Episode 82: Soul Chats with Eve Agee

Episode 82: Soul Chats with Eve Agee

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I sat with Eve Agee of Transform Coaching Academy to discuss her life, passion, and mission of training coaches to step out into the world boldly to help others. As one of the leaders in the coaching industry, Eve remains committed to developing coaches worldwide. We will talk about healing from trauma, improving relationships, and how to know if you have a calling to coaching!

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Eve Agee is a powerhouse of positivity and someone I am proud to call my friend. When I was stuck in the loop of procrastination while starting my business, Eve was the one I turned to. She guided me, as well as many others, through….

Crushing limiting beliefs….the transformation process…stepping into our calling as life-transforming coaches….

Eve’s passion is paving the way for skilled coaches, and as the founder of the Transform Coaching Academy and a best-selling author, she has been a foundational leader in the coaching industry. As an anthropologist with extensive expertise in shamanism and holistic healing, Eve brings a holistic spiritual approach to coaching and training that honors each individual.

In this episode of Soul Chats, we will explore what transformation looks like, what keeps us stuck, how to heal trauma and roadblocks, and so much more! I am so excited to share this amazing person with all of you! Let’s jump in!


As a doctorate student of Anthropology, Eve had plenty of opportunities to explore the many facets of humanity. As she was finishing her Ph.D., she realized that she wasn’t meant to become a professor; there was something more for her to discover and pursue. During her studies, she was also involved in shamanism, Reiki, and other energy practices, which opened the doors for her to contemplate how she could use all she had learned to empower others.

When Eve began her coaching career, there wasn’t the wide acceptance of self-help and bringing in spirituality alongside practical knowledge. Eve recalls, “I just kept getting this calling to help people who wanted to empower themselves and manifest a lot more in their lives.” And that she did. She followed each step as it revealed itself to her, eventually founding Transform Coaching Academy!


Becoming a certified life coach before it was well-known and popular gave Eve the tremendous opportunity to set a precedent for the industry. Her vision of putting her clients in the driver's seat of their lives is the epitome of empowerment. Eve explains her vision with contagious excitement, "It's helping empower people to discover the tools to create what they want, helping them clear their blocks and get out of their way with some structure to it."

Not only did Eve achieve her vision of becoming a certified life coach, but she also took it to a whole new level with Transform Coaching Academy. Her passion to coach became a passion for training other coaches; to empower their own clients with the same tools, guidance, and support. She guides her students through their self-discovery process, which creates the structure for a robust and thriving coaching business. With TCA, the empowerment and embodiment of individual core values become a baton that gets passed over and over, where the followers become the leaders!


It wasn't too long ago that any discussion around trauma was swept under the rug and taboo. We are fortunate that as we evolve as a collective, our ability to name trauma and analyze its effects paves the way for healing not only ourselves but the world. It's not a coincidence that so many seekers are finding each other in this present moment. Eve explains, "I believe that's why there are so many lightworkers on the planet right now; to really be involved in healing both the personal and the collective trauma and to create a path forward that will be whole and healing and a completely different future."

Doing the work to heal trauma isn't a one-and-done situation. It's ongoing. It's a lifetime commitment to peeling back one layer at a time. - Amy Robeson   CLICK TO TWEET

Some traumas will require you to revisit the impact, over and over, as you come to new levels of understanding with each layer of yourself that you uncover. The beautiful thing is as you're revisiting those experiences, you get an opportunity to know yourself differently, which then impacts your community, your family, your relationships, and your friends.

We aren't shoving our trauma under the rug anymore. We are healing it and empowering ourselves!


Healing trauma is only one part of the empowerment process. So often, we become trapped in a victim mentality, focused only on what happened to us and how it affected our lives. There is another way to process the trauma that doesn't include reliving the painful parts but rather gleaning what we can from the experience.

When someone has experienced trauma, there is usually some heavy programming around that experience. They might feel powerless, unworthy, or trapped. Eve believes as you heal the programming, you also heal the trauma, "By helping people heal both perception and beliefs, and finding new ways to perceive it, then we can approach it from a different perspective of resilience and be able to own your power."

We can approach trauma from a place where those are opportunities we're looking at rather than being stuck in fear. That's where life coaching principles have helped me so much. The reframing and working with my trauma as a tool rather than a setback allowed me to see the situation differently and use it for my betterment.

"True power is the ability to create, the ability to choose, the ability to act."  - Eve Agee


With Eve’s busy life and ambitious schedule, I was curious how she finds her calm and centeredness in everyday life. She reminded me of one of my favorite parts of training at Transform Coaching Academy, the Dimensional Doorways. We get to choose which dimension we are in at any given moment, and Eve practices what she preaches, “I get myself in the dimension of divine love, so I’m not in a dimension of fear.”

Even when life is at peak stress, you can ask yourself:

  • How can I enjoy this moment?
  • How do I want to feel in this experience?
  • How can I connect to that feeling right here, right now?

This brings you back to the present moment and the realization we only have right here, right now. There is peace in the present.


Are you curious about how to become a life coach? Have you considered becoming certified but weren’t sure how to be a life coach? Eve has an upcoming Masterclass to help you learn more about how to become a life coach!

“Are You Meant To Be A Coach?” starts February 2, 2023, and is totally free! You can sign up here to learn about how to become a life coach, why now is the prime time to jump on this incredible opportunity, and how to get started as a life coach!

My experience with Eve and her powerful life coaching is unparalleled. I highly recommend her classes, support, and vision.

I am excited to share this remarkable woman and fantastic opportunity with all of you! Even the slightest spark of interest is telling you to take the journey to become a certified life coach.

Sign up for the FREE Masterclass to peek into the lives of the many who have found complete fulfillment and incredible satisfaction by becoming certified life coaches, mentors, healers, and more!

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to our Soul Chats special episode with Dr. Eve Agee. I am so excited for you guys to listen to our Soul Chat today. Eve is one of my dear friends. She has been a coach for me and a mentor for me. I absolutely love her. She was somebody that I found when I needed help to start my business. She was someone that has helped me work through countless limiting beliefs, and I just absolutely love her.

I hope you enjoy today's interview. We talk about the coaching industry, about limiting beliefs. She does a really beautiful meditation transformational process with us. If you listen to that, make sure you're not driving if you're closing your eyes. We talk about trauma response and so much more.

Before we get started, let me give you a little bit of a background for Dr. Eve Agee. She is a leader in the field of coaching and a best-selling author. Dr. Eve Agee empowers others from a place of deep authenticity and integrity. A highly respected mentor and teacher, Eve is the founder of The Transform Coaching Academy, rated as one of the top coaching certification programs in the world. For the last decade, Eve has trained hundreds of successful coaches from around the world, and her coach certification program is accredited by the International Coach Federation.

As an anthropologist with extensive expertise in shamanism and holistic healing, Eve has also worked at the White House and has taught at the University of Virginia and brings a holistic spiritual approach to coaching and training that honors each individual. For over 20 years, Eve has helped thousands of people transform their lives for the better and get exceptional results through her coaching programs. Featured on NBC, ABC, BBC, ITV, and NPR, she's committed to training people to be confident, talented coaches so they can embody their purpose with abundance and joy.

Eve believes skilled coaches will play an integral part in creating an abundant, sustainable future for all. It's her mission to help those who feel called to become successful certified coaches thrive financially while empowering others. Let's jump in now. Enjoy today's show!

Amy: Hello, everyone. I have our very special guest here today. Eve, how are you?

Eve: Hi, Amy. Hi everyone. I'm doing great. It's wonderful to be here.

Amy: I'm so excited you are here. Let me ask you this question. I know that I've known you for quite some time, and we have explored life coaching, and you've been a mentor of mine. I've taken your TCA program, and you've dabbled in and have received certifications and many things, and one of those is as a life coach. Why did you want to become a life coach?

Eve: I really feel like I was called to become a coach. This was in the late nineties, and I had actually never heard of coaching as we know it. And I just kept on kind of getting this calling to help people who wanted to empower themselves and wanted to really just manifest a lot more. And I had been doing training in shamanism for several years and trained in Reiki and all sorts of other kinds of energy work practices, and I was actually finishing my Ph.D. in anthropology as well. And I was called to move to Washington, DC. And started working for the White House, and I was called there to do that, but I was also told I was going to kind of find out what was next for me, that I had already been told I wasn't meant to become a professor, I was meant to help empower women. And so I moved to DC. And while I was there, I did work for the White House, but I also met my mentors who did training and conscious-connective breathing and coaching. And so I ended up just working with them and doing a lot of really deep healing work myself.

And then, I got certified and was working with clients. I guess I had actually already started working with clients once my job at the White House ended. I was actually doing a lot of shamanism work. I was also doing a lot of readings for people in DC. And I mean, this is like in 2000, this is super woo-woo. A lot of people weren't doing this sort of thing, especially not in Washington, DC. But I just kept on getting just this amazing stream of clients of people who they wanted readings, but I could tell they also wanted more; they wanted empowerment. And so it was great. I incorporated. I ended up training and coaching and conscious-connective breathing and getting certified in that. It was fantastic because it really integrated beautifully with the shamanism and the psychic work and the visualizations and all that. And honestly, I was actually terrified. I was absolutely terrified. I had no idea. No training back then. There was no one like training you how to be an entrepreneur or anything like right, or how to make money. I had like two sentences of advice for how to do my business, but magically it all worked out, and I attracted a lot of great clients.

And so I think bringing in the coaching was kind of the next piece of it because doing readings and doing shamanism work was fantastic. And bringing coaching really helped people be able to kind of learn the tools they needed to create the life they want. And the kind of coaching I was doing was very deep and very healing, and also really empowering. And so people were using it to create magical careers, and I don't know, to get married and have children, like whatever they wanted, but really kind of envisioning their life in a whole new way. And it was so much fun.

Amy: I love that because I, too, wanted to help people. And I started dabbling in all these things like getting certified in crystals and Reiki and Akashic records and all that other stuff. But for me, the next step in professionalism is to bring it all together. Because I think there's so many people out there that have this desire to help others, but they're not really sure what or how to do that. And I knew I had this download of like life coaching, life coaching, life coaching. But I really, at the time, didn't understand what it meant or what it all entailed either. I just knew that coaching was a part of it. And to have some sort of accreditation, some sort of certificate that I had in my toolbox, would help me feel more confident in going out there as a business owner. And so, for me, life coaching was something that I knew I wanted to do. For people that don't know what it is or might have a different perception of what it is, can you explain what life coaching is?

Eve: Sure. I think coaching in general, whether it's business coaching or life coaching, or spiritual coaching, it's basically helping empower people to get tools so they can create what they want. And so it's really helping them clear their blocks, get out of their way, but also put some structure to it, right, and envision what they want, and then really being able to take the actions and to manifest their goals. And so, as coaches, we're empowering people, and we're doing it through really putting the client sort of in the center and in the driver's seat, you might say. So you can do really deep healing with your clients as well. And you're also the tools and the core competencies of coaching that we're trained in and that I train people in Transform Coaching Academy. It's like learning how to take people on a self-discovery process that really helps them be able to connect with their values and what's most important for them. And when you start to do that, it helps people to really get a lot of clarity and to be able to move forward so much faster than they would on their own.

Amy: I do. It's tremendous, the amount of time that you can fold with one, either having a coach or using coaching principles in your life is life-changing. It's absolutely life-changing. What is one of the things that you love the most in doing the work that you do?

Eve: Well, I mean, working one on one with clients, because I still work one on one with a few clients, it's just amazing to see the amount of growth people are having and the fulfillment and really, like, I don't know, creating a life that they truly love. And even if I have executive coaching clients as well, even if it's in their work and just the meaning, like how meaningful it is for people. And then with Transform Coaching Academy and training people to become certified coaches and then supporting them in that journey, it's fantastic because so many people, some of the people who come to Transform Coaching Academy, have been doing empowerment work of some kind for a long time. Maybe they're healers or yoga teachers, or maybe they're coming in from corporate, or from being a mom, or being a parent, or whatever. People come in from all different aspects, but it really helps people put things together in a way that is life-changing for their clients. And so they immediately start seeing their clients have amazing results, which is really exciting when you're actually still in training, and you're able to facilitate a really profound transformation.

Eve: I mean, that's so exciting, but they're also able to make a great income doing it. We really focus on that, in Transform Coaching Academy, like helping people be able, like you said, to create it as a profession, even if someone's doing it part-time or doing it with something else. So they can really have the abundance. And one of the ways that happens is because the work people are delivering is so empowering for people. It's literally priceless. And so people are willing to invest more. Their clients are willing to invest more like you said, because they can fold time. It's like they're going to stuff they've been struggling for years to create that has eluded them. All of a sudden, they're going to get to manifest that and just to get to see the joy people are having doing that as becoming coaches and getting to help people in just ways they've dreamed about and to create like a freedom lifestyle and have more abundance. It's pretty exciting. And then all the personal, as well.

Amy: I think that what we're all searching for is something that brings us abundance and a freedom-based lifestyle. And I think that sometimes we have to get out of our own way in order to do that. And when you have these tools, it's really helpful. Now you have a different background. You were trained as a shaman. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Eve: Yeah, you know, while I was doing my Ph.D. in anthropology, I ended up training in shamanism for four years, and it was really powerful. It was very otherworldly, as you can imagine, and really introduced me to just super powerful energy work. And I'd already lived in Africa where shamans were very much appreciated and maybe also feared but really taken seriously. And so I had already been exposed to a lot of that, and getting to take a super deep dive in that and learning just really powerful healing techniques was really great for myself personally because I'd had a lot of trauma and a lot of challenges. But then also being able to use that to help people was just amazing. It was so wonderful. And with this, there's a strong focus on also just psychic training as well. And so to just sort of really have that very powerful connection to the divine and to be able to cultivate it made life really magical.

Amy: That's cool. So you did it for four years in Africa. Is that where you studied it?

Eve: Actually, in the U.S.

Amy: In the U.S. Okay.

Eve: I had actually been in Africa already, where there was a lot of shamanism, and had studied some of that, but more as an anthropologist. And so this was really in the U.S. was more training in it myself.

Amy: That's neat. So you were really exposed to it in Africa, and then you came back to the U.S. and trained in it for four years. You've been working with this energy to heal trauma. Can you talk a little bit about trauma work and things like that?

Eve: Sure. I think this is so important. Right now, we're just in this place in the world where luckily, when I'm talking about that shamanic apprenticeship that was, I started that 30 years ago. People were not as aware of trauma, not talking about it, like, in the way now, like, everyone's very, you know, aware and aware of our collective trauma as well. And so, you know, I believe that's why a lot of us light workers are here on the planet right now, right, is to really be involved in healing both the personal and the collective trauma and to create a path forward that will be whole and healing and really a completely different trajectory and a completely different future than, you know. So too, you know, one, I think trauma work for many of us, it's, you know, it's often ongoing.

Amy: It's a lifetime. Like, I really do think it's a lifetime commitment because when we peel back one layer, we have a different perception, and then we peel back another layer, and we have more perceptions. And then it's just like this never-ending onion that gets peeled back depending on the trauma. Sometimes you have a small trauma that's easy to overcome. You overcome it. You feel empowered. You don't have to revisit it. Then there's trauma that you get to revisit throughout your entire lifetime. And the beautiful thing is, as you're revisiting them, you get an opportunity to know yourself in a different way, and then that also impacts your community and your family and your relationships and your friends. And so it's really neat to explore. It's cruddy we had to go through the trauma itself, but that's how we grow because if we all didn't have the trauma that we're talking about, we wouldn't be having these conversations now of awareness around trauma, which is really neat to be empowered. We're not in the dark anymore about shoving it under the rug.

Eve: Oh yeah. And my early childhood trauma I was not aware of. A few of the things happened before conscious memory, and then there were others that, with some abuse, I was kind of knocked out for, right? So I wasn't aware of it until much later in life. So I completely shoved it under the rug. And I think anything that gets repressed and suppressed like that, and so many people have unfortunately experienced abuse and abusive situations. And as children, often we are like trying to survive; we have to suppress it and repress it. And so then we are dealing with it for a lifetime. I do feel like these last few years, the energy has been so intense, and it's really brought up a lot for all of us. So it's been really challenging, I think, for most people. And there's also a path forward that we really are able to heal. And that's really important because I feel like some people don't have the tools to heal it, right? And so they can get really caught and stuck in these really challenging, overwhelming patterns. And so with Transform Coaching Academy, I mean, that's not the only focus, but what I found is the different processes, the different transformational processes, all that really help people be able to kind of approach it from a more empowered perspective, which I think is very, very healing. And to really be able to connect with divine love, and that's so essential for healing any kind of trauma.

Amy: And I love that because they're approaching it from an empowered perspective. Can you give an example of what that might look like in terms of an empowered perspective?

Eve: Yeah, so often if someone's experienced trauma, depending on what's happened, but often for many people, there's been some pretty heavy programming around it, right? And so someone might feel like they're powerless, or they're unworthy, or they're trapped. All sorts of things, right? And so by helping people heal both perceptions, also the beliefs, but also the energy of it and finding new ways to perceive it, which I think coaching can do really powerfully, actually. Then we can approach it from a different perspective and a perspective that is not out of kind of the energy of feeling powerless or a victim, but the energy of resilience and really being able to own your power. Because we're all powerful beings and so often the power we've seen has been like not power, it's been control. Like, we've seen all these examples of power that's like, controlling others, it's violence, it's force, and yet true power is the ability to create, the ability to choose, the ability to act. And so when people are able to reclaim their power in a way that is soft and loving and also sometimes fun, like connecting to your embodiment, all those sorts of things, it becomes a really different process in the trauma healing.

Amy: I think it does too. It really does. And I love that you said we can approach it from a place where we get to have these opportunities and these changes, but sometimes those are opportunities we're looking at. We can be stuck in fear around them. And that's where I think coaching principles, in general, are just reframing, and working with the trauma itself allows us to have a different way out of the situation that we're in. And I know for me, you and I got connected because I wanted to start my business. I also wanted a life coach. And at the time, I already gave myself a deadline. I was like, "I'm going to quit my job by the end of this year." And I was six months into it, and I wasn't anywhere close to having that happen. And it wasn't until I had support in recognizing I had the power to make different decisions. And I think that sometimes we kind of get stuck in these loops of all these what ifs and victimhood and all these other things where if we have someone that can support us and shifting out of those loops and out of those trauma responses that we have the opportunity to make really big, empowered changes in our life as well.

Eve: It's amazing. For you, you made such huge leaps, like quantum leaps, when we worked together and then when you went through Transform Coaching Academy. Since then, you have just made these amazing quantum leaps. And that empowerment is really; I think it's really essential. And so I think that's one of the things about really good coaching is that a coach, no matter what we see and we believe our clients are powerful, and we know they are, and that belief, it resonates, and then they feel it. And then we get to help them clear the blocks that are preventing them from knowing that. And then it's like, wow, magic happens.

Amy: It's just crazy. Like, for me, at the time, I had this totally limiting belief that it was not even possible to replace my previous career income. I was okay with getting not even 50% of it. I was okay with getting, like, 25% of my income. And it wasn't until I started talking to people and talking to you and coaching with you and this other stuff where I was like, "Oh, wait, I can actually do something totally more than I ever dreamed possible," but I didn't have the tools or the awareness of it. I think that that's also really important if you're wanting to go out and do something, you're wanting to go out and help someone, having a coach, a mentor, a support system that has been down that path is so crucial in having the opportunity to make leaps and bounds, too, because they've been there before. If you've never been there before, you have no idea about all the intricate pieces that go into that very thing and the opportunities you might miss out on.

Eve: Exactly. And it becomes overwhelming if you don't have someone holding that space for you. I think people just get overwhelmed, and then they just put it off, and they just think, "I can't do it. Well, next year, well, next year." And we've all been there, and that's what millions of people do their whole lifetime, right? But we are here, I believe we're here on the planet to create something beautiful and something different, and we really have this amazing creative energy, and it's tapping into it, and people are ready. People are totally ready now.

Amy: Yeah. What do you do when you kind of get stuck in your own stuff? Like, if you're having a hard time with just something that you want to do and you're stuck in your limiting beliefs or stuck in your patterning or trauma response, what do you do to get out of it?

Eve: Well, I mean, there's two. One, I go to my coach, my chiropractor. I'm a big believer of the support team, right?

Amy: Me too.

Eve: Yeah.

Amy: I can't tell you the last time I wasn't working with someone. I always have. In working with someone, either you're seeing them physically, they're online, you're working with them one-on-one, or you're working with them in a group setting, or you're working with them in some capacity, but the support system is key.

Eve: Yeah. So you want that support. And also, just personally, I dance, and I listen to music. Obviously, I meditate, breathe, and get out in nature. That's a huge one for me. And then I have a lot of energy practices that I've learned over the years that I train people in, and I generally do some of those energy practices because there's stuff you can do, like, in 90 seconds and completely change your energy. And I find that because we all get stuck in that. I mean, that happens all the time. We're humans, right? And it's a challenging time to be on the planet.

Amy: It's a weird time. It's a very strange time to be on this planet at this moment in time.

Eve: Yeah. I mean, we're in the midst of this huge initiation process, this huge transformation process, and it is messy and difficult and challenging, but we've all chosen to be here for a reason, and so it's really connecting with what that is. And being able, I think, to see beyond kind of what's happening physically to kind of the bigger picture and get the spiritual pieces.

Amy: Yeah. And I think that that's key, too, is like looking at the big picture. What's the overall objective here? And I think that if we do that, it kind of helps shift out of things too. So for you, what are you looking forward to in 2023?

Eve: We're going to be starting a new Transform Coaching Academy. And super looking forward to that. It's just such a joy. Like, the people who join it are always amazing and experience so much growth and transformation. So I'm really looking forward to that journey. I love it. I love getting to teach that. And then I've got all sorts of stuff. We're possibly moving to another country and just lots of big life transitions.

Amy: How do you handle the stress with the big life transitions?

Eve: I try to stay in the present moment as much as possible and really focus on what I'm enjoying or what I can enjoy, how I can connect with joy in the moment. Because right now, particularly, we've got a lot of unknowns, a lot of positions that are unknown. And if I kind of try to look at all of it, it becomes overwhelming, right? And so the more I can do to really be like, first, also something I teach in Transform Coaching Academy called Dimensional Doorways. It's like really getting myself in the dimension of divine love, so I'm not in those dimensions of fear. Like, really connecting to divine love and reaching out to friends who are loving and supportive and then just really be like, "How can I enjoy? How do I want to feel?" Which is one of my big things. Like, "How do I want to feel in this experience?" And then connecting with what will make me feel that way. And for me, often it's dance, it's Reiki, it's energy work, it's laughing with people, connecting with loved ones, like being in nature, those sorts of things. Movement, all that.

Amy: I think movement is key. Super key.

Eve: Shake the energy out.

Amy: Yeah. It helps with the trauma response. It helps with bringing our energy back into our bodies because I find that most of us have these huge energy leaks, and these energy leaks happen from fears or overthinking or overwhelm or over-stressed or whatever is going on. And when we move our body or we get in nature, and we're moving our body, or we find stillness, that is really helpful in coming back into the present moment. And you said you'd like to get present. I'd love to know your take or perception on what being present is because a lot of people talk about being present in the moment, but what does that actually mean for you?

Eve: For me, it's finding a way to not connect with or project fears or all that sort of stuff and to really be able to feel peaceful or grateful or joy, whatever in that moment. Or even if it's sometimes, maybe it's a sadness to really be able, but even in that sadness, to feel the appreciation of it and the connection. So I think that's it. For me, I often either get in nature or look out into nature to help me get present. Like I'll just look at a tree or look at the sky and just really, like you said, get back in my body and be able to just enjoy the energy. Because really, it's completely like it's a miracle that we exist. Right? It's like everything, particularly when we've had challenges, and this last year was really challenging for me. I know it was really the last few years have been really challenging for lots of people to really be able to kind of reframe it and to focus on the miracle of life and then turn up the energy that we want. I actually do a lot on just kind of personal energy throughout my day and to be really focused on what's the energy I want to sense and feel here, that kind of thing.

Amy: Yeah. Would you, and I'm totally putting you on the spot right now, are you open to doing some form of Transform Coaching Academy transformation on the show today? For like walking listeners through something that will allow them to either get more in their body or get more present or more grounded, whatever you're guided to do. I would love for you to do that if you're okay with it, Eve.

Eve: Yeah! Is there anything, in particular, you want me to...?

Amy: Whatever comes to mind for you. I'm sure whatever you decide is going to be great.

Eve: So I'm going to suggest if you want to close your eyes, you don't have to close your eyes; just starting off by just envisioning a beautiful golden circle around yourself and just receiving some breaths and just imagine this amazing golden light. Or maybe, for some people, it's a pink light or emerald light. And if you don't connect with visualizing them that way, that's fine. It could be like what you feel like, what feels really safe and cozy and beautiful, and just feeling that you're enveloped in this divine love. Just imagine the energy that if you were a baby and just being held by someone who loves you so much. And that energy, that love, is just enveloping you, and it's flowing out; it's actually cleansing your cells, and you're in this amazing circle of this loving energy. And in there, in that circle, it's like just allowing you to be so safe, so held. It's really lifting you up. It's letting you feel the love that the universe has for you. And then just imagining, if you want, what energy you want to experience more of, and maybe that's peace, maybe that's abundance, maybe it's joy, whatever it is.

And just imagine that you could actually turn up that energy. Just like you would turn on a light or the music to turn up the volume. You're just going to turn up that energy, and you're going to let yourself feel it more and more. And it's going to infuse you, and it's going to support you. And then, if there's any energy that would help to turn down, that's like the inverse energy. Maybe it's fear; maybe it's dread; maybe it's hopelessness or despair, whatever, just imagine that you're going to turn that energy down or off. It's just like a light switch or a volume. You're going to turn that down, and then you're going to go back to that energy you want to feel, and you're going to really turn it up. And then just imagine, just ask yourself, what would it be like if you allowed yourself to live in this really beautiful, amazing energy every day? What would that be like for you? Just sense that, feel that. And then sense or you feel what would it take for you to do that, you can ask yourself, "What would it take for me to do this?"

Maybe it's letting go of something. Maybe it's just remembering, and maybe it's something else. "What would it take for me to really be able to just reconnect and live in this energy of joy or bliss or happiness, whatever it is, strength, abundance throughout my day? And then whenever you are ready, give yourself a hug, or bring your hands to your heart, whatever you like, and just connect with your body and remember, you are an amazing, powerful being. You are an amazing creator. And you can create the reality, the feelings, the sensations you want in your body and being whenever you want.

Amy: That was wonderful.

Eve: That wasn't exactly specifically from Transform Coaching Academy.

Amy: No, it was just a really nice few pieces. Yummy, grounding, expanding process. Energy process. I love it. It was great.

Eve: Wonderful.

Amy: I think just doing those, I would call that like a little reset, and it didn't take much time.

Eve: I do things just like that throughout my day.

Amy: It's so yummy for the cells of your body. It's so yummy for your nervous system. Nervous system regulation is key. Like, most of us live in fight or flight all day long. Our primal bodies are not used to being bombarded by constant stresses like technology, work, co-workers, or anything. Like any of the normal everyday stress. When we were cavemen, we could run away from fear. And once you were done, like, oh, you're good, your nervous system could re-regulate. But here, we can't. So that right there, to me, is like food for the soul. Like, it really is. So thank you for doing that.

Eve: You're so welcome. Yeah, and it's so important. The more we can do that to soothe our nervous system, then we really have the empowerment to focus on what do we truly want. Like, what matters the most? And we can focus our energy, so we don't have all those energy leaks.

Amy: Yeah, absolutely. If you were to wave a magic wand to assist in transforming your energy in general, what would be one of your favorite processes that you teach in Transform Coaching Academy?

Eve: Probably the Dimensional Doorways.

Amy: The Dimensional Doorways are really nice.

Eve: Yeah. And so that's helping people realize, okay, there's all these dimensions that we have the option of spending our time in. And like you said, most of us, because of trauma and because of the stress of the world, we're often in a dimension that is super stressful and doesn't serve us. And it really, actually can be very harmful to our physical health, our spiritual health, our emotional health, everything, right? And so by getting aware of the different dimensions and being able to choose a dimension that is full of love and support, and of course, we're still going to have challenges. People are still going to die. We're still going to have all these different challenges in our life. I mean, the world is like this huge ball of burning stress. We're still going to face tremendous challenges, certainly because of structural oppression and racism, and economic inequalities.

Eve: Some people are in past trauma and all these different things. Some people are experiencing way more challenges than others, right? So we're not saying those challenges don't exist because they do. And I think that it's really important to actually recognize the realities of oppression and challenges in life and then still get that we have the ability to choose the dimension or the feelings where we want to be spending our time. And that's super powerful. For a lot of people, it's completely life-changing.

Amy: It totally is. Because when we're stuck in fear or in a trauma response, we're in a past dimension. We're in a dimension where it holds all that fear or holds all that anger, frustration, abuse, whatever it is that you experienced. And it's very liberating to step out of that dimension and into a peaceful dimension where you're at ease, or you feel safer than you did before. And even if you can move, say, 2% out of the fear, that's 2% better than you were feeling previously, and it's life-changing.

Eve: Yeah, completely. And what I find with that process is people can usually move a lot more than 2%.

Amy: Oh, for sure.

Eve: You might make leaps then you may go back every once in a while, we kind of get triggered, and we get back to then you're like, "Oh, wait, I could be here." And that's super powerful.

Amy: Yeah, it's just doing the reset and looking at it and being able to do that. And yes, it is way more than 2%. And we've brought up Transform Coaching Academy several times. If you don't know what that is, this is Eve's life coaching certification program. Do you want to talk a little bit about what that is?

Eve: Oh, sure. Yeah. So Transform Coaching Academy is a coaching certification program. It's accredited by the International Coaching Federation, which is the gold standard for coach professionalism, and it's a six-month program. And then I do a couple of extra bonus months as well. And it's really amazing. I've taught it for twelve years. Amy is one of our fabulous graduates. We've had amazing people from all over the world take it and create really amazing lives and businesses, getting to empower other people. And so it's all taught online. We will have an online retreat as well, but it's all taught online. And it's actually been ranked as one of the top coaching certification programs in the world. And I teach it all myself. And I'm completely committed to helping people become amazing coaches and agents of transformation. And also, there's a lot of business support, so there's a lot of bonuses and a lot to really help people to be able to create a great income because that's what I noticed with this, is a lot of people really struggle around that. A lot of coaches, healers, other people, and people can use it for all kinds of coaching.

Eve: We have a lot of people who are life coaches, but we also have people who are business coaches or executive coaches. And it's along with the excellence of coaching, it also gives you professional standards and ethics. And I've had a lot of people comment recently like they've done a lot of different trainings and stuff, but they never really got that kind of deep dive in ethics and professional standards. I think that's powerful for people. It helps people also learn how to deliver profound transformation. And then there are tons of done-for-you materials, like all the forms and all these different great processes that you can do one on one with individuals, but you can also take them to groups. We have people who are leading retreats or have online businesses where they're coaching lots of people. And you can take these processes and use them. We have people using them in corporations, and they are so powerful and so transformative. They can be used for any area, whether life or health, relationships, career, corporate, or all sorts of stuff. So it's really powerful, it's really fun. People who take it have a big personal transformation, and I keep it small.

It's 20 people. And so everyone does a lot of, you get a lot of one-on-one coaching practice in it, and so you really come out of it as a very excellent coach. And a lot of people honestly get clients while they're in it and are creating income while they're in the program.

Amy: Oh yeah, I had clients before I even finished the program. If you're being called to help people and you're not sure exactly what to do, I highly recommend getting certified. But even if it's not with Eve, it's really important as even a healer. I think getting certified in some coaching because you understand then how to talk, to listen, to coach, where it's different, it just makes it different. And then, for me as a coach, it was really important for me to have some sort of training that I felt was extremely valuable in those services that I was delivering. And TCA, Transform Coaching Academy, is one of those programs. And I'm forever grateful for you, Eve, because this is such an amazing program. If you guys are interested, Eve has a free Masterclass that will walk you through becoming a coach and things like that. If you want to share more about the Masterclass, the link to sign up for the Masterclass, or if you want to take a look at Eve's coaching program, we will have the links in the description of the show on the blog. Just check out the show notes or go to our podcast blog or the show at theamyrobeson.com/podcast. You can check it out there. You can go wherever you're listening to the podcast as well.

Eve: Yeah, and thank you so much, Amy. So, yeah, it's "Are you meant to be a coach?" And it's basically helping you decide if becoming a coach would be right for you. Like, is that something that would empower you? And so you'll learn the three essential elements that you need to deliver really profound, powerful coaching. You'll also learn how to make thousands in additional income by becoming a coach and how to actually package and offer your services so that you are creating a lot of abundance as a coach and your clients are getting so much value. And I think that's really powerful and really important. And you'll find out why now is a really important time to become certified and a great time to become a coach. Coaching is one of the top fields in the world now. I think it's the second largest.

Amy: It's over a billion-dollar industry. I don't remember the exact number, but it's over a billion.

Eve: Oh, way over.

Amy: Way over.

Eve: Yeah, it's huge. It's gotten gigantic. And so it's really focused on how you can do this and really help other people, but also create just so many miracles and just amazing results in your own life. Because as you're learning to coach others, and especially Transform Coaching Academy, with the transformational processes, you'll learn and all this, people just find, like, their relationships improve, and they just have so much growth. So it's really powerful.

Amy: Yeah. Well, if you guys are interested, definitely sign up for the free Masterclass. Or, if you're interested in getting certified as a coach, definitely do it. It's so powerful. For me, it was absolutely life-changing, and I know I wouldn't be where I'm at in my business if I wouldn't have taken that leap because I probably would have been like "another six months, one more year,' and it's just you get to the point where you have to take a leap of faith and do something. And for me, I'm forever grateful for you, Eve, because I wouldn't be where I'm at in my business if I wouldn't have called you to begin with, so I appreciate that. As we wrap up, is there anything else you would like to share in terms of why coaching might be beneficial for people's relationships as well?

Eve: Oh, sure. Coaching is so beneficial for people's relationships, and becoming a coach really helps people create amazing relationships. One, like you mentioned, with the core competency of coaching, you really learn listening and communication skills. It's so powerful. And so the communication skills and the listening skills people learn at Transform Coaching Academy, they're like just in the first few months, they're like, 'Wow, everything is shifting." And then also I teach a lot about energy. And so really shifting your energy and getting to a place of gratitude and appreciation that's very authentic and that can literally just create ripples of change throughout relationships, right? I also think that the awareness that we have with coaching, the awareness it creates, I think it can make us a lot more compassionate with other people and also get us out of any old patterns that might not be serving us in our relationship. So it's usually, like you said, completely life-changing in many ways.

Amy: It really is. Like, for me, I know when I took the program, just learning how to listen, like, I was already a pretty good listener. But I think that when it comes to family members or romantic partners, we have the tendency, this is me, to maybe not listen as well to them as we do to other people. And for me, it was life-changing in my relationship with my partner. Like my husband and I, we have way better communication now because I was able to hold space in a different way and to listen in a different way. And that assists the other person in the relationship to react in a different way as well to the person that's listening because they feel heard, they feel seen, they feel held. And it's such an amazing shift that can happen in the relationship when you use these principles.

Eve: It truly is. It's kind of magical, honestly. And we get people in the program all the time to say this, month two they're like, "Oh my gosh, my relationships are so much better!"

Amy: It's cool. It's so neat. Well, thank you so much for being a part of this show today. I really enjoyed chatting with you. And if you guys want to sign up for Eve's free Masterclass, check out the links. And thank you so much, Eve.

Eve: Oh, thank you. Thank you, Amy. And thank you, everyone. And it's just great to be here. It's such a pleasure.

Amy: Alright, guys, make sure you like and subscribe. We look forward to seeing you in the next episode. Bye.

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