Episode111-Awakening with Amy Robeson

Episode 111: Manifesting Your Desires - The Power of the Law of Attraction

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Knowing what you want makes it easier to manifest your desires through the law of attraction. Speaking out loud what you want, taking action, and visualizing your success will assist you in manifesting your desires into your life.

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Have you ever felt like there is a dream or desire you want to manifest? Of course, you have! We all have dreams that we want to manifest into our reality. It's important to acknowledge and identify the desire you wish to create! Knowing what you want and stating it out loud can help you manifest your desires into existence with the law of attraction!

The law of attraction is based on the principle that what you think about is what you attract. Therefore, it's essential to focus on what you truly want instead of complaining about the things that are not going your way. Complaining only keeps that negative energy alive and doesn't help you attract what you want.


So, how can you manifest your dreams?

  1. Speak out loud what it is that you really want.
  2. Concentrate on the things that you do want and avoid focusing on the things that you don't want. By doing this, you are cleaning your mental windshield, allowing you to see clearly the road ahead.
  3. Words are just as important as actions when it comes to manifesting your dreams. You can talk about your desires all day long, but without taking action, you won't achieve them. It's crucial to take action and make the necessary changes to manifest your dreams. Taking action is a crucial part of manifesting your desires and bringing them into reality. It's not enough to just talk about what you want; you must also take action to support those desires. This can be as simple as making a list or doing some research. By taking small steps, you create momentum toward your goal and allow the universe to support you in manifesting your desires. It's important to remember that the law of attraction is always at work, whether you're taking action or not. So, it's up to you to align your actions with your desires and values in order to create the life you truly desire. Don't just talk about what you want; take action and make it happen.


Let me share a fun little manifesting story with you. My mother-in-law recently asked me if I had thought about selling something that my husband and I had purchased. I had been complaining to my husband about the purchase, but I hadn't considered selling it until my mother-in-law asked me the question.

I got very clear on what I wanted to create and manifest by saying out loud that I wanted to sell it and make a specific amount of money. Within four hours, my husband received a call from someone wanting to buy the item that we didn’t have for sale and offered exactly what I had asked for in terms of profit.

This is why I love manifesting so much. When you get clear on what you want and take action, the universe conspires to make it happen. However, it's essential to be sure that what you want aligns with your values and beliefs and that you are willing to take the necessary steps to make it happen.


The law of attraction is about creating your reality by aligning your actions with your desires. It's about taking responsibility for your life and realizing that everything you do creates your reality. Your words and actions need to support what you truly want to manifest. To do this, you need to answer three important questions.

  1. What is it that you want to manifest?
  2. Why do you want to manifest it?
  3. What actions can you take to manifest it?

These questions will help you focus on manifesting your desires and take small action steps toward them. Your actions can be as simple as visualizing your success or meditating on your new reality. Remember, the law of attraction is always at work, and it's up to you to align your actions with your desires to create the life you truly desire. So speak your desires out loud, believe in them, and take action towards them. You deserve to have the life you want.

It's important to remember that the law of attraction isn't a magic wand. You won't manifest your desires overnight, and it takes practice to get it right. Be patient and persistent, and keep focusing on what you want. If you believe it's possible, it will happen.

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello and welcome. I know inside of you there is a dream, a desire that you are wanting to manifest. What is it? Tell me right now. Go ahead. I'll pause for just a moment. Think it, feel it. It's so important for you to know what it is that you truly want to desire.

Because by knowing what you want and stating it, thinking about it, sharing it out loud, you're more likely to attract it with the law of attraction. Now, the law of attraction is really awesome because what you think about is what you attract. And so, let's take the law of attraction a little deeper and a little further.

I'm a big believer in we can complain about the things that are not going our way, and we can just stay in that energy, that swirl of chaos, that hurricane of chaos, and it's just going to keep festering. It's going to keep that energy alive. And it's not until we actually say out loud what it is that we really want.

And I'm going to share a fun little manifesting story with you that recently just happened with me. My mother-in-law just moved down here. My husband and I were showing her something that we just recently purchased. And it's been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears with this particular purchase.

And my mother-in-law asked, have you thought about selling it? And I said I would totally sell it if I made X, Y, Z amount of dollars, and my husband was okay with it. But I'm not sure if he's okay with it. This was the first time I actually said out loud, I want to sell it, and I want to make X, Y, Z amount of money.

Before then, I had been just telling my husband how I don't know why we purchase this. This has been a lot of work. This has been a lot of extra energy, a lot of resources, a lot of money. I'm tired. And that's all I've been thinking about and sharing with him, which there's nothing wrong with it because the thought didn't actually cross my mind about selling this particular thing because I just hadn't been on my radar and that's okay.

And so it wasn't until my mother-in-law asked me this question I got very clear on what it was that I wanted to have and what it was that I wanted to create and manifest. And literally within four hours, my husband got a call, and we weren't even offering to sell this thing. This person asked if he could buy it and offered to give us exactly what I wanted in terms of profit for it.

It was literally within four hours. That's why I love manifesting so much because I didn't do anything prior to that in terms of wanting to sell it or anything like that. I did everything that I was meant to do to manifest what I wanted this particular thing to create in our life.

And then it wasn't until I got clear on what I wanted to shift to that the universe was like, Here you go. I'm going to hand it to you on a silver platter. Do you want it? Are you sure you want it? Okay. And my husband and I had a really long conversation about it, and we decided that that was the right thing to do.

When it comes to the law of attraction, we want to put into words, and we want to say out loud what it is that I really want. Do not concentrate on the things that you don't want because concentrating on the things that you don't want creates this murky windshield.

So it's like you just have lots of dirt on the windshield, and you're not able to see clearly the road ahead that you have available to you. And so when you speak clearly what it is that you want, it works as a window cleaner. It allows you to see what's possible through synchronicities, messages, experiences, and connections, and so much more.

Now, words are just as important as actions. Let's talk about actions. You can be talking till you're blue in the face about something it is that you want. I want this, I want this. I want this. I desire this. I desire this. I wish this to happen. The question is, are you taking action to assist in that manifestation, to assist in bringing that desire into reality?

For me, I've gotten a very clear message recently on something that I was recently desiring to have.

I've been telling my team and my husband I really would like to have some time off. I just keep talking about it, but I actually haven't sat down and looked at my calendar to see if that's even possible. But I keep talking about it.

And so oftentimes, just by noticing what you're talking about is a good key indication that there's time for action to be had if you continue to talk about the same thing over and over and over again, and you are not creating space for that to even come into your reality.

So for me, I'm looking at my calendar, I want to take some time off next week because not only do I deserve to take some time off, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, it is an absolutely necessary thing for me to do because I can feel it in my soul that my soul needs a break to rest, reset, and rejuvenate so I can have some more creative juices flowing in.

These actions that you can take can be very small. And it's not about how it's going to support you. It's about starting small. And let me say that slightly different. If you look at what it is that you want, you can ask yourself, what is one small action I can take to assist in getting me into a position to receiving this?

So, for example, let's say you're wanting to switch careers. Maybe updating your resume would be a small action step that you can take, or maybe making a list of things that you love doing so that you can see what it is that you would find fulfillment in doing in a new career. Maybe you're wanting to manifest something tangible.

Maybe you're wanting to get a new car. So maybe you look up and research safety ratings on some new cars, and then you just start doing some market research on how much those cars cost. And maybe you do some research on what type of model and why that model might be good for you or not good for you. The key is to start small.

You don't have to do anything that's super crazy in order for you to start to bring this into your reality. So if you were to look at what you want to manifest, why you want to manifest, and what action steps you can take in order to manifest it, you're going to be in a beautiful position working with the law of attraction in such a beautiful way.

The spiritual laws work no matter what you're doing. So if you are taking non-action, it's going to support the non-action. If you are taking action and using your words, it's going to support that. The law of attraction doesn't look at it like this is good; this is bad. It just goes, it just is. Where you vibrate is what you're going to attract.

And so if you're vibrating as a couch potato, not taking action on the things that you truly desire and wish to have, the universe is just going to bless you more reasons why it's important for you to sit on the couch. It's not until you realize that there's a cause and effect in all of your actions, your words, your deeds, and your thoughts.

Actions can support the words that you are speaking to your friends and your family members, and yourself. So for me, instead of sitting there feeling like I need time off, I'm going to take time off because that's going to be the very thing. And so the action would be to look at my calendar and to decide what's going to be the very thing that's going to support me in doing that.

You have the ability to use this cause-and-effect reality to empower your reality, to empower yourself. The sooner that you realize that everything that you're doing is creating your reality and that your words and your actions are going to support what it is that you truly want, it's manifesting mojo, and this mojo is going to get you into a high frequency and a high vibration to attracting those things.

What I want you to look at is, again, I'm going to repeat these very three things. What is it that you want to manifest? Answer that question. Why do you want to manifest it? And the why is important because whenever you feel like something's too challenging or too tough, you can remind yourself about the why, and the why is really important.

The actions to take, so what actions can I take is the third question. That question is going to allow you to come back to that list of actions anytime you feel like you are stuck in a hold pattern. And a hold pattern could be like, you feel like you're doing all these things, but nothing's really happening, or you feel like you're going into avoidance mode, or you're shutting down.

And you can go back to, Why am I doing this? And what other actions can I take? And your actions can be very simple as it's really important for me to meditate on this new reality and visualize what it is that I'm going to create.

That can be a very important action in part of the process, visualizing the success, visualizing the outcome so that you can create that very thing. Actions back up your words. So just like I asked you in the beginning, what is it that you want to manifest? What is it that you truly desire to co-create with the universe? What is it?

Speak it out loud, my friend, because you deserve to have it. All right, I hope you enjoyed today's episode. I look forward to seeing you in the next one. And if you are not on our email list, please join our email list. We have lots of free masterclass series and free healings and meditations that I'm doing. And I would love for you to join us.

You can go to theamyrobeosn.com, click on free gifts, and we have 21 plus healings. Or you can sign up for whatever free master class we have going on. There'll be a pop-up on my website that will tell you what's happening. All right, friends, make sure you like and subscribe, and I will see you soon. Bye.

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