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Episode 107: Embrace Gratitude to Calm Your Mind and Heart - The Power of Gratitude

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The power of gratitude shifts negativity. You can change your life by practicing it consistently, even for small things, by embodying the feeling of gratitude rather than making a list of what you are grateful for. The consistent practice of embodying gratitude helps navigate life’s challenges with grace and positivity.

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In today's fast-paced world, getting caught up in negativity and stress is easy. Anxiety is a constant state of being for most people that are dealing with high stress. Constant stress, negativity, and anxiety impact our mental health in the worst possible way.

To reduce stress and improve our mental health, one must strive to find a more balanced state of mind and heart. We can do this by cultivating a consistent practice of gratitude.

In today’s blog/episode, we will explore the concept of embodying the feeling of gratitude and how this powerful practice can transform our lives, illuminate our paths, and support us during life's challenges.


As we give ourselves permission to access our heart space and practice gratitude, we begin to recognize our oneness, divinity, and connection to unconditional love.

There's a lotus flower that sits within your heart. The power of gratitude allows our hearts to bloom and connects us to our cellular memory and the information held within the lotus flower of our hearts.

By practicing gratitude, we can shift our focus from negativity to positivity, even in the most challenging situations.


I was guided to channel a light language message to assist your heart to blossom and glow with gratitude.


Stating what you are grateful for daily will allow you to start to experience the power of gratitude, but you can go beyond acknowledging what you appreciate. Instead, you want to feel gratitude in your body when you state what you are grateful for—that feeling you can allow yourself to embody.

Embodying the feeling of gratitude will allow you to experience the power of gratitude through your whole body and being. This embodiment of gratitude creates a deep connection to the energy of love, grace, and beauty that gratitude generates, ultimately shaping our state of being and attracting more of what we are grateful for into our lives.


By grounding ourselves in gratitude consistently, we create a strong foundation to lean on during difficult times. When faced with challenges or loss, our gratitude practice can help us navigate and process these experiences in a healthier, more balanced way. By embodying gratitude, we can remain connected to love and light, even in our darkest days.


Gratitude is not about having grandiose things to be thankful for; it's about recognizing even the smallest blessings in our lives. Gratitude can be found in the simplest of things, like the feeling of a comfortable shirt against our skin. It's about acknowledging and appreciating the small moments that bring us joy and comfort.

Practicing gratitude regularly can change our frequency and settle our minds and nervous systems. While it may take some time and practice, the benefits of a consistent gratitude practice are undeniable. It's about acknowledging and appreciating the small moments that bring us joy and comfort that can support us in experiencing the power of gratitude.

Cultivating a gratitude practice and embodying the feeling of gratitude feed our souls and help us navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience. By embracing and embodying gratitude, we can create a more balanced and positive state of mind and heart, allowing our inner light to shine and guide us through even the darkest days.

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Full transcription of the episode:

If you are in a space of negativity, let's say your mind is spinning out of control; maybe you're very anxious, maybe you're about to have a panic attack, maybe you're super stressed out, maybe you're sitting in bed, and you cannot fall asleep and that stresses you out even more. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.

Maybe there's all these list of reasons why your mind might be racing, or you might not be feeling good, or you might be feeling negative. The key is to understand that if you move away from the negativity and move into a place of gratitude, you are going to change your frequency. You will settle your mind.

You'll calm the nerves, the nervous system, the body, mind, and soul. And does it happen instantly? No, it takes practice. And you often hear people talk about expressing gratitude, and you'll feel different. But I find that that's easier said than done because a lot of people think that, Well, I have to have these grandiose things to be grateful for.

No, you don't. It can be the simplest thing that you can be grateful for, but you have to practice gratitude consistently. When you practice gratitude consistently, your heart blooms in a different way. There's some light language that wants to come through for this.

If you're new to me or you've never heard about light language, light language is the cosmic sounds of the universe. It's a cosmic language that our souls recognize, our higher self recognizes. Sometimes there are no human words that can express what the soul wants to describe or Spirit/Creation wants to share with us.

What I'm being guided to do in this particular moment is share some light language. And this particular light language is a transmission to assist your heart in growing, in booming, and it will bloom with gratitude. And so you do not need to know what I'm saying. Each word or sound holds paragraphs of information.

Your higher self recognizes it. And if you're in a safe place to receive this transmission with your eyes and eyes closed, you can close your eyes and give yourself permission to really be in your heart space, be in your heart chakra, or even in your solar plex.

The heart is going to bloom with this transmission, but you got to give yourself permission to be near that energy. I'm hearing that some of you might actually feel more comfortable being more in your solar plex than in your heart because the heart can be a very vulnerable spot to be in.

But the more that we give ourselves permission to access this sacred space with vulnerability, it's easier to move into gratitude throughout our life and throughout our day. And the more that we move into gratitude, the easier it is for our heart to bloom even more.

And when our heart blooms, we are connecting with our cellular memory. We're connecting with all of the information that the lotus flower within the heart holds. There's a lotus flower that sits within your heart.

The more that we express gratitude and the more that we recognize our oneness and our divinity in our connection to unconditional love, the more that this balloons and the more that our heart illuminates and the more we illuminate. This light language that wants to come through is to support with this illumination.

I'm going to just going to speak it. If you don't understand it or it doesn't resonate with you, that's okay too. So go ahead if you want to close your eyes. Bring your awareness either into your heart chakra, heart space, or solar plex. And I want you to breathe. And as you're breathing, I want you to bring your breath into your belly.

And on the exhale, release any tension out through your mouth. You're going to take two more breaths like that, an inhale and an exhale, an inhale and an exhale. I want you to just give yourself permission to feel as if there's a beautiful light surrounding you. This beautiful light language transmission is going to come through.

Allow it to vibrate through your cells. [light language is spoken] I'm being guided to share this last piece with this light language transmission. Your heart is awakened to the truth of your soul. If you listen, you feel the vibration of your soul speaking to you; your heart will always guide you because your soul is guiding you, and your soul knows the path.

It's the heart that gets clogged with the human junk and conditioning that no longer allows the light to shine brightly upon the path. How you break up that junk is with gratitude. From this place, I want you to think of one beautiful memory, something that brings you great joy that you are so grateful that you got to experience.

Maybe it's a beautiful sunset. Maybe it's laughter from one of your family members or friends. They just have the best laugh. Or maybe there is a friend that just recently told you a joke and that you're just so grateful for because it just tickled you pink. Whatever it is, it can be the smallest, tiniest thing to the biggest thing.

It could be the buzz of a bumblebee eating the sweet nectar of the flower, the pollen from a flower. I want you to really express how grateful you are, how grateful you are for this memory. Feel it in your heart; feel it in your soul. Allow your heart to illuminate.

Give yourself permission to express gratitude, not only with your full heart, but all of the cells of your body and being. You can imagine that you're smiling with gratitude with every cell of your body and being for this thing that you are grateful for. I'm going to just give you a moment to just breathe with it.

Then I want you to list one more thing you're grateful for. Just one more thing, and it could be anything, anything you want. Notice how you feel. When your heart moves into gratitude, negativity cannot reside there.

It's impossible to be thinking about something negative and to be thinking about something that you're grateful for at the same time. If you allow yourself to move in and to create a consistent gratitude practice, it's not the practice that changes you; it's your ability to drop in and to become grateful.

Let me say that slightly different so you understand what I mean. There's a feeling that's invoked, and you can take a memory, you can take one small thing that you're grateful for, and there's a feeling that bubbles up, and it percolates in your heart, and it percolates in your cells. But can you become that feeling of gratitude?

Can you become that feeling of grace and beauty that gratitude gives you? It's an embodiment of the feeling that you are practicing. And yes, you are acknowledging the things that you are grateful for. And the more that you acknowledge these things, the more that you're going to attract those things.

And it's such a beautiful, magnificent flow of energy in a dance with Creation that we get to participate in. It's can you become that feeling, that state of being? And it's something to meditate on because the more consistent that you practice gratitude, the easier it is for you to have that feeling percolate.

It's not about pushing away bad feelings either because we're human; we're going to have feelings where life happens. We have character-building days, character-building months, character building chapters.

But the more that you ground into a place of gratitude all throughout your lifetime, throughout your day, it's really easy to lean into that support when you do have an awful experience or an awful day because it's going to assist you in navigating whatever it is that you experience because life happens. I'm going to give you an example.

If you have a practice of being grateful, and let's say before you go to bed, you take a moment, you're in your heart space, you go through the day of all the things that you are grateful for, and you're practicing it, you're doing it.

Let's say one day you have a friend or family member that passes away, and you've been practicing your gratitude practice, and you sit down that day, your friend passes away, your family member passes away, your body and your being is so into a ritual of gratitude.

Even though you're sad, you're going to do that practice anyways. What's going to happen is it's going to allow you to process your grief in a really healthy way, but you're going to think of the things that you're grateful for.

And on that list, you could list some things that you are grateful for about that person that just transitioned and how much you love them and what they taught you, and the experience that you had. And it's going to shift the way that you are grieving in that particular moment.

And please note that I'm using this as an extreme example. We have bad things that happen, and I'm putting bad inundation, bad things that happen. We have things that happen in our life, but we can still find things throughout our day to be grateful for, even in those challenging moments.

And we're all going to experience people transitioning. We're all going to experience big moments in our life, and your heart will blossom and bloom when those things happen when you stay in a state of gratitude. That does not mean you're dismissing what happened.

It means that you are becoming this conscious being of love and light and that you can still find sunshine even in your darkest days. It's such a beautiful practice to cultivate. I keep saying practice because practicing means that there are going to be moments where it is challenging.

Maybe you're having a moment where it's like I don't even want to do this. I've had such a bad day. What do I have to be grateful for? But if you get into a practice where you're just like, Let me do it anyways. Let me figure this out. You know what? I wore a shirt today, and that fabric felt amazing on my skin.

Just thinking about how it felt made me feel cozy, and I'm so grateful that I felt comfortable and cozy today in my skin. That's as simple as it can be. When you allow your heart to blossom, you not only illuminate your path, you illuminate the path for others as well. This, in return, feeds your soul as well.

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