Episode 1: You are Not Broken! How to Evolve, Expand, and Ascend during your Awakening

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In this episode, I will reveal how your perception shapes your life and reality which can either assist or prevent your soul’s ascension. You will understand how important curiosity is in reframing your perception, and you will learn two powerful spiritual practices to help you reframe your perception that will support your soul’s evolution so you can own your power and be the person you were designed to be.

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You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. You are a soul having a human experience. Good, bad, or indifferent, our experiences shape our reality and brought us to this point in our lives.

We are shaped by our experiences, but not defined by them. Our souls did not come here broken, to be “fixed.” We came to evolve and expand through the human experience. We came to ascend!


We are taught to categorize almost everything into two columns: good or bad. We are taught that certain behaviors, or thoughts, or experiences are “bad” when the reality is….they just ARE.

They are just experiences. Some experiences create joy. Some experiences build character. Some experiences show us our progress and other experiences show us where we still have room to grow.

When we finally understand that truth, we can move from the idea of something broken that needs “fixed” to the truth we are souls that want to evolve.


Perception is everything. When you shift your mindset from “I’m broken, I need fixed” to “I’m here to expand, evolve and ascend,” the game changes. Perception causes a reaction and reaction produces reality.

When we perceive ourselves as broken, there’s only one step for us to take: fix. I am here to tell you, stop trying to fix things. Instead…

Embrace your evolution.
Embrace your growth.
Embrace your expansion.


Every day you have an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself.

Every day you are invited to explore your thoughts and your behaviors and examine why you think those thoughts and do those things. Instead of looking at these things through the lens of “good” or “bad” you have an opportunity to grow with the energy, the circumstance, or the experience, instead of allowing that energy, that circumstance, to separate you from yourself.

This separation causes us to collapse in our power, and we're not here to collapse in our power. We're here to own our power.

You are powerful, my friend.
So let's start owning that power, your power, your soul power, by going within.



One of the best ways to go within is to meditate for five minutes or longer. Meditation is a practice and something that takes time to get comfortable with. You can meditate any time of day and all throughout the day.

Remember, it’s a practice. You have to do it over and over before it becomes second nature. Give yourself permission to incorporate it slowly and build up to longer times and more frequently. Give yourself grace as you bring this spiritual practice into your daily reality.

Take a Pause

The next practice I love for going within is the pause.

Pause Before You React

Go within and become an observer of why you are feeling a reaction to a circumstance wanting to manifest.

This gives you the opportunity to reflect on why you want to react the way you do, why it may not be aligned with the reality of the situation and how a negative response to any situation will not actually shift the situation into a positive one.

The pause puts you back in the driver’s seat within your circumstances.

Try this Mantra

A helpful mantra when committing to this evolution within yourself is:

“I evolve with ease and grace. I am patient with myself as I evolve. I stand in my power, and I am grateful that the universe is constantly supporting me in my soul's evolution. Thank you.”


Growth and evolution take practice. It takes patience with yourself. It requires giving yourself full permission to give yourself grace while you are learning, growing, and evolving into your highest self.

Remember, you are not broken, my friend.

You are an evolving soul in a human body growing to the highest, most aligned version of yourself.

Every day is a fresh new opportunity to become a newer version of the you that you are.

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Full transcription of the episode:

You are not broken, my friend. You do not need fixing in any way, shape, or form. Every experience you've had has brought you to this point. It has shaped your reality. It has shaped your thoughts.

It has shaped your patterns. It has shaped you good, bad, and indifferent. I want to take the bad out because so often in society, we're taught that a certain behavior or a certain thought or a certain pattern or a certain emotion is bad when in reality it just is.

And the more that we wrap our heads around this concept, the more that we give ourselves permission to move from trying to fix something in our life to evolving, expanding, and ascending. You are a soul having a human experience.

And in that experience is experiences that can be challenging. They can be character-building. They can be so joyful and so amazing that we just crave more and more of those experiences and we end up trying to push away the bad experiences. But from my experience, the character-building experiences, the challenging days, are the experiences that allow us to evolve.

And I'm interested in evolving. I don't know about you, but evolution allows us to move from point A to point B. It allows us to grow. It allows our consciousness to expand. It allows us to understand things from a different perspective. And everything in life comes down to perspective.

It's how we perceive something. And then that perception causes a reaction, and that reaction causes our reality to come into reality. And the more that we slow down and stop trying to fix everything, the more we have the opportunity to explore our inner landscape with great curiosity. I'm here to tell you, stop trying to fix things. I know that sounds so absurd and so different from what we're taught, but you're not broken.

There's nothing to fix. Let me give you an example of what I mean by fixing yourself. Let's say you decide that you want to go for a walk every single day. You feel that this walk will help you grow your intuitive gifts. You feel it would help you just feel better overall.

It will allow you to get some exercise. But you don't go for the walk. And every day that you don't go for a walk, you beat yourself up for not doing it. And so you go into fixing mode and you try to carve out time, and you go to "Why am I not doing this? What's wrong with me?"

Or whatever self-deprecating thoughts that creep into your conscious and subconscious mind start playing in the background or start playing in the front of the mind where you're noticing and observing the thoughts themselves. What you can do to evolve is to shift your focus from fixing to evolving. And you do that by going within and by going within, you're able to get an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.

You also get an opportunity to grow with the energy or the circumstance or the experience, instead of allowing that energy, that circumstance, to separate you from yourself. This separation causes us to collapse in our power, and we're not here to collapse in our power.

We're here to own our power. You are powerful, my friend. So let's start owning that power, your power, your soul power, by going within.

So how do you go within? Well one, you meditate. You take a pause when you have a certain reaction and you observe the thoughts before you actually react. These two exercises, one meditating and one just pausing before reaction, will allow you to stand in your power in a completely different way.

So let's talk about meditation for a second. Any form of meditation will work. Whatever practice of meditation you have is great. If you don't have a meditation practice, I highly, highly recommend getting one. You can meditate for five minutes a day, 20 minutes a day. However long you want to meditate, you can meditate any time of day.

Some people say that meditating in the morning is better, but that might not work for you. You might have a different schedule. So any time of day will work. With that also being said, any amount of time that you can meditate will also work because it is a practice, and you are practicing the act of meditating, which means you do not have to master it at the very moment, in the very second you are actually doing it. You're giving yourself permission to just allow the practice to evolve, just like you're evolving, and it will assist in your evolution as well, which is really cool if you think about this inner loop that it creates for us. So meditating.

The next thing is for you to pause and go within to see how you are initially wanting to react because anything in life comes down to how you choose to react to any given situation that will create your reality. So when you pause and go within, it allows you to be the observer of your thoughts or pre-reaction. And so you can pause. And this can take like a split second.

So let's say someone is upsetting you, and you pause and you realize that you want to tell this person off, that you're upset and you want to tell them off. Well, this pause will give you an opportunity. Well, why am I upset? Well, because I'm not getting what I want. And then you realize that the person is just the messenger and you're not really upset at the person, but you're upset at the circumstance, and then it'll give you the opportunity to not react in a way that doesn't support your evolution. The pause will also give you an opportunity to reframe your thought and choose a different reaction.

This is key. It's so important to reframe and choose a different reaction because it allows us to be the driver in our soul’s evolution. You get to be in the driver's seat. You get to decide how you react. You get to decide what you're going to do next.

Are you going to allow that circumstance? Are you going to allow that experience to bulldoze you over? Are you going to allow that experience to create a reaction that you truly, truly don't want? At the end of the day, it's not actually the thing that you want to react about. Or are you going to take a moment to allow yourself to evolve with the situation, to evolve with the circumstance, to evolve with the energy?

And with that being said, the choice is yours. Which path are you going to take? I'm pretty sure you're going to choose evolution. I also want to mention that these practices take time and these shifts in your reality and your mindset also take time. So please give yourself grace.

Give yourself space and time for this evolution to occur as well. Don't give up when it's about to change. I know for me, my mindset took a lot to change. I know for me that also the way I chose to react to different intentions took some time to change as well. And I was patient with myself.

And sometimes I was not patient with myself. And it's okay to admit that you're not patient. It's okay to admit that you want instant gratification because that is the type of world we live in. But things take time, especially if you've had a lifetime pattern of doing something and you just start to make the decision to change it today. It's going to take a little bit of time.

So please be patient. Please give yourself some grace because you deserve it. And good things are worth waiting for. Please remember that energy follows thought and that you will achieve the very thing that you want to achieve with patience. So, my friend, it's time for you to go within.

It's time for you to pause before you react so that you can shift out of the old patterning and evolve into the new reality you truly desire to manifest.

All right, my friend, I want to share one last thing with you before we depart. And that is a mantra/prayer. You can repeat this over and over to yourself. You can do it out loud, and I find that it will shift your energy really quickly, especially if you are in a spiraling thought that is not supporting you.

And the mantra prayer is this: "I evolve with ease and grace. I am patient with myself as I evolve. I stand in my power, and I am grateful that the universe is constantly supporting me in my soul's evolution. Thank you."

All right, my friend. You can find that mantra/ prayer in the show notes or on our website at Thank you so much for tuning in. I look forward to connecting with you in the next episode. Lots of love and light. Bye.

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