Episode 116: Preparing for the Lions Gate Portal - A Journey to Release Fears and Embrace Courage

Episode 116: Preparing for the Lions Gate Portal - A Journey to Release Fears and Embrace Courage

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In this podcast episode, I discuss the upcoming Lionsgate portal and its significance. I guide you through a journey to release fears and invoke courage with the help of a lion spirit guide. This episode encourages self-reflection, journaling, and taking the necessary steps to manifest desires and create positive changes in life.

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In today's blog/episode, we will embark on a transformative journey to release fears and cultivate courage within ourselves. The healing I was guided to channel is to help you prepare for the lion's gate portal that will open up soon! This guided experience will help you tap into your inner strength and embrace positive change.


The Lionsgate portal is set to open on July 26th and will be at its strongest on August 8th and close on August 12th. The portal offers a powerful opportunity for personal growth and spiritual awakening and is a magnificent manifesting portal. However, regardless of whether you are experiencing this during the portal dates or at a later time, this journey is designed to support you in facing your fears and embracing courage. Often, we talk about letting go of what no longer serves us, but actually implementing change can be challenging. That's why today, instead of merely discussing it, we will embark on a guided journey to initiate transformation energetically.

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Please don’t listen to/watch the healing meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.

I hope you enjoy this transformative journey to release fears and ignite your courage.

I want to encourage you to take advantage of this magnificent portal that is opening for us…

We must have the courage to release what's no longer serving us to make the necessary changes to take advantage of this auspicious energy as it is about to bless us with abundance and love!

In the healing, I will guide you through a journey to release fears, invoke courage, and receive a sacred message from the lion!

You can listen below.

Or watch on YouTube!

I hope you enjoy this episode/healing!

Have an amazing time connecting with the Lion/Lioness on the journey.

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Full transcription of the episode:

We're going to do something fun, different, and exciting today. With the Lionsgate portal that is about to open, I want to bring forward something that's going to support you entering into the portal. The portal technically opens on July 26th, and the magnificent power of the portal is on August eighth.

If you are listening to this outside of the portal dates or at a later date and you just find this video, just know that this doesn't have to do with the portal either because you found this video for a reason.

Part of what I'm being guided to do today is to take you all on a journey, a journey to invoke more courage, to face fears, and to let go of these fears with a lot of love and a lot of grace, and a lot of compassion.

Sometimes we can talk about letting go of fears and talk about letting go, and things that no longer serve us, but change can be really hard. So instead of talking about it, I want to take you on a journey so that you can energetically start to change.

If you're watching this or listening to this while driving or operating heavy machinery, I recommend doing it while you're not doing that practice safety. Sometimes people get into a very deep trance and fall asleep. And so you want to practice safety while listening to this transmission, this healing, this activation.

I'm going to speak light language. If you're new to me, hello and welcome. I am an Akashic Record Master Teacher. I channel everything from the Akash. So just by listening to this, you are giving me permission to connect you into the Akash and clear within your Akashic records.

And then light language is an ancient form of communication that goes past the conscious mind to the subconscious mind and assists with the higher self in healing and communicating with you. The higher self understands exactly what it is that I'm saying in the light language.

And I'm so excited because this has been a download coming through that I've been really getting really clear guidance to do for you all. And I'm so excited because I'm going to witness it for the first time as you're witnessing it as well.

And I'm excited to see what the guardians of the Akash want to share with us to release fears. So let's jump in. Go ahead and close your eyes, drop into your heart space, or take a cozy seat, or lie down. Whatever feels good for you to do at this particular time to receive.

And then I want you to receive a breath, taking a nice deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, anchoring your grounding cord into the Earth as you exhale. And as you exhale, I want you to expand your heart as you breathe and you anchor into Gaia, Mother Earth.

And as you breathe, I want you to remind yourself you are safe, you are supported, and you are connected. You are being surrounded by protection and light from creation, God, the universe, spirit, whatever sacred title you give this being is surrounding you and protecting you.

And as you anchor in, Gaia is protecting you as well and nourishing you, and supporting you on this journey. I want you to receive a breath. And when you receive a breath, you're going to inhale rose quartz crystal and energy into your heart space, into your being that connects you with divine, unconditional love.

Unconditional love is a necessary medicine for our human experience. Some of you, some of us have a hard time accepting and receiving unconditional love. I want you to breathe this in as a new truth that you are capable and able to receive and tap into divine love, unconditional love, because you are a miracle. Y

ou are a miracle, my friend. Breathe that into every cell of your body and being, recognizing it, allowing it to cradle you and hold you. You breathe this unconditional love, this divine love, this love in, I want you to sense, feel, or imagine that there is a lion next to you. This lion is magnificent. This lion may be a male lion or a female lion.

Whatever is right and true for you, this animal spirit guide is going to step forward, and this beautiful lion is going to lick you on your third eye. And as it licks you on your third eye, your solar plex ignites with this beautiful flame invoking courage, willpower, and strength within you.

This beautiful lion starts to circle around you, assisting you and connecting with the fears that are ready to be released and let go. The lion says I invoke courage and strength within me. Call upon me, and I will support you. Lay your fears down before me, and I will transmute them with ease. Tell me, what are your fears?

Sit with me, touch me, cradle me, allow me to hold you, or you hold me. Now, I want you to take a moment and give yourself permission to look at some of the fears that you've been holding on to. What are fears? Do you not feel worthy enough?

Maybe you want to do something, but you're not afraid you can't do it, or you're not capable of doing it. Maybe there's an irrational fear that people say that you have. What are those fears? Hand them over to the lion. The lion will give you courage, will give you strength.

Just start naming them, releasing them, feeling your solar ax ignite as you release them. There's going to be a moment of silence as you state these fears. And as you release them, there's this magnificent crystal and sacred geometry that starts to penetrate through the fears.

And where it's coming from is creating creation. Creation has made this lion, creation has made you spirit, the divine, the universe has made you your miracle. You're magnificent. And these secret geometries and crystalline energies start to penetrate through the fears as the lion dispels them.

Do you know that the trees are the trees? There's three crystalline energies coming in to dispel these fears. Carnelian, citrine, and smoky quartz. And it's okay if you don't know what these crystalline energies are.

And what the lion does, the lion moves towards you, and the lion says this, when we take something out, you must replace it with what it is that you want to have the courage to do. What do you want to have the courage to do?

What do you want to replace these fears with? Go ahead and tell me and I will support you in embodying the courage to do so as spirit, as creation, as the universe, brings forward new opportunities to manifest these into your reality. Go ahead, tell me.

[light language spoken]

There'll be a moment of silence as you.

Share this with the lion.

There's magnificent energy coming through. The lion lays down before you, and you lay your head upon the lion if you are already doing so. There's going to be a little bit more light language that wants to come through.

[light language spoken]

The lion is going to share a sacred message with you about the courage, the strength, and anything else it wants to share with you. Go ahead and receive that message. You are going to want to thank the Lion for its magnificent partnership, courage, and support.

Whenever you're ready, you're going to start to come back into this space and time, wiggling your fingers and your toes, taking your time, coming back to, knowing that you can return and tap into this magnificent lion and its medicine and its power and its strength.

Anytime you want to support you in releasing the fears and having the courage to take the necessary steps that you want to take to manifest your desires into reality because you deserve it. Whenever you're ready, go ahead and open your eyes. I'm so excited.

We are going to take advantage of this magnificent portal that is opening for us. And we have to have the courage to release what's no longer serving us so that we can make the necessary changes to take advantage of this auspicious energy as it is about to bless us if we're ready or not because we are going to be blessed.

And so it's time to clean up the closets. I want to encourage you to journal, take time to release anything that's no longer serving you. You can relisten to this as much as you want.

And like I said, if you're listening to this outside of the portal, it's beautiful because at any moment in time, it is necessary for us to have the courage to look at what's no longer serving us, to let go of the fears and have the courage to take the steps that are necessary to take to create the reality that we want.

You deserve to have anything that you are being guided to have that is in alignment with your soul's path. So how do you get into alignment quickly? You have to be willing to make changes. All right, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today's episode.

Please make sure you like and subscribe and share this with a friend because we are going to have some amazing energies coming our way. All right, friends, see you soon. Bye.

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