listeners that aren't seeing the visual, Stephanie is showing a circular candle. And each little section of the outer circle has a different meaning depending on where the wax is building up, is that correct? Or where the herbs or flowers are building up on the side of the candle, which I think is completely fascinating because for me, when I burn a candle, I'm very particular that I want it to burn evenly. And when I bought one of your candles, I was super guided not to do what I normally do.

And I was like, okay, I won't do it. I will control my urge to perfect this candle. And so I didn't put the little candle pin over it to burn evenly because I wanted to see how it would burn. And it was just so fascinating to me when it was burning how one, it just had all this crazy wax on one side. And then once I did the shifts and worked through whatever was coming up for me to work through, how all of a sudden it all burned. It was crazy. Absolutely crazy. And you're like, candles don't lie.

I'm like, no kidding. This is so crazy. For anyone that's listening that's interested in working with candles, and you're talking about how you program them and how you specifically set intentions, is this something that they can also do on their own? So if they got a candle and they want to set an intention, how would they go about doing that?

First, they would need to be an acoustic records practitioner. I'm going to say that because you're going to want to do all the healings and stuff like that in the acoustic records. So you're going to want to have that under your belt. So you have a place to connect to. Instead of actually attuning the candle,

I'll give you another option. I use birthday candles a lot, too. This would be something I'm manifesting, but let's just say I want something I don't want to say want. I would like something really quick to show up into my reality. I get a birthday candle. You know the ones that are about... I don't have any right here, which I did. But they're about the two inch birthday candles, like the regular dollar store candles.

Okay, you get one of those. You still express five things you're grateful for, and you tell the candle what it is that you really would like to show up in your reality pretty quickly. I would say this is more of things that you're wanting to help be in service to others. You're wanting a gift to show up, you're wanting quick cash, but not like $5,000, but like 50 bucks.

It's typical. Yeah. And then you would tell the candle the same thing. You would put a little heat on the bottom, stick it to the plate, and then light the candle.

It will still work the same way with past, present, future subconscious mind. And the way the wax burns down to the bottom, if there's no wax, it's a clear burn means it should start to show up in your reality pretty quickly. If it's got wax anywhere on the outer outside, you would have to know is it the past, you, or future. And then you would have to... Basically, what you can do is just at that point, ask your across records team, what is the candle showing me? You can also talk to the candle if you feel guided to elements.

If you work with the elements, you can see what the candle is showing you. You can reach out to me. I can read the candle for you. And this will show you what might be something going on in your reality that is preventing you from the very thing that you're trying to have in your reality.

I love that stuff. Thanks for sharing that ritual. How did you come upon this? I know you're into human design, and I know you're into the Akashic records, but what moved you to start making candles in the way that you're making them? Because they're very unique and they're very powerful.

Two things. First, when I started making candles when I was 17 years old, I worked at Michael's, the arts and crafts store. So I was a sales associate, and then I was a cashier, and then I was a manager of the store. And we would get 40 % off items. We get 25 % off items or whatever.

And I used to set the ad sales. And one day I was setting the ad sales and I'm like, oh, candles. This sounds cool. Let me make them. So I took a kit home and I started doing like gel wax candles. My mom and I would start doing them together as a mom and daughter thing. And we would make gel candles with little fish tanks before they became popular. We really missed it back then. But fish tanks, we would make fish tanks. We would make martini glasses with clay olive, and we would sell these people around and then the business died down or whatever.

Then Karina Delpezo with Terra Nova Crystals, she offered a candle magic class and my Akashik Records team said, you're going to take that class. And I'm like, I'm going to do candles again.

And I've been doing them on and off since I was 17. So I had gotten into regular candles. I've done the woodwick candles when that was a huge thing. I used to wood burn into the lids, like palm trees and beach scenes and whatever just would burn onto the lids and gift them to people.

So I've always been into candles and wax and stuff. In Karina's candle magic class, she taught you some more about really opening up your intuition about candles. And when I did that, I burned my hair off. So when that happened, that happened, I was like, Are you sure? I'm supposed to take this class? And yeah, I ended up burning my bang off. It was a freak accident. It was not supposed to happen. But I can still continued with the candles.

And I was like, this had to have... Even though it happened, I still was meant to do this. So I learned from that experience the rest of how to do this and be safe about things, which is why I also supply a warning when you're working with candles that they can blow up, but they are super powerful.

And if they do blow up, it means that your spell has come to completion. But when it comes down to burning at the bottom, you want to make sure you're paying attention. But nobody should leave their house with a candle burning. That's typical normal fire safety measures. Yes.

Well, I love that stuff. And I love that this is why I love the Akashik records, because the Akashik Records will fine tune and look at... They go through all the filing cabinets in your subconscious and in your cells and in your memories of like, these are the gifts that you're good at, and these are the things that you're in alignment with.

And so they guided you to go deeper with something you were passionate about in the past and reinvigorate that and reopen you up to the possibilities of what it is that you're meant to be doing with these candles. And they're super powerful. I have all sorts of sacred awakening students and other students that rave about them. And I know that you and I have talked a lot about them as well. And I love that you're also incorporating human design into them.

Let's talk about that. Tell me a little bit more. I know about human design, but for people that are listening or watching, give a brief explanation of what human design is and why it's important to know about.

So human design is how you basically operate with energy. And for people that are just freshly awakening, you may not know what energy is or how it influences your body. And you'll go to a human design reader and they'll tell you, Okay, you're a generator. This is how you're supposed to operate. I'm a manifesting generator.

I'm supposed to wait to respond. So are you. As a generator, you're supposed to wait to respond. You have the projector who is supposed to wait till they're invited, and then you have the detector who's supposed to wait 30 days and reflect before they make decisions. What's important about that is, basically, I don't know about you, but I, as a manifesting generator in the past, somebody would say, Hey, would you like to go do something?

And I'd be like, Oh, yeah, let's go do this. And then halfway through it, I'd be like, Crap. S word. I don't want to go do this. And if I would have waited for my body to catch up and respond, I would have known that that wasn't an alignment for me at that time, and that something better was for me to do.

And then it would be like, Now I feel guilty because I let someone else down, or Now I feel this. So knowing how you operate and how you're meant to operate with energy, it makes it much easier. I do divine alignment. Actually, instead of me saying to you, Here's a human design raining, let me rage you and tell you how you're supposed to operate. And then I send you along your way.

I actually attuned people to their human design. We go through, we explore the center as we decondition, you take you back to beginning. And then I teach you how to operate within your own energy and help you understand your gifts. So let's just say you're an evidential medium and you didn't even know you were, that's going to come out because you're meant to do that. You're just blocking it because you don't understand how energy works with you. Or people are so focused on, I see, I want to see, she's a clear point.

I want to be a clear voice. I want to see. I want to see. And maybe that's not your gift. Maybe you have all these other ones that are even better, but you're so focused on, I want to see that you don't realize that your body is your tool, and it's telling you everything you need to know.

You're just not checking into it. Or you're so overly empathic that you feel their pain, their emotions, their everything, and it makes you go numb. And that's not how you're supposed to live either. You're not supposed to live in that numbness. You're supposed to feel, you're supposed to enjoy life. You're supposed to have experiences of joy and happiness and gratitude and all things. You're not supposed to always be in that... We call them what? Low vibrations. Those low vibrations.

Those lower frequencies. I think it's awesome that you're doing the alignments with the candles as well. And the candles are very expensive either. I mean, they're a higher end candle with what you're getting for the candle. It's crazy. And we'll talk a little bit more about that. What made you go on this path stuff? What made you decide to like, I'm going to live this spiritual life, start digging into all these spiritual tools. What made you or when did you have your awakening and what did that look like? And how is it supporting you to come to this moment in time?

I believe we have more than one awakening. Oh, absolutely. Start with that.

Many, many awakenings.

My first one one was in 2016, 14, 16, where I started talking to psychics, and I was super interested. And a psychic one day told me I was a healer. And I'm like, Oh, what does that look like? And she's like, Just go talk to a person who does Reiki. And I didn't know what Reiki was. I googled it. And the day I googled it, there was actually a class getting ready to start that weekend in my area.

So I go and I sign up and I understand Reiki. But the way that she taught me and the way that I learn was not a match. But I didn't have the records back then. I just went with it. But it taught me energy via the hands. So I can literally put my hands on people. I can feel where they were out of alignment, and I can fix it with my hands.

When taking that step forward, I was able to connect with crystals that way I can feel with my hands the crystals aligned to me or not. So it helped me start understanding energy. Also, frequencies and vibrations, because you can feel the different ones when you're touching them, also the different people.

Then I took several Akashic records courses, and then I found you. And then that has been great. And then after UU, I did secret soul alignment. While I was doing secret soul alignment, I was also taking hypnosis stuff because the mind fascinates me. I love going through the mind.

I love understanding the beliefs and how people think. I did past life regressions in your healers edition, but I also took another past life regressions class, and I love the past life regressions. I love like... And it's not even about finding out the past. It literally goes back to the brain, how does the brain even do some of that stuff? And the more I kept doing these classes, the more I kept seeing my candles were evolving and exploding in the sense that I could see what they could do for people, and I can start seeing more of the field.

So if I'm working with somebody, I can say, Oh, you have this gift coming in. This symbol is coming in. These numbers are coming in. These codes are coming in. And I was able to start reading the field more. And if you guys don't know what the field is, it's really your electromagnetic field from your heart that goes around you.

And it goes about three feet in diameter. And it's like your emotion emotions, it's your thoughts, your emotions. Your cells also have electromagnetic fields or electrical impulses. Again, everything is energy. So I started being able to see this. So then when I go back to the candles for a minute, I can start putting symbols together for people or numbers together for people. And it's like this whole new... So not only am I getting the candle attuned, I'm helping them understand that they have gifts coming in, they're not even noticing.

Yeah, yeah.

So everything that I have done has always been this interesting... It's been an interesting path because I have been on some weird paths. I've been on some cool paths. And I said, I've been on the struggle path. And it goes back to your mindset. For some odd reason, I was always supposed to do these harder lessons because when the lesson is presented to me, either A, I missed it, or B, I didn't follow it, or C, I ignored it, I guess. And I would go out in left field.


Then my reality would be like, All right, you think you know better? Here you go.

Here's another experience.

And here's a shit show for you. Maybe next time, you'll follow the guidance. And then here's another shit show, and it gets harder. And so it's more of now, like trusting your gut, trusting your instinct. So I do feel we have more than one awakening. Mine went from easy to challenge, easy to challenge.

So I think it all goes back to you sign up for these lessons and these experiences. And when they give you the path you're supposed to be on and you don't take that aligned action, you go into a totally different experience you did not expect to experience.

I call that the long way around. It's not that you went in the wrong direction. You just chose to go the long way around because there was more experience for you to have within those experiences. And we got to make peace with those choices. But it's going to keep presenting itself to you over and over and over again until it finally clicks. And you're like, Okay, I surrender. It's enough. I'll make a different decision. I'm going to go this way instead. And it's really beautiful when it all comes about and how things shift out.

And I love that you're so open and honest about it, too, because I think that there's this misunderstanding of the spiritual awakening that sometimes people think, it's just going to be this glamorous experience. It's actually quite painful and it can be gut wrenching at times. But when you make it through to the other end, it's quite beautiful on where you land, not necessarily while you're going through it. But there are beautiful moments of a haze and breakthroughs that keep showing the light of what's going to come forward for us, which is really quite beautiful. So thanks for sharing that.

For you, Steph, with human design, and I love human design. I think human design is a fascinating modality that a allows us to have a better understanding of ourselves. So one of the things that I really like about it, too, which is more of an advanced feature, and I'm curious to hear what your thoughts are, it's like you can pull a chart and you can see what's the best environment for.


To live in. And for me, I'm marketplace. I thrive off the main street. That's how I am. And my husband is cave where he does well in his own dwelling in his own space. And what it's like your favorite little nuance in human design, if there is one, that's not as mainstream or known?

It is the environment, too. It's also like mine is valleys, which means I like to people watch and I like to be lower and like more valleys. The weird thing is I'm very ocean. I like to be around pool, water and ocean. That's soothing to me. So it was interesting to see that my environment was the fact that I liked people watch. But then one day I was sitting around the pool and whatnot, and I was watching the people and I'm like, oh, this is why I like to sit here.

I do like this. I like to be by the water, but I do like to people watch. I like to watch how people just experience things and it gives me some joy, especially little kids just playing and stuff like my son and just watching him play with the other kids or whatever. But it was like, I never understood why Valleys and people watching. And then one day it dawned on me, I'm like, oh, I do this.

This is the aha moment. And people watching is always fun, especially in certain areas and what's going on. So it's always entertaining in its own right on what's coming forward. And I think watching little kids play is such a great way for the inner child to heal as well. So I love that yours is also a Vimeo because it's one of those weird things about human design that most people... I don't hear most people talking about.

And human design is so... It's a very complicated modality if you go really deep within it as well. Let's talk a little bit more about candles and in terms of how they work with the subconscious mind. Can you tell me a little bit more about that?

I just want to say real quick that on my Living a Lion by Steph Insta, I actually took human design and talked about the tone, the color, the cognition and the stuff that people don't touch on. So when people ask me questions, they can just go look it up and it's there.

Oh, cool.

So subconscious mind. What I like about the candles is the subconscious mind. So the whole back wall is the subconscious mind, and it shows you the blocks. And it's also part of the unconscious mind. So we know the subconscious mind is where all that deep, deep programming is. Where I can read the field on a person and where the candle holds my energy, I can actually literally tune into the candle and see what's going on in the person's reality and say, Oh, you're blocking this because of this experience.

And I'll get on a little recorder and I'll say, Hi, here's what the candle is showing me. And I'll do a quick little mini healing. And then as the person on the other end receiving the healing, the candle will start to spin where the wick changes motions and starts to burn the back wall where that block was. And then let's look at it again the next day and you'll see the wall is either completely gone or it's a lot thinner. But it goes back to that deep, deep programming of not being good enough, not being worthy enough. Those are usually the main ones.

You're just not worthy. You're not good enough. You're in a lack mindset. You're in a scarcity mindset because you want all these things, but you don't realize that you have all these things. The subconscious mind is also about the personality identity. So somewhere along the way, you're trying to be like, I call it right now, I'm going to say sexy confidence. What person doesn't want to be out there and be like this really confident human being out there doing their purpose? And you want to be that person.

So you're trying to manifest, trying to manifest, but you have to realize that you as the individual have to make a change. You can't keep doing life the same way you're doing it without some change. And it's changes can be scary, but changes are also beautiful because if you look how far you've come a year from now, if you're still the same person, then you're not experiencing the best reality you possibly could have.

But if you make those little changes, you start seeing different things change in your reality. And those shifts happen, those shifts of consciousness happen. And then therefore, you're in a better state of being in a better state of mind.

You're not really stressed, you're not depressed, you're not really anxious. You're out of those lower frequencies, those lower emotions, and you're changing into the best version of you that you can be and in service to others.

I love that. And I think that that's really important when it comes to just in general, if you want to manifest something, it starts with small, tiny changes. It doesn't have to be major. It could be small, very tiny changes. And it sounds like to me, what you're your candles do is it opens people up to those new possibilities and also gives them maybe the courage to take action on the small changes that will help manifest the thing that they're wanting to manifest with the support of the candle as well. What are some cool manifesting stories that some of your clients have had from.

Your candle? This one will blow your mind. So I have this one lady, and she was moving from California to Las Vegas. Okay, so she was doing the candle, and she blew it out. And one of my biggest rules is don't blow out your candle because you're going to blow out the magic. Okay, so she called me up crying. She's like, really hysterical. She's like, I didn't mean to blow it out. I was really whatever. So I reattuned her candle over the phone. I taught her a thing of how do we attune the candle. During this time, she was trying to purchase a house. The candle was going, the house offer went through. She blew out the candle. Five minutes goes by, the lady calls her and says, I no longer accept your offer. It's off the table. Now she's freaked out. She calls me back and she's like, Is there anything you can do to help? So I teach her the birthday candle thing. We relight the candle, we do the birthday candle. Lady calls back and she says, You know what? Your offer is the best. I'm going to take it. And she sold her house.

And it's like, Holy... The candle helps her with that, right? And you have that experience. I had another lady, she was like, I am trying to manifest this, but you know what? She's like, for whatever reason, she's like, I am not meant to have that. Maybe I need to redo something. But she goes, My husband, who watches your candle every day, he's gotten three bonuses at his job. He never gets bonuses. And I'm like, and you're complaining? Your husband's getting money that benefits you at some point. Exactly, it's your household. It benefits you. And then there was another lady said the same thing. Her husband was getting bonuses. Her brother got a new job. Another person who was in your secret awakening class. A lot of stuff had shifted for her. She started getting an influx of clients coming in. Another person I tell my one of the ones on my website, the girl said that she was at the point where she was so down, she had no clients coming in and she started working with my handle as a last hope. And all of a sudden she started getting an influx of clients and she started taking account of her money and how she was spending it and actually realized that she was over spending an area of her life.

So it made her change to start taking accountable steps towards a better way to do things. And now she's more in flow with clients, and she's made more money last month than she had in a year.

That's beautiful. How powerful. Now, if someone wants to get a candle from you, you have limited supply.

I make a limited amount each month. And they can just purchase them right on my website, www. Livingalignedbystuff. Com in the shop. And each month it's a new candle, it's a new theme, it's a whole new experience. It's a new meditation or activation or key or something, whatever comes through and goes out there.

Beautiful. And we'll have that link in the bio or under the description or in the show notes as well. And I know that you're making a special candle. If you're listening to this outside of the Lionsgate portal, know that there's always something else going on for Stephanie for the candles. But you're making a special Lionsgate portal candle, correct? Yeah.

So I made them already. So they were tuned into the 7 7 portal. They were tuned to the Full Moon and the new moon of the month of July. So they are very, very powerful because they have also the additional planets and their influence into the candles. I have an abundantly U candle, which is an eight ounce candle. And the abundantly U comes with $500 play money, but it really is also to help you manage f us with money. You're going to use that as your template, if you will. It comes with a...

Yes, the altar piece, exactly. It comes with bay leaves to write power words on there, like confidence, success, wealth. I always say everything goes my way, put that on there. And they could put those around the candle. The abundant lead comes with a golden obsidian crystal. So have the golden obsidian crystal to go with the candle. It comes with a little mini oil. It's about this this big that they can anoint their chakras with. It helps with stress. It helps with depression. It helps with anxiety. It helps with nervousness.

You could put it in your hair, too. I like to put it in the ends of my hair sometimes just to smell it, have something smells good. And the abundantly you meditation is basically you're going to go meet your abundantly you Diamond light body. So you're being taken on activation to go meet your golden blue Diamond light body. That the Lion's Gate candle is a little bit more powerful. I take you into the meditation is you get to go meet your dream life guides. You get to get a dream life key. You get to watch your dream life reality play out and embody what you feel is your dream life.

And you do this within a meditation in the Akashic records. And you get a dream life healing key. Part of my modality is quantum healing keys. And you get one of these keys that you can use to help manifest the dream life into your current reality by taking the right aligned action steps. Beautiful. Each candle comes with also a, I'm going to call it coaching support. So as you're burning your candle, you send me videos or pictures, and we will look at them and see what you're blocking, where your blocks are.

And you'll either be sent a two-minute little recording if you do it via Facebook, or if it's an email, I will try to send you some recording that will help you clear your block. That one comes with a larger oil and also the play money in a nice little golden bag. And it does not come with a crystal because you're getting one of my healing keys, which is going to help manifest your dream life into existence. So that is a very powerful healing key and activation. So that's the difference between the two. It was asked to me yesterday, do the candles work together?

Actually, they can. They can actually feed off one another and bridge and help bring in two things into your manifestations a little bit easier because the abundantly you helps you be in the frequency of abundance, where you're in that frequency of love and gratitude and abundance. Whereas now you're manifesting the lion's gate, all the things that you're wanting and desiring, and it helps bridge you into that right frequency. So when you are in the lion's gate, you're able to manifest with ease.

So what you're saying is they can do both candles if they're guided to do both. It sounds like on average, you have two different types of candles when you you every single month that you offer?

I do. I offer one larger one that's a 12 ounce candle. I offer one smaller one, which is an eight ounce candle. There are two different price points for the two different... Because if somebody is not able to purchase this one, they can purchase the other. It gives them another choice, but they are totally different. In the month of September, there's going to be a universe show me how and a bliss.

And the universe shows me how is actually a spin off of the everything goes my way candle that I did back in March. It's more of our universe. I am tired of being in this struggle bus. I know I keep going out in left field. Help me get back on the right aligned action steps so I can have start being the abundant or wealthy or whatever it is that you're trying to manifest personality to be in that right change space and start going from there. So you don't keep recreating those experiences that are not the ones you want to be it.

Awesome. Well, I love it, Steph. If you're guided to get a candle from Steph, definitely sign up. She does run out of them each and every month. So you definitely want to sign up when you see them come available. And And the amount of support that she gives for the price point of the candle is unbelievable. So if you're guided to do it, definitely do it. And if you're not, listen to that as well. Thank you, Steph, so much for sharing everything about your candles and human design. Is there anything else you'd like to share before we hop off?

I do offer other services on my website. If there is something else that you are struggling with, I do offer different packages and services different kinds of custom healings, shock or balance things. What's the problem is one of my new biggest sellers, and what's the struggle? And they're also out there too, if you feel guided.

Beautiful. If you guys are guided to work with Steph, definitely sign up. She's an advanced Akashic record, sacred awakening practitioner. She's taken many of my courses, and she's taken many other courses outside of me as well. She's very well-versed. All right. Thank you so much, Steph, for being here today. If you are interested in sharing this with a friend, please share it with a friend, and please make sure you like and subscribe. We look forward to seeing you in the next one.


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