Episode 115: Taking A Quantum Leap for Attracting Abundance In Your Life

Episode 115: Taking A Quantum Leap for Attracting Abundance In Your Life

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Let's delve into the concept of abundance and how to cultivate it in our daily lives. I discuss the idea of attracting abundance, creating abundance, and generating abundance. I share four practical ways to attract more abundance into our lives, emphasizing the interconnectedness of abundance, love, and gratitude, and how they can raise our frequency and support our creativity. Life has its challenges, but nonetheless, I encourage you to find abundance amidst the chaos by shifting your perspective and mindset from lack to abundance.

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Hey there, spiritual seekers and awakening souls! Welcome to today's blog/podcast post where we're diving into the topic of abundance. This is something that's been on the top of your wish list, according to the surveys I've conducted. And guess what? I'm here to shed some light on it and help you tap into the limitless abundance that surrounds you.

Attracting abundance, creating abundance and generating abundance is really challenging to do if you are caught up in a mentality of lack. We tend to focus on what we don't have rather than appreciating the abundance that surrounds us. However, by shifting our perspective and practicing gratitude, we can tap into the state of abundance and create a more fulfilling and joyful life. Let’s explore the concept of abundance and how to cultivate it in our daily lives so that you can start attracting abundance, creating abundance and generating abundace in your life.


1️⃣ Recognizing the Abundance

Let's start by acknowledging the incredible resources we have at our fingertips in this day and age. I mean, seriously, think about it. We have technology that grants us access to a wealth of information and knowledge. No longer do we have to spend hours in a library, shuffling through card catalogs to find the right book. With a simple Google search, we can find answers to nearly any question that pops into our minds. How amazing is that?

And it's not just information that's abundant. We also have an abundance of food, resources, and even creativity within us. When we tap into that creative well, we can manifest anything we desire with inspired action. But here's the thing - living in a state of abundance requires us to shift our mindset from lack to appreciation.

2️⃣ Gratitude as a Gateway to Abundance:

It's so easy to get caught up in complaining about what we don't have or what's going wrong in our lives. But the key to abundance lies in appreciating and being grateful for what we do have. It could be as simple as savoring a cup of cacao in the morning and feeling the joy and abundance it brings to our souls. By expressing gratitude for the resources and experiences we already possess, we allow ourselves to step into the frequency of abundance.

3️⃣ Shifting from Lack to Abundance:

To break free from the state of lack, we must catch ourselves when we slip into negative thoughts or complaints about what we don't have. Instead, focus on appreciation and gratitude for the resources and experiences you do have. By consciously making this shift, we can move into a space of abundance and let go of the need for control or perfectionism. Embracing abundance means embracing imperfections and finding the silver lining in every situation.

Now, let's talk about how to cultivate gratitude and appreciation. One way is to take a moment each day to list three things you're grateful for. It could be anything - from the breath in your lungs to the delicious food on your plate. And as you practice this, you'll notice your energy amplifying, your heart expanding, and your state of abundance growing. Soon, you'll find yourself living through the lens of abundance, where love and gratitude become your default frequencies.

4️⃣ Living through the Lens of Abundance and Love

But let's be real here - life isn't always rainbows and sunshine. Bad things happen, and we can't deny that. However, even in the face of challenges, we can still choose to see the silver lining and find abundance amidst the chaos. It's all about perspective and how we choose to respond. By shifting our mindset from lack to abundance, we empower ourselves to create the reality we truly desire.

So my fellow creators, let's make a conscious effort to embrace abundance in our lives. Let's catch ourselves when we slip into a state of lack and instead choose to appreciate the resources and experiences that surround us. Remember, you are the creator of your reality, and by acknowledging and embodying abundance, you are opening the doors to a life filled with limitless possibilities.

I hope this blog/podcast post inspired you to shift your mindset and embrace the abundance that is already within your reach. Remember to practice gratitude, appreciate the small things, and watch as your life transforms into a beautiful tapestry of abundance and love.

Until next time, stay abundant and keep manifesting your dreams! 🦄🌈

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Full transcription of the episode:

We're going to talk about abundance today. I constantly do surveys throughout the year, and I'll do a survey on what type of free healing do you guys want. And the number one request each and every time I do this is abundance. Abundance, abundance, abundance, abundance. We can be and live in a state of abundance.

We have so many abundant things, resources, gifts that we are given and have throughout our day. You are probably listening to this or watching this on some smart device or there's a cable that's plugged into your smart device going into your car radio.

It's incredible the amount of technology and information we have at our fingertips at any moment in time throughout our day. Think about that. That was not easily accessible to us 30 years ago, 20 years ago. Chances are we had to look things up at the library.

I remember even being in college, you went to library, you went and got the library cards, and you shuffled through the cards in the long drawer boxes to go find a book so you could look up information. Or you could go on to the computer and research different articles that the library had archived.

Now, anything you can imagine you can type into your Google search or whatever web browser you use, and you have an abundant amount of information at your fingertips. We also have an abundant amount of food, abundant amount of resources, and that we have access to. And yes, some people are more privileged than others, but there is resources available to us.

You are breathing. You have breath in your lungs today. That is abundance. When we move out of lack, the state of lack, the mentality of lack, we take a quantum leap into the state, into the vibration, into the resonance of abundance. And so what do I mean by that?

I mean, you stop worrying about what you don't have, and you shift into this appreciation for the things that you do have, the resources that you do have. And you have to catch yourself in the state of lack in order to correct this behavior.

So it could look like you're having a great day, and all of a sudden you get knocked off a balance, and you're complaining about something that went wrong, or you're complaining about or having a hard time with not having enough X, Y, Z resources to have the very thing that you're wanting to have.

We have an abundant amount of resources at our fingertips, from information to free resources, to paid resources, to clothing, to money, to food. We have an abundant amount of resources. You also have an abundant amount of creativity within you. And when you tap into that well of creativity, you can create anything you want.

Absolutely anything you want with divine-inspired action. So manifesting and living a state of abundance requires moving out of a state of lack and catching yourself when you're in that state of lack and when you're complaining about something that's not going your way or having a hard time. And so how do you stop complaining?

Well, you move into a state of appreciation. You start appreciating and noticing the things that you are abundant in and that you have abundance around you at all times. For me, I drank, I made myself a cup of cacoa this morning, and let me tell you, when I drink this, it just makes me feel so abundant.

There's a frequency that resonates with my cells, with my being that just... That's just something that allows me to feel really good. And so is it the cacoa that I am abundant in? No. It is that I have resources at my fingertips that allow me to feel abundant in certain actions that I am taking. So let me explain that a little differently.

Cacoa for me makes me feel really good. It makes me feel happy. And so that happy juice penetrates through my cells and sends out this frequency that I just feel good, I feel abundant, I feel happy. I feel awesome. I'm so grateful that I could drink this. And it's good for my brain. It's good for my health. Oh, my God.

What an amazing resource that I have that my body loves and I am grateful for. So gratitude and appreciation allows us to not only take that quantum leap into the state of abundance, but it allows us to not only hold the frequency of abundance, but it allows us to expand that frequency.

And so you can address or acknowledge or list all the things that you are grateful for and that you appreciate throughout the day. Or you can take time and list three things that you're grateful for and start there. Or you can take in time, like one minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, where you're just going down your appreciation gratitude list of things that you are grateful for.

And when you're feeling that gratitude, when you're noticing your energy amplify, your heart expands, you're moving into this beautiful state of abundance because you're noticing and you're appreciating, and you're expressing gratitude for the things that you not only have but get to experience and get to continue to experience.

And those experiences don't have to be tangible things. They can be ways that you feel because feeling grateful, feeling abundant is how you live in that state constantly if you're choosing to be in that state. I don't know about you, but there are bad things that happen to good people.

There's bad things that happen and unfortunate things that happen. But we can still be in a state of abundance. We can still find the silver lining in those experiences and allow our frequency to expand as we're having a character-building moment, as we're having a character-building day, and as we are feeling into those things and moving into a state of gratitude, you get to experience that quantum leap into that state and embody it.

And taking that quantum leap from lack into abundance and appreciation, you get to start to live through the lens of abundance. This is also the lens of love. Love and abundance and gratitude are the trifecta of raising your frequency.

They're the trifecta of supporting you in being the most creative being that you can be, because you're meant to be creating. When we're not creating something, and it doesn't have to be this elaborate arts and crafts project, it can be anything. I love creating my life.

It is an absolute honor and a privilege that I get to live in this space and time and get to create the reality that I'm choosing to create, good, bad or indifferent. I'm choosing to create that. Anytime I'm in a state of lack, I am choosing to create that experience if I'm constantly acknowledging and talking about it in a state of lack.

If I am in a state of lack and I acknowledge that I'm in a state of lack and then I move that state of lack into abundance, which allows me to let go of any perfectionism, allows me to let go of any control that I'm trying to control that state of lack and I move into appreciation and I move into a different frequency, then I can get to be and live through the lens of abundance.

But we have to make the conscious shift. You have to make a conscious effort. And it is not about judging yourself when you're in that moment because we all have those moments. It's more about who Wow, that's something for me to work on.

I just realized that I am being so negative in this particular moment, and that's not how I want to live. That's not how I want to be. What's in my control right now? What am I grateful for? What is abundantly accessible to me? And what abundance do I have that I can embody, that I can appreciate, that I can acknowledge?

And this shifts all sorts of things. Because the more that you work on your mindset, the more that you work on this lens, the more you're going to start seeing unhealthy behaviors and patterns that aren't serving you.

And it is not about being in a state of judgment. It's about being in a state of curiosity. And when you have this curiosity, you can have the self-discovery, and you can move in to that state of abundance and live in that place. That does not mean you're not going to make mistakes.

You're just going to make fewer mistakes, or you're going to have fewer moments where you are stating or being or connecting with a pattern or behavior of a state of lack. And trust me, there is no lack. You are the creator of your reality. You are the creator of your universe.

And the more that you acknowledge that and you own it and shift out of unhealthy behaviors of lack and move into this acknowledgment and appreciation of abundance and all the resources and experiences that you not only get to have, that you continue to get to have, you get to move into a different state of being and move into creating the reality that you truly want and desire.

And you deserve it, my friend. You absolutely deserve it. So here's the quick recap. Move out of the state of lack and move into the state of abundance. You can move into the state of abundance by taking a quantum leap into acknowledging and appreciating the abundance that you have around you and anything else that you are grateful for.

And then once you do that, you can then continue to live through the lens of abundance and love. And this is all done through practicing the first two steps.

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