Episode 166: How To Deal With Disappointment

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Discover effective strategies on how to deal with disappointment. Learn to turn setbacks into stepping stones for personal and spiritual growth. Embrace your emotions, reflect deeply, and find peace through forgiveness and self-awareness.

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Episode 166: How To Deal With Disappointment

We have all experienced disappointment in our journey through life.

Disappointment is simply part of the game we’re playing.

It’s how you choose to overcome disappointment that determines whether it leads to results or becomes a temporary detour in your life.

When faced with disappointment, take the opportunity to reflect on why you feel disappointed, how your expectations were not met, or how others’ expectations of you differed.

Sometimes, these expectations may not align or may be unrealistic.

By understanding this misalignment, you can better navigate through disappointment and find ways how to deal with disappointment.

❤️‍🩹 Processing and Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with your inner voice.

When you find yourself disappointed, it’s important to give yourself permission to articulate why you feel that way and what led to it.

This introspection allows you to begin overcoming disappointment.

Sometimes, simply acknowledging your feelings can quickly facilitate healing and growth.

However, there are instances when disappointment requires more time to process and heal from.

It’s crucial not to trivialize disappointment—it’s a significant emotional experience.

Taking the time to acknowledge it, especially when it demands deeper reflection, is essential.

During these moments, you can evaluate what could have been done differently or how the situation might have unfolded differently.

This reflection can be incredibly insightful as your learn how to handle disappointment.

It equips you with lessons that may help you navigate similar situations in the future.

Yet, there are times when circumstances cannot be changed, and you may never get another chance to alter the outcome.

🥰 My Personal Story

During my pregnancy with my daughter, capturing memories through photos was incredibly important to me.

Unlike my own childhood, where photographs were scarce and memories faded, I wanted tangible reminders of this special time.

As my scheduled C-section approached due to medical reasons, I wrestled with fatigue, anxiety, and perfectionism.

Despite my reluctance the day before giving birth, I knew I’d regret not documenting those moments.

Reflecting on this experience now, I realize some opportunities for capturing authentic moments can’t be recreated.

Taking those photos was a decision I’m grateful for, as it preserves a fleeting chapter in my life that I can cherish forever.

I faced another challenge with my daughter, one that threw me into panic mode.

The aftermath left me sifting through what I could have done differently, grappling with disappointment and seeking forgiveness for choices made under stress.

This experience taught me the importance of allowing myself to feel disappointment and granting myself grace.

While I can’t change what happened, I’ve gained valuable insights into handling similar situations in the future.

This journey has reinforced the significance of embracing each experience—whether joyous or disappointing—as a catalyst for personal growth and learning.

🌈 Overcoming Immediate Disappointment

In life, we often find ourselves reflecting on what could have been done differently, seeking opportunities for growth and learning.

Yet, there are times when circumstances offer no chance for a do-over, demanding forgiveness instead.

Forgiveness, whether for ourselves or others, is essential for finding peace amidst disappointment.

It’s a powerful tool that allows us to move forward unburdened by past grievances.

I’ve learned firsthand the significance of forgiveness, even when disappointment stems from others’ actions or external factors beyond our control.

Granting forgiveness isn’t about condoning someone else’s behavior but rather reclaiming our own peace of mind.

Disappointment can also sneak up on us unexpectedly.

I remember a challenging moment during a branding photoshoot where things weren’t unfolding as planned.

Halfway through the day, frustration set in, and I was tempted to give up.

It was a pivotal moment where I had to redirect my focus and remind myself that the day wasn’t over yet.

I refused to succumb to defeatist thinking and instead chose to recenter myself.

This shift in perspective allowed me to explore new possibilities and salvage the shoot.

Sometimes, our minds gravitate towards defeat when faced with disappointment—a natural response that can feel overwhelming.

It’s crucial to pause, recenter, and reconnect with the present moment.

This deliberate act of checking in enables us to break free from the vortex of disappointment and uncover opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

🙌 Using Disappointment as a Stepping Stone

Disappointment, despite its challenges, can serve as a pivotal stepping stone for personal growth.

When things don’t unfold as planned, we’re presented with an opportunity to reflect and learn.

Each experience offers lessons—whether we realize it immediately or in hindsight—helping us gain insights into ourselves and our circumstances.

Every aspect of life carries an opportunity cost.

If we linger too long in the vortex of disappointment, it can keep us stagnant and prevent us from moving forward.

It’s crucial to consciously shift our focus away from disappointment towards opportunities for growth and optimism, while still acknowledging our feelings.

This shift allows us to explore new avenues and discover resources that were previously obscured by our disappointment.

Personally, when disappointment strikes, I grant myself the space to process and acknowledge my emotions.

Whether it’s a brief disappointment party or a moment to feel all the associated emotions, allowing myself this time helps me regain perspective and clarity.

It’s a necessary step before redirecting my energy towards constructive actions and exploring new possibilities.

🍃 Embracing and Processing Emotions

Life unfolds through a spectrum of emotions, each offering us valuable opportunities for growth and self-awareness.

When we approach our emotions with intelligence and courage—whether it’s sadness, anger, disappointment, or any other feeling—we allow ourselves to fully experience them as they arise.

It’s important to recognize that emotions themselves are not negative or positive; they simply carry different vibrational frequencies.

By giving ourselves permission to feel and process these emotions rather than resisting them, we create space for personal transformation.

Acknowledging and meeting our emotions where they manifest in our bodies allows us to release them and make room for higher vibrational energies to enter our lives.

I’ve found that some emotions are easier to process in the moment, while others require more time and introspection.

If we find ourselves avoiding or suppressing our emotions, especially disappointment, it’s crucial to lean into them instead.

Simply acknowledging that we’re avoiding our feelings can be the first step towards embracing and processing them.

Disappointment is a natural part of life’s journey.

It’s how we respond to it—whether by allowing ourselves to feel it fully, learn from it, and move forward—that shapes our growth and resilience.

💜 Conclusion

Throughout our lives, we encounter a wide range of emotions.

Embracing these emotions, including disappointment, is a vital part of our growth journey.

The sooner we acknowledge our disappointment, the easier it becomes to process, learn from it, and potentially use it as a stepping stone for personal development.

Every experience, no matter how challenging or disappointing, offers us valuable lessons.

By leaning into our emotions and allowing ourselves to fully experience them, we open ourselves to profound insights and opportunities for growth.

Remember, each experience is a learning opportunity.

By acknowledging and embracing our emotions, we can harness their power to propel us forward on our journey toward personal fulfillment and resilience.

✨ Light Language Magik

Now that you’ve embraced the power of acknowledging and learning from your emotions, it’s time to elevate your journey to a new level of consciousness and success.

Did you know that within you lies a special language?

It’s called the language of your soul—the cosmic language known as Light Language.

Light Language transcends the conscious mind, tapping into the subconscious to unlock hidden gifts, heal fears and traumas, and embody latent talents.

By harnessing Light Language, you can manifest your dreams and desires, elevate your consciousness, and raise your vibrational frequency.

It’s your birthright to explore and express Light Language in its myriad forms.

If this resonates with you and you’re curious about delving deeper into Light Language, I invite you to join me in our annual Light Language Magik program.

I’m thrilled to facilitate this transformative journey and share profound insights this year.

If you’re ready to embark on this path, take advantage of our early bird discount—join us at 50% off now by visiting theamyrobeson.com/lightlanguagemagik.

I look forward to welcoming you to the program and witnessing the magic unfold together.

With love and blessings,

Amy Robeson

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Full transcription of the episode:

Hey, Amy Robeson here. Thank you for joining me on this podcast where we talk about spirituality, the awakening process, mental health, and so much more. Join me weekly to get your weekly dose of spirituality and medicine. I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Hello, everyone, and welcome to today’s episode. I’m so excited you are here. We have all experienced disappointment in our journey that we call life. Disappointment is just a part of the game that we are playing. It’s how you choose to overcome disappointment that will yield the results or the temporary detour in your life. When you’re disappointed, you have the opportunity to sit with why you’re disappointed, how your expectations were not met, or how someone else’s expectations of you were not the same. They weren’t a vibrational match, or they were just too far out there. The thing about disappointment is it’s an opportunity to get really connected with your inner voice. When you’re disappointed, you can give yourself permission to voice why you’re disappointed and what caused the disappointment. Then you have the opportunity to ask yourself how you can overcome that disappointment. Sometimes it’s simply just acknowledging, that I’m disappointed, and you can get over it, you can work through it really quickly.

But then there are other times when you experience disappointment, where it’s going to take quite some time to process, to sift through, and to heal from. Disappointment is not something that we want to take lightly. I do think that it’s really important to acknowledge disappointment, especially if it’s one of those experiences where it is going to take some time. When you are sitting in that energy of disappointment, you have the opportunity to evaluate what you could have done differently or how the situation could have panned out in a different way. The thing about that is sometimes that’s very, very helpful where if you’re in that situation again, you can totally overcome it, and it’s great. But then there are times when you can’t change this situation. You’re never going to have an opportunity to re-experience it again. I’ll give you an example. I know for me when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to make sure that before I gave birth, I took a lot of pictures of me being pregnant. Unfortunately, my mom didn’t have any pictures of herself when she was pregnant with me, and most of our pictures were lost in my early childhood.

I always wanted to look at those types of pictures. When I was pregnant and I was getting close to the end and I had a scheduled C-section due to medical reasons, I knew that I would be super disappointed in myself if I didn’t take those pictures the day before I was giving birth. Let me tell you, the day before I was giving birth, I didn’t want to take pictures, but I knew that I would have been disappointed in myself if I wouldn’t have. I talked through all of the tiredness and the anxiousness and perfectionism and whatever else I was experiencing at that time, and I took the pictures. Now, if I had taken the pictures and I was disappointed, that’s not an opportunity that I can recreate in an authentic way. I guess I could pretend to be pregnant, but that would be weird, and I wouldn’t do that. But there are just times like that where we experience disappointment and we can’t change it. I know that I just had an experience with my daughter, and I went into complete panic mode over something that occurred. When I was rehashing everything the next day and just sifting through what I would have done differently, I had to give myself permission to feel the disappointment, to give myself permission to forgive myself as well because there were things that I was doing out of stress versus if I would have just actually paused and took a breath in that particular moment, I would have done things differently.

And so it caused disappointment. And that particular situation that happened that may occur again or it may not occur again in my life. And if it were to occur again, I know exactly how I would handle this situation in the future if it were to happen again. The thing about this is you have many opportunities in your lifetime to sift through what you could have done differently. If there is an opportunity that there is no way you can do it differently next time, there has to be forgiveness. Forgiveness is in both cases available to you. I highly recommend forgiveness to come in, even if you are not the person who caused you to be disappointed. Sometimes we experience disappointment, and It’s caused by other people or caused by other organizations, and we don’t have to forgive them. Forgiveness is given so you can have peace, and that’s the most important thing. The other thing about disappointment is that sometimes we jump ahead of disappointment without even realizing that we’ve done it. And I’ve done this in the past where you can only control what’s in your control, and you have to surrender to the situation.

But I was already disappointed in how something was occurring in a branding photo shoot that I was doing. And we were halfway through the day, and I was ready to just give up, where it’s like, Oh, this just isn’t going well. We’re not doing anything that I wanted to do originally, and it’s just not turning out. And I had to check myself and not give myself… I wasn’t berating myself. I just had to check myself back into the center. I had to remind myself the day is not over. I still have the opportunity to turn it around, and I’m not going to accept defeat at this moment in time because sometimes our brain will go automatically to defeat. Like, Oh, this isn’t going the way. I might as well just chalk it up as a loss. And I think that sometimes that’s a learned behavior, or if it’s not a learned behavior, it’s just the vibe in the vortex of disappointment that you’re getting sucked into, and it’s hard to see your way out of it if you’re in that vortex. And so checking yourself, meaning checking in, recentering, and giving yourself permission to breathe and get present with the present moment and look at all the options available, it allows you to overcome and see options that you might not have seen if you continued to be in that vortex of disappointment.

The other thing about disappointment is it’s an opportunity for you to use as a stepping stone for growth. Because anytime something doesn’t go our way, we have the opportunity to use it as a stepping stone and go Hey, this didn’t go as planned. I learned X, Y, Z from this experience. Now, let me use this to step up to the next level of consciousness or catapult my way to success because now what I’ve learned is going to change everything. Hey, friend, do you know that you have a special language within you? It’s called the language of your soul, the cosmic language of your soul. And that is called light language. Light language pushes past the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, unlocking hidden gifts, abilities, fears, traumas that want to be healed, and gifts and abilities that want to be embodied so that you can manifest your dreams and desires. Light language assists you in raising your consciousness and raising your frequency. It’s your birthright to know how to speak and perform light language in all of its different forms. If this is calling your name, if you’re interested in light language, I’d love to invite you to our Light Language Magic program.

I host this once a year, and I can’t wait to teach this this year because it’s going to be amazing. If this is calling your name, join me at 50% off while the early bird discount is available. You can go to theamyrobeson.com/lightlanguage, theamyrobeson.com/lightlanguage, or click the link in the show notes or the description. I hope to see you in the program. In the meantime, let’s jump back into this episode. You know, everything in life has an opportunity cost to it. And so that opportunity cost, if you stay in the vortex of disappointment, is going to keep you stagnant and stuck where you’re at, where if you allow yourself to remove yourself, check yourself out of the vortex of disappointment, excitement, and into the vortex of opportunity and growth and optimism with grounded perspective, that will allow you to not spiritually bypass anything because, again, we still to acknowledge that we’re disappointed, it will allow you to grow and to see what else is available to you and resources that you might not have seen because you had your blinders on. I know for me when I’m disappointed, I give myself permission to have a pity party or a disappointment party or whatever else or whatever other emotions that are coupled with that disappointment.

Life is all about experiencing the different emotions that arise within us. When we give ourselves permission to experience those emotions with great intelligence, meaning you’re not afraid to shy away from our sadness. You’re not afraid to shy away from your anger, you’re not afraid to shy away from your disappointment. And whatever other emotion that comes up, it gives you the opportunity to experience the emotions as they arrive. Emotions don’t make you a bad person. Emotions aren’t bad. Yes, they do have different vibrational frequencies. But if you just give yourself permission to feel them, process them, and let them go, instead of resisting what is occurring, you process them in such a way that it allows your vibration to increase. Because if I actually acknowledge like, Hey, I’m disappointed, I can actually meet that emotion where it’s at in my body and then allow it to be released so I make space for a higher vibrational emotion to come in to replace it. If I just carry it along and pretend like it’s not there or stew in it, what’s going to happen is it just becomes baggage until I actually process it. And this goes for any emotion.

It goes for anger, it goes for sadness, it goes for disenchantment. It goes for fear. For me, I know that sometimes some experiences with certain emotions are easier to process right then and there, while others are not. If you notice that you’re shying away from acknowledging the feeling that you are having or acknowledging the disappointment that you are experiencing or have experienced, that is going to be the time when you want to lean into it. The very first step might be to actually acknowledge that you are shying away from feeling your emotions. Disappointment is going to happen. All sorts of emotions are going to happen throughout our lifetime. So lean into it, my friend. Acknowledge your disappointment. The sooner you acknowledge it, the easier it will be for you to process and move forward andlearn from it and use it as a stepping stone if that is what it’s meant to be for you. No matter what, all experiences are experiences we can learn from. All right, my friends, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you feel this would be beneficial to a friend or family member, share it with a friend. I would absolutely love it.

And please make sure you like and subscribe, and I will see you in the next one. Bye.

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